Saturday, February 28, 2015

7.0 Richters Strikes Indonesia!!! North American Tectonic Plate Pushing The Pacific Tectonic Plate!? ALSO: Earthquake Strikes Encino/Westwood/Beverly Hills Epicenter!!! UPDATE: Caribbean and Pasadena Earthquakes!!!

Somewhere I have the actual note sheet where I wrote down the word Caribbean and had intended to include that in todays EQ Blog but lost the sheet in the middle of all my yesterdays biz of which I had a lot to do! So, wouldn't you know that todays Early Saturday Morning Update would now be including a couple of fair sized shakers in none other than the Caribbean!!! Those two early Saturday Earthquakes are 4.6 Dominica and 4.0 just West of Saba a tiny island particularly known for the volcano there! Speaking of volcanoes, I was also going to mention Martinique, famously known itself for another big volcano! One that could yet become a factor in all this upcoming potential Major Earthquake Energy, too! There were also TWO small earthquakes right in the heart of Pasadena, a 1.7 and 1.3 so that is a place we might now need to watch very closely for a big one! And watch Caribbean closely because we practically know for sure they could be in for a HUGE upcoming Major Earthquake, or Volcano!!!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Next is this weeks EQ Podcast about all of those Earthquakes that struck the East Coast this week!!! CLICK Arrow:

If you follow closely my work on the TV Series that I maybe should not name right now, well anyways there is a whole lot of good news happening besides finding our recently it has been renewed for Season 4! The other news is that there were recently two supposedly fairly big parts that I had submitted for (and didn't get) and as of yesterday catching up on a couple of past episodes the scene at the bar with all the guys wearing Hawaiian Shirts is now past and I am glad to report that there wasn't really any scenes of the type that I personally live to be in! Just a lot of basic what I call "General Atmosphere" Scenes where at best I might have been seen somewhere in the background like talking to the bartender or standing around with a bunch of my new friends whom all also had a Hawaiian Shirt or two, but NO real action besides standing there holding a glass!!! As for the bowlers where the scene supposedly needed several guys who could do some "Acting". . . that turned out to be a fairly cool scene where there was an actual guy who got caught inside one of those automatic pinsetters. That scene merely had a bunch of guys standing around near the bowling machine and that was basically all there was to it as far as any acting is concerned. Didn't miss too much opportunity to demonstrate my acting skills there, either. Onward now with Season 3 and since I was lucky enough not to get either of those rather lame parts, I now continue to be ELIGIBLE for the next Great Acting part that comes along on my unnamed show that is currently shooting in nearby Chicago!

Of course the subject is by no means at the bottom of the list, it is just appearing here due to all of that other stuff you were reading about being already all written up and the earthquake stuff just now being added at the last minute before this blog goes to press. The 7.0 Richters Earthquake at Indonesia could possibly be the result of all the Snow Epicenter movement of the North American Tectonic Plate against the Pacific Tectonic Plate and Indonesia is situated out there in the region where it could have been affected by all that movement. If so then the fact that all of these tectonic plates ARE moving in just the exact pattern that was suggested by that Indonesia Earthquake and the next Great Earthquake could be California or our West Coast if the same movement continues!

It was just this week that I discovered while discussing that big 6.0 Boston Earthquake of the year 1755 that it struck following the 1755 Great Lisbon, Portugal Earthquake by 17 days. Not only does that serve to reduce the liklihood of that big of earthquake striking East Coast again, but I'll be writing more about it in the coming days because according to what today we consider accepted science. . . these two historically very Major Earthquakes are now products of the exact same source of Major Earthquake Energy! Yes, they are literally connected and as of this writing in the year 2015 practically any seismology person will agree!!! That subject is to be continued but how I wish to end the story for today is that there has also been a brand new Encino/Westwood/Beverly Hills Earthquake at the recently very shaky Sepulveda Pass Epicenter and while this 8:39pm Pacific Time Earthquake was just a 1.4 Richters Shaker. . . we are awaiting a very much more serious 6.9 to 7.9 Richters Major Earthquake and it would be a huge disaster if it would strike at or anywhere near that neighborhood!!! Be Prepared and God Bless!!!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Several East Coast Earthquakes EQ Podcast!!! CLICK Arrow:

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2.5 Richters Strikes 24 Miles West of Richmond! Also a 3.4 Strikes Southwest of San Diego, Both Felt Reports! UPDATE: 7.0 Earthquake at Indonesia!!!

UPDATE: This 7.0 Richters Earthquake struck Indonesia around 3am Hawaii Time and no tsunami was expected according to The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. There were felt reports from Bali. NOW Todays EQ Blog:

As I am continuing to keep an eye on the East Coast for still more shaking that could later become major foreshocks or signs of significant movement of the North American Tectonic Plate. . . along comes a 2.5 Richters Earthquakes 24 Miles West of Richmond as we might have been expecting if you follow all this closely. Here's the felt report:

Maidens, VA 23102 United States of America.............3........8
Sandy Hook, VA 23153 United States of America........1.......13
Goochland, VA 23063 United States of America...........7.......14
Gum Spring, VA 23065 United States of America........1.......14
Manakin Sabot, VA 23103 United States of America....2.......15
Rockville, VA 23146 United States of America.............2.......16
Montpelier, VA 23192 United States of America...........2.......21
Richmond, VA 23233 United States of America............1.......23
Bumpass, VA 23024 United States of America.............2.......26
Richmond, VA 23229 United States of America............1.......30
Richmond, VA 23223 United States of America............1.......47
Orange, VA 22960 United States of America................1.......58
Spotsylvania, VA 22553 United States of America........1.......65
Newport News, VA 23608 United States of America.....1......132

So we are now looking at first those two Connecticut Earthquakes and so we continued watching the East Coast suspecting more shaking might be coming and we NOW have this additional 2.5 Richters Richmond, Virginia Earthquake or 24 miles west of their anyways. All totaled so far it is looking like 5.8 Richters total, if totaling it all up matters and it has merely been a reference point that I have occasionally used in the past. At this point we might still keep an eye out on the East Coast, but I can't say there could be too much more earthquake energy awaiting out there. COULD be,though and of course a big one could still be lurking out there around Boston, New York, or more around Richmond! As all this is happening the possibility of a Major Earthquake striking California is going way up!!!!!

Proof of that might be the 3.4 Richters Earthquake that struck 42 Miles Southwest of San Diego and just to the west offshore from Tijuana, Mexico, at 4:43pm Pacific Time on Thursday. Here's the felt report from that one apparently even felt up in Lytle Creek up in San Bernardino County!

San Diego, CA 92101 United States of America................2.....77
National City, CA 91950 United States of America............1.....78
Spring Valley, CA 91977 United States of America............1.....88
La Mesa, CA 91941 United States of America..................1.....90
Carlsbad, CA 92008 United States of America.................1....110
Lytle Creek, CA 92358 United States of America..............1....228

You're up to date unless something else comes along on Friday that is worthy of an update. I also notice the full moon is quickly approaching with the Full Moon Window starting next Wednesday. If anybody wants to take a look at the current Official Prediction it is at: AND along the way I changed the focus to San Francisco and upped the range now 6.9 to 7.9 and so it is getting to be time to start thinking about Earthquake Preparation in California, West Coast and Alaska, just saying. Be Prepared because the days are counting now and there could be a Major Earthquake right around the corner!!!!! EQ Guy

Please watch The Weeks EQ Video Log all about how Severe Winter Conditions usually preceed a Major Earthquake on our West Coast!!! On YouTube@

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Actually 2 Connecticut Earthquakes at the "Snow Epicenter"!!! Snow, Snow, Snow, and More Snow!!!!! BIG Alert Continues!!!

A lot going on with earthquakes right at the moment including probably the biggest news was that my phone rang loudly because I have the alert turned way up loud on it. . .expecting just that to happen at any moment now and it was a 3.7 Richters Earthquake just south of Twenty-Nine Palms Region of Southern California! Immediately I knew there would be a huge felt report and here it is:

Indio, CA 92203 United States of America.......................12......28
Indio, CA 92201 United States of America........................6......32
Palm Desert, CA 92211 United States of America............7......34
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 United States of America.....3......38
Indian Wells, CA 92210 United States of America..............1......39
La Quinta, CA 92253 United States of America.................4......39
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 United States of America........1......41
Palm Desert, CA 92260 United States of America..........2......44
Riverside, CA 92508 United States of America..............1.....120
Carlsbad, CA 92008 United States of America................1.....148
Pomona, CA 91766 United States of America..................1.....160
Buena Park, CA 90621 United States of America.............1.....181
Whittier, CA 90601 United States of America...................1.....185

Snow, snow, snow and more snow! Looks like they're currently getting in the range of another foot of snow across a lot of the same places where they seem to have gotten snow last week. Part of the story on Wednesday night was the fact that 2500 flights were canceled in Tennessee, Georgia, South and North Carolina! Even Wisconsin was giving the reports from basically that same winter storm system with amounts up to six inches, and I know I had to shovel some of that myself as well as having to sweep it off my car more than once on Wednesday, too!

So, I was just going back to the Connecticut Earthquake and found there had been more than one so it will now be the Connecticut Earthquakes because I now have it all written out on a sheet in front of me that there had been a 1.4 at 8:13am, and a 1.8 at 8:18am Central Time and I am fairly sure the date would now be day before yesterday or like Monday and just a few minutes apart, so probably 9:13am, and 9:18am Eastern Time. Might still be more coming out east with these two west of Providence, and south of Worcester being plenty of foreshocks to suit me. . . but more could be coming and there is CERTAINLY going to be some Major Earthquakes possibly California!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

See This Weeks EQ V-Log at YouTube@

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1.8 Richters Strikes at Wauregan, Connecticut!!! There COULD Be More East Coast Shakers Coming!!! Be Prepared!!! UPDATE: 5.9 Japan!!!

Just this ever growing list of earthquakes shaking out at Hawaii tells me there is SOMETHING going on! Of course we've been watching East Coast for earthquakes and that 1.8 is surely enough to get the ball rolling for sure! Here is the LINK to view that now Updated Hawaii Swarm @ Note that there was also a 4.2 a few miles north of Jamaica and that region could become a part of all this, too, including Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. If you have not seen that Official Prediction yet here it is: AND here is a link to a story from Spain, about yesterdays 5.0 Richters felt in their capital of Madrid as buildings swayed there!!! Story @

There was also a 3.4 50 miles offshore from Eureka that was also felt in both San Leandro, and San Ramone which I believe are both in the San Francisco area, so remember San Francisco just could become the epicenter of this upcoming 6.9 to 7.9 Richters Earthquake although my two best other alerts for earthquakes the result of severe winter conditions were Paso Robles and Eureka with Northridge also having been one of them, so up to this point I have not had San Francisco become that big earthquake that follows a bad winter. Note however that two of the biggest WERE! That would be the New Madrid Series and Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of 1964, so we probably should hope San Francisco does not get one that bad as a result of this whether or not they have had one to speak of in recent history. . . besides the usual straight line earthquake energy which is a whole different story.

I might need to update this next one later, but for now check out the first draft of the felt report from the 8:18pm, 9:18pm Eastern Time Connecticut Earthquake and I'll expect felt reports to be coming in through the morning so one final update might be due during the day Wednesday, here's that felt report:

Moosup, CT 06354 United States of America..............1.....5
Plainfield, CT 06374 United States of America............1.....6
Danielson, CT 06239 United States of America...........3.....7
Dayville, CT 06241 United States of America..............1....14
Northbridge, MA 01534 United States of America.......1....49
Cheshire, CT 06410 United States of America............1....88
Billerica, MA 01821 United States of America.............1...104

So watch for more action on the East Coast, although that one really got us going, there should still be one or two more small ones such as that one and pretty much sort of around the same region right there in the middle of all the most severe winter conditions and by far the most snowfall, too!!! EQ Guy

One more chance to watch this weeks new EQ Video log right now all about the current Official Prediction if you haven't seen it, yet! CLICK Arrow:

See This Weeks EQ V-Log at YouTube@ Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5.0 Richters Strikes Near Ossa de Montiel, Spain!!! Also 5's in Argentina and Japan!!! UPDATE: SUDDENLY Lots of Earthquakes at Hawaii. . .

UPDATE: There are currently LOTS of earthquakes striking Hawaii, Entire 24 Hour list @ NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Probably the biggest earthquake we will continue to watch for is the upcoming possible major East Coast Earthquake that is expected to be the foreshock to all of this other upcoming earthquake activity that will surely be coming soon! Mostly continue to watch around Boston, Connecticut, Maine, New York and New Jersey for even the slightest signs of the ground MOVING! Generally these tend to be like a couple of tiny 2's, but occasionally they go as high as a 3 or 4, and of course can hit 5 and possibly 6, so be watching!!! And you can watch this weeks new EQ Video log right now, just CLICK Arrow:

See This Weeks EQ Video Log at YouTube@

Now on those 5 Magnitude Earthquakes mentioned in todays headline, first the link to the now complete list for that already large series all shaking Japan just north of the epicenter of the 2011 earthquake there, that list is at: NEXT the felt report from that 5.0 Spain Earthquake which looks like it shook most of that country and appeared to be a fairly large earthquake for that region, see the felt report@ AND That Argentina Earthquake was just coming in as I was writing this EQ Blog, so right at the moment I do not know any more about it besides the fact that it was a 5.4

During the time I was writing the recent Official Prediction it was apparent to me there was at least one big earthquake missing and it occurred to me there had been one way up along the coast at the point where the first border with Alaska was and so I looked it up and found it! We are talking about the 7.5 Richters Alaska Earthquake on January 5, 2013 that you can very obviously call a "January Earthquake"!!! Too late to add that to the list of all those other January Earthquakes and that one even happened in January!

Finally my notes say to mention the fact that there were 117 Brand New records for low temperatures and it was -25 in Flint, Michigan. . . and that was a NEW All-Time Low!!!!! I am thinking they mean that 25 below zero was the COLDEST it's ever been in Flint, Michigan in recorded history!!! Be watching for a Major Earthquake because severe cold is a factor. . . and it is COLD!!!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, February 23, 2015

This Weeks Video Log Severe Winter Conditions, Official Prediction From Blackhawk Island!!! CLICK Arrow:

See This Weeks EQ Video Log at YouTube@

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3 Small Earthquakes Struck San Francisco Area! MIGHT Have To Focus Official Prediction on Major California Cities!!! Upping Magnitude Range, Too!!! UPDATE: 5.0 Spain!!!

UPDATE: A 5.0 Richters Earthquake struck about 100 miles South of Madrid Spain with a huge felt report from all over that country!!! See That felt report @ NOW Todays EQ Blog:

There is not all that much going on with the earthquake situation right at the moment, although enough that those 3 smallish earthquakes that all struck right around San Francisco are worth mention! One in particular that you can view on the following list struck practically right underneath the San Francisco International Airport or SFO as I like to call it! At a 1.8 that would hardly be worth too much worry if not for the fact that we are watching for a whole lot more! With that I am also going to up the Magnitude Range to 6.9 to 7.9 as I stated I might be doing anyways due to the conditions continually worsening! Possibly also an amendment to the current O.P. that will more specifically state San Francisco, too, but I haven't decided on the procedure for that. Here is the San Francisco list as of early Monday Morning and I will update it Monday as needed:

1.7 1km S of Dublin, California 2015-02-22 22:45:19
1.9 3km NE of Burlingame, California 2015-02-22 08:13:22
1.9 2km NNE of Fremont, California 2015-02-22 05:44:39

Next I probably should mention that the shaking continues at Japan and there is no telling how much shaking they will get before this is all over. Last week they seemed to have been shaking in sympathy with that Mammoth Lakes Swarm. . . which it turned out they actually WERE doing when they both ultimately shook and finished! Japan with the big 6.7 and Mammoth Lakes simply finished shaking, but most probably due to the same amount of Earthquake Energy and shaking along the same line at both edges of that huge tectonic plate! Believe it, or not!!! Here is the link to the now updated entire Japan list at that one specific very shaky location around a hundred miles north of the huge 2011 Epicenter where they COULD be something major coming!!! SEE That Updated List at Earthquake Central@

Finally one more chance to hear this weeks EQ Podcast: Official Prediction in EQ Podcast format; CLICK Arrow:

And if you have not seen the whole entire written out Official Prediction that I discuss in this weeks EQ Podcast, here is a link to that:

The Snow Epicenter Earthquake does not seem to have shook, yet, so we should continue to be watching around Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maine, and New Jersey for a fairly notable earthquake that probably could go as big as a 6, but I recently seen where that 1755 Earthquake of 6 Magnitude that struck Boston, had been preceded 17 days earlier by the Great Lisbon, Portugal Earthquake, so today we pretty much know those two were connected. . . and there's probably NOT that much potential Earthquake Energy here right at the moment hopefully. Keep watching for earthquakes, because we do know there's a big one coming!!! EQ Guy

And Congratulations Birdman, Micheal Keaton, and all the Winners at the 2015 Oscars!!!

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

NOW It's Severe Ice Coming!!! Freezing Rain, Etc.!!! Major Earthquake (s) WILL Be Next!!! UPDATE: 6.0 Japan Early Saturday!!! 6.2 Mexico Early Sunday!

Headline for todays EQ Blog was going to be this here: "Extreme Record Low Temperatures Including -18 Degrees at Lexington, Kentucky!!! Major Earthquake (s) Coming!!!". . . but if not for having just now came across a look at that Major Ice Storm that is crossing just to the south of me around St. Louis and cities in that region. Heading East will track all across that part of the country and probably AGAIN across the Northeast!!! All contributing to More Major Earthquakes, too! UPDATES: 6.0 Japan, and 6.2 Mexico, Watch for more!

Official Prediction in EQ Podcast format is next!!! CLICK Arrow:

Here is a LINK to that Official Prediction that I discuss in this weeks EQ Podcast:

Swarms at Little Lake, Mammoth Lakes, and North of Reno are ALL heating up as I am writing todays EQ Blog!!! Just in the last hour before Midnight, Mammoth Lakes has gotten too many earthquakes to count and I had to reduce the list to take the Reno Earthquakes off the page just to get a look at the Mammoth Lakes list alone!!! Totals are at 100 for all three of those locale's with close to half of them in the late hours of Friday! UPDATE: As I watched those swarms very early today, I might have also mentioned Japan was getting a lot of shakers, and actually only needed to update that list from the other day, now with that 6.0 at the top:

A lot going on with Ice Storms, Swarms at Mammoth Lakes, earthquakes at Japan, etc., and we know there will be more Major Shakers to follow!!! So be thinking about some major earthquake preparations!!! And if nothing major shakes sooner. . . see you on Mondays EQ Blog!!! Good Weekend, God Bless!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, February 20, 2015

This Weeks New EQ Podcast: Official Prediction West Coast, California, Alaska at SoundCloud, CLICK Arrow:

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Winter Conditions Go From Worse, To Even Worse Now!!! Records Set For Extreme Cold Will Guarantee Major Earthquakes!!!

Yet another in the latest series of Major Earthquakes to strike Japan right around the nearby epicenter of the big 2011 Honshu Earthquake that happens to be coming up on March 11. . . and I am surely waiting for the next big Earthquake/Tsunami Event to swamp that country!!! Here is the list from the last several days at Earthquake Central: I will probably keep that list up-to-date if they persist, now onto todays other earthquake stuff.

MANY times now in the course of me watching along the route of where there is supposedly all of this "Major Earthquake Energy" just out of the blue there have been these "Meteor" type of things spotted directly along these routes! Well, here we go again because I could hardly believe it when first thing Thursday Morning the latest huge asteroid was seen during the night crossing over Pennsylvania!!! Here is a link to that meteor that traveled from New York but not sure what direction through Pennsylvania@ Sure, it's not all that unusual of a site all by itself, but just the fact that they seem to be somehow connected to such large earthquakes that we are watching for to appear? Nearest I can figure is that it may be some form of static electricity that travels like a bolt of lightning from all the potential earthquake energy and across the tectonic plate towards California! Then, the earthquake strikes when the proverbial bolt of lightning reaches the plate boundary. Maybe it was what they call "Ball Lightning"? Or would that be a lightning ball crossing the sky there?

If you have not had a chance to check out my brand new Official Prediction, here's a link to the latest Official Prediction: West Coast, California, or Alaska with a possible range of 6.6 to 7.6 Richters and probably before March 21, 2015 @ Basically I mostly explain how I discovered the correlation on the day of the Northridge Earthquake and have had a few GREAT Alerts and Official Predictions since that day.

The Severe Winter Conditions seem to now be continuing if not WORSENING!!! Can hardly believe all of the records broken for new record low temperatures all across the U.S.!!! You might have even heard me say that we got a LOT of snow. . . now hear me say we are getting record COLD!!! Well, yes the two do combine and this will indeed mean there is almost certain to be a Major Earthquake!!! Be Prepared!!!!! EQ Guy

Getting LOTS of views on this weeks EQ Video Log about a possible Major East Coast Earthquake (and possible tsunami:) at Youtube:

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Just Filed New "Official Prediction" For West Coast, California, Alaska at 6.6 To 7.6 Richters Before March 21, 2015!!!

Here's a link to the latest Official Prediction: West Coast, California, or Alaska with a possible range of 6.6 to 7.6 Richters and probably before March 21, 2015 @ If you do not go to it and read it, I want to tell you it just might run all the way to the anniversary of the Great Alaska Earthquake which was also preceded by the most severe winter conditions, too, on March 27, 1964.

Next on the list for todays blog is that fairly big 4.4 Richters Shaker that shook most of Western Washington early Wednesday. Here is that Felt report at Earthquake Central @

I started to get a little suspicious when these here earthquakes showed up all in a row of about one hour out there in the Easter Island Region, it looks like LESS than an hour actually! Between 18:48 and 19:42 is more like 52 minutes and just a little north of Easter Island. . . but probably do mean trouble just the same!!!

5.0 Northern East Pacific Rise 2015-02-17 19:41:12
5.0 Northern East Pacific Rise 2015-02-17 19:16:17
4.6 Northern East Pacific Rise 2015-02-17 18:58:00
5.2 Northern East Pacific Rise 2015-02-17 18:48:30

The February New Moon Window will continue through Thursday and has sure had it's share of shaking, but could well come to include much more shaking, yet!!! So keep watching and this now HUGE New Alert as discussed in the above new Official Prediction will continue long past this short New Moon Window and is now a very potentially dangerous thing! Be Prepared! EQ Guy

Here's a link to view this weeks EQ Video Log on Youtube:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Major Earthquake IS Coming For California And Our West Coast!!! You Could Say It IS Official, Now!!! UPDATE: 4.4 Richters 133 Miles East of Seattle!!!!!

UPDATE: A 4.4 Richters Earthquake struck 133 miles East of Seattle, Washington at 1:04am Pacific Time early today!!! Here is the felt report, and watch for MORE!!!!! @ NOW Todays EQ Blog previously written:

Yes, at this point it looks like they've now even got a foot of snow across Kentucky!!! This will now officially be a big alert and there will now be plenty of upcoming Major Earthquakes!!! States of Emergency have been declared in many states with 300,000 people without power and the Federal Government has been shut-down in Washington, DC. . . seriously!!!

The more I look at all the numbers coming in, the more I realize we are probably now looking at the next big earthquake that could strike areas close to us such as possibly California. I have already gone ahead and started writing a new Official Prediction over on my "EQ Blog-3" and will be finished with it as soon as I figure out such things as exactly whom I should write it for. It should probably at least say California in the headline, but shouldn't it also be for our West Coast and possibly Alaska. Until that updated O.P. is complete please know we will be watching for something huge to be striking those regions like we know they do get. This will be the latest in a long series of Major Earthquakes associated with the most severe of winter conditions like we now seem to have!

I just seen where the total for snow in Boston is now something like 96 inches, Washington DC has now got a lot, and we are adding places like Kentucky to the list, so now we should count on a severe Winter Conditions Earthquake Resultant and the February New Moon Window started at around 3:49pm Pacific Time Tuesday and that will also be the exact moment of the New Moon on Wednesday, 3:49pm. . . with the New Moon Window running until that time on Thursday.

LOTS of earthquakes out there and these alerts will continue on past the new moon so watch the next several hours, days and into February and March for Major Earthquakes, because this is a brand new alert, and there are lots of Brand New Earthquakes coming!!! Especailly still watch around Boston for the foreshock that will get all of this rolling!!! EQ Guy

Here's a link to view this weeks EQ Video Log on Youtube:

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