Friday, July 25, 2014

San Simeon, California Swarm Getting Bigger!!!!! BIG ALERT!!!!! Major Earthquake IS Coming!!! NEW MOON Window Starts Friday!!!

Although the banner headline makes it sound like it's coming to California, and hopefully it isn't headed for either California OR the West Coast. . . but it will be a Major Earthquake and it should be at any moment, now! The addition of all the new earthquake energy over the period of the next couple days from July New Moon Window Starting Friday, should mean somebody will at least shake, you know! Actual start is 3:43pm Pacific, but the shaking could start a little ahead of that moment, you know!

The ones that are shaking right this moment as I am writing this, look to be the folks at or near the epicenter of the 2003 Paso Robles Earthquake although I have not yet seen any folks from Paso Robles report at the "Felt Report" website of the USGS, here is the felt report from the biggest of them so far a 3.0 on Thursday Morning: NO actually this here is the link to the entire list so far as of midnight early Friday Morning, the felt report will follow the link:

Here's the felt report from the 3.0 San Simeon Earthquake of 8:44am, July 23, 2014 or yesterday:

Cambria (93428) CA, United States of America.......1.....19 km
Carmel (93923) CA, United States of America........1.....99 km
Los Osos (93402) CA, United States of America......1.....56 km

I went and double-checked to find out what the wind speeds on the landfall of Super Typhoon Nanmadol in 2004 and found gusts of 150mph, so this now upcoming Major Shaker could be very close to the size of Sumatra 2004 Earthquake/Tsunami and Great Islamabad Earthquakes!!!

This is not a drill as the saying goes! BIG EARTHQUAKE is out there and IS going to be shaking somewhere very soon!!! There was also a 5.3 that struck 80 miles east of Cebu City, Philippines and so you might expect MORE for Philippines since it has been surrounded by all those huge windstorms over the recent weeks! Luzon, Philippines was also the region where Super Typhoon Nanmadol made landfall on December 1, 2004 prior to the Great Sumatra Earthquake on December 26 or Day 25!!! Looks like 15 hours after the exact moment of the December 2014 Full Moon, too!!! So, Watch Banda Aceh along with all the other places with active EQ Alerts because we are only moments away from the next HUGE Earthquake disaster so be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

HUGE EARTHQUAKE EVENT Is Inescapable!!!!! Major Earthquake IS Coming!!!!! 7.6!? Update: Small Swarm at San Simeon!

Update: Small Swarm Strikes San Simeon, California, SEE Those Shakers @ MY IMMEDIATE thought was Big Earthquake. . . but there were no more so far after those, so now back to Todays EQ Blog:

Well, it looks like right there under Mt. Vesuvius is the place where the African Tectonic Plate meets the Euroasian Tectonic Plate, so if and when all this potential earthquake energy does reach that point, it does look like a good chance there could be some shaking around that region! Although having had some time now to study all of what's going on in Italy, it would have to be a straight line going directly past Mt. Vesuvius to really have an effect on that big volcano, otherwise all of this major potential earthquake energy will be striking at some other point all together. In that respect this is all connected with the landfall of Typhoon Matmo at Taiwan on July 22, 2014 and that landfall actually appeared to have been perhaps one or two degrees further south than the line it was forecast to follow, therefore I have two lines that I am looking at as far as possible earthquake epicenters and will be covering both of them for now. The two lines run parallel and close enough together that all of the first cities and countries will be the same, until you reach a distance of say Italy where the actual line might then be running more across Egypt just to the south however we will still need to watch the line to the north just the same due to there being only one or two degrees difference, there.

Possibly the biggest EQ Alert that we really need to be watching today, although Matmo was also big, is that very extensive landfall of Typhoon Rammasun at Philippines and Manila on July 15, 2014 because we will not be able to escape a HUGE EARTHQUAKE EVENT!!! Again the places this one could strike are Mindanao, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Afghanistan/Pakistan, although there are 2 other alerts for Afg/Pak. Nepal nearby also has 1 or 2 other alerts and Lima, Peru will come later on this alert. I am thinking 7.6 Richters on this one, same as the Islamabad Earthquake which coincidentally I got the magnitude of exactly right!

It is now only a matter of time before one of these 2 biggest Major Earthquakes happens! If you only started following me in the last year or so, you might not have ever seen what I like to call a straight line of Major Earthquake Energy or my "Go Straight Theory" at work. Well, here is or will be a prime example of how it works! You can watch that list of cities or countries as this line crosses and in just a few days and my paperwork says Day-10 will be July 25. . . it'll be a Major Earthquake as all my regular readers already know!!! So, hope you all don't mind if I just keep writing about that day knowing it will be soon! Maybe yet this week, maybe early next week! Emergency folks might start thinking about what they will want to be doing to help in a major earthquake disaster and folks with interests in Afghanistan and Pakistan might tell them to be watching for a Major Earthquake if for no other reason than to say you knew one was coming!!!

AND always a chance California and our West Coast could get some of all the earthquake energy going around the world so be prepared California and West Coast, too! A further check also revealed that Official Prediction for California was extended to August 15, too! July 2014 New Moon Window starts on Friday, July 25 at 5:43pm Central, 3:43pm Pacific Time! Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New EQ Alert for Naples, Italy And Mt. Vesuvius!!! Also Chongqing, China, and Santiago, Chile!!! ALSO: Still One Active Official Prediction For California!!!

That was quite a thing watching on Tuesday as it took half the day for Typhoon Matmo to make landfall at Taiwan in the middle of all of those 300 Mountain Peaks of over 9800 Feet!!! That's sure some Major Earthquake Energy generating with those winds upwards of 100 miles per hour and gusts of 120!!! All that pushing ferociously against those high, high mountain ranges of Central Taiwan will now equal yet another huge earthquake danger for Chongqing, China, perhaps Taiwan themselves could shake, too, as well as yet another alert for Nepal where it looks like they now have about 4 different sources of possible earthquake energy heading for them! Also along the new line of potential earthquake energy is Mt. Vesuvius!!! Naples, Italy just popped up there and I even went and double-checked just in the event that it could mean an eruption of Mt. Vesuvius! Finally the new line goes on to cross Chile near Santiago and French Guyana, or perhaps just plain old Guyana. . . have to check that one to be sure.

I found this Official Prediction is still very much active and double-checked the sheet to find it actually runs through August 5th with Day 40 being July 24, and Day 43 July 27, 2014 so check it out@

Had a good scare just before heading out for work late Tuesday when I went to update that big Mammoth Lakes Swarm that was really going strong early Tuesday. . . to find NO more shakers at Mammoth Lakes past like 11AM? Scare involves the fact that it usually means BIG EARTHQUAKE, so I went immediatly and wrote up a special update at EQ Blog and watched and watched and checked latest earthquakes upon arriving at work, and nothing. So, something could still shake there with that Official Prediction above still being in effect we better stay watching California! Here is that Mammoth Lakes Swarm @ Earthquake Central:

July New Moon will be Saturday so there is now plenty going on with earthquakes! Hard to beleive it is so quiet right at the moment but not for long!!! I have been through plenty of these and with like FOUR Big Alerts for that area of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal it could be a huge earthquake of the century type of unforgetable MegaThruster for that region! And there's always the chance California could get an earthquake, too, so please think about earthquake preperation!!! It's the calm. . . before the big storm of Major Earthquakes, believe me!!! Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ATTENTION: The Mammoth Lakes Swarm Has STOPPED!!! COULD Mean Major Shaker at Any Moment!!!!! Just Sayin'

I just happened to be doing one last update on the Mammoth Lakes Swarm as I was about to go out the door to work tonight, and checked on that swarm for an update.

VERY SURPRISED to find that since the last one, and I double checked the list at Earthquake Central (Below) there has only been ONE additional shaker in them several hours!!!

Just Saying that this tends to happen in the moments and hours before a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE STRIKES!!! However this theory is even so new to myself that I have no more information as to where or if for sure, it might strike.

I would be watching around Eureka, and San Francisco as well as probably up around Reno, Nevada, but these tend to also strike at places such as the Philippines, Alaska, Fiji, or elsewhere. Sorry, I am a long way from a valid correlation on this theory. . . so let us just be watching through TODAY and see where this one strikes!!! OR if it even does!!! (I suppose the swarm could also migrate, too, or be in the process of migrating)

For todays EQ Blog go to:

And here is that Mammoth Lakes Swarm posted at Earthquake Central:

Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

6.9 Richters Fiji, 4.3 Egypt, NEW Mammoth Lakes California Swarm!!! Plus: EQ V-Log!!!

Update: Mammoth Lakes Swarm IS continuing and now includes 2.0, 2.1, and 2.4 from early Tuesday! Swarm now at Earthquake Central: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

First, here is this weeks new EQ Video Log all about the 31 Flavors matter, CLICK Arrow to watch:

Apparently the felt report that I promised to have for you today does not exist due to the "Event Being Deleted" for whatever reason there is no longer a report about that 3.0 Richters Earthquake that supposedly struck near Shasta Lake, California early on Monday Morning. . . however it looks like the 6.9 that struck Fiji DOES still exist, just sayin.

This just in as I searched like I do to find any recent earthquakes that might need to be discussed in this here my daily EQ Blog, on this occasion I thought I might post this 4.3 that struck 50 Miles Northeast of Cairo, Egypt and note that Egypt did appear on the globe following the landfall of Typhoon Rammasun at Vietnam. Then I went on to look at the line and all the other places it crossed thinking Egypt was so unlikely to get any shaking that I would just avoid writing the name on the alert and wrote Bam, Iran instead. No, Egypt is not on any list, although at 4.3 it's possible nobody cares, either, just the same here is the felt report:

Gizeh, Giseh, Egypt.....................1.....89 km
Madīnat, Giseh, Egypt..................1....115 km
Suez, as-Suways, Egypt..................1....105 km

This is happening so fast that I did not have a chance to check and see if Gizeh is the actual town associated with the "Pyramids of Gizeh" or not. If so it amazes me that they built those pyramids so long ago and they have not been destroyed or even damaged by a Major Earthquake! Or is this the one that is going to do just that?

6.9 Richters 330 Miles East Southeast of Fiji with no felt reports and there was no tsunami alert ever issued for this earthquake although it was discussed early Monday. I also mention this in my vid that it could be enough to remove a few of the countries from the current list of EQ Alerts but unless it directly affects you, let's move on.

Bad News is it looks like those Mammoth Lakes Earthquakes are starting back up and it could mean something major to shake California, but not sure if any of the current alerts will directly affect California, just that there is so much shaking going on that California could easily get into it!!! Here is the current Mammoth Lakes list followed by my usual sign-off. I will move this to it's own page if it grows:

I notice they are all smaller ones so if you are concerned about it, reduce that just a little by the fact that they aren't that big and hopefully will not get much bigger and not lead to a Major California Shaker! Lots of EQ Alerts for a lot of cities and countries so be watching basically all around the globe wherever you are and be prepared because there are Many Major Earthquakes coming!!! EQ Guy

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Sorry I Said 31 Flavore=EQ Alerts!!! Here's This Weeks EQ Video Log, CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You for Watching!!! EQ Guy

Monday, July 21, 2014

3.2 Richters Just Struck Offshore at Coronado, California!!! More EQ Alerts Than Baskin-Robbins Has Ice Cream Flavors!!! UPDATE: 6.9 Fiji

As of 9:45am Pacific Time there was a 6.9 Richters Fiji with NO Tsunami. Shasta Lake 3.0 also just in with many felt reports from California and Nevada. Now Todays EQ Blog:

Although it appears to have been just moments ago as I am writing this, so I went back and double-checked the time and it was actually 2:55 on Monday UTC and I also noticed it was reported that it was 34 Miles West Southwest of Coronado and 36 Miles West Southwest of San Diego so it seems like it would be a little unusual if there were no felt reports, but we can just assume somebody probably felt it in places such as Tijuana, Chula Vista, and Imperial Beach where there is a fairly big population and at like just 30 miles offshore there would had to have been people who felt it being right about on the border that I consider the distance for a 3.2 or 32 miles.

Have to bring you all up to date on my latest Quake Chase to Anchorage planned for this coming weekend due especially to the fact that Saturday will be the exact moment of the July New Moon on July 26 at 22:43 UTC. Actually that would be 17:43 Central Time and 15:43 Pacific or about 3:43 on Saturday Afternoon Pacific, OR possibly even 1:43 or 2:43 pm in the afternoon in Anchorage. The July New Moon Window, then, will begin at about those same exact times on Friday afternoon and we should be watching for some enormous Major Earthquake Energy this weekend! That was when I made the decision that I would immediately look into a trip up to that region to see if nothing else how big the upcoming MegaThruster/Tsunami might be! Even occurred to me that we could be a part of the fact that the MegaThruster/Tsunami might strike at any number of other places where a Tsunami Alert could still be in effect for Anchorage! Further, isn't it even possible Anchorage could even actually be hit by a tsunami generated at some distant place elsewhere around the Pacific? Therefore I made the decision that it could actually even be too dangerous for The EQ Guy to be traveling up that way and I immediately told Mom not to write me out that check for the amount she was gifting me for the trip! I can maybe go like next week or some other time I told her and that was the end of the July 2014 New Moon Quake Chase to Anchorage, Alaska!

Final word is in on the landfall at China of Typhoon Rammasun and it looks like 4.95 Billion Yuan in damage! And one dollar = 6.2075 Chinese Yuan. It also has been said that there were actually 3 landfalls because the one at the Hainan Island, China region prior to the landfall at the mainland which then happened to be at Vietnam are considered to be two different landfalls, but it's just that I will basically be counting those as one due to that all happening in the course of a couple hours you know. Finally as those last outer bands were still circling Vietnam. . . wouldn't you just know they got a 4.5 Richters Earthquake!!!!! Yes, 125 miles from Ha Noi!!! 7:14 am Central and 5:14am Pacific Time with currently 3 felt reports from Ha Noi, and now 1 from Ha Dong, Vietnam. This was all shaking while Typhoon Rammasun was still circiling and still looking very much like a big Typhoon albeit striking up in the mountain region obviously since that was probably the cause of all the shaking! Looks like this one is for real with a 4.5 Richters shaker before it is even finished, it will surely cause Major Earthquakes to be watching for coming up now very soon with this months New Moon Window this weekend looking like it is promising to shake someone somewhere real good!

As my notes say. . . more EQ Alerts than Baskin-Robbins has ice cream flavors, so I looked and they historically enjoy saying 31 flavors! Well, this most recent landfall now puts us over that at 32 with one more major typhoon currently now bearing down on Taiwan!!! We will have 33 ice cream flavors very soon, here, or EQ Alerts anyways!!! Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Add Lima, Peru And Mindano, Philippines To Major Earthquake Alert List For 8 Richters!!! Next MegaThruster/Tsunami Coming!?!! UPDATE: 4.5 Ha Noi, Vietnam!!!

UPDATE: As of 7:15am Saturday Morning there was a 4.5 Richters Earthquake 125 Miles WNW of Ha Noi, Vietnam!!! That Earthquake Energy is ON THE MOVE!!! Probably should have listed Vietnam in the first place, too!!! Here is that felt report followed by Todays EQ Blog:
CITY:Ha Noi, Vietnam.....Reports-2, Distance From-200 km

I knew as soon as I wrote that headline all up like that some of those places I might have listed are not so much suseptible to a tsunami as others and so the term I use "MegaThruster/Tsunami" might not quite fit all the EQ Alerts that will result from this newest major landfall of that big typhoon. The final landfall of Typhoon Rammasun as well with likely no more from it beyond the obvious damage it is going to be doing inland, now. Some new cities and countries will need to be added to the list, though, and most unfortunate among those is Mindano, Philippines and possibly Cebu City, again! Others are Lima, Peru and Bam, Iran where the line goes straight through, but it also looks like a "Triple Whammy" now for that Afghanistan/Pakistan Region since they already had alerts out from Arthur, and the alert from the initial landfall of Rammasun at Manila was added. . . and now it looks like this new line ALSO goes straight through that region, too! Triple Whammy!!! Looks like they are going to get some or all of the 6.6 from Arthur, 8.1 from Rammasun/Manila, and now the 7.9 from Rammasun/China!!! Worst case scenerio on something like this is somebody up in that region could get ALL THREE!!! Other places along that same basic line include Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, in addition to Mindano, Phillipines right nearby there! Whether Lima, Peru gets any of this Major Earthquake energy should come later in August, though, but you can usually count on them getting something before it's all over and more recently I watch Easter Island FIRST. . . and then automatically know Peru will shake a few days after Easter Island Region for whatever reason.

There was a 2.2 Richters Earthquake at 2:40pm Pacific Time at La Habra, California, and here is the Felt Report from that one:

Anaheim (92801)CA, United States of America......2....8 km
Beverly Hills(90212)CA, United States of America..1...46 km
Brea(92821)CA, United States of America.............2....5 km
Buena Park(90620)CA, United States of America....3...11 km
Buena Park(90621)CA, United States of America.....1....8 km
Covina(91722)CA, United States of America...........1...20 km
Fullerton(92831)CA, United States of America........2....6 km
Fullerton(92832)CA, United States of America........1....6 km
Fullerton(92833)CA, United States of America........7....5 km
Fullerton(92835)CA, United States of America.......12....3 km
Hacienda Heights(91745)CA, USA........................2...10 km
Huntington Beach(92647)CA, USA........................1...22 km
La Habra(90631) CA, United States of America......7....4 km
La Mirada(90638)CA, United States of America......3....8 km
La Palma(90623)CA, United States of America.......1...12 km
Orange(92868)CA, United States of America...........1...15 km
Whittier(90603)CA, United States of America.........1....7 km
Whittier(90604)CA, United States of America.........1....8 km

Thought I would just print the entire felt report right here as part of todays EQ Blog since it was a lot of the usual famous places around L.A. and not too long of a list! Still getting a huge amount of aftershocks for just a smallish 6.0 North of Juneau, Alaska and it is possible MUCH MORE could be coming to that region, too!!! Here is that entire list with the original at bottom somewhere now updated:

Now many, many alerts going for a lot of different places with Western Canada being as close to California as any of these really come, but still a lot of movement so still be watching because they did get that 2.2 and lots of other small ones so earthquakes like this upcoming 6.6, 8.1, and 7.9 can happen, you know!!!

Got 500 views on my book, now, so Thank-You everybody for stopping by and checking out "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" and please feel free to check it out if you haven't already @ And the latest on my next book "Earthquake Memoirs" is that I'm adding a lot of Full Moon stuff and by the looks of all that is going on right now. . . a lot of this here stuff, too!!! Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Friday, July 18, 2014

Typhoon Rammasun NOW Making Landfall At China!!! Winds 144.Gusts 172Mph!!! NEXT MegaThruster/Tsunami Event Coming???

Very latest and most up to date information on that landfall of Typhoon Rammasun includes Winds 144 Mph and Gusts of 172 Mph! Having had the day to work on all of the information coming in as well as a lot of historical info in an effort to keep up with all that is going on with both the present landfall at China/Vietnam and the previous landfall at Manila and came up with some interesting facts, but first let us do this:

Check Out This Weeks EQ Podcast CLICK Arrow To Play:

Following the landfall of Typhoon Haiyan at Philippines on November 8, 2013 on Day 12 after that landfall there was a 6.3 Richters Earthquake 500 Miles South of Cebu City, Philippines with a lot of damage! Therefore as of this writing I am now saying just that the possibility of the next Major MegaThruster/Tsunami Event might be what we are looking at, here and possibly for Japan, Taiwan, Banda Aceh/Sumatra, or even Philippines Region!!! It does seem after having time to study all of this from all the angles that Typhoon Rammasun did churn slowly across the Philippines for a total of as much as 18 hours while fully maintaining all of its strength! Seemed sort of similar to the landfall of Hurricane Katrina at Louisiana back in 2005 which led to Islamabad Earthquake and all the aftershocks there! Perhaps this now upcoming Major Earthquake could also have all of those major aftershocks or I suppose even a huge tsunami, of course depending on the location!

Report as of today has 38 dead, 7000 homes destroyed, 19,000 homes damaged and damage from the landfall of Typhoon Rammasun at Philippines is currently put at 668 Million Pesos!!!!! Further, Manila Electric Company had 1.88 Million customers without power.

As of Thursday there had also been a 6.0 Richters Earthquake that struck 255 Miles North of Juneau, Alaska and here's that earthquake from USGS, along with the updated list of aftershocks:

Lots of earthquakes coming! Several Major ones including most notably the ones that are going to now be following the Manila Landfall and upcoming landfall of Typhoon Rammasun!!! Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Typhoon Rammasun Continues On For China!!! HUGE Earthquake Could Follow!!!

UPDATE: 6.0 Richters 255 Miles North of Juneau, Alaska! INFO @ NOW Todays EQ Blog:
Although the information that I've seen so far does not exactly indicate as bad of overall damage as I might have thought, for now let us start watching thinking it could be that next 8 Magnitude Earthquake that does a real lot of damage somewhere. Took a good deal of time to cross the Philippines and all that amount of time when all totaled, similar to the amount of time Hurricane Katrina churned across the south, equals the amount of time overall that somebody is going to be shaking! That list contained places such as Bangladesh, and Nepal where a Major Earthquake this big will sure be noticeable as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan where another big line of earthquake energy posted as 6.6 will be crossing, but having had some time to ponder this one am now thinking maybe the crossing effect will not be so bad if Rammasun turns out not to have left all that much damage behind. We will have to see what the total amount of damage from that giant landfall and crossing of Manila from Typhoon Rammasun comes to, first, then assess the amount of possible earthquake energy we might be looking at. For now expect a big earthquake!

I received a Twitter Message from a person in Philippines who sent me along a reminder that there had already been a devastating "E-Quake" as he called it, on July 16, 1990 and so I looked it up and found a very bad 7.8 Richters Earthquake there with a 125 Kilometer long rupture in the Philippine Fault System at Luzon where 1621 people were killed and destroyed many buildings. So, my regular readers already now automatically know the next thing I'm going to be doing is looking up the Typhoon that most likely preceded this Major Earthquake. Well it looks like Typhoon Percy made landfall at Luzon on June 27, 1990 with 135mph winds and this earthquake then struck on Day-19 after that landfall as well as Typhoon Ofelia which also struck basically the same region about 10 days earlier!

So, with that said, we should probably now add Philippines to the list where this upcoming Major Earthquake might strike! Looking at the names of the other places where the earthquake energy will be passing and I suppose we should stress earthquake preperation for all of these places during the days we have to wait.

Currently now updating my book "Earthquake Memoirs" and am reviewing the earthquake stuff that has happened since about the year 2011 and just a matter of how I go about an update, but am leaning towards a whole additional chapter, it's just that I also sort of want to wait and see if Rammasun will yet become a part of that update!!! Lots of other EQ Alerts currently going on so be watching and be prepared, everybody!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Huge Typhoon With 150 Mph Winds Direct Hit on Manila, Philippines!!! HUGE Earthquake To Follow!!! Oklahoma Earthquake Exact Moment of Full Moon!!!

As if there isn't already enough going on with the big 8 EQ Alerts covering 25 Cities and Countries, NOW covering 31 Cities and Countries with the landfall of Typhoon Rammasun at Manila, Philippines and adding Bangladesh, Nepal, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua, and Fiji to that list! BAD part of it all is two more places where line of huge potential Earthquake Energy is already going through from Hurricane Arthur: Pakistan and Afghanistan!!! It doesn't look too good for those two big countries with 6.6 Richters coming from Arthur and like 8.1 Richters coming from Rammasun/Manila, now!!! Have been watching Nepal since they say they haven't had a Major Earthquake since the 50's, and unfortunately will also need to watch directly AT the Philippines for Major Earthquake immediately because it is not uncommon for them to get big earthquakes in the moments immediately following a typhoon as big as this one!

Also, there is at least one already very shaky place around the Philippines region where earthquakes do occasionally happen like Cebu City. There is also more coming since this typhoon is by no means finished, either! The last time I looked at the report it was forecast to reform and possibly be even bigger when it strikes the mainland in another day or so! The line of new earthquake energy also stretches beyond those Pacific Islands mentioned and contacts South America between Chile and Peru and we are talking about another possible 8 Richters Earthquake for that region, too!!! It will be possible, anyways!

Missed this next one! Had to see it while reading Tuesdays Morning newspaper in "Newsprint" Format and had to use actual scissors to "Cut" this story from actual paper. . . but anyways point here is so many earthquakes seem to have struck Oklahoma over the weekend the story MISSED the fact that it was the July Full Moon!!! So, I went ahead and checked it out at USGS Latest Earthquakes, finding 13 earthquakes in that 48 hour period but the real dramatic part of the story is the fact that if you look half-way down on this list you will note a 3.2 at Langston which just so happened to have struck on the EXACT MOMENT of the July Full Moon!!! Yes, the Exact Moment!! 6:27am Central Time! Question up to this point had been: Is Oklahoma affected by additional pull of moon? They are nowhere near ocean, so it has been thought probably not. . . until now! LOOKS like the pull of the July Full Moon pretty much had to have something to do with all this! So much pull and so many earthquakes in that Full Moon Window that it made the Associated Press!!! Here's that list at Earthquake Central:

One last chance to catch this weeks EQ V-Log at Youtube: Talking all about ALL of the alerts now in effect and listed at yesterdays EQ Blog if you wish to go there and check it out to see the whole list of the big 8 EQ Alerts now covering a grand total of 31 cities and countries you can simply go to the main front page of this here EQ Blog by clicking the Banner/Logo at top of page where it says "EQ Alert Guy" or go to and scroll down to find yesterday. . . of course that link will not go to Tuesdays blog if you view this beyond Wednesday, July 16, 2014, rather only to the front page of this EQ Blog wherever you happen to be in history.

Now is the time to be watching for hella earthquakes!!! There are a lot of them coming including one 6.6 a couple 7's and now one possibly as big as 8!!! Be Prepared!!! Thank-You For Reading!!!
EQ Guy

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Currently 8 Active EQ Alerts Covering 25 Cities and Countries!!! New EQ Video Blog, Too!!!

In the process of throwing together this weeks EQ V-Log it occurred to me there were just a lot of current EQ Alerts all happening at one time, so that was basically what I talked about in the vid. Let us start by first posting that vid for folks who haven't seen it yet, then I'll go on and discuss in text format, all of what I'm talking about. Here's This Weeks EQ Video Log, CLICK Arrow:

1) Hurricane Amanda made landfall on May 27, 2014 at Clarion Island offshore from Mexico with windspeeds of 155 and higher gusts. This line could affect Texas, Oklahoma, New Madrid, Illinois, Chicago, Montreal, Quebec, and Iceland and runs through July 18.

2) Tropical Storm Boris made landfall at far Southern Mexico/Guatamala on June 2 and also could affect Texas and Oklahoma, however they had a fairly big 5.2 Richters Earthquake at Arizona/New Mexico on June 28 which would have been Day 26 on this alert and Day 32 on Amanda above so that could have been either of these leaving about the same alert for the same cities now through July 24.

3) Hurricane Cristina made landfall at Socorro Island offshore Mexico on June 14 with windspeeds of 150mph and EQ Alerts for Ecuador, Peru, Philippines, and Jakarta, Sumatra, Indonesia posted at 7.6 Richters and could still be out there through August 5, 2014.

4) Tornadoes at Pilger, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin on June 17 and possibly one or two additional days in that date range with a windspeed of 140 mph. While a path on the ground was never found from the Pilger, Nebraska Tornado where most of the damage was done, this EQ Alert will still run until August 9, 2014 although with no path found I have no way of knowing where this earthquake might strike and no estimated magnitude.

5) Hurricane Arthur landfall at Morehead City, North Carolina late on July 3, 2014 with winds at 100 and gusts at 101 resulted in an EQ Alert for a 6.6 Richters Earthquake at Honduras, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Kazakstan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and there had been a 6.9 Richters Earthquake near Puerto Madre, Mexico on July 7, 2014 but we will continue following this alert for those other places to which I added Montego Bay, Jamaica and this one will run through August 24.

6) Super Typhoon Neoguri landfall at Kyushu, Japan on July 9, 2014 with 172 mph winds and 201 mph gusts prior to landfall and while Hokkaido, Japan made the intital list for this possible 6.6, there was a 6.5 just offshore from Tokyo on July 12, 2014 right in the middle of the July Full Moon Window and so we will have to keep watching Anchorage, Western Canada, Boise, Salt Lake, Texas and Oklahoma because this one is still listed at 6.6 through dates not filled out on my sheet, yet! End of August or thereabouts.

7) Finally Tropical Storm Rammasun is making landfall right this exact moment as I am typing this early July 15, 2014 with winds reported as high as 103mph and gusts 126. It will be 24 hours before all the info from the initial landfall at Philippines and Rammasun may make an additional landfall around China later in the week. This will now mean two more alerts for 7 Richters that will run into Mid-September and could affect our West Coast or California.

Among this list was also mention of 105 Mph winds near Chicago in what was called a "Siech" on June 30, 2014 headed due east and could be a factor in any alerts for Illinois, Montreal, Quebec, East Coast Cities, Iceland, etc. or could mean another garden variety Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, or Pennsylvania Earthquake of around 5 or 6 Richters before Mid-August, too!

7 or 8 EQ Alerts for as many as about 25 different cities and countries!!! All of this will take most of the summer to run its course and I noticed several came up with September end dates so we will need to keep watching all of the above for quite some time to come!!! That's what he was talking about by "Multiple EQ Alerts" in this weeks EQ V-Log!!! Thank-You Again for Reading this EQ Blog and Watching all my EQ Video Logs!!! EQ Guy

While I'm presently re-writing my "Earthquake Memoirs" you can view "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" at:

Monday, July 14, 2014