Thursday, July 2, 2015

4.2 Richters Strikes 3 Miles North Northwest of Kathmandu!!! 20 Minutes Before Exact Moment of Early July Full Moon!!!

There was also a 3.4 Richters Earthquake that struck 132 Miles East of Bangor, Maine and strategically located just to the north of that very ominous uplift of the floor of the Atlantic Ocean where it changes conspicuously from like a mile deep to perhaps a few hundred feet deep and is a constant threat of Major East Coast Tsunami simply by being there!!!

As far as the 4.2 Richters Earthquake that struck almost at the exact center of Kathmandu albeit 3 Miles North of the center of the city and I dare say a mile or so northwest of the city limits up there in that region. . . this might now be a sign that there very well could be the direct strike at the epicenter there but am hoping for not more than 4 magnitude!!! Do watch there around Kathmandu, though, because this alert does run all the way into August!

And it looks like the 4.2 Kathmandu Earthquake has also just struck in the intervening minutes just prior to the Early July Full Moon of which the exact moment of was to come at 9:22pm Pacific and that earthquake looks like it might have shook at about 9pm Central Time or somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 minutes before that exact moment!!!

Keep Watching because there might be more shaking associated with the fact that the Early of the two July Blue Moons is overhead right this moment as I'm writing this! Keep watching around Kathmandu all the way through Thursday, now, and Watch California, too!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

3.3 Richters Michigan Earthquake Was 10 Hours Before Early July Full Moon Window! Exact Moment Tonight!!! BE Watching!!!

Exact Moment of first of two July Full Moons will be on Wednesday July 1, 2015 at 9:22pm Central Time and 7:22pm Pacific Time, and the Full Moon Window will now be considered to be running all the way through Thursday, July 2. That 3.3 Richters Michigan Earthquake looks like it struck 10 hours before the beginning of the full moon window if anybody is keeping track of such things that closely. . . then it was 10 hours and 40 minutes before that Full Moon Window would have actually started at 9:22pm on Tuesday Night. So you can say there was some of that full moon pull involved in the shaking at Michigan yesterday, but since 10 hours falls outside of the normal amount of hours and minutes that I personally use to measure my own statistics along those lines, then it would probably at least not be counted by me although I am partially convinced it does seem to be related there doesn't it. Here's the link to the felt report from yesterdays Michigan Earthquake:

So the Early July Full Moon Window started on Tuesday, June 30 at 9:22pm Central Time or 7:22pm Pacific and will run through 7:22pm Pacific Time on Thursday, July 2, 2015 and probably at least just a little beyond that point for what I've been calling extra measure, but I believe it has been something like an additional 3 hours or about midnight Thursday Central Time and 10:22 Pacific or you might just say all the way through Thursday.

I just received this here link to a Great Nepal Organization that looks like they are there to aid my friends in Nepal @ Thank-You for checking out that organization, too!!! AND Thank-You Patanjali Yogpeeth for that link! God Bless!!!

Will California get any of the additional shaking from the Early July Full Moon? Be Watching!!! Possible that somebody will get some shaking in the coming hours due to that added pull from the full moon! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Early July Full Moon Window Begins Late on Tuesday Night!!! BE WATCHING!!! Major Earthquakes Could Strike!!! Los Angeles? Frisco? Seattle? Kathmandu/Nepal??? UPDATE: 3.3 Michigan!!!

UPDATE: 3.3 Richters Struck 47 Miles South Southwest of Lansing, Michigan early Tuesday!!! Here's The Felt Report at Earthquake Central: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

5.2 Richters 1500 Miles West of Anchorage out there in that chain of Aleutian Islands over towards Japan and the report also gave the distance to Japan/Russia as about the same distance as I figured from Anchorage so this one struck out there just about in the middle of those islands and was also named "Kiska Volcano, Alaska" so there's volcanoes out there in that region, too!

Again, as I discussed in Mondays EQ Blog we were watching around Nepal for that earthquake connected to the 5.8 that struck 50 miles west of Anchorage and what would certainly also appear on the other side of the globe at Nepal to strike and we now also have a 4.3:

4.3 - 23km E of Panaoti, Nepal
2015-06-29 21:46:25 (UTC)
2015-06-29 16:46:25 (UTC-05:00) in your timezone

Nearby Cities
23km (14mi) E of Panaoti, Nepal
24km (15mi) ESE of Banepa, Nepal
44km (27mi) ESE of Patan, Nepal
45km (28mi) ESE of Kathmandu, Nepal
48km (30mi) ESE of Kirtipur, Nepal

As of this writing there have not been any felt reprrts there on this earthquake, but as you can see on the USGS info above it was only 29 miles from Kathmandu so you can be sure it was felt there and this one struck fairly close to that city, too! Do note that it will still be necessary to keep watching Nepal for the whole duration of this alert or well into August and around August 6, 2015 but this here full moon might also increase the chances of them having an aftershock! Continue reading here. . .

Exact Moment of first of two July Full Moons will be on July 1, 2015 at 9:22pm Central Time and 7:22pm Pacific Time, so the Early July Full Moon Window will then start on the evening of Tuesday, June 30 at 9:22pm Central Time or 7:22pm Pacific and run through 7:22pm Pacific Time on Thursday, July 2, 2015.

Full Moon Window starts right now basically due to the exact moment of the start being 7pm tonight and having to add a few hours to that to perfect this new system start watching right now today!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, June 29, 2015

5.2 Richters Strikes Hawaii on Sunday!!! ALSO: 5.4 Richters Stuck Mexico and BOTH Mean Plenty More To Come!!!

I was surprised enough early on Sunday to see that big of an earthquake at Hawaii with a felt report that basically just covered ALL of Hawaii and a few from Honolulu, too! Was not really expecting Hawaii to become a part of all of the earthquake energy that is currently going on and can only guess that it could now be involved due to probably more still earthquake energy circling the Pacific and causing movement there. Because New Zealand has also now came up with still more shaking over the weekend and it is looking like they may not stop soon especially with the full moon apporaching this week. ALL of the earthquakes striking around New Zealand became too many to list on this main page so you can view them all now at Earthquake Central@

As most of you probably recall in Saturdays EQ Blog I discussed the fact that Anchorage had about a 5.8 Richters Earthquake late last week. . . AND that you could be sure Nepal would follow with a matching 5.8 and I'm here to tell you today there was a 5.5 Richters Earthquake that Struck 100 miles east of Nepal and was felt in Kathmandu at 8pm Central Time Saturday! I cut and pasted this link to a Great Story@ AND have posted the felt report for that one at Earthquake Central, too! LINK To that felt report:

Now, with that 5.2 Hawaii and 5.4 Mexico it looks like I might want to reduce the expected size of this upcoming Great Earthquake I'm watching Los Angeles for. . . but the good news is it is possible L.A. is now only looking at around a 5.5 Richters Earthquake!!!!! Unfortunately the alert will remain for now at 6.1 to 7.3 Richters, it's just that it might be 5.5 to 7.3 now! EQ Guy

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Full Moon Heading Directly For Kathmandu!!! And For California!!! WATCH For More Major Shaking!!! 5.8??? ALSO: Here's This Weeks Earthquake Minute!!!

Yesterday there was a 5.8 Richters Earthquake that struck 50 miles west of Anchorage, actually late Thursday as I'm writing this. So anyways the reason I thought I should write about it here is due to the fact that it was in fact directly along this theoretical straight line that we're following as the result of the landfall of Hurricane Blanca at Baja California. 5.8 Richters at that location there so close to Anchorage would otherwise be a fairly large earthquake. . . but when you figure in the fact that we had ALREADY been watching along that same exact line and now this, it tells me we're on the right track and all this other earthquake stuff such as Los Angeles, Palm Springs, California-Nevada, Seattle, and Kathmandu will likely follow!

Incorporating that 5.8 Alaska earthquake and I come up with a quite similar 5.8 Kathmandu Earthquake in the coming hours and days and it should ALSO be very close to that city when you take into consideration the fact that Anchorage just got hit and eventually it will be time for Frisco, L.A. and Nevada to get some shaking, too! While the notion of 5.8 Richters seems likely. . . do remember this alert is still for 6.1 to 7.3 Richters and although it is mostly for desert east of Los Angeles, there are still some very shaky neighborhoods right in the heart of L.A.

This weeks Earthquake Minute went real well and although I have good copies of the show, for now you'll have to settle for the transcript! Here's this weeks Earthquake Minute: AND if you did not get a chance to view this here next story, I'm running the link again, although I am not even sure if I actually ran this in my EQ Blog. Rather, I was running the link on Twitter, so if you did not see original story about how Earthquake Minute got started out and came to be here's the link to that story at EQ Blog-3:

So, I suppose there is also a chance Anchorage could get more shaking, but I guess my main concern is Los Angeles especially due to this being where I am going!!! Unless something more shakes sooner I'll be back on Monday and until then watch L.A., Frisco, Nevada, Seattle, and Kathmandu as that moon gets brighter and brighter overhead towards being full this week!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, June 26, 2015

LOTS of Earthquakes Shaking Around New Zealand!!! Is Something Going To Be Shaking There???

They were NOT even on my currently running list of all the places we are watching for the biggest of earthquakes, but this just in. . . New Zealand is showing up on the list of the biggest earthquakes currently striking around the world!!! Here's the most recent list albeit about a hundred miles north of the north island there:

4.8 115km SE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand 2015-06-25 21:51:56
5.0 113km SE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand 2015-06-25 17:57:15
5.0 141km SE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand 2015-06-25 14:18:05
5.1 118km SE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand 2015-06-25 14:14:06
6.0 101km SE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand 2015-06-25 13:45:57

That one at the top of that list is the most recent and just came in tonight as I was preparing Fridays EQ Blog as you may be able to see it says 21:51 for about 10pm Central Time and so there could well be more coming in the hours between midnight and noon on Friday so I will try to update if necessary. Until then it looks like New Zealand might need to be added to that list, although the best I can figure is that it is situated around the Pacific Tectonic Plate for one thing and that Hurricane Blanca might have caused a certain amount of movement of the Pacific and I could have missed the signs. Right now the best sign is all of those earthquakes on that list! THAT is a lot of them! So, we will definitely need to be watching New Zealand especially due to the line between Pacific and Indio/Australian Tectonic Plates runs directly between the north and south islands of New Zealand!

I was searching for a news story that might have covered a 4.0 Richters earthquake that struck on Thursday about 7 miles from Kathmandu when I came across this here video on YouTube where you will see at 1 minute, 40 Seconds a building collapses as the guy was filming it!!! Maybe I will try the embedded version! CLICK Arrow: SEE if this version will START right at the 1:40 mark for you:

So that 4.0 at Kathmandu is about enough for me to now follow rigorously especially with the 5.8 Richters Anchorage Earthquake from late yesterday and the line of Major Earthquake Energy practically intersects exactly through there, too! I mean got it right on the button, there if you recall I probably said Anchorage, too! All of these other places will now likely also be shaking in the coming days, too so keep watching! EQ Guy

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

5.8 Richters Strikes at Willow, Alaska and 50 Miles West of Anchorage!!! The Work of Hurricane Blanca!!! WATCH California-Kathmandu!!!!!

As some of you may recall I discussed this very epicenter just days ago!!! I can't hardly believe it myself that I clicked on the latest earthquakes just now in preparation for writing this EQ Blog and spotted "Willow, Alaska"!!! Thought I was looking at something completely different and then noticed where the big red dot was prominently located on the map of Alaska there! THAT Had to have been the same Willow, Alaska as I had just been talking about only days ago, in fact I've checked the date and it was June 20!!! I will run the link to that one after you first get a chance to see this new one and the huge felt report that will be growing as night turns to day and I will update it by mid-day Thursday, here's the link to Wednesdays 5.8 at Earthquake Central:

You can just see the whole EQ Blog entry from it looks like Monday of this week, where you may recall I have talked about the places where they got Major Earthquakes following the landfall of similar Hurricane Odile late last year at Baja California and Willow, Alaska was one of the bigger ones there at a 6.2 Richters! Here is the link to that entire whole EQ Blog entry from Monday: THE link to the felt report from the 6.2 is in the second paragraph and they almost look like the same earthquake as we now appaarently watch along virtually the SAME line now in 2015!!!

There was also a 5.4 China Earthquake that looked very much like a Nepal or Kathmandu Earthquake until I zoomed-in on the location to find it is just north of Nepal and probably far enough that it did not affect the Nepal people and possibly out away from more largely populated areas there. Also a 5.1 at Panama and all of these are directly in line with all of the Major Earthquake Energy that we know is traveling the globe! Does mean it is more or less a sure thing there will be some Major Shaking in California to come and possibly that big Kathmandu aftershock, too!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6.3 Richters Strikes Offshore Japan! Looks Like LOTS of Earthquakes Have Followed Hurricanes at Baja California!!!

Been doing some checking and came up with the entire list of Major Hurricanes that have made landfall at the Baja California Peninsula from 1949 to about the year 2000 I believe was the dates on this list from Wikipedia. So, starting out at the 1940's there were many, many great correlations that I may run all through in the coming blogs, for right now I discovered one worth mentioning in the time I have to write before heading to work.

The year was 1954 and it was the landfall of what was at that time then known as "Hurricane 3" at Baja California on July 15, 1954 which was rated a CAT-1. First check out the illustration of that landfall and now without further adieu, here is a copy of the pic of that landfall as borrowed from Wikipedia:

While all of the others up to this point on the list furnished quick and clean explanations for their Major Earthquake Resultants, Hurricane 3 as it was called on that list did not appear to lead directly to any Major Earthquakes worth mentioning. In coming blogs of course I will go all through the list since it is currently thee most important discussion around due to California being directly in line for something potentially dangerous to shake.

August 24, 1954 a 6.8 Richters earthquake struck at Stillwater, Nevada near Fallon and just to the south of Reno maybe fifty or a hundred miles. This earthquake as you might be able to see on the map above was clearly on almost a DIRECT LINE across Nevada, but brings to mind yet another rule of earthquake tracking! Yes, there just so happened to already be a virtually brand-new reservoir at the epicenter! Today we take for granted the correlation with filling of new reservoirs and Major Earthquakes, but this series of events brings to the forefront the fact that filling alone is PROBABLY NOT all it takes to produce reservoir related earthquakes. It appears to also require a SOURCE of Major Earthquake Energy! In this case as well as a July 6 foreshock there of 6.6, they were both preceded by Huge Windstorms!!! The initial July 6, 1954 Earthquake was preceded by landfall of Hurricane Alice at Southern Texas on or about June 25, 1954 with 100 Mph winds on what would today be Day 10 or 11 before the first 6.6 Richters Fallon, Nevada Earthquake. Then, Hurricane 3 strikes Baja California on July 15, 1954 and on August 24, 1954 or Day 39 the 6.8 Nevada Earthquake. I know correlation with reservoirs is off-subject from Hurricanes making landfall at Baja California, but still itself a dangerous subject that I continue to research and today made THAT discovery!

Finally, that 6.3 Richters Japan of 7am Tuesday Morning Central time, is still a lot of earthquake energy in and of itself and so let us now continue to especially watch California, Los Angeles, desert region, Frisco, and Nepal for earthquakes because I will continue to try and prove that there IS a Major Earthquake Coming for those regions!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Compare Last Years Landfall of Hurricane Odile at Baja California, Some Fairly Big Sized Earthquakes Followed!!!

Since discussing all of those earthquakes that are now supposed to be following the landfall on June 6-7, 2015 of Hurricane Blanca at Baja California, I took some time to check for other hurricanes that made somewhat similar landfalls and today I want to begin with Hurricane Odile of September 14, 2014. You can find various EQ Blog entries concerning Odile by checking through 2014 in the index, but I will run anything that I find of interest worth repeating a link to a specific one later.

I was surprised, although I probably should not have been due to this having been what I was looking for in the first place, but found a 6.2 Richters Earthquake 65 miles Northwest of Anchorage on Day 10 after landfall of Hurricane Odile of September 14, 2014, Here's that felt report from that big earthquake that followed on September 25, 2014 at Anchorage:

Of course I have already mentioned in some of my writings up to this point that we should also watch Central America due to there being a direct straight-line going right through there. So, again I probably should not have been too surprised when I discovered there was also a 7.3 Nicaragua Earthquake of October 13, that you can also see at USGS still and there you may visit the felt report if you wish to view that:

Both of those are directly in line with the line of possible Major Earthquake Energy that we will now be watching for a while into the future. Additionally those are also two probably major places that we should have to watch right now for the possible occurrence of anything that may be quite similar to the events that followed that most recent landfall. At that time there were probably no other sources for any shaking as major as those and they certainly tell me we are watching for that much earthquake energy, but coincidentally agree with the numbers I've already been giving of 6.6 to 7.3 Richtters, so let us continue watching for that amount.

I noticed Day 10 after Odile, or the day that Anchorage Earthquake struck would have fallen on June 16, 2015 and would have now already been past, so it is MORE Than time to be watching for California and all these places including Kathmandu!!! And Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Big 6.4 Offshore Concepcion, Chile Looks Like Earthquake Energy We've Been Watching For!!! MORE To Come!!! Now With UPDATED "Earthquake Minute" Transcript!!!

LINK To Newly Updated Transcript from Fridays "Earthquake Minute" with all the ad-libs and intros!!! At EQ Blog-3: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Well, I've continued to watch all the different earthquakes that have been striking all the different places and you may recall especially that I have said we would need to be watching Central and South America. Not much else has been going on besides all of the big windstorms that have been striking around Southern Mexico and therefore this here 6.4 that just struck offshore of Concepcion, Chile south of Santiago around 9pm Central Time my time has GOT to be directly related to all of this earthquake stuff that is going on and is certain to confirm there is A LOT of Major Shaking to come!!!

I discussed some of this in Fridays Earthquake Minute and will need to update all of the discussion that took place beyond the script, but for now Here's Fridays Earthquake Minute Transcript at EQ Blog-3: (Same as above) With reference to the "Quake Chase 2015: Palm Springs" Story. . . I've since checked and it is looking like July 10 through something like July 18, 19 or 20th and this shaker should have already happened by that time, if not I'll have to extend the alert. . . but not sure if I'll be able to extend the camping trip!

Quite a long felt report coming in from Chile with 25 from Concepcion alone and many from Bio-Bio, Chile. Not sure when the next time I will be posting at this EQ Blog will be. Hopefully I will get Sunday off if nothing too major shakes and also because it looks like the weather will be cooperating and I will be floating down a Wisconsin River in my newly repaired tube! Managed to locate a whole entire pint of that rubber glue that you fix patches in tubes with and should NOT have to worry about patching inner tubes for about the remainder of my life!!! Be Watching because there ARE Major Earthquakes on the way!!!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, June 19, 2015

3.3 Richters at Valentine, Nebraska CAUSED By Landfall of Tropical Storm Bill at Texas!!!???

This was all unfolding early on Thursday, so I did not exactly have all the time that I need to go over the details in this matter and now I have more information and it's looking like there might just be something here. For one thing, I generally say on a storm the caliber of Tropical Storm Bill at landfall in Texas, I have been known to refer to it as while not being a particularly big potential for earthquakes. . . it does still leave us with quite a prominent trail that we can TRACK to wherever the usually larger Major Earthquake Energy MIGHT travel to. Tiny ones such as this are still GOOD to practice on! I don't know if you would want to call this a coincidence or what, but here is the best look at what the lines created by that landfall at Texas might have looked like:
On that pic you can even actually almost see where Valentine, Nebraska is and there are all those lines almost point to it up there just above Kansas, just above Oklahoma, there. Didn't take more than a day or so to travel that distance and made me wonder if there hadn't also been some other signs of all the earthquake energy traveling through there, although there was also a Oklahoma Earthquake found on the same map and the same time, they're quite common and could hardly be considered a part of what's going on here or could they.

I received a comment on my EQ Guy Facebook @ following an earlier mention about more brand new Major Earthquake Energy heading for the Kathmandu, Nepal Region. . . a reader noted that immediately following that mention, they started SHAKING!!! You might view that convo at the above link to my EQ Guy Facebook Page, and also please feel free to add me there on your own Facebook Page if you wish!

Otherwise not a lot has changed as far as continuing to watch Los Angeles and you might like to know I intend to discuss a possible "Quake Chase 2015: Los Angeles" on todays Earthquake Minute if we have time for that! Also there has been a 5.1 Richters Earthquake 128 Miles Southeast of Port Vila, Vanuatu and although we did watch there for quite some time expecting they could get something major. Keep Watching around Los Angeles and also Kathmandu for aftershocks both 6.6 to 7.3! EQ Guy

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

3.3 Richters Strikes at Valentine, Nebraska!!! 7.0 Shakes Mid-Atlantic!!! What Next??? End of June New Moon Window!

One of the processes that I watch for happening is whenever something such as a 3.3 strikes a little out of the way place such as Valentine, Nebraska, but also I'm especially curious anytime a 7.0 strikes Mid-Atlantic due to it possibly meaning there could be a whole lot more coming! Over time there have now been plenty of these different combinations of what one might call foreshocks and how it usually turns out is they all will end up being all the different earthquakes that came to strike BEFORE one of the biggest earthquakes of all time which is one of the things I keep very busy at trying to figure out. That is WHERE this next upcoming Major Earthquake is going to strike based now on a 3.3 Valentine, Nebraska Earthquake as well as a 7.0 Mid-Atlantic. One guess might be Azores due to it being situated there just to the north of that 7.0 and being due for one themselves, and I suppose a 7 Magnitude Azores Earthquake might even fill the bill for what's being expected up that way, too.

Haven't exactly came to any correlation with possible earthquakes for California or Seattle by that method, yet, though and will keep watching these and see what I do come up with as these kind of unusual ones continue! But as usual one of my basic warnings that a 7.0 Mid-Atlantic could be a foreshock for that big inevitable East Coast Earthquake that we know is coming and with or without a tsunami. . . New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC will eventually all get earthquakes at some point in time, am I right?

Last time I saw Hurricane Carlos there was virtually nothing at all left of it and ditto with Tropical Storm Bill what never actually even did become a Hurricane even though I billed it as one for a moment there at one point! In the final moments of editing this EQ Blog it occurred to me THAT Landfall of T.S. Bill at Texas COULD be connected to 3.3 Valentine, Nebraska if you look at the map is that a straight line directly from that landfall through that region of Nebraska? If so we might watch for more of those smallish ones in that region! I also just noticed reading the newspaper that the June New Moon has came and passed as of late last night, so it is possible we actually had that 7.0 Mid-Atlantic right there in the middle of the June New Moon!!! So, keep watching Los Angeles, Seattle, and Kathmandu because there is probably still at least ONE Major Earthquake heading directly for all of those folks!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hurricane Bill Made Very Powerful Landfall At Texas And Will Contribute To All The Major Earthquake Energy We're Currently Watching For!!! NOW Updated!!!

UPDATE: Tropical Storm Bill continues on!!! Looks like Hurricane Carlos is continuing on, too! As a 7.0 Shakes at Mid-Atlantic!!! ALSO: Swarm Reported at Kathmandu, Nepal. NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Well, not all that big of a landfall, just looks like it must have been pretty bad in the clip that I just looked at showing it make landfall at Texas and continue to rotate inland. Probably not going to contribute all that much additional earthquake energy to all that is currently going on since we are already currently looking at that much bigger landfall of Hurricane Blanca at Baja California Sur on June 6, and Bill was NOT actually even a hurricane nor do I believe it EVER was a hurricane, albeit a Tropical Storm! I should probably go back and change all the entries in which I called it a Hurricane, but note that my reasoning behind that self-designation is primarily related to simplicity, without regard for ACTUAL wind speeds and in fact I do not even have any wind speeds on Tropical Storm Bill beyond yesterdays 50 mile per hour.

So, I am just now gathering the sum total of all the earthquakes that seem to have shook around the Los Angeles/Southern California Region yesterday so far, and that list includes a 2.6 Offshore Santa Barbara with a felt report from Los Angeles, a 2.2 east of Taft and Northwest of Grapevine, and finally a 2.7 a couple miles north of Carson and 3 miles south of Compton very near Downtown L.A.!!! The Compton Earthquake was felt in Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, and San Diego! Can you believe the felt report from that South L.A. Earthquake just now came in from Earthquake Central as I was writing this EQ Blog Entry!!! You can see it now @

There was a couple recent earthquakes that have struck up there in that area of Canada towards Yukon, but still not so nearly populated and probably north yet of Alberta. There was also a significant 4.3 that struck right there in the middle of the Gulf of Baja California right in between the peninsula and the mainland, exactly where Hurricane Carlos had been expected to be running before it began to loose strength on Tuesday. Carlos now looks like it is not going to continue on as a hurricane too far into Wednesday and will probably not be running to far up into the Gulf there. Meanwhile there have also now been a couple more Kathmandu, Nepal Earthquakes from that region anyways:

4.4 18km NNW of Chongdui, China 2015-06-16 21:15:13
4.3 18km N of Kathmandu, Nepal 2015-06-16 19:30:00
3.8 4km NNW of Kirtipur, Nepal 2015-06-16 19:13:20

You're up to date on all of Tuesdays Earthquake info as far as I have came across and I will as is usual these days, be back writing as soon as there is something important enough for me to write you! Until then watch Los Angeles for something major to shake!!! EQ Guy

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One More Chance to view recent EQ Video Log!!! With Everything currently going on!!! SEE at YouTube: And Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy