Saturday, November 22, 2014

UPDATE: 3.3 Richters Strikes 6 Miles From Downtown Dallas, Texas!!!!! 3.8, 3.5, 4.0, And 3.5 At North Of Reno Epicenter!!! Probably More Coming With November New Moon!!! Be Watching For 7.3!!!

UPDATE: This during November New Moon!!! 3.3 Strikes 6 Miles Northwest of Dallas, Texas!!! So Far 400 Felt Reports From Dallas in 1/2 Hour!!! MANY More To Come!!! Also Watch For MORE Earthquakes in November New Moon Window through Sunday!!!!!

Earlier Update: 6.2 Richters Strikes 119 Miles North of Tokyo, Japan!!! Felt All across Japan!!! Lots of damage and some houses destroyed, too!!! Now Todays EQ Blog:

Just a lot of earthquakes shaking California and Northwest Nevada especially since the November New Moon Window started early Friday! Be watching for that EXACT MOMENT of the New Moon which will be 4:32am Saturday Pacific Time! Here's this weeks "New Moon Podcast" if you missed it, CLICK Arrow:

As you can usually count on happening, the Mammoth Lakes Swarm quickly escalated since the New Moon Window began, so here is the link to that Swarm constantly being updated at Earthquake Central:

They are currently reporting numbers in the area of 7 to 9 feet of snow around Buffalo, New York and I even notice Northern Wisconsin has been reporting incredible amounts of snow, too, telling me there is sure to be some brand new earthquake energy out there although 40 degree temperatures are forecast for this weekend and that will mean some melting, we will need to watch for earthquakes along with also the New Moon over this weekend. New Moon alone with all the shaking will surely equal SOME Major Earthquakes somewhere. . . and eventually it should be noted that ONE BIG ONE will usually relieve ALL of this small shaking that has been shaking, shaking, shaking Nevada and California recently!!! Yes, if and when at some point there finally IS a big earthquake there, then THAT should be the end of all the shaking!!! That's more or less what we are waiting for here, too! So, keep watching and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, November 21, 2014

New Moon Podcast!!! CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

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November New Moon Window Starts At 4:32am Pacific Time In California!!! ALSO: New Moon Podcast!!! UPDATE: 3.5 and 4.0 Richters Added To Shaky Swarm Region Early Friday As New Moon Window Begins!!!

UPDATE: There has already been a 3.5 North of Truckee and now a 4.0 North of Reno as New Moon Window just begun hours ago!!! KEEP Watching as this November New Moon Window will continue SHAKING!!! And could be as big as 7.3 Richters before it's finished!!!

Here's This Weeks "New Moon Podcast!!!" CLICK Arrow: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Exact Moment of the November New Moon will be 6:32am Central Time, and 4:32am Pacific Time on Saturday Morning, and therefore the November New Moon Window will start at 4:32am Pacific Time early Friday Morning in California. So much Earthquake Energy going on around that region these days that it seems a fairly sure bet the New Moon Window should bring a lot more!!! Additionally something had been going on in Oklahoma and that let up. . . and now one might expect it to return with those high numbers of earthquakes like Oklahoma-Kansas has been getting! Watch Kansas!!! There had even been a 3.8 Richters Earthquake in Alabama!!! 31 Miles Southwest of Tuscaloosa, Alabama with felt reports from Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Montgomery as well as one from Lexington, Kentucky!!!

Due to public safety concerns for the ongoing weather emergency in Western New York, Sunday’s Jets-Bills game will NOT be played in Buffalo, New York as of this writing, rather, it appears they will be playing in a neutral place and had been discussing Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Washington, DC. . . but the latest is Detroit like at Ford Field due to the fact that the Vikings played a neutral game there at some other point in time when the roof had all those problems in Minneapolis. Just too much snow obviously along with more coming and cold weather that went along with it was probably among the determining factors in the effort to move it someplace else such as Washington, DC. That game will now be played on Monday Night and shown on TV in both of those markets and I haven't seen why Monday Night, either.

Too much going on here right this moment with all those Severe Winter Conditions around the country and etc. for me to get all the felt reports posted and so the felt report from 4.2 Hollister late yesterday includes 1 from Big Sur, 137 Hollister, 9 Los Gatos, 143 Monterey, 38 Morgan Hill, 6 Mountain View, 1 Napa, 3 Oakland, 2 Palo Alto, 1 Redwood City, 1 Sacramento, 400 Salinas, 21 San Francisco, 100 San Jose and many, many from the likes of Santa Cruz, Seaside, and San Juan Batista. Looks like this could be enough shaking to disturb still more of the San Andreas Fault and more shaking could take place, yet! Watch this region of California the coming hours especially through the New Moon for something major to shake in the 7.3 Range!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

3.8 And 4.2 Hollister Earthquakes!!! 5.5 Feet Of Snow With MORE Coming Starts To Mean Major Earthquake!!! Watch Buffalo, New York!!!

The two Medium Sized Earthquakes that just struck near Hollister, California were a 3.8 and 4.2 and just so happen to ADD UP to 8.0 Richters!!! Fact is they both struck right exactly virtually ON The San Andreas Fault and this probably means more different lengths of that fault line could also be moving and also be affected in the coming moments and hours!!! Exact time of those two was 21 minutes and 28 minutes after Midnight Central Time or 10:21 and 10:28pm Pacific Time. Felt Reports will be coming in all morning and I will update with all that later in the day, currently 127 Hollister and 134 From Monterey, also 3 from Oakland and 18 from San Francisco. WATCH especially that area along the San Andreas including San Francisco-Oakland for more shaking and be prepared!!! Remainder of this EQ Blog was written before all the shaking at Hollister.

So much snow in and around Buffalo, New York that an EQ Alert might be needed due to all the brand new Weight On The Tectonic Plate there!!! Quoting news story: "5 feet 5 inches in Cheektowaga, 5 feet 3 inches in Lancaster, 5 feet in Gardenville. The towns south of Buffalo were believed to be the hardest hit. Snow totals were incomplete. There was 4 feet of snow in Orchard Park, where the Buffalo Bills are set to host an NFL game Sunday against the New York Jets. The team put out a call for volunteers to help shovel the stadium clear an estimated 220,000 tons of snow and offered $10 an hour plus tickets to the game." Just that last part of the above section which I borrowed from some story somewhere says it all!!! 220,000 TONS OF SNOW!!! Amount is probably significant enough in itself to be responsible for an upcoming Major Earthquake and no doubt it will be a part of a whole lot of more shaking along our West Coast if it doesn't bring about the next Northridge Earthquake in the coming days!!!

Following Official Prediction that states it ends on November 17, 2014 will now be continued until probably no later than November 26, 2014 @ There will remain two other alerts that have their latest end dates as December 3, and December 4, 2014 so depending on how much Earthquake Energy was generated by the landfalls at Bermuda of Hurricane Fay, and Hurricane Gonzalo there could still possibly be that much MORE Major Earthquake Energy out there somewhere for a while yet. This will now be Huge Windstorm Earthquake Energy (HWEE) mixing with Weight On The Tectonic Plate At Buffalo Earthquake Energy which will run considerably longer and I will update with that timeline at a later date since it will run into December, too.

OR you can go to Earthquake Central at this link and simply scroll down all through all the updated lists of earthquake swarms and etc. in one CLICK@ I notice that blog also has some of its very own followers there, too, so you might even want to follow "Earthquake Central."

All of the snow at Buffalo, New York and elsewhere along with a lot of extreme cold such as even we have been having right here in Wisconsin is going to add up to Severe Winter Conditions and could possibly, although I haven't seen the sum totals all yet, could equal Major Earthquake Energy enough to cause still more concern for our West Coast and possibly an Official Prediction although we WILL need to wait and see on that, but we DO know in any event with the tonnage mentioned in at least the one story. . . that we ARE looking at more earthquake energy probably for Kansas and Oklahoma and most likely for the Nevada-California Swarm, too! Of course that part was all written before all the shaking at Hollister tonight!!! More Coming!!! We have been watching for a 7.3 along that region so Be Watching!!! And Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Severe Winter Conditions Such As Heavy Snow And Extreme Cold Affect Earthquakes!!! UPDATE: Looks Like 12 Earthquakes At Kansas-Oklahoma in Last 24 Hours!!!

UPDATE: At least 12 earthquakes have struck the Kansas-Oklahoma Region in the last 24 hours and so they have their very own page at Earthquake Central and the 2.8 Mound City, Kansas earthquake was even reportedly felt in Chicago 60620!!! Here's That Brand New Complete list: I want to say look at all of them from today, but since list will be growing you would need to see November 18, 19, 2014 to see them all. NOW Todays EQ Blog:

The Northridge Earthquake was the original day when I decided to start looking into what caused that earthquake especially and among other things it was noticeable that we just so happened to be experiencing the same sort of Severe Winter Conditions as they are currently getting in some places around the country. Further research showed that there were actually quite a lot of what I was then calling "January Earthquakes" due to a lot of them having been in January. Along that lines we are presently getting a lot of those same sort of Severe Winter Conditions that preceded Northridge, so this will now add to the alerts along our West Coast for earthquakes in general and possibly if it continues, a Major Earthquake such as Northridge was.

Some of the other earthquakes that were found to have been preceded by Severe Winter Conditions were the New Madrid Earthquake, and Great Alaska Earthquake. When December of 2003 brought a lot of snow I sent an old E-Mail "EQ Alert" for California and the Paso Robles Earthquake struck December 23, 2003. One of my biggest and best "Severe Winter Conditions" Alerts was when December of 2009 had very severe winter conditions and as a result I wrote and submitted an Official Prediction For California to get a Major Earthquake by January 12, 2010 and you can still view that @ THAT Official Prediction ended up preceding the 2010 Eureka Earthquake of 7.1 Richters on January 9, 2010!!! On the final day of that O.P. on January 12, 2010 is today the date of the Haiti Earthquake, so add both of those to the above list of earthquakes that were preceded by Severe Winter Conditions and two places we might have to start watching closely for repeats of the same sort of Tectonic Plate Movement that happened in that scenerio where the Eureka Earthquake at the Northwest corner could possibly have shifted the North American Tectonic Plate so that the Southeast corner of the plate shifted and shook HAITI.

So, we also probably won't have to wait so long this year for "January Earthquakes" due to lots of snow AND a lot of Extreme Cold weather occurring right this moment in early November! Haven't had the time to go and check if there have been many Severe Winter Conditions this early in the year and what earthquakes might have followed. This was reported late on Tuesday, "There is a chance the 24-hour United States snowfall record may fall if the snow continues. That official record belongs to Silver Lake, Colorado, with 76 inches, spanning April 14-15, 1921. 5 feet or more of snow will fall this week in some places, 45 inches of snow was dumped around Buffalo New York and they're expecting 70 inches of snow total." That's what we call Severe Winter Conditions so you will be hearing more about all that in this here EQ Blog due to it probably bringing along a Major Earthquake!

That theory in brief states that all the snow once it has fallen subjects the North American Tectonic Plate to "Weight On The Tectonic Plate" and ultimately serves to push down on the plate and pushes out at the Tectonic Plate Boundary. . . or in this case the San Andreas Fault!!! We will see!!! Be Watching and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Getting lots of views on this weeks EQ Video Log so here is the link you can view it at YouTube@

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

L'Aquila Scientists Win Their Appeal, While Head of Civil Protections Department Losses His!!! ALSO: 2.8 Concord, Felt in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland!

Looks like this news is from late last week, but it appears several of the scientists who were charged and convicted with crimes related to the 2009 L'Aquila Earthquake in Italy have won their cases now. There is still one gentleman involved in the matter as far as having charges that still appear to be applying. Bernardo De Barnardinis, the Deputy Head of Italys Civil Protection Department had his conviction endorsed by this Appeals Tribunal and may be facing further action by the courts there.

What appears to have happened, although the news is saying the courts do not have to release their opinions for another ninety days, yet, is that the scientists who have been at best disgruntled by the original decision came to the appeal armed with a lot of the best attorneys in the country with their main objective being to weigh the scales of the balance of justice a little more in their favor! How that works is the lawyer, say for one of the guys who did not actually say much at the Major Risks Committee meeting where these original crimes took place, would say something like if my client absolutely had nothing to do with the decision, then in reality no law had actually been violated by his receiving a letter telling him to be at the meeting. Conversely the ultimate decision to release such statements to the public were neither acted upon due to one particular scientist who never even spoke or gave his own opinion at that meeting. On appeal it looks like these points were sufficiently read onto the record and the judge and or jury understood the whole situation much more clearly and released the scientists who were the least responsible for the resulting actions of this Mayor and the committee or whomever did what as a result of that big meeting.

There will still remain at least one Civil Protection gentleman on the stand and probably going to be remaining in some trouble while those others who have now received a fair shake at their appeals. . . . . can only wait for the prosecutor to APPEAL their charges having been overturned. This will probably result in another hearing which it sounds like they must have had last week. During such an appeal, a prosecutor might make basically the same pleas to a new jury with the hope of holding some or possibly yet all of those scientists accountable for what happened as a result of the meeting, albeit guilt by having just been there. Probably by no means the last you've heard of this matter.

Getting lots of views on this weeks EQ Video Log so here is the link you can view it at YouTube@

And, for those of you who might have read this far through todays EQ Blog looking for something more in the way of Earthquake News. . . I have to report that now BOTH of those two big swarms at Northeast Nevada, and Northwest California seem to be continuing at a furious pace and anything can yet happen! There have been several smaller shakers around San Francisco and Oakland including 2.8 Richters early Monday Morning with one felt report each from Oakland, Berkeley, and Frisco. November New Moon coming more towards the end of the week but we should watch those places for a Major Earthquake through this week! EQ Guy

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Monday, November 17, 2014

6.7 Richters New Zealand Was Felt In Christchurch!!! ALSO: Earthquakes In Downey And Trona!!! UPDATE: 4.0 North Of Reno!!!

UPDATE: 4.0 Richters Reno! SEE All That Northwest Nevada Swarm Now Updated@ NOW Todays EQ Blog:

The 6.7 New Zealand Earthquake was also felt in Auckland, in addition to Christchurch which was actually 881 Kilometers away while Auckland was 447. Let us now begin todays EQ Blog by taking a look at this weeks awesome snowy Video Log, shall we!!! CLICK Arrow:
LINK To V-Log at YouTube:

Because of the fact that this weeks Podcast happened to have arrived over the weekend also, I am going to include it here now in Mondays EQ Blog, but will write a little bit here to break up the page layout somewhat. I suppose I might say I have now changed over to SoundCloud to post my Podcasts due to "Pod-O-Matic" changing over all the buttons on their pages to the point where I was forced to just give up trying to figure out all the new stuff on there and it was impossible to continue on there. They had been continuously running out of space and I have been forced to delete many, many podcasts during 2014 and hope to find a better service at some point where I can save all my work similar to how it is on YouTube! Knock on wood.

Now, here is that EQ Podcast! Hope they have fixed my new Pic I uploaded!!! Take a look at it and you decide if it is straightened out. . . or NOT! CLICK Arrow:

My next and possibly final story is an earthquake that struck right in the heart of Downey, California at 5:03 and 1 second Pacific Time early Sunday and would you look at the list of places where it was naturally felt:

Bell (90201) CA, United States of America.................1.....13 km
Bellflower (90706) CA, United States of America........11.....11 km
Cerritos (90703) CA, United States of America...........5.....13 km
Compton (90221) CA, United States of America..........5.....13 km
Cypress (90630) CA, United States of America............1.....17 km
Downey (90240) CA, United States of America............15.....12 km
Hacienda Heights CA, United States of America..........1.....20 km
Hawthorne (90250) CA, United States of America........1.....23 km
Lakewood, CA, United States of America.................15.....13 km
Long Beach, CA, United States of America...............10.....13 km
Norwalk (90650) CA, United States of America...........26.....11 km
Paramount (90723) CA, United States of America........2.....11 km
Riverside (92503) CA, United States of America..........1.....63 km
San Pedro (90731) CA, United States of America.........1.....26 km
Signal Hill (90755) CA, United States of America........1.....16 km
South Gate (90280) CA, United States of America........1.....13 km

Now the conclusion of that story happened a few minutes later and you can't really tell it by looking at the above list of the places that 2.3 was felt. . . but at 5:43 and 35 seconds just a few miles north of the San Gabriel Mountains there was a 2.7 at Trona, California and wouldn't you know it was ALSO felt in Downey!!! Chalk one up for Precision Plate Tectonics and my theory that all these smaller earthquakes are connected and in answer to the wonderful person who took the time to ask that question at the end of an earlier blog from like Saturday. AND here is the felt report from that Searles Valley Earthquake just North of Trona:

Big Bear City (92314) CA United States of America.....1.....207 km
Downey (90241) CA United States of America.............1.....250 km
Lakewood (90713) CA United States of America.......2.....259 km
Long Beach (90806) CA United States of America.....1.....266 km
Long Beach (90808) CA United States of America.....1.....262 km
Long Beach (90815) CA United States of America.....1.....265 km
Norwalk (90650) CA United States of America.............3.....252 km
Pahrump (89048) NV United States of America............1.....124 km
Riverside (92508) CA United States of America..........1.....245 km
Thousand Oaks (91360) CA United States of America.....1.....251 km

No Kidding!!! Could NOT believe it!!! THIS is the felt report from the 2.7 all the way up in Trona!!! I'm telling you all these tiny "Micro Plates" are moving just like my Precision Plate Tectonics Theory says!!! Keep watching because all of this movement also contains a lot of the other movements of the Pacific Tectonic Plate including that 7.1 Indonesia, 6.7 New Zealand, and other recent earthquakes including 6.1 Solomon Islands and a 5.2 Costa Rica!!! And Be Prepared there is still plenty of earthquake energy shaking out there!!! EQ Guy

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Video Log: Reno Swarm Migrating To Mammoth Lakes!!! CLICK Arrow:

LINK To V-Log at YouTube:

Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

EQ Podcast: Reno Swarm Migrating To Mammoth Lakes!!!? CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

7.1 Richters Indonesia!!! UPDATE: Mammoth Lakes Swarm Starting Up, Again In California? Also: This Weeks EQ Podcast!!!

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Swarm At Mammoth Lakes, California Starting to get Big, Again!!! Here's the now updated as of Sunday Morning Swarm:

UPDATE: This Weeks EQ Podcast about Reno Swarm Migrating to Mammoth Lakes, CLICK Arrow: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

UPDATE: 3.9 Richters Struck Whitefish, Montana overnight with 57 Felt Reports from Whitefish!!! Also 141 from Kalispell, 1 from Helena, Coeur D Alene, and British Columbia. There was also a 3.9 Kansas. NOW Todays EQ Blog

Not sure if this felt report will have too many updates since this earthquake struck around noon Central Time on Friday and probably is about as up-to-date as it is going to be. This 7.1 Richters Earthquake struck out there in the middle of the Indonesia Islands between Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, and a full 1500 Miles due east of Jakarta and as many miles from Sumatra, Banda Aceh, and the Java Ridge practically all the way to the Marianna Islands. Here is the felt report including Mindanao, Philippines as I stated:

Bitung, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia...............1.....163 km
Klinan, Southern Mindanao, Philippines..........2.....498 km
Manado, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia...............1.....198 km
Ternate, Maluku Utara, Indonesia................1.....158 km
Tomohon, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia..............1.....207 km

Well, now with a lot of earthquake energy showing up different places, I thought I'd give a good check to all my paperwork and see what the big dates are that might be coming up. All dates aside, I did happen to notice a New Moon coming up at the end of this coming week and quite a number of good-sized alerts, too! Including landfall of Hurricane Gonzalo-Bermuda, and Typhoon Vongfong-Okinawa! As we get closer and closer to the end of November, I also notice the bulk of all these alerts seem to be running out! So, let us continue to watch especially to see what that Northwest Nevada Swarm will end up doing. What it looks like it is doing as I am writing this EQ Blog. . . is MIGRATING!!!

Yes, that's right! They're starting to get more earthquakes as usual around Mammoth Lakes and swarms such as the North of Reno Swarm we've been watching generally may move to the next shaky place and it looks like that might be what is now going on with all this earthquake energy!!! Looks like as of November 14, there is a possible Major Swarm starting up again at Mammoth Lakes!!! I've even already gone and started up a brand new page just for that purpose, too! Here's that NEW Swarm at Mammoth Lakes so far this morning@

So keep watching different places and see if this does not end up being a Great California Earthquake in the coming days!!! Possibly Great San Francisco Earthquake, yet!!! New Moon a week from 6:32am Central Time Saturday Morning, with the November New Moon Window starting next Friday at 4:42am Pacific!

Watch to see where the Reno Swarm will go, or shake, or who will shake because there is still a LOT of earthquake energy out there as this 7.1 Richters at Indonesia just demonstrated! Watch California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and etc. and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, November 14, 2014

5.7 Richters Russia Earthquake And LOTS Of Damage In Kansas From Yesterdays 4.8 Richters Shaker There!!!

Probably the biggest news is all the damage reports coming in from Kansas all around the region! Many buildings have various amounts of damage due to the fact that this one really shook the place up! Last count there were 650 different places where the felt reports came from and the last time I updated it mid-day on Thursday, I noticed South Dakota on there and doesn't seem like it was on there before. Also was interested to notice North Little Rock, Arkansas on the list and was intending to write that it was very near that epicenter region up there north of Little Rock and have to report that there was an earthquake at New Madrid in the last hours before I wrote this EQ Blog. That 5.7 Russia Earthquake came in late on Thursday Night, too, and probably indicates all the earthquakes from the Reno Swarm are eventually pushing out on the Pacific Tecotnic Plate and right this moment rattling the shores of the Russian Islands out there at the tip of all the Alaska Islands on the other side of that Bering Strait.

Here is the now fully updated as of 11pm Pacific Time on late Thursday Night Kansas Felt Report @

There was one larger earthquake that struck Kansas in 1867 and it was a 5.1 that struck more up towards Kansas City, Kansas and a couple of fault lines have also been located in Kansas and Nebraska that are being blamed for a lot of the shaking going on. However the fault lines are not the cause of the earthquakes nor the trigger that is causing these, rather the fault lines exist. . . and any ambient earthquake energy traveling around the Pacific or otherwise contacting the North American Tectonic Plate could push on these fault lines in such a way as to cause an earthquake.

This is where Fracking comes in! Any man-made effects that take place will enhance earthquake activity in the case of Fracking it seems to be high pressure water being pumped into the ground and how it has been positively connected in other regions is due to the fact that these are areas where NO earthquakes have struck previously. . . . . and AFTER Fracking they are now getting Major Earthquakes and swarms, etc.!!! That there is enough to convince some scientists that it is proof positive that Fracking is the cause of a lot of these earthquakes in places where earthquakes have NEVER struck prior to Fracking.

Please tune-in and listen to me on my third week of "Radio Engineering" on the Democracy Now show from 4:30 to 5:30pm Central Time, CLICK Listen Live @ Thank-You Again For Reading My EQ Blog!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

4.8 Richters Earthquake Strikes At Kansas!!! 32 Miles South Of Wichita!!! HUGE Felt Report And Plenty More Where That Came From!!!!! NOW Up To 650 Cities!!!

UPDATE: Here is the link to Felt Report From Kansas Earthquake!!! Now Updated as of 11am Pacific Time on 11-13-2014@ Now up to total of 650 Cities and towns and will need complete update later.

Even as I was about to write todays EQ Blog right here that you're reading. . . I could hardly believe my eyes when the screen with all the latest earthquakes lit all up with red!!! Of course that can only mean a lot more earthquakes! This time around California, or it looks like up around that shaky, shaky North of Reno Region! Checking right now it is a 4.6 Richters Earthquake and I have also now updated that entire list of Northwest Nevada, and Northeast California Earthquakes and am sorry I'm posting it above todays big news, but I will get to that immediatly following this here link to the Reno Swarm@

Now, todays really big news!!! Got home from the library where I picked up a DVD, but anyways was unfortunately not able to say I was seated and had both feet planted at the moment of this one that literally happened just down the road from me here in Southern Wisconsin!!! Sorry to report that I can not determine exactly where I was at the exact moment of the earthquake and do not know if I might have felt it or not, sorry.

Takes a moment to realize 4.8 Richters is a very big earthquake for Kansas, and of course one automatically knows where it is when it says Kansas on the list of latest earthquakes. Only a moment more to see 120 miles north of OKC!!! So, among all the hundreds of towns on this list I noticed Prague, Shawnee, and Meeker, too! Not to mention Memphis, Tennessee, Collinsville, Illinois, and St. Louis!!! At last count this 4.8 Richters Kansas earthquake was felt in like 11 States!!! Including Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Tennessee, and Alabama! Could be more coming and I can take one more check during the day, but certainly felt in a LOT of places, too!!!

So, we will need to now be watching all fault lines everywhere because there have now been so many fairly big sized earthquakes that are now pushing and may I say forcing fault lines to move against other fault lines and watch as that North of Reno Swarm CONTINUES!!! It will continue to mean MORE Earthquakes!!!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

4.0 Richters Strikes Near Kalispell, Montana, And 4.1 Downgraded To 3.9 Chester, California!!! UPDATE: 4.8 South Of Wichita, Kansas!!!

UPDATE: As of this hour there has been a 4.8 Richters Major Shaker South of Wichita, Kansas with thousands of felt reports from Wichita and at least 10 other states including Iowa, Illinois, and Alabama!!! SEE Felt Report@ Be Watching For MORE!!!!! Now, Todays EQ Blog:

4.1 Richters Earthquake struck near Chester, California early Tuesday and although there had been a few in that area, I decided along the way to include all the small towns in that region on this same list. Today, I have now transfered the NEW list to a new location and it is merely a continueation of that now huge ongoing list you might have already checked out. Here is the link to the new list that basically begins with that 4.1 at Chester: UPDATE: That list has already now been updated as of 9am Pacific and there has been a 4.1 North of Reno at 6:42am Pacific Time. Keep Watching all of California and Nevada!!!

Here is the felt report from Chester, California with Palo Alto on there:
Chester (96020) CA United States of America.............2.....22 km
East Tehama County, CA United States of America......4.....36 km
Ferndale (95536) CA United States of America............1....234 km
Greenville (95947) CA United States of America..........1.....56 km
Magalia (95954) CA United States of America.............1.....51 km
Mineral (96063) CA United States of America.............2......5 km
Palo Alto (94301) CA United States of America...........1....333 km
Paynes Creek (96075) CA United States of America........1.....26 km
Petaluma (94954) CA United States of America............1....258 km
Westwood (96137) CA United States of America............1.....36 km

Of course the very fact that Palo Alto appears on there is consistant with the fact that scientists did say the Reno Swarm means a Major Earthquake is possible and the felt report from Palo Alto means the fault lines in the San Francisco Region are also moving.

There was also a 4.0 Richters Earthquake south of Kalispell, Montana and coincidentally I seen on the weather late on Tuesday Night that they were having record low temperatures in Montana! As of this writing, I hadn't had the time to figure out if that was a big factor or what exactly might be going on in Montana and haven't seen any aftershocks like I might expect, too. So keep an eye on Montana because I can only guess at this point that Montana might be shaking as the result of all the earthquakes in the Northwest Nevada Swarm.

Great number of views on this weeks EQ Video Log and so here is the link although I was tempted to run the embeded player one more time, too!!! LINK To That EQ V-Log at YouTube@ Thank-You to all the folks who have been watching my EQ V-Log right now and always, because it looks like I will continue to produce those vids at least through the end of the year anyways! And am very sorry that it was tough to keep the wind out of that particular video because it was really blowing that day and so I hesitated to say I went out of my way to repeat anything in the vid where the wind was blowing and edited it all together in such a way that you will not miss anything, except I didn't appologize in the comments section and sorry if that confused anybody! Because I know the train horn honked while I was talking a couple times and so I deliberately duplicated those parts so you would not miss anything.

So, we now have to continue watching for that Major Earthquake around California due to scientists now saying one should be following the swarms that also keep on continuing! And be prepared, too!!! EQ Guy

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