Monday, September 22, 2014

Anxiously Waiting For That 7.6 Richters California Earthquake!!!

I noticed as I was doing some advance work on this here EQ Blog that it was one week ago that Hurricane Odile made landfall at Mexico, and also a week ago the ski tournament! You might recall I did not have any pics of any of the teams from around the world on actual skis, so as I was going through all my pics yesterday I found one of China:

And so there is that pic! Could have very easily threw a few of them into that vid and am not sure why i did not in the first place.

A quick check of the Lakeview Swarm at the last minute before writing todays EQ Blog and found there had been a 3.0 in the final hours of Sunday Night. Looking back at the entire past seven days I did find a lot of them on September 15 and then the usual few up to Sunday when a 3.0 is the best indication that something might be happening in California! Here are the Lakeview Earthquakes from Sunday:
3.0 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-21 21:28:52
1.8 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-21 14:55:24
1.3 69km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-21 09:04:11
1.8 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-21 04:28:34
1.9 66km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-20 23:57:53
While proofreading the above I noticed the date September 15, 2014 was not only the day of that landfall at Mexico, BUT the day with 18 Lakeview Earthquakes, too!!! Possibly how the Precision Plate Tectonics is already working! There was also a tiny 1.5 at Beverly Hills late Sunday, too!

So, in answer to a question that someone posted on one of my other blog entries from a day or so ago, I will get back there and write in the answer soon, but for now it looks like the alert for Sumatra, Indonesia, Iceland, and Sweden will probably run all the way to the end of September if that answers that question. I still want to watch Oklahoma for a few days yet, and Texas, for some sign the Hebgen Lake Theory might be realized and winds from that big Pacific storm might have an affect in those parts in the coming days.

Here's another chance to check out the current Official Prediction involving California and I have to add that Fontana, La Habra, and Riverside Areas were later found in that line, too! Also now the September New Moon Window will begin like Tuesday this week! Here's that O.P.:
More about the September New Moon Window tomorrow, unless something Major Shakes sooner!!! Definitely be watching California and I'm waiting for my phone to ring with the news at any moment now!!! God Bless California!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

7.6 California WILL BE A Big Earthquake!!! Also Sumatra And Oklahoma Have Earthquakes Coming, Too!!!

I put together a Great Podcast for this week especially since there is so much going on with that big California Earthquake coming up!!! CLICK Arrow:

Got a link in my E-Mail to a Great Story about the L'Aquila Scientist story and notice they are coming up for appeals soon, like possibly as soon as October. Here is that story: . . . tried to reply the person who sent me the story and was asking me questions and was not able to get ahold of anybody at "" so you won't have to watch for a story about "EQ Guy" unless any of you know EV. . . then go ahead and tell him for me!

It occurred to me that we are also waiting for both a major resultant at Oklahoma/Texas, and Iselle-Sumatra, Indonesia at the same time as watching a lot of California!!! It is one of those time periods when at any given moment we are only seconds away from a Major Earthquake that is about to change the course of history!!! 7.6 Richters California WILL BE a Big Earthquake, so be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Official Prediction San Francisco-Napa 7.6 EQ Podcast: CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

Fontana!!! Also Vallejo, Santa Rosa, And Triple Plate Junction!!! 7.6 Richters Earthquake Is Coming!!!

Today I did another going over of the lines along which all of the new Major Earthquake Energy is now traveling along and found Vallejo, Santa Rosa, and at the top of California the Triple Plate Junction just offshore from Eureka there. This is the line along which the potential earthquake energy from line TME will be traveling as well as I noticed yesterday Fontana is the name of the town situated right there at that intersection with I-15, and the Ten Freeway in San Bernardino County, California. This is just about the exact place where my now famous "Arrowhead Water Prediction" took place at about the next exit south of that intersection off I-15 at Jarupa Avenue and then west a few blocks past the AM-PM Store that I stopped at every morning or whenever! Now, once again in the path of this next big earthquake although the original earthquake associated with that conveyor job back in the year 2000 was a much smaller 5 Magnitude and this one is just about now guaranteed to be a 7 Magnitude!!! Just hope it does not strike there where a lot of my friends still work today!

This also just in today is the fact that in going over the text of that new Official Prediction, I now want to amplify on the discussion about landfall at "Continental Landmass" due to having come up with the fact that landfall of Super Typhoon Nanmadol was at TAIWAN. . . and not actually at a "Continental Landmass" per se, while STILL preceding the Great Sumatra Earthquake. So, unlike the landfalls at Japan that I discussed in the body of that O.P., of which I could not come up with any one single MAJOR Resultant, the Sumatra Earthquake COULD be considered a Major Resultant and therefore I think might help to prove this could be a BIG Earthquake!!!

One more time, the link to that Official Prediction for San Francisco-Napa, California @

Also some trouble with Oklahoma Earthquakes now getting just a little bit bigger at 3.9 and 4.0 Richters yesterdays:
2.8 24km E of Cherokee, Oklahoma 2014-09-18 22:11:44
4.0 27km SSE of Medford, Oklahoma 2014-09-18 20:31:53
3.0 5km SSE of Guthrie, Oklahoma 2014-09-18 19:08:03
3.4 3km ESE of Perry, Oklahoma 2014-09-18 14:52:32
3.0 15km SW of Medford, Oklahoma 2014-09-18 05:28:48
3.9 10km S of Perry, Oklahoma 2014-09-18 02:12:40
AND if you missed the series from the moment that hurricane was passing over Oklahoma they actually had 11 Earthquakes in 10 Hours!!! SEE That list at:

So, any major earthquake at Oklahoma or Texas is the result of all of the remnants of Hurricane Odile passing through that area and not so much the same original contact as the two straight lines we are watching over in California and probably could not be 7 Magnitude, so maybe another Oklahoma sized 5 Magnitude Earthquake could be in order there! We will be watching California now so if you are out in that region, now would be a good time to know your Earthquake Preparation stuff!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

FOUND Los Angeles Along Line of 7.6 Richters Possible Major Earthquake!!! La Habra, Indio, And Palmdale, Too!!!

JUST IN: 11 Oklahoma Earthquakes in 10 Hours Yesterday!!! SEE @ PROBABLY Connected to the fact that Hurricane Odile is crossing that region right about now!!! TODAYS EQ BLOG:

As I write this I am reviewing the information that I have discussed in EQ Blogs from the last day or two concerning the lines of potential earthquake energy as the result of the landfall of Hurricane Odile and I just found La Habra situated close to line T-M-E!!! Also, I have now filed the Official Prediction that I was saying @

Should probably explain "Line T-M-E" is the brand new line of Potential Earthquake Energy which starts at the Tip of the Baja California Peninsula or T. and intersects Mexicali or M. and continues on to Eureka, California or E. for T-M-E. AND the main reason I think we should hold todays discussion to "Line TME" is due to the fact that I just located that line to see exactly where it crosses California and was not expecting to find Los Angeles along that line!!! Close examination of the line reveals La Habra just a few miles to the west of where this line crosses to the northwest of Mexicali and actually more towards the town of Indio and onto Palmdale. Most unfortunately I spotted San Bernardino situated directly along this actual line that thinking about it is at least partly delineated by the San Andreas Fault itself! It would be since we are following this line up from where the Colorado River basically flows into the gulf and along a straight line roughly parallel to the peninsula there.

Further north of there I noticed Lone Pine and Tehachapi, both major places in the Major upcoming possible California Earthquake and both places where major California Earthquakes have shook in the past. Are either of these two places due for this one to strike there? Also should mention that Parkfield is situated right in that general area and while mathematically not likely to get a Major Earthquake at just the 10 Year Anniversary, still be watching around that region such as Coalinga, Hollister, Bakersfield, and Angels Camp for epicenters of 7 Magnitude.

It occurred to me that I have not actually seen any what you might call foreshocks anywhere near Los Angeles up to this point. Therefore it also occurred to me that we should maybe starting right now begin watching that East Los Angeles area closely for some fairly large "Foreshocks" or at best movements that indicate that I know what I am talking about!!! Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

San Francisco, Napa, California Aftershock Of 7.6 Richters Coming!!!? Parkfield 2014 Earthquake? Be Watching For Major California Earthquake!!!

Damage report from the landfall of Hurricane Odile at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is now being considered to be extensive! A pic or two has emerged and the region resembles those large areas where the biggest of tornadoes have cleared everything in its path with practically nothing left as far as the eye can see into the distance! This will now lead up to an earthquake that usually will do a similar amount of destruction to some unfortunate region of California since that appears to be the direction ALL of this Major Earthquake Energy is now headed and yet another foreshock struck at San Filipe, Mexico this one at 4.4 with the others being at 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, and 4.9 all yesterday!!!

I'm very sorry to now have to report this big of a major earthquake now headed for California once again so soon after most of you know, I just hit it on that Napa Earthquake the night of the August New Moon! Don't forget the September New Moon will be next Wednesday, too, but mostly just the fact that this earthquake could be so much BIGGER!!! This one could also be about a 7.6 Richters aftershock virtually at the same epicenter as that recent Napa Earthquake, too! Be watching out for earthquakes and be prepared if you are located anywhere around that now extremely shaky San Francisco and Oakland, California Region!!! Or Parkfield, Bakersfield, Coalinga, too!!!

I had planned to expand on the areas where this now upcoming Major California Earthquake could strike in todays EQ Blog, but was interrupted by the fact that it looks like today is the 10 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Ivan. Just coincidentally one of the places that I had intended to focus todays EQ Blog on was Parkfield, California where I believe there is a chance of getting this upcoming 7.6 Richters Earthquake, BUT also where they got the earthquake in 2004 that followed the landfall of Hurricane Ivan! Tells me the 10 Year Anniversary of the 2004 Parkfield Earthquake must also be coming up! Reminds me of a scene from my 2014 EQ Radio Show that was cut. . . telling the fact that that Parkfield Earthquake was actually preceded by THREE Major Hurricane Landfalls, Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne!!! That was when one night I was looking at maps and discovered all three of these landfalls pointed directly to CALIFORNIA!!! I can honestly tell you from that night, that I tried to recall the name of the one town up in that region they pointed to where they had been waiting and anticipating just such an earthquake but unable to recall and not wishing to go dig up that tiny fact. . . put "EQ Alert: California" in the banner headline of an E-Mail "EQ Alert" that went out on a Sunday night with that 2004 Parkfield Earthquake striking on that Tuesday!!!

I also want to include the story about a Hurricane Debra that traveled from landfall at Galveston, Texas all the way up through Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado before heavily striking at Montana and Idaho most famous for lightning causing fires in that region in July of 1959. Reason we're talking about Hurricane Debra from 1959 right now is that the now Great Hebgen Lake, Montana Earthquake followed just a few days after this huge Hurricane also struck that area!!! Look at the last sentence of this Wikipedia Story about Hurricane Debra from 1959 and you will notice it struck Montana and Idaho!!! @ . . . Sooooo, this is basically what we might be looking at with Hurricane Odile, now!!! COULD bring all that potential Major Earthquake Energy across the same Continental Divide and potentially bring the BIG ONE!!! This time maybe it will be for Texas or Oklahoma!!! COULD Be as big as 7.6 Richters or the same size as Hebgen Lake Earthquake was in 1959, too!!! Here is a Great Photo Tour of the 1959 Hebgen Lake, Montana Earthquake that followed on August 17th @

Starting now California could get hit at any moment by 7.6 Richters or possibly even as big as 7.9 so that all my regular readers keep a watch and be prepared for something major to be striking because as you know from following this EQ Blog, there WILL now be a Major Earthquake!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NEXT Major California Earthquake Now Coming!!! COULD Be 7.6 Richters!!!

I'm just guessing 7.6 Richters for this now brand new upcoming MAJOR California Earthquake, but it could become even a bigger number considering all the foreshocks they are currently getting at Mexico. Four so far starting in the very early hours of Monday Morning and I must also report a 5.4 at Martinique, 4.0 at Oklahoma, 4.7 Sweden, and at press time it looks like a 5.6 has just struck Japan with Tokyo showing up immediately in the felt reports! 27 miles North Northeast of Tokyo, so there should be lots more felt reports from there and it is also one of those locations on the list from landfall of Hurricane Iselle with Day 40 coming on Wednesday this week.

So, now in addition to all the current alerts, there is this now HUGE one probably headed for California!!! Here are those foreshocks that have occurred up to press time of todays EQ Blog:

4.6 70km SE of San Felipe, Mexico 2014-09-15 17:01:14
4.8 85km SE of San Felipe, Mexico 2014-09-15 13:27:20
4.9 74km SE of San Felipe, Mexico 2014-09-15 07:23:43
4.7 73km SE of San Felipe, Mexico 2014-09-15 01:50:09

You will be hearing plenty more about this next major shaker heading for California in coming days including a complete list of dates and locations where this Major Earthquake just might strike!!! For now it is heading in a straight line from the east on a line between Mexicali and Eureka, and on the west between Las Vegas and Snohomish, Washington and while it includes a lot of places in between, for now I am especially concerned for areas such as Reno, where they have already been getting a lot of shaking and San Francisco where they could be due for a Major Aftershock. This 7.6 Richters could be considered an aftershock by earthquake professionals, but since it now looks like all the new energy here, I'm not sure if that makes this upcoming potential earthquake an aftershock or not. Official Predictions are forthcoming for California and National, or this alert will need to be written out in "Official Prediction" Format, I should say.

Mexico could get more of those foreshocks and it is possible they could get a huge one with all the new earthquake energy already shaking there including the landfall yesterday of Hurricane Odile at the Southern Tip!!! And why landfall at southern tip initiates foreshocks all the way up there at the very northern inlet of the Gulf of California is not certain, either, I can only figure either San Andreas Fault type movement possibly towards the north, OR, scissors type movement with that big windstorm pushing the peninsula of BC east and hinge type movement at that foreshock epicenter point which could then mean Santa Barbara or Los Angeles foreshocks NEXT!!! Have to wait and see, but until then both S.B. and L.A. should be prepared and be watching!!! EQ Guy

This Weeks EQ Video Log has been popular@

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Monday, September 15, 2014

3.5 Richters Northern California and Lakeview Swarm Again!!! Plus New EQ V-Log And Podcast's!!! UPDATE: Hurricane Odile LANDFALL At Mexico!!!

Hurricane Odile is making landfall at tip of BC Peninsula/Mexico!!! NOW Immediately Expect Major Mexico Earthquake of 7 Magnitude with Updates this week! Todays EQ Blog:

This swarm is getting bigger and bigger as I am writing todays EQ Blog!!! This will probably need to be updated later in the day and I'm sorry if it is not up to date, or if there is anything major that I can not update on fast enough. The felt report from 3.5 Richters at Northern California was primarily from Covelo, California near epicenter. Here's those Lakeview, Oregon/California shakers although the 7 day list had many more, these are just the last 24 hours, Updated 8am Pacific Time Monday:

2.9 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 08:16:01
1.8 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 06:20:35
1.8 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 03:59:53
1.8 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 03:47:16
2.0 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 03:10:35
2.1 62km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 01:35:22
2.6 74km SE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 01:21:26
1.9 74km SE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 01:15:16
1.8 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 00:31:41
2.0 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-15 00:01:02
3.3 70km SE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-14 23:20:36
2.8 70km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-14 21:48:52
1.9 68km SE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-14 21:18:52
2.2 30km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-14 21:15:46

AND, Now!!! Introducing This Weeks EQ Video Log recorded live from 2014 Water Ski Show Championships!!! Sorry no water skiing footage:( CLICK Arrow:

Team at start is China, at end is Australia! USA Won!!!

This here podcast is basically just the audio portion of the above Video Log, so if you viewed that above, you've already heard the Austin Powers Theme as well as the rest of this Podcast: CLICK Arrow:
AND the Podcast does not contain the China Team footage that the V-Log contains. HERE is a Great Pic of that team:

Finally, now I just seen where there is a huge hurri-cane that is headed up along the west coast of Mexico and will be pro-ducing still more Major Earthquake Energy that we will need to be discussing into this week! This Hurricane Odile, could turn and maintain hurricane strength across Mexico and into Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas and bring with it some earthquake concerns, too!!! EQ Guy

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Weeks EQ Video Log LIVE From 2014 World Show Ski Championship!!! CLICK Arrow:

Team at start is China, at end is Australia! USA Won!!! Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

Podcast From World Ski Show Championship!!! CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, September 13, 2014

2.5 Strikes Ventura With Felt Report!!! Also a 2.2 Malibu. . .

If nothing else comes in as Saturday arrives, here is the felt report from the 2.5 Richters Earthquake at Ventura, California felt in Los Angeles, Oxnard, and apparently even as far south as Silverado in San Diego County:

Los Angeles (90012) CA United States of America....1....100 km
Northridge (91324) CA United States of America.....1.....68 km
Oxnard (93035) CA United States of America.........2.....14 km
Pleasanton (94588) CA United States of America.....1....442 km
Santa Paula (93060) CA United States of America....5.....19 km
Silverado (92676) CA United States of America......1....167 km
Thousand Oaks (91360) CA United States of America..1.....39 km
Thousand Oaks (91362) CA United States of America..1.....45 km
Valencia (91355) CA United States of America.......1.....64 km
Ventura (93001) CA United States of America.......39......5 km
Ventura (93003) CA United States of America........3......7 km

Now if you are one of those who routinely follow earthquakes on a day to day basis or you're a California person, then you may already know this here is about more of a usual or normal earthquake that they might get around some of these areas more on a day to day basis. Only reason it is todays headline is mostly due to the felt report containing all those places as you can see, such as Thousand Oaks, Northridge, and Los Angeles. And we just happen to be watching all of those areas.

Reason we are watching so close is that it is ONE of our ultimate goals in the process of Precision Plate Tectonics to some day come to know and know WELL. . . exactly what earthquakes we can or should consider to be "Foreshocks" and right at the moment it is looking somewhat like some of these could become foreshocks absent a Major Earthquake to follow. When one does follow then we will know, but then possibly still need to see identical circumstances occur again or be repeted and at that time experience will then tell us these are foreshocks and that a big earthquake will surely follow.

I had a chance to double check the globe and actual location of the landfall of Hurricane Iselle at Hawaii and can today tell you Valpraiso, Chile showed up in the recount, however Sumatra, Indonesia as well as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands remained directly out there in front of this line of fairly big earthquake energy that actually did cross directly through Japan around Hokaido Island and crosses China near Sichuan, again. Key dates on that alert are now Day 40-September 17, 2014, and Day 43, September 20, 2014 and as I stated this one might run all the way until September 29, but I'm guessing we will see a lot or probably all of this Major Shaking well before then as I said on my recent 2014 EQ Radio Show. EQ Guy

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Swarm Striking Reno And Sparks, Nevada!!! California Looking At a MegaDrought???

The Incline Village Swarm of recent Nevada Earthquakes appears to now be the Sun Valley, Nevada Swarm Striking at Reno and Sparks, Nevada! Note that I have removed many smaller earthquakes from the following list due to space now needed for the felt reports from first one at bottom of list at 2.7 at 3pm Central Time on Thursday. So far they run through midnight but I may need to update on Friday:
2.3 3km E of Sun Valley, Nevada 2014-09-11 20:04:26
1.0 2km E of Sun Valley, Nevada 2014-09-11 18:20:15
0.7 3km E of Sun Valley, Nevada 2014-09-11 15:05:35
2.7 4km ENE of Sun Valley, Nevada 2014-09-11 15:02:20

The felt report shocked me with all the Reno and Sparks Earthquakes!!! SOMETHING Might be "Brewing" up that way and this might become a serious matter in coming hours due to not knowing where a potential Major Earthquake could strike. Here is the felt Report:

Reno (89502) NV United States of America.....2.....16 km
Reno (89506) NV United States of America.....2.....16 km
Reno (89508) NV United States of America.....1.....29 km
Reno (89512) NV United States of America.....3.....13 km
Reno (89519) NV United States of America.....1.....20 km
San Rafael, CA United States of America.......1....301 km
Sparks (89434) NV United States of America.....1.....14 km
Sparks (89436) NV United States of America....18.....10 km
Sparks (89441) NV United States of America.....2.....13 km
Sun Valley, NV United States of America.............2.....11 km

Epicenter is 5 Miles Northeast of Sparks which would be why there are 21 Felt Reports from that town located a few miles east of Reno. WATCH For more around there!!!

Also a 4.7 with a lot of felt reports from Dominican Republic and a few from Puerto Rico, here is the one most notable one:

Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.38...163 km

There was also a 5.1 listed as 186 Miles North of Palmer Station, Antarctica although also listed as 770 South of the Falkland Islands indicating this was not much more than a further indication of movement around the Pacific.

I notice there is a problem with the drought in California!? Here's a Great Story from L.A. Magazine, but why aren't they conserving??? @ . . . . . Just Sayin' they GOT Ocean Water!!! Why would they all wish to keep flushing their toilets with fresh crystal clear Spring Water from the Colorado River and draining Lake Mead to flush the toilets??? Can't remember myself when the last time I washed in ocean water with a bar of soap was, either. . . but sure know I've done it more than a few times especially at MANY of the Campgrounds situated out along both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Keys possibly, too. Looks like they are planning to simply use all the water until it simply all runs out one day:) Lake Mead nearly drained dry as we speak. . . it shouldn't be long now!

Here is the "MegaDrought" Story @

We will continue to be watching because with all of this new information we know something will be shaking and Nevada is very much a place that occasionally gets a Major Earthquake!!! Be Prepared Reno and Sparks!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

3.5 Incline Village, Nevada With MANY More Shakers At Lakeview, California Region!!!

As long as they keep getting all of those earthquakes up in that region that coincidentally DID come to precede the Napa, California Earthquake, I will continue to keep watching that region for more such possible indications that there could be more earthquakes yet. . . at San Francisco!!!

Went over the entire list from Lakeview in an effort to see if there was any correlation with that recent Full Moon/SuperMoon of early this week and found just a slightly higher number of earthquakes overall, but more just the same! Here is the Sept. Full Moon Window at that region:

1.9 64km ENE of Gerlach-Empire, Nevada 2014-09-09 20:03:25
2.7 66km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-09 17:25:27
1.9 69km SE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-09 14:23:24
2.3 71km SE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-09 14:20:14
1.6 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-09 14:18:31
1.5 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-09 12:30:18
1.3 65km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-09 09:54:55
1.0 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 19:40:42
1.6 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 18:13:54
2.1 69km SE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 18:10:33
1.9 69km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 18:07:25
2.8 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 15:41:25
2.1 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 15:22:24
2.0 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 12:21:52
2.4 66km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 10:47:43
1.8 67km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 10:47:09
2.1 68km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 08:56:58
1.6 69km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon 2014-09-08 03:28:07
0.4 23km NNW of Truckee, California 2014-09-08 02:44:56
0.9 10km NNW of Incline Village, Nevada 2014-09-07 21:21:38

In that list I included any from Incline Village, too, except I noticed the recent one late yesterday fell outside the Full Moon Window. NEXT, the edited felt report from the 3.5 early today at Incline Village and you will notice mostly including big name towns:

Camino (95709) CA, United States of America..........3....73 km
Grass Valley (95945) CA, United States of America....1....71 km
Grass Valley (95949) CA, United States of America....2....88 km
Incline Village (89451) NV, United States of America.13...17 km
Placerville (95667) CA, United States of America.....7....80 km
Pollock Pines (95726) CA, United States of America...7....61 km
Reno (89502) NV, United States of America............2....42 km
Reno (89511) NV, United States of America............3....27 km
Reno (89519) NV, United States of America............1....35 km
Reno (89521) NV, United States of America............1....40 km
Sacramento (95838) CA, United States of America......1...133 km
San Jose (95125) CA, United States of America........1...266 km
San Ramon (94583) CA, United States of America.......1...231 km
South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States of America.......2....39 km
Susanville (96130) CA, United States of America......1...150 km
Tahoe City (96145) CA, United States of America.....24....14 km
Tahoe Vista (96148) CA, United States of America.....5.....7 km
Tahoma (96142) CA, United States of America..........1....21 km
Truckee (96161) CA, United States of America.........8....14 km
Yuba City (95991) CA, United States of America.......1...132 km

AND this has been getting quite a lot of views already since posting it early on Wednesday! Yes, it's the Transcript for this years 2014 EQ Radio Show @

One more chance to see This Weeks EQ V-Log about 2014 EQ Radio Show at You-Tube:

Looks like the new San Francisco City Hall is or was at the time the largest building ever to be "Retrofitted" with a "Base Isolation System" to make it earthquake proof in 1999! Wikipedia@

So, the latest information on earthquakes we continue to be watching for are mostly the one that could still be coming up for Sumatra, Indonesia, and whatever will become of all the earthquake energy still churning at that Iceland Volcano which could continue movement of that Atlantic Region and shake other places. . . maybe our East Coast? Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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