Tuesday, November 24, 2020

4.5 Richters Earthquake Struck Nicaragua, 59 Miles West Of Managua, Nicaragua!!! Exactly Where We Are Watching!!! Keep Watching There, Too!!! NOW Second Boston "Earthquake Minute"!!!

FIRST Thing I noticed today was Nicaragua had this one!!!!!  59 Miles West of Managua, so keep watching all that region for a much, much bigger one!!!!!

4.5 - 43 km S of Corinto, Nicaragua

  • 2020-11-23 11:05:19 (UTC)
  • 12.092°N 87.107°W
  • 78.8 km depth

Nearby Places

27.4 Miles North is Corinto, Chinandega, Nicaragua
28.5 Miles NNE is León, León, Nicaragua
33.9 Miles ENE is La Paz Centro, León, Nicaragua
34 Miles North is Chichigalpa, Chinandega, Nicaragua
37.2 Miles North is Chinandega, Chinandega, Nicaragua
59.5 Miles East is Managua, Nicaragua*****

NOW. . .Here's The Second Boston "Earthquake Minute"!!!  CLICK Arrow:  

 WATCH At YouTube@  https://youtu.be/TcOeHC2SyPc  Check Out The Transcript/Script@ https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.co/2020/11/boston-second-earthquake-at-nearly-same.html

 Although with so many present alerts going on, I could probably find Nepal among them, here's an Earthquake near Nepal, there:

4.4 - 80 km NNE of Lobujya, Nepal

  • 2020-11-23 13:41:45 (UTC)
  • 28.590°N 87.201°E
  • 10.0 km depth

Administrative Region

Region:  Xizang, Country:  China

Nearby Places

  1. Lobujya, Province 1, Nepal
  2. Khā̃dbāri̇̄, Province 1, Nepal
  3. Dhankutā, Province 1, Nepal
  4. Rikaze, Tibet, China
  5. Dhulikhel, Province 3, Nepal

 Full Moon will be coming next Monday, November 30 and will probably have a new edition well before then, but be ready to watch this weekend just the same!  Right now it's Central America and that one small Nicaragua Shaker. . . . . that is probably going to become the foreshock of a major earthquake in the not too distant future!!!!!

 EQ Guy

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

6.1 Richters Earthquake Struck Near Constitucion, Chile Saturday!!! 150 Miles Southeast Of Santiago!!! 4.7 Venezuela Near Where We're Watching!!! NEW: "Official Prediction East Coast 3 to 5 Richters"!!!

Let's get started with the LINK to that brand-new "Official Prediction For 3 To 5 Richters East Coast Earthquake"!!!!! SEE At EQ Blog-2@ https://earthquakealert2.blogspot.com/2020/11/official-prediction-for-3-to-5-on.html

AND NOW:  Up to press time haven't seen any news stories on this 6.1 Richters Chile Earthquake Late Saturday!!!  Although I must note lot of other stories about earthquakes that have struck Chile!!!  Including, as you may guess, tsunamis!  And didn't hear anything about this offshore Chile Shaker having any tsunami warnings last night:

6.1 - 99 km NW of Constitución, Chile

  • 2020-11-22 00:54:56 (UTC)
  • 34.619°S 73.071°W
  • 19.7 km depth

Nearby Places

 61.9 Miles SE is Constitución, Maule Region, Chile

 96.9 Miles East is Santa Cruz, O'Higgins Region, Chile

 101.5 Miles SE is San Javier, Maule Region, Chile

 102.3 Miles SSE is Cauquenes, Maule Region, Chile

155 Miles Northeast is Santiago, Chile


Not all that far from the region we're watching, Venezuela is just to the south of the exact straight-line as the crow flys:

4.7 - 43 km NW of Chivacoa, Venezuela

  • 2020-11-20 23:58:21 (UTC)
  • 10.476°N 69.134°W
  • 10.0 km depth

Nearby Places

 27.3 Miles SE is Chivacoa, Yaracuy, Venezuela

 27.4 Miles South is Yaritagua, Yaracuy, Venezuela

 28.2 Miles ESE is San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela

 32 Miles SSW is Los Rastrojos, Lara, Venezuela

32.3 Miles SSW is Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela


Here is the Felt Report from Venezula Friday:

4.7 - 43 km NW of Chivacoa, Venezuela

  • 2020-11-20 23:58:21 (UTC)
  • 10.476°N 69.134°W
  • 10.0 km depth

Chivacoa, Yaracuy, Venezuela...............1......43 km 

San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela.............2......45 km

Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela..............9......51 km

Cabudare, Lara, Venezuela....................1......52 km

Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela.............1......129 km

Cagua, Aragua, Venezuela....................1......186 km

Carrizal, Miranda, Venezuela................1......235 km

Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela.....1......241 km

Chacao, Miranda, Venezuela.................1......250 km

Cravo Norte, Arauca, Colombia............1.......476 km

NOW. . . Let's look at the latest edition of "Earthquake Minute"!!!  CLICK Arrow:    

WATCH At YouTube@  https://youtu.be/aiD68Q6wlww   Check Out The Transcript/Script@  https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2020/11/managua-nicaragua-alert-for-big-one.html

THIS one isn't too far from the old "Neverland Ranch" up there around Mt. Figeroua!!!

1.5 - 10km NNE of Los Alamos, CA

  • 2020-11-21 21:36:48 (UTC)
  • 34.830°N 120.243°W
  • 5.0 km depth

Nearby Places

 6.2 Miles SSW is Los Alamos, CA

 11.2 Miles WNW is Orcutt, CA

 13.3 Miles SSE is Los Olivos, CA

 13.7 Miles NW is Santa Maria, CA

 15.2 Miles South is Buellton, CA

At press time another earthquake just struck very near the same Massachusetts epicenter where much bigger one struck recently and this one felt in Cleveland, Ohio, too!!!  I'll have more info on it later, but be aware line goes directly through there and BIG EARTHQUAKE Could strike there. . . and they had a 6.0 in 1755 if you know what I mean!!!

EQ Guy

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Managua, Nicaragua For Big Earthquake Coming, "Earthquake Minute"!!!!! CLICK Arrow:

 WATCH At YouTube@  https://youtu.be/aiD68Q6wlww   Check Out The Transcript/Script@  https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2020/11/managua-nicaragua-alert-for-big-one.html

This new edition of "Earthquake Minute" came about when I noticed somewhere that the capital city of Managua, Nicaragua had been destroyed by major earthquakes in 1931 and again in 1972, and they have now gotten two major hurricanes both Cat-5 in just the past week or two!!!  This could now be a major earthquake, but much bigger due to lot of wind, and lot of rain in that region!!!  Much like Japan 1923 was a typhoon and then the earthquake struck perhaps an hour later, this one could shake that region at any moment and the reason I'm rushing this edition to press tonight!!!!!  4.3 Richters struck San Francisco del Mar Viejo, Mexico tonight, and a 4.1 Mazatlan, Mexico earlier Tuesday so we know things are shaking!!!  Watch for all this along with Barbados, Caribbean, and continue to watch Illinois, Indiana, East Coast, Carolinas, and New Madrid!!!

EQ Guy


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Monday, November 16, 2020

6.1 On The Richter Scale Struck Philippines On Sunday!!! Of Course We'd Been Watching Philippines Rather Close And Will Now Need To Keep Watching Around There As Well As Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina Region, And New York, Washington DC Areas, Too!!!

Just inside the New Moon Window, yet since it runs all the way through Sunday, here's a 6.1 Philippines Earthquake and again exactly where we're watching!!!  We'll also need to keep watching Philippines, although this is a rather big one there, you know!!!  This is the felt report:

6.1 - 7 km SSW of Marihatag, Philippines

  • 2020-11-15 22:37:43 (UTC)
  • 8.742°N 126.281°E
  • 42.2 km depth

Marihatag Caraga Philippines...........................2.....42 km

Rosario Caraga Philippines..............................2......66 km

Basag Caraga Philippines.................................2......86 km

Butuan Caraga Philippines...............................2......96 km

Lagonglong Mindanao Philippines..................1.....169 km

Barra Northern Mindanao Philippines.............1.....184 km

Davao Southern Mindanao Philippines...........2.....198 km

Lupon Southern Mindanao Philippines...........1.....210 km

Buayan Southern Mindanao Philippines.........2.....315 km

This list was originally titled "Lots of Philippines Shakers". . . that was until the 6.1 struck there late Sunday!!!  Now it's more like a list of earthquakes that struck there before the 6.1 and maybe before more shaking there, yet!!!

4.4  123 km N of Basco, Philippines 2020-11-14 17:15:09

4.6  77 km NE of Santa Monica, Philippines 2020-11-13 23:31:04
4.4  179 km SE of Sarangani, Philippines 2020-11-13 20:10:33
4.5  111 km E of Hengchun, Taiwan 2020-11-13 05:15:05
5.1  232 km SSE of Tabiauan, Philippines 2020-11-12 13:19:47
5.2  29 km NE of Santa Monica, Philippines 2020-11-12 01:18:27
4.6  167 km NE of Laikit, Laikit, Indonesia 2020-11-11 19:18:37
4.8  109 km ESE of Hengchun, Taiwan 2020-11-11 15:35:37
5.0  125 km ESE of Hengchun, Taiwan 2020-11-11 15:33:27
4.7  163 km W of Gorontalo, Indonesia 2020-11-11 12:48:45
4.8  103 km SE of Caburan, Philippines 2020-11-11 09:40:44

Saturday, November 14, 2020

2.0 Richters Earthquake Struck Summerville, South Carolina!!! Just About 125 Miles South Of Exact Spot We're Watching At Nearby Spartanburg, South Carolina, There, Too!!! Keep Watching!!!

Just another case of you heard it here first!!!  This time you all know we had been watching Sparanburg, South Carolina. . . and today I'm here to tell you they had this 2.0 and we really will need to keep watching Spartanburg, Charleston, all of South Carolina and probably keep watching East Coast and those major cities there, too!!!  Here's the USGS and so far no felt reports have been received there:

2.0 - 8 km NNW of Summerville, South Carolina

  • 2020-11-14 05:27:52 (UTC)
  • 33.094°N 80.200°W
  • 5.3 km depth

Nearby Places

5.4 Miles SSE is Summerville, South Carolina

9.1 Miles SE is Ladson, South Carolina, USA

12.4 Miles SE is Goose Creek, South Carolina

79 Miles NW is Columbia, South Carolina, USA

125 Miles NNW is Spartanburg, South Carolina

In every way these look like connected to the New Moon Window which hasn't actually started yet as I'm writing, but a search also revealed a few back on November 9 or this time last week there, too, so unless more shake over Saturday and Sunday. . . this is an active epicenter just the same:

3.0  38 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-14 09:07:33

3.4  32 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-14 06:42:37

3.2  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 16:08:02

3.5  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 15:01:44
3.3  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 11:43:23

2.5  32 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 09:47:20

3.3  32 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 07:39:38
2.5  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 06:54:29
3.2  32 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 06:30:45
3.1  38 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 05:32:48
3.0  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 05:18:41
2.7  32 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 04:42:54
2.9  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 04:30:17
2.5  32 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 03:43:57
2.5  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 03:41:01
2.5  34 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 03:39:58
3.3  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 03:32:50
4.3  36 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 03:29:24
4.3  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 03:15:32
5.3  33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-13 03:13:51
2.8  25 km S of Mina, Nevada 2020-11-12 11:11:47

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Quake Chase 2020: Champaign, Illinois-Pesotum, Illinois Where 2.5 Richters Earthquake Struck!!!!! Video!!!!! CLICK ARROW:

WATCH At YouTube@   https://youtu.be/dg1gYBrKj9s  Check Out The Script@  https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2020/11/heres-quake-chase-2020-earthquake.html

Here's some shaking at around New Madrid, could we be watching around there for more?  And Fairdealing, Missouri??? 

2.3  4 km W of South Lead Hill, Arkansas 2020-11-12 01:40:33
2.5  7 km E of Maynard, Arkansas 2020-11-12 01:38:36
2.4  4 km NNW of Fairdealing, Missouri 2020-11-11 14:09  
1.2  2 km S of Howardville, Missouri 2020-11-11 01:58:01
1.5  4 km WNW of Ridgely, Tennessee 2020-11-10 02:58:10

Philippines is getting some shaking. . . but should still be looking at more, yet!

5.3 - Philippine Islands region

  • 2020-11-12 07:18:28 (UTC)
  • 10.184°N 126.239°E
  • 67.8 km depth

Nearby Places

  1. Santa Monica, Caraga, Philippines
  2. Placer, Caraga, Philippines
  3. Surigao, Caraga, Philippines
  4. Guiuan, Eastern Visayas, Philippines
  5. Butuan, Caraga, Philippines
Just looks like quite lot of shaking for this San Francisco Region and although not a place we're watching. . . IS a place that could always SHAKE!!!  Now added a couple Santa Barbara ones here too:
1.0  4km E of Oakland, CA 2020-11-12 16:09:43
1.3  10km NE of Milpitas, CA 2020-11-12 12:54:42
1.0  6km WNW of San Francisco Zoo, CA 2020-11-12 10:45
1.1  11km NE of Milpitas, CA 2020-11-12 07:02:48
1.5  5km WSW of San Francisco Zoo, CA 2020-11-11 20:12
1.1  11km NE of Milpitas, CA 2020-11-11 19:36:16 
3.3  13km W of Isla Vista, CA 2020-11-10 10:15:12
2.0  15km SSE of Santa Barbara, CA 2020-11-09 17:02:31
1.7  2km S of Malibu, CA 2020-11-08 01:05:14
1.6  18km N of Fillmore, CA 2020-11-07 20:28:31 
Here's the felt report from that rather big 3.3 near Santa Barbara earlier this week:

3.3 - 13km W of Isla Vista, CA

  • 2020-11-10 16:15:12 (UTC)
  • 34.408°N 120.005°W
  • 0.9 km depth
Goleta CA 93117 United States of America.............287....10 km
Santa Barbara CA 93106 United States of America...1......14 km
Santa Barbara CA 93111 United States of America...30.....19 km
Santa Barbara CA 93110 United States of America...27.....21 km
Santa Barbara CA 93109 United States of America....4......25 km
Santa Barbara CA 93101 United States of America..11......27 km
Santa Barbara CA 93105 United States of America..22......28 km
Santa Barbara CA 93103 United States of America....2.......29 km
Lompoc CA 93436 United States of America..............1.......41 km
Santa Barbara CA 93108 United States of America.....1......42 km
Carpinteria CA 93013 United States of America..........2......45 km
Santa Maria CA 93455 United States of America.........1.....58 km
 Santa Paula CA 93060 United States of America........1......82 km
Malibu CA 90265 United States of America................1....115 km
Bellflower CA 90706 United States of America..........1.....182 km
Chino CA 91710 United States of America..................1....218 km
Visalia CA 93291 United States of America.................1....227 km 
Riverside CA 92507 United States of America.............1....252 km
Hollister CA 95023 United States of America..............2....294 km
Los Banos CA 93635 United States of America...........1....298 km
San Diego CA 92154 United States of America...........1....345 km
 At press time seems like rather lot of earthquakes shaking and knowing full well more and possibly at least one good sized one to come!!!!!  So, please let us keep a watching!!!  New Moon Exact Moment coming late Saturday November 14 at 11:09pm so the New Moon Window will start Friday and run all the way through SUNDAYYYYY!!!!!

Quake Chaser/EQ Guy

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Now Illinois, Boston "Earthquake Minute" Video!!!!! Along With Some Other Earthquake Info!!! Watch The Video at CLICK ARROW:

 Watch Illinois, Boston "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@  https://youtu.be/zgKIWG2YiLE  

Script@  https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2020/11/illinois-boston-pacifica-earthquake.html

Now first I want to mention this Virginia Earthquake that I just discovered on the list early Monday and see it actually struck around 1 am!!!  Here's USGS Report and a list of several that struck there about an hour apart:

2.7 - 10 km NNW of Richlands, Virginia

  • 2020-11-09 07:35:35 (UTC)
  • 37.184°N 81.830°W
  • 18.3 km depth

Nearby Places

  1. Richlands, Virginia, United States
  2. Bluefield, West Virginia, United States
  3. Bristol, Virginia, United States
  4. Bristol, Tennessee, United States
  5. Charleston, West Virginia, United States

 Here's that list although possibly not updated, just at least the original one from Monday:


10 km NNW of Richlands, Virginia
2020-11-09 02:17:57 (UTC-06:00)
10 km NNW of Richlands, Virginia
2020-11-09 01:35:35 (UTC-06:00)

Monday, November 9, 2020

5.0 Big Lake Alaska!!! 21 Miles From Anchorage With 2000 Felt Reports Now Totaled!!! LOTS Of Aftershocks, There, Too!!!!! SUNDAY. . . 4.2 Downgraded To 3.6 Richters Struck Near Boston, Massachusetts!!! Over 27,000 Felt Reports All The Way To Texas, And Minnesota!!!

At press time I had some trouble deciding which of these two fairly big shakers goes where in this edition of my EQ Blog!!!  So, allow me to start out with mention that there was a rather big 4.2 later downgraded to about a 4.0 Massachusettes Earthquake and in the immeidiate search of it I located Marthas Vineyard, so it's not too far from there and tsunami was mentioned that there apparently was not one. . . however you might recall me continueally saying even if there had been one there is still no "Tsunami Alert System" for our East Coast!!!  All the info on THAT earthquake can now be found added to the end of this blog since on Saturday there was this 5.0 Near Anchorage, Alaska!!!!!

Here's the USGS Report on Big Lake, Alaska Early Saturday:

5.0 - 2 km E of Big Lake, Alaska

  • 2020-11-07 12:23:11 (UTC)
  • 61.522°N 149.910°W
  • 39.0 km depth

Nearby Places 

1.5 Miles West is Big Lake, Alaska, United States

10 Miles East is Knik-Fairview, Alaska, United States

17.8 Miles SE is Eagle River, Alaska, United States

 21 Miles South is Anchorage, Alaska, United States

As of now the felt report on that first one and still the biggest one was over 1800!!!  Probably going to be growing. . . but so is this list of ALL the earthquakes at Saturdays Big Lake Epicenter not far from Anchorage, Alaska!!!!!

4.4  2 km ESE of Big Lake, Alaska 2020-11-07 09:03:54

2.5  3 km ENE of Big Lake, Alaska 2020-11-07 08:38:29
3.9  6 km NNE of Big Lake, Alaska 2020-11-07 06:27:28
5.0  2 km E of Big Lake, Alaska 2020-11-07 06:23:11  

No other really big ones seem to have come in there up to press time, here's the felt report:

5.0 - 2 km E of Big Lake, Alaska

  • 2020-11-07 12:23:11 (UTC)
  • 61.522°N 149.910°W
  • 39.0 km depth
Wasilla AK 99654 United States of America..............219 39 km
Willow AK 99688 United States of America...............26 44 km
Elmendorf AFB AK 99506 United States of America..18 48 km
Fort Richardson AK 99505 United States of America..11 49 km
Chugiak AK 99567 United States of America...........188 50 km
Anchorage AK 99501 United States of America........91 51 km
Anchorage AK 99508 United States of America........81 52 km
Anchorage AK 99503 United States of America........31 53 km
Anchorage AK 99504 United States of America........87 53 km
Anchorage AK 99517 United States of America........41 53 km
Anchorage AK 99502 United States of America.......60 56 km
Anchorage AK 99518 United States of America.......23 56 km
Anchorage AK 99507 United States of America.......91 57 km
Anchorage AK 99515 United States of America.......54 59 km
Eagle River AK 99577 United States of America.....120 60 km
Anchorage AK 99516 United States of America.......71 64 km
Indian AK 99540 United States of America..............2 72 km
Talkeetna AK 99676 United States of America.......10 83 km
Girdwood AK 99587 United States of America.......17 84 km
Palmer AK 99645 United States of America............29 109 km
Moose Pass AK 99631 United States of America.....4 114 km
Sterling AK 99672 United States of America............1 125 km
Matanuska-Susitna 00006 United States..................2 126 km
Soldotna AK 99669 United States of America.........3 142 km
Seward AK 99664 United States of America...........1 155 km
Clam Gulch AK 99568 United States of America.....2 172 km
Valdez AK 99686 United States of America............1 173 km
MC Grath AK 99627 United States of America......1 308 km
I'm throwing in a link to this weeks "Earthquake Minute" with all the newest alerts and I'm sure you'll want to notice New York City, And Washington DC although that one was more up towards Boston!!!!!  CLICK Arrow: 

  AND Here's "Earthquake Minute":   WATCH Trucker Dude at YouTube@  https://youtu.be/Z3aJldq_SGI   That Transcript/Script Will Be Available Later@  https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2020/11/turkey-greece-and-lot-of-brand-new.html
Here's a Great Pic of me on "Quake Chase 2020, Champaign, Illinois"!!!!!

NO LESS important, not quite as big, but with a felt report now in excess of 27,000 was this rather big for Massachusettes at 3.6 Richters just after 9am their time!!!  Originally found to be about a 4.2, then downgraded to 4.0, then downgraded to 3.8 and looks like for now at least a 3.6 now!  Felt Report will follow at some point early this week, sorry it's about 850 lines long!!!!!   Here's a link to great story from Boston@  https://boston.cbslocal.com/2020/11/08/massachusetts-earthquake-november-8/     AND The USGS Report with the list of nearby places:

3.6 - 11 km S of Bliss Corner, Massachusetts

  • 2020-11-08 14:10:06 (UTC)
  • 41.507°N 70.938°W
  • 10.0 km depth

Nearby Places

 7.2 Miles N is Bliss Corner, Massachusetts, United States
 8.9 Miles N is New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
 9.2 Miles N is Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States
 32.8 Miles NW is Providence, Rhode Island, United States
 51.5 Miles North is Boston, Massachusetts, United States

 Almost looks like todays EQ Blog along with the one from like Friday or Saturday ALL basically contain nothing but earthquakes we've already been saying were going to shake!!!!!  Still more out there and we will need to keep watching for them such as around Trinidad and Grenada, Philippines and am really worried for Central America!!!!!

EQ Guy

Friday, November 6, 2020

5.2 Uzbekistan!!!!! Yes, Exactly WHERE We Have Been A Watching, There, Too!!!!! Also, Ventura County In California Is Shaking!!!!! Just In At Press Time, 2.4 Illinois Earthquake Near Champaign Urbana!!!

Well, we've been waiting, and waiting for this one!!!  And then it happened early Friday Morning!!!!!  Yes, Uzbekistan had somewhat of an earthquake as you can see here and so far one felt report from Tashkent, too:

5.2 - 22 km NW of Shohimardon, Uzbekistan

  • 2020-11-06 07:38:54 (UTC)
  • 40.151°N 71.648°E
  • 27.8 km depth

Nearby Places

14.2 Miles SE is Shohimardon, Fergana, Uzbekistan

17.7 Miles NNE is Fergana, Fergana, Uzbekistan

19 Miles NNW is Oltiariq, Fergana, Uzbekistan

19.5 Miles N. is Yangi Marg‘ilon, Fergana, Uzbekistan

 20.2 Miles ENE is Quvasoy, Fergana, Uzbekistan


NOW This Weeks "Earthquake Minute" Video!!!!!  CLICK Arrow:

 WATCH Trucker Dude at YouTube@  https://youtu.be/Z3aJldq_SGI

That Transcript/Script Will Be Available Later@  https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2020/11/turkey-greece-and-lot-of-brand-new.html

Events such as this one could go on for quite some time and haven't quite yet seen any really big ones!  That might be what we are watching for, although Ventura County does get these such as this list.  At press time there was actually NO more earthquakes to add to this list, so who knows:

1.7  9km ENE of Ventura, CA 2020-11-05 10:57:20

1.5  6km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-05 10:57:17
1.4  2km W of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-05 10:46:35
2.1  6km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-05 10:44:45
1.8  5km W of Ojai, CA 2020-11-05 10:02:55
1.9  5km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-05 04:12:47
1.3  8km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-04 13:06:56
1.4  2km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-04 11:24:48
1.9  5km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-04 11:09:07
1.9  6km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-04 11:08:58
2.1  6km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-04 11:08:00
1.5  7km WSW of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-03 16:33:37
1.8  4km WSW of Ojai, CA 2020-11-03 13:23:48
1.5  3km WSW of Ojai, CA 2020-11-03 12:44:09
1.4  1km ENE of Ojai, CA 2020-11-03 09:12:13
1.4  7km NNE of Santa Paula, CA 2020-11-02 13:58:32 
And now it isn't much but Illinois has now got an earthquake!!!!!  Champaign, Urbana Region!!!

2.4 - 0 km SSE of Pesotum, Illinois

  • 2020-11-06 15:39:52 (UTC)
  • 39.910°N 88.271°W
  • 1.6 km depth

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Turkey Greece And Lots Of Earthquake Minute For Friday, November 6, 2020, VIDEO!!!!! CLICK Arrow:

WATCH Trucker Dude at YouTube@  https://youtu.be/Z3aJldq_SGI

That Transcript/Script Will Be Available Later@  https://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2020/11/turkey-greece-and-lot-of-brand-new.html


Thank-You For Watching!!!

 EQ Guy


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4.4 Richters Earthquake Struck New Foundland, Labrador, Canada!!!!! And Exactly Where We Are Watching, There, Too!!! NOW Martinique Shaking, And Before This Weeks Show Was Going To Mention It!!!!!

Would you beleive a rather big 4.4 Struck up there in that exact region of Canada we are watching!  Although yes they do occasionally strike. . . look at this one with Newfoundland and Labrador in the list of nearby places!!!  Also note one felt report came in on this and it was from Toronto!!!

4.4 - 201 km NNE of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Canada

  • 2020-11-04 09:35:21 (UTC)
  • 54.985°N 59.184°W
  • 10.0 km depth

Nearby Places

  1. Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  2. Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  3. Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  4. Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  5. Miquelon, Miquelon-Langlade, Saint Pierre and Miquelon

I'll have to put this small earthquake at Martinique here due to it having actually just mentioned it in this weeks show and even before recording it this one showed up on the list like just shaking there today, Thursday!!!!!

4.5 - 40 km WNW of Saint-Pierre, Martinique

  • 2020-11-04 18:47:33 (UTC)
  • 14.868°N 61.530°W
  • 157.2 km depth

Nearby Places

  1. Saint-Pierre, Martinique, Martinique
  2. Soufrière, Saint Mark, Dominica
  3. Roseau, Saint George, Dominica
  4. Fort-de-France, Martinique, Martinique
  5. Saint-Joseph, Martinique, Martinique

Some shaking took place under that Full Moon/Blue Moon at Southern California: 

1.1  24km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2020-10-31 16:10:04

2.8  24km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2020-10-31 15:57:23