Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FULL MOON ALERT: San Francisco, S.B., Lompoc, etc.!!!!!

The Full Moon will be New Years Eve night and so we should watch now particularly that night for this upcoming major shaker!!!!! The exact cities I am guessing are Frisco, Santa Barbara, Lompoc and San Simeon. . . but basically all of California should watch, and especially New Years Eve night and the hours before the ball actually drops and after as well!!! Happy New Years everybody!!!!! EQ Guy

Monday, December 28, 2009

PREDICTION UPDATE: San Francisco/Oakland, San Simeon, S.B., Lompoc!!!!!

This is by no means an official update beyond the fact that it is based on my earlier Official Prediction for California. I have just been watching all of the recent earthquakes at NEIC, the National Earthquake Information Center so close that I just thought I would share my thoughts on the subject with you all tonight. Here is a link to that: (Link is now outdated and I removed it on September 24, 2013)

With the amount of snow and cold not letting up and snow falling almost continuously, I want to continue the alert for California to be getting a major earthquake in the coming hours and days. With an ever increasing number of small earthquakes presently happening around Beatty and Tonopah, Nevada, and Lone Pine, Mammoth Lake, and Trona, California, I just want to basically guess San Francisco/Oakland right here and just thought I should let everybody know. Now, there really isn’t too much basis for that assertion either, mostly just that those locations would indicate to me that the weight of all the new snow pushing against the tectonic plate boundary might be pushing right along that area there where San Francisco marks the plate boundary. Also I want to note that these foreshocks kind of lead south towards the San Simeon area and like San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara/Lompoc area so we might be watching those places, too. Although, this information goes somewhat beyond my usual informative nature and well into guessing based on like intuition and a little bit of just wanting to name the town where the next big earthquake strikes!!!
Thank-You again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Tuesday December 22, 2009

The California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council

The EQ Alert Guy



It has been a very, very long time since the conditions existed that make it necessary for me to file one of these Official Predictions with the Council. One of the biggest reasons for this is because we have not had too much of a hurricane season in the U.S., or much of a typhoon season either for that matter, while the typhoons we did get seemed to have caused seismic activities primarily in other places around the world.

Whenever there is basically any potential seismic energy at all that I feel might affect The State of California in just about any way at all, I immediately write all out a full discussion such as the one you are now reading, and I spell out in some detail everything that is going on that warrants me filing an Official Prediction with CEPEC.

Todays Official Prediction is based entirely on the fact that a great deal of the United States has just received what is turning out to be a huge amount of snow. Amounts of up to two feet and more were just recorded late this week out on the East Coast, and the Midwest had just previously received snow amounts in the area of one foot with more having fallen since then, and more on the way!!!

Generally, my “Snowfall Resultant” predictions are based on the fact that I was writing scripts for my friends out in Hollywood on the day of the Northridge earthquake in 1993 when I decided that I should do something to help them and so what I decided to do was see what all the things were that happened before that earthquake to hopefully possibly determine what caused that earthquake. What I found by searching the recent newspapers was extreme severe winter conditions all across the United States. These conditions, I reasoned, must have contributed to the plate tectonics movement that then caused the boundary between the North American Tectonic Plate and the Pacific Tectonic Plate to be pushed together!!! The snowfall amounts on that day had been up to four feet in the Sierras and two feet across the rest of the country. The difference between the weather on that day back in 1993 and the weather today is mostly that we were experiencing sub-zero temperatures back then, as well. Higher wind speeds existed at that time, too, like around 55 mph, or you might just say blizzard conditions.

Thereafter, I watched closely for similar conditions to exist, and in December 2003 we again received similar severe winter conditions with a lot of snow and as a result I sent out one of my first alerts based on that information. This alert was followed closely by a major earthquake at Paso Robles, California on December 23,. 2003.

Although my initial investigation on the day of the Northridge earthquake revealed, when I went to the local library to investigate all earthquakes for things that preceded them, that the vast majority were preceded by hurricanes making landfall; and as soon as the next hurricane made landfall that August, I issued my very first ever EQ Alert when a hurricane struck Johnson Atoll, and that resulted in a major earthquake striking at Northern California in the days immediately following me sending out a paper alert via USPS. That was still 1993, I have since then issued many of these alerts and been very accurate, basically having active alerts prior to every major earthquake occurring since the beginning.

Several years ago I became aware of the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council and while not submitting to them at first due to the nature of my alerts needing then to be written out in the form of a prediction, I have since started submitting to them in this new format. Note that my method for writing is more along the line of alerting the people to the fact that conditions exist for potential seismic activity to occur and NOT that I am in essence “Predicting” an earthquake per se. Therefore I do not necessarily “Predict” that an earthquake is going to happen as much as I wish to “Alert” the people that there may be an earthquake striking in a given place in a given time frame. So, as a result of all that, I want everyone to know that what you are now reading here, is one of my “Alerts” written out in the format of a “prediction” but I do not want to come off that I am “Predicting” an earthquake, rather, I am today just trying to tell everybody that severe winter conditions have been found to precede major earthquakes and that we are presently experiencing severe winter conditions, so. . . .

Finally, the number of days that it takes for all of that snow to push down on the tectonic plate and cause the plate boundaries to push against one another has been discussed in great depth. What I have came up with so far is that it does seem to be an actual measurable amount, however when we are talking about the shorter distance like that from New York to Los Angeles, rather than that from Louisiana up over the North Pole to Islamabad or from Taiwan, north past Russia, down through the Atlantic Ridge, across Central America, and south to Santiago, Chile. . . We have a great difference in the amount of time it will then take potential seismic energy to travel such a distance!!! Therefore, at this point in time, I prefer to just go with smaller numbers of days for shorter distances such as across the USA, while recognizing the fact that much greater distances can take much longer numbers of days, and as would be the case if this major earthquake does not strike California in this minimum number of days, it will still strike. . . Just that it will then be somewhere else like Japan, and possibly at a date beyond the date of January 12, 2010 as mentioned as the end date of this Official Prediction.

There is probably a given amount of time for seismic energy to travel different routes, such as we already know that seismic energy travels at different speeds through different types of rock and that, at this time I prefer to simply sum up that discussion by expressing the range of numbers of days that this upcoming Major Earthquake Prediction for California will be effective, or sometime between the date of this writing and January 12, 2010. Therein giving you a general idea of the number of days it should take for the ground to settle out on the East Coast and push the North American Tectonic Plate up against the Pacific Tectonic Plate out at or near the San Andreas Fault.

Also, the San Andreas Fault is primarily a Slip Fault, and the type of force being generated with this “Weight on the Tectonic Plate” might rather cause the two tectonic plates to push together instead tending more to activate Thrust Faults out there at that plate boundary. Therefore, while such pushing action might cause some movement along that slip fault such as may happen when the North American plate pushes or moves at all, the main source of movement might tend to be at thrust faults out along the California coast, such as are found around Malibu and Long Beach just to guess at two of them!!!

This is why I say this type of plate tectonic mechanism might begin movement at about any time now, and I state the number of total days that this earthquake should strike within as a number similar to how long it took the other major earthquakes to strike after all the winter conditions. As a general rule I have been using like a week or so for the short distances such as across the U.S.. For instance it was Day 18 after Hurricane Hugo made landfall at Charleston, when the World Series earthquake struck San Francisco and like a good week or two after the major snow events struck that the Paso Robles earthquake occurred. Of course it is generally going to take at least a day or so, however ground settling and tectonic plate boundaries grinding against one another will never have an exact amount of days that it takes to cause a major release of seismic energy!!! It is ALSO always possible that this type of plate tectonic movement could RELEASE built-up seismic energy somewhere along that series of fault lines around California and cause this to be a larger earthquake than just the one caused by the great amounts of snowfall. That is that the snowfall could push a portion of tectonic plate to thus release a much more majorly built up seismic energy somewhere and cause who knows what to happen.

The exact amount of Richters Magnitude for this now upcoming major earthquake, I generally assume will be smallish, for smaller amounts of hurricane, typhoon, cyclone, or in this case blizzard conditions; medium sized for medium amounts of conditions; and big for big amounts of conditions; and huge for huge conditions. In the case of the potential seismic energy that I am writing about today, I would not expect this upcoming major earthquake to be as big or certainly not bigger than the Northridge earthquake and not as big as the Kobe, Japan earthquake. Therefore I am saying today that this major earthquake that I am filing todays Official Prediction with CEPEC on, should be about 7.5 Richters Magnitude. That number could increase slightly for every additional few inches of snow received across the country, or about one tenth Richter per additional inch of snow providing it covers a substantial region.

It should be noted that this Official Prediction is talking about a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE that WILL OCCUR!!! While the basis for this Official Prediction being written is for it to be submitted to the State of California, the potential for this major earthquake to occur does not stop at California, nor does it stop after the expiration of this Official Prediction at the date of January 12, 2010 as stated at the top of this report. Although in general, the Official Prediction will conclude upon such a major earthquake striking California, the alert for such an earthquake will continue on in the event that no earthquake strikes California in accordance with this Official Prediction.

Thank-You, again, for accepting this Official Prediction and helping if not today, than at some time in the future, to alert the people when there is potential seismic energy heading for them!!!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
The EQ Alert Guy


Monday, December 21, 2009


The numbers are coming in and it looks like they got a huge amount of snow along the East Coast of the United States!!! Enough that we should now be very concerned that it will almost certainly cause the plate boundary along the Pacific Tectonic Plate to move at the San Andreas Fault!!!

The first thing we should be watching for is at least one noteworthy earthquake around Richmond, Virginia or Washington, D.C. and New York City/Boston Region since this is the general area where they got all the snow. One good sized earthquake around that region, say 5 or 6 Richters will then start this new seismic energy to begin traveling west to Los Angeles, San Francisco, California, and Seattle/Oregon where the release of all this potential seismic energy could mean a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE as large as 7.1 to 7.9 Richters Magnitude in about the coming 7 days!!!

Note that this enormous amount of snowfall WILL cause this plate tectonic movement, and that this major earthquake WILL STRIKE!!! It is basically just a matter of when and exactly where. Japan and Alaska are not out of the question down the road more days, since they are both prior locations of major winter snowfall resultants and at least one on my watch!!! Thank-You for reading and helping to Alert The People that there is now a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE heading for them!!!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, December 18, 2009

December 23 Was The Day of The Paso Robles Earthquake!!!

With December 23 now coming up again very soon, here, i just thought I would send along a reminder that we have been getting and are getting more, somewhat wintery conditions and what seems like to me to be a lot of snow. Therefore now is a good time for me to mention that i did happen to have an alert very similar to this one you are reading, out in the days prior to the Paso Robles Earthquake in 2003!!!

In that alert as well as a couple other similar ones in the days before December 23, I mentioned that a lot of the other major wintertime earthquakes were preceded by the most severe winter conditions including several feet of snow, extreme sub-zero cold, and some high winds. While these conditions do not entirely exist today, we don't seem to have quite as much snow or the persistant sub-zero cold, i thought i should just at least mention that December 23 is coming up so that everybody is aware that there could be a smaller earthquake striking our West Coast. I might say 6 to 7 Richters. Thank-You again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Small Alert--Severe Winter Conditions

I just got done shoveling a foot of snow up here at my moms house in Wisconsin and figured it is now time to alert the people that "Weight on the Tectonic Plate" can also cause a certain amount of potential seismic energy.

So, just be aware that the weight of a lot of snow alone, depending if they get a lot more on the East Coast, can cause the North American plate to shift towards the San Andreas Fault and probably cause some bumping and grinding out along our West Coast.

Not a real big earthquake at this point, since the Northridge, Kobe, and great Alaska earthquakes, were all preceded by huge winter storms with like about two feet of snow across the whole country. . . this one hasn't been quite that bad. Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FULL MOON--No Alert!!! ALL CLEAR--Very, Very Soon!!!!!

Yes, I just noticed out the window that tomorrow night will be the night of the full moon!!! So I thought today I should write just this quick reminder that even though there is going to be a full moon situation scheduled for like tomorrow night, actually tonight since it turned over to Wednesday like 12 minutes ago, even though it will be the night of a full moon I do not expect any abnormal amount of seismic energy to strike anywhere.

And as far as the final earthquake alert of the Hurricane-Typhoon season. . . that will be running out between December 9th and December 12th and there's probably no reason to even wait for anything to happen with that either, since we were only talking about winds of 95 mph in the first place and I generally don't begin to track anything until the winds reach 100. Tracked that one basically because the maximum gusts were reported at 115 to 120 mph. All Clear coming at the end of next week, provided no major windstorms do any damage between now and then!

Thank-You all again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, November 22, 2009

All Clear Coming Up!!! But Not Yet!!!

November 22, 2009

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

The final alert from this years summer of 2009 earthquake season is just coming to an end. Today is about the final day of the most recent notable alert, however there is one much smaller one that will continue to run to December. That final one was a windstorm with maximum wind speeds under 100 and only the gusts were over 100 like at around 115 mph, but still just enough for a small alert. If you regularly follow my alerts you already know that isn’t too much to worry about.
Finally, they have begun getting measurable snow out on the West Coast and in the mountains and so this will begin to increase the basic chances of earthquakes shaking out along the West Coast and along the tectonic plate boundary out that way and I suppose this would mean the San Andreas Fault, however not to worry too much about a lot of shaking of that type quite yet, rather watch for more significant major amounts of snowfall out that way as well as across the rest of the USA, then worry. Not yet.
Otherwise this alert is basically fairly much of an all clear, however I quit using the term “All Clear” a few years ago, and there is still that one small windstorm and some snow. Thank-You again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Continue Watching Lake Tanganyika, Burundi, Columbia and Ecuador

My last Blog entry says that we should watch Lake Tanganyika through November 20, and so I am writing today just to remind everybody that we will continue watching for a fair to medium sized earthquake to strike over along the Mid-African Rift at around the Lake Tanganyika, Burundi, Tanzania Region through November 20, or like through next week, yet.

The other cities mentioned should probably continue beyond next week in the event that this earthquake has not struck yet. Note that there were two five plus earthquakes out at the Macquarie Island region that always tell me the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate is moving. In this instance it could either be pushing the Pacific Plate towards North and South America, or the top of that plate could be pushing into those above Africa regions.

We should still watch for this to be around the 6 or 7 Richters range. Thank-You, again for reading. The EQ Guy

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just A Good Medium Sized Shaker Coming, Yet!!! Tanzania, Burundi, Lake Tanganyika, Colombia, Ecuador!

The two latest typhoons have caused just a real small amount of potential seismic energy and I want to make sure that people who follow my blog have this most recent up to date info.

The straight line from the landfall this weekend of Typhoon Kitsama at Taiwan will send a certian amount of potential seismic energy past Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and past Colombo and Sri Lanka where there could be a small 6 or 7 Richters foreshock as a result of that tectonic plate boundary moving slightly as this energy passes on to Africa. I'm guessing the seismic energy won't end there, although sometimes it does you know.

I'm mostly writing today to alert everybody that this line will cross Tanzania and Burundi probably between November 7 and November 20. Lake Tanganyika is directly in the path of this potential seismic energy and you might say that neighborhood is sort of due for some shaking, too!!! Couldn't find a "Shake Map" of that region so the region in general should be aware of this small to medium sized earthquake which will almost for certain strike there, probably not too much larger than 7 Richters Magnitude and in the coming weeks, too.

November 3 will be Day 31 after the landfall of Typhoon Parma and there is a full moon coming up one of these days, too, but the forshock which actually struck right at Taiwan while this typhoon was physically still striking the island, was just a 6.1 and so I'm not thinking too big of an earthquake there. Let's mostly watch Africa!!!

Thank-You, again for reading!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Possibly Coming To Mozambique, Zambia, Jakarta, Lima, and Bolivia, But. . .

Hurricane Rick that was threatening to be so huge and was infact a Cat 5 Hurricane 48 hours ago was downgraded to a Tropical Storm over the night and while it is still heading for the Baja Penninsula, it did strike a volcano island just off the shore of Mexico and could have still generated some seismic energy. Otherwise this would have potentially been a big one for Illinois, Missouri, etc.

In addition to that there is still one source of seismic energy that struck Taiwan around the first part of October and one other one that struck there on September 28 and also there is like a major Super Typhoon heading there right this moment as I am writing!!!

So, today there might be some smaller sources of potential seismic energy still out there and headed specifically for like Turkey and Ukraine, etc. as well as that major windstorm that it probably going to strike Taiwan again in the coming days and hours. If and when that one strikes we will then immediately be watching for more earthquakes of the major type such as the ones that followed that last series of major windstorms!!!

Of course any of these could come to affect our West Coast, but it is still too early to tell on Typhoon Lupit which now looks like it might strike Taiwan in a direction from East-Northeast to West-Southwest which could mean major trouble for somewhere like Mozambique, Zambia, Jakarta, Lima, and Bolivia. It will NO DOUBT cause the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate to be moving again!!!!!

Thank-You, again for reading.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Major Earthquake Probably Won't Move Pacific Plate Much

With the major earthquake that struck yesterday at Samoa we do now officially have some sizable movement of the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate. There has also been a major one at just south of Sumatra as of early today. These two earthquakes are at about 8.0 and 7.5 respectively if someone doesn't change those exact numbers in the coming days like they do sometimes.

So, while it might otherwise seem that this movement of the tectonic plates might cause the Pacific Tectonic Plate to move, I will not be counting on it on this occasion and am writing today to say that at this time there is likely no major alert for our West Coast any longer. Please do note though that those plates are undergoing a major collision right this moment as I am writing this and as a result of that naturally the Pacific Plate will be jostled at least a small amount, and this will probably cause some small amounts of shaking out at the plate boundary between the Pacific and North American Tectonic Plate.

There have also been one or two additional medium sized windstorms in the recent days that could still produce one or two small to medium sized shakers, but I do not expect these other upcoming much smaller earthquakes to be hardly worth writing about, especially when compared to that major one we have been waiting for if you have been reading my blog lately!!! Thank-You, again for reading!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still A Major Shaker Out There!!!

We will still be watching for the potential seismic energy from the landfall of Hurricane Jimena at Baja California on Sept. 2. Day 30 will be October 3 and Day 40 will be October 12 after that landfall and these are a range of dates when a great deal of these major earthquakes follow after the landfall of a major windstorm such as Jimena was. Although note that there was not a lot of damage reported and strong winds blowing across grass and marsh tends to not generate quite as much seismic energy. Lets still be watching for a 7.5 Richters Magnitude shaker and except I no longer expect this to affect Nepal, Kathmandu, etc, due to the fact that this type of potential seismic energy travels and has by now gone far past that tectonic plate boundary up in that region. As of this morning there was a 6 Richters shaker at Macquarie Island indicating significant movement of the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate now increasing the risk of this major earthquake striking our West Coast, California, Mexico, and Central America in the coming week or so. Of course there could be some more additional shaking down in that Australia, Pacific Islands, Java region. Thank-You, again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



The names of towns that are out in front of the potential seismic energy of Hurricane Jimenas landfall at Baja California are Kathmandu, Nepal, and Bharatpur. As the days go past and California has received a large number of what could be foreshocks, I want to say that could be this potential seismic energy passing along to the Pacific Tectonic Plate and it just makes some noise there at the plate boundary, but it is very possible this major earthquake is now moving on and across the Arctic Tectonic Plate, which very well could get some shaking, and directly to the boundary between the Asian, and Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate.

This Major Alert will now be continuing into October and remember that the potential seismic energy from Typhoon Morakot at Taiwan may still be heading for Turkey, and Santiago Chile at around 6.8 Richters as well and that both of these two upcoming earthquakes are NOT connected to the above shaker heading for that Himalayan Plate Boundary.

Everybody must be aware that BOTH of these two upcoming major earthquakes probably WILL happen and also note that Kathmandu, Nepal, and Bharatpur all fall directly on a straight line of seismic energy and so are the EXACT names of the towns where this earthquake could strike; at around 7.5 Ricters. Of course the seismic energy could always pass between the tectonic plates there and then go on to move the Indio/Australian Plate, which I will cover more later in the month if this alert continues.

Thank-You, again for reading! EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Major Earthquake Could Strike California, Nevada, or Washington!!!

I have just checked the exact direction Hurricane Jimena was traveling when it made landfall at Baja California with 125 mph winds and while Los Angeles and San Francisco are slightly to the west of this new straight line, Las Vegas, Utah and the State of Washington are intersected by this line!!!

Just to be on the safe side, obviously, I want California people to realize that this line crosses just across the Colorado River out at Western Riverside County and you should realize that this massive amount of potential seismic energy passing that close to California and especially crossing the San Andreas Fault out there could still be some trouble and at the very least could potentially mean a major shaker out in that desert area around Barstow and Death Valley all the way up to Coalinga and etc. Be watching for this now upcoming Major Earthquake to be as big as 7.3 Richters Magnitude.

We should also be concerned that the spot out on the Peninsula of Baja California where Hurricane Jimena made landfall is a part of the Pacific Tectonic Plate and that the actual plate boundary is out in the Gulf of California there, as a result of this fact these two plates will almost certainly now be moving against one another in a motion quite similar to how they moved in the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, although that one WAS NOT preceded by a hurricane striking BC. Do note that will make this new alert in effect for both Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as like Santa Barbara and the area up around that Northern California Triple Plate Juncture and etc., too!!!

Finally, Day 30 after the landfall of Typhoon Morakot at Taiwan is Sept. 6 and the Full Moon is tomorrow night (Friday) so there is already existing seismic energy from Morakot and Hurricane Bill as well as some added seismic energy that a Full Moon can be counted on to bring in the coming days.

This is a real earthquake emergency so please everybody be prepared with supplies and keep some tools handy in case something happens!!! And of course Alert the People that there is a major earthquake coming!!! Thank-You!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Watch Out!!! Hurricane Jimena MADE LANDFALL and the new seismic energy is heading right for CALIFORNIA!!! To Be Continued!!! EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Huge EQ Alert--Turkey/Santiago, The Update With Dates!!!

I've just written out a new set of "Hurricane Cards" for both Typhoon Morakot and Hurricane Bill and am now writing today to let everybody know that the days of Typhoon Morakot especially, being past are as follows: Day 30 after the landfall of Morakot will be on September 6, 2009, and Day 40 after that landfall at Taiwan and then like China the next day, will be September 16. Note that while there are a whole other series of dates for post Hurricane Bill, they will run through October and so I will write more about them later. These dates are commonly the dates after a major landfall when a major earthquake should strike along the line ahead of where the landfall was, incase you are just joining us. Also note that I use a globe and a straight line tool to track this potential energy.

For now let's all just be aware that there could be some major potential seismic energy out there somewhere, even though for the present time it does seem like this one is especially for up around Turkey, and down around Santiago and Southern Chile. This could still be a major earthquake as large as about 7.9 Richters Magnitude and since this is consistant with my "Go Straight" theory, there is very little concern for other areas right at this moment. Unless you are reading this and notice that you happen to be exactly situated directly inbetween those two regions such as perhaps Kurghastan or somewhere up around the Caspian Sea somewhere? Otherwise for now just be watching those areas for a potentially REALLY BIG Major Earthquake!!!!!

Thank-You, again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, August 20, 2009

EQ Alert for Turkey and Santiago!

With respect to the major typhoon that struck Taiwan recently, I now want to issue an EQ Alert for the areas that are up over the top of the Indian Ocean tectonic plate, probably around Turkey. As well as the areas down east at the other end of the Pacific Tectonic plate or around Santiago, Chile. These two specific areas are directly along a straight line of potential seismic activity and it is highly probable that it will be one of these two exact spots that receives this major 7.9 or 8 Richters Magnitude earthquake in the coming days. This alert will be in effect through August and in to the beginning days of September, however I will update at some point therein.

There have been a number of other possible sources of potential seismic energy, such as a huge windstorm that struck much of Illinois and Indiana last night featuring wind speeds of around 105 mph at Chesterton, Indiana doing a lot of damage. Therefore you can count on one or two smaller medium sized shakers to be occuring immediately and in the near future as well. These should not go much over six.

The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, August 14, 2009


Everybody please take note that there has been at least one major typhoon that it is now appearing has made landfall at Taiwan and China and done major damage. The death toll from Typhoon Morakot at Taiwan is at 500 with the damage amount now at 50 Billion New Taiwan dollars!!! The news is saying it is the worst damage to the island in 50 years.

I don't recall right off hand, but it does seem like the famous Typhoon Nanmadol struck landfall somewhere around there, and I thought it was also Taiwan, although it was early December 2004. . . it preceded the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004, so just for your information if all of this information is correct we should watch for a Great Sized Earthquake beginning immediately. I want to discount this by the fact that Nanmadol was a SUPER TYPHOON and that I commonly say that wind speed is like the main determining factor in the generation of potential seismic energy and so just take note that the windspeeds of Morakot while high at 125 mph, were not nearly as high as a Nanmadol could have probably been as high as 175, 180 or possibly upwards of 200 mph. Causing a lot of damage, but at the much higher wind speed generating far more lethal Richters of seismic activity, obviously.

So, beginning immediately, watch for earthquakes as high as 7.9 Richters Magnitude and I will check this line of energy with my globe and straightline tool when I get home from my travels. This afternoon I hope to reach Iowa and check out where Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper died in that plane crash, and hopefully that place they shot the movie "Field of Dreams" with James Earl Jones. Build it and, etc. And hopefully some camping out there somewhere, too!

Thank-You, again for reading! The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Typhoon Taiwan=125 mph Winds!!!!!

The news is just now coming in that the typhoon that struck Taiwan had wind speeds of around 125 mph and possibly with higher gusts and like eight feet of rain. (Compare 100 inches of rain)

The damage they are showing on TV is disastrous including one big hotel that literally fell into the ocean! While this will mean major seismic energy, note that there was just a 6.9 or 7.1 Richters shaker 200 miles from Tokyo out in the islands region, so still be watching for a major earthquake at California and our West Coast with updates coming along from me at some point! EQ Guy

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Potential Seismic Energy is Coming!!!!!

August 8, 2009

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

It looks like Hurricane Felicia is going to cause a certain amount of seismic activity to be generated out there in the Pacific at Hawaii. As of early Saturday the wind speeds are hovering around 100 mph with higher gusts!!! The target date for Felicia to strike landfall near Hilo, Hawaii is Monday, but as soon as the outer Tropical Storm force winds begin striking Hawaii, we can also start to be concerned about the Pacific Tectonic Plate moving and shaking.

So, we could go most of this weekend without worry. . . but watch out as soon as you start to hear that Hawaii is getting hit, and it looks fairly certain that they will be getting hit with a very bad hurricane Monday and Tuesday. Potential earthquakes in the range of 6.1 to 7.5 Richters will now be in the forecast, and include California, West Coast, and Hawaii but watch out in front of that line, too depending on which way Felicia is moving when it makes landfall.

I will update later, I'm going to see Shakespere's "Midsummer Night's Dream" tonight in Crowne Point, Indiana and camping at the Indiana Dunes! Thank-You for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Watch Out For Hurricane Felicia!!!!!

Yes, she's a Cat 4 with the latest wind speeds reduced to 135 mph! I heard one weatherman somewhere say Felicia will be reaching shallower water and also colder water, but in the event that this huge hurricane reaches the shallow water first, it will no doubt contact the tectonic plate and maybe even Hawaii where the storm itself is bearing down, could also expect some good medium sized earthquakes.

Our West Coast will want to be aware that whatever Hurricane Felicia does it is now likely to cause some shaking there. Especially watch out if this hurricane makes landfall.

EQ Guy

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chance of a Hurricane or Typhoon

Be watching the latest Hurricane info, there is a chance one of these currently developing storms can produce seismic energy in an instant and something could happen before you hear it from me! Thank-You! EQ Guy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

About Earthquakes and The Wind

July 29, 2009

To: All EQ Alert People
Fm: The EQ Alert Guy

Subject: EQ’s and the Wind

They are presently showing a little bit of wind damage from the recent series of storms that struck with wind gusts over 100 mph. There were also a series of earthquakes within the last 24 hours that are looking like some seismic energy might have been created in this process. Minimal total amounts of damage and minimal sized earthquakes that followed.
If you have followed my earthquake writing for a while now, you might already be saying a couple sheds and a tree or two doesn’t create much seismic energy and so you might not be too worried. Well, that’s how my EQ Alert Theory sort of works. It was a long all clear and now this.
So, I am basically just writing today to tell you that. Whether it means an end to that All Clear streak I can’t say. In general for new guys it does not. No, we would really need a lot of wind damage but over the years damage has only equaled wind speed and damage is NOT necessary in order to prove the speed of the wind or to verify the event happened. You may simply say wind speed that struck and just the fact that it contacted the tectonic plate throughout the region where it occurred could possibly create potential seismic energy by itself, damage or no damage. That is if it was blowing up against a lot of buildings and trees, then again just crops blowing down alone could hardly be considered contacting the tectonic plate could it?
Beyond this point I’ll still wager on All Clear, but please take into account that some wind did strike a rather small geographic area.

The EQ Alert Guy

Monday, July 20, 2009

All Clear Continued!!!!!

Well, there has been very little in the way of anything happening around the world that would create any potential seismic energy, that is nothing that might cause a major earthquake!!!
Therefore, in place of any alert that I might generally usually issue in one of my many letters such as this, today I’m going to continue my ALL CLEAR that I issued in the last week or so.
As a general rule, I have found that the great majority of major earthquakes are preceded by a huge hurricane or typhoon making landfall and doing a lot of damage, such as Katrina/Islamabad, Cyclone Myanmar/Great Sichuan China Earthquake, Super Typhoon Nanmadol/Great Sumatra Earthquake-Tsunami 2004, Hurricane Ivan/Parkfield, and Hurricane Hugo/World Series Quake. Presently there have been NO such huge windstorms making landfall ANYWHERE and doing any damage, besides one or two very minimal tropical storms.
So, while this is by no means a sure thing that we won’t get any earthquakes at all whatsoever, it does virtually guarantee that according to my very own “EQ Alert Theory” there could NOT POSSIBLY be anything too major in the way of earthquakes in the coming days!!! Note that accepted science recognizes many other things as being the source of seismic activity such as forces that come from the “Inner Earth” and different places such as that, as well as pressure that simply builds up or is building up here and there just as happenstance and that these things all supposedly can cause major earthquakes; I don’t really believe any of that and therefore I do not believe we really have to worry too much about any seismic energy coming up from the center of the earth here in the near future!!! And therefore I repeat my ALL CLEAR!!!
Thank-You, again for reading! Just remember that major windstorms can develop and strike in just a few hours and so these conditions could change at any moment. I will try to update as soon as anything major is happening somewhere in the world.

The EQ Alert Guy

Monday, July 13, 2009


Yes, let us make this my first official ALL CLEAR in as many years!!! Although there have been like one or two smallish windstorms happening in the last weeks or so, i don't recall right off hand anything that could generate too big of a release of seismic energy and other than the nuke test, which today hits about Day Fifty, there is very little in the way of potential seismic energy. (One event DID hit Day 60)
Now, obviously there might still be that longshot that something somewhere might still shake, but take my word for it that since I've been doing this which has been going on a lot of years now, I do not expect ANY major earthquakes UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! When the next source of potential seismic energy does take place you will hear about it here, until then there should be NO major earthquakes and the surface of the earth SHOULD be as I like to say during all clears; as calm as the water on a pond in the middle of the summer.
Thank-You, again for reading, everybody!!! ALL CLEAR!!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The night after the full moon is tonite! Let's watch for like one more night for anything yet, then it should be fairly clear beyond that!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full moon is tomorrow night and there's still a little potential seismic energy out there, so u know! Los Angeles? Frisco? California? EQ Guy

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here' A Copy of My Latest EQ Alert: Sent To My Friends Via E-Mail!!!!!

June 29, 2009

All EQ Alert People
The EQ Alert Guy

I just noticed that the next full moon will now be the night of July 7 and thought I should write today to say that right at the present there isn’t really anything to speak of in the way of potential seismic activity with the exception of waiting a few extra days yet to see if we will get some shaking as a result of the latest nuke test.
Keep in mind that my latest “Official Prediction” for California specifically stated that it is in effect through July 7. I want to point out that the reason that I run it out to 43 days after the North Korean nuke test is due to the fact that the recent great Islamabad earthquake struck on Day 43 after the landfall of Hurricane Katrina at Louisiana.
So, note today that while there might still be a certain amount of potential seismic activity out there, it is not a lot. And basically just that wait and see if there will be anything happening in the wake of the nuke test. Nothing else happening, but as the days count on, it does not really diminish the risk of a major earthquake still happening as a result of that recent major nuke test that initially registered a 4.7 Richters magnitude and is very likely to cause a major earthquake somewhere, still. Especially be watching now as that next full moon draws closer!!!
Thank-You all, again for reading!!! EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Alert Will Continue. . . . .

Checking my latest Official Prediction for Los Angeles, I want to repeat today that this alert for a major shaker will continue up till July 7, 2009 and so everybody is very clear on this one, it WILL strike.

While this is supposed to be the earthquake resultant that results from the potential seismic energy given off from the North Korean nuke test, it remains unknown exactly how big the shaker will be. One theory is that since it is now taking longer than the 2006 earthquake which struck 12 days after the bomb blast, it is possible that it could be taking longer because it will be a somewhat larger earthquake than the 6.8 that struck Hawaii after the last North Korea nuke test. I was also asked about North Korea ever being named responsible for the Hawaii shaker due to them testing a huge nuclear device underground. The tracking of this type of potential seismic energy is still very new; if we were talking about the potential seismic energy from a major Hurricane or Typhoon making landfall such as Tropical Cyclone Myanmar/Sichuan China earthquake or Katrina/Islamabad then I would say it might be possible, but for something else like a tornado, blizzard, or nuke test. . . then I would say that exact science probably still remains out there in the future a ways yet.

Until then, keep watching for this major earthquake to strike California and possibly be a huge shaker!!!!! Thank-You again for reading!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Let's watch more or less the whole state of Cali tonight for a major shaker. I'll say 7.9 Richters, 4:59am, Downtown Cucamonga epicenter!!!

So much for lightening striking the top of the mountian before a volcano erupts? I don't really think Mt. Baldy or Mt. Wilson will erupt tonite

I'm also thinking that a lightening storm might actually be more common that those weather people make it sound! No offense, but they do hapn

The full moon is tonight!!! So it is possible that Major Earthquake could strike Los Angeles!!! Full moons have had a 50% Chance recently!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Earthquake Lightening??? San Bernardino, Highlands, Fontana!!! This Could Be The BIG ONE!!!

June 5, 2009

There has been a huge LIGHTENING STORM that struck California especially along the San Andreas Fault including parts of Northern California, but especially affected was the region around San Bernardino, Highlands, and Fontana where they are directly ON the San Andreas Fault, over a thousand 1000 lightening strikes were reported. You should all be aware that there IS a connection with clouds, weather, lightening--and major earthquakes and I just want to note that exact area is currently awaiting a major shaker of up to like 7.9 or 8.0 Richters magnitude, and that such a major lightening storm anywhere else in the world might tell people that could be the exact spot where this next huge shaker could strike. (See my 2 earlier alerts) It is also a region where serious science guys have said is quite due for a major earthquake for some time as well.

In all events, please keep an eye on the California area!!! Also note that the Full Moon will be like Sunday night and Saturday will be 12 days after the North Korea Nuke test but also just one night before the full moon which also has a high incidence of major shakers striking. If anyone is interested there is also a phenomenon called “Earthquake Lightening” so that might be happening here as well!!!!! Lightening storms also precede volcano eruptions, but???

Thank-You, again for reading and helping alert the people that there IS A MAJOR SHAKER COMING!!!!! EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I noticed the 4.7 magnitude of the recent 2009 North Korea Nuclear test was higher than the magnitude of the 2006 test which was 4.1 Richters Magnitude. With that it would now be possible that the resultant from this recent nuke test will now be even larger than the 2006 resultant which shook Hawaii at 6.7 Richters Magnitude. I’m now thinking maybe 7.9 Richters is a good number for this weeks upcoming earthquake which should be shaking the Los Angeles area like any moment now!!! I want to warn, though, that it could go as big as 8.3 Richters Magnitude if it were to strike out in the much more shaky Pacific Islands regions.
The last North Korean nuke test took place in early October and the date followed a couple of noteworthy big windstorms including a Hurricane named Lane and a typhoon by the name of Xaingsane. While my alert that was in effect at that time mentions that certain movement of the Indian Ocean tectonic plate was being expected right at the time of the Hawaii shaker, I want to add that I had up to that time previously tracked multiple sources of potential seismic energy and have effectively came up with accurate forecasts for where the potential seismic energy might be released and can honestly tell you here and now that Hawaii was probably NOT a resultant of those other sources of seismic energy but rather, much more closer to the location of the North Korean nuke test and I can say almost assuredly connected to the big bomb blast and not those big windstorms..
So, as I write this update, today is Day 8 after the recent nuke test and this coming Saturday will be Day 12 which will be the same exact day number after the 2006 test that the Hawaii shaker happened. Be watching, everybody, for a major earthquake to strike Los Angeles, San Francisco, or maybe even Hawaii, again!!! Remember, everybody, this here will be a HUGE SHAKER!!! Please help me alert the people that there is one really big earthquake out there headed right for our West Coast and it could strike in the next few days. And Thank-You for reading!!!
Please note that you are reading a simple letter that I routinely write out and send to my friends via E-Mail which generally pertains to earthquake stuff and is basically entirely just all of my own opinion. (And occasionally post to my EQ Blog, too) I do not represent anybody myself, and like to use the “Unofficial/Self-Proclaimed” name. . . EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009




On May 25, 2009 there was a major test of a nuclear bomb detonated underground in North Korea. This blast immediately registered 4.7 Richters although I have seen this reported since then at 4.5 Richters. The last time North Korea did this it registered a 4.1 and was followed 12 days later by a 6.7 Richters shaker at Hawaii. Checking the location of the epicenter on this earthquake, I found that it does not look to be the same location as the other nuclear blast which North Korea detonated on October 3, 2006. Had it been the exact same location, I would then predict another major earthquake for Hawaii; the place where the shaker followed the last such test, 12 days later on October 15, 2006. That earthquake was a 6.7 Richters Magnitude shaker and I had been following closely in the days prior to that major shaker as well.

Since the test site appears on the surface to be at a somewhat different location today I must write out this Official Prediction for Los Angeles not knowing where this next major or Great Sized Earthquake might actually strike, but guessing straight across the Pacific Tectonic Plate and looking for the first major thrust fault at around the Los Angeles area. That is I assume Frisco to be mostly slip faults and thus less likely to slip as a result of this bomb blast since I’m more looking for thrust fault activity. Please note that this is primarily an ACTUAL ALERT to the fact that there WILL BE a coinciding major release of seismic energy somewhere following this nuclear test and my regular readers might note that it may not so much actually apply to California, however the California folks necessitate there own specially written Official Prediction mostly due to the fact that this big one IS sort of heading towards them: it could also affect Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Mexico or Central America, as well as Idaho, Nevada, Missouri or Illinois/Indiana of course all of the other locations are rather out there.

While the initial blast brought about a smaller series of quick foreshocks at Yellowstone, let us assume it will ultimately be that exact sort of movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate in this case bumping into the North American Tectonic Plate and probably causing the release of a major source of potential seismic energy to occur at that point.

Now, this scenario only leaves predicting the exact spot of this new upcoming Great Sized Earthquake which could be as large as about 7.9 Richters but let’s say 7.6 Richters for the exact magnitude. The exact spot of the epicenter may be more up around Parkfield, California or like the Fort Tejon area, or Tehachapi, but for safeties sake let’s go on the record calling all of that the Los Angeles area. This could push that Long Beach fault line enough to be the spot where all of this brand new potential seismic energy will be released. And let us all hope and pray that this does not result in a 7.6 Richters shaker in downtown Lenox.

Thinking about it, I suppose the foreshock at Yellowstone COULD be an early indication that the Pacific Tectonic Plate will SLIDE against the North American Tectonic Plate as well and then we would be looking at something major happening more up around the San Francisco area or slip motion of the San Andreas Fault. Finally it could push enough against or along the Hayward Fault to release a major seismic event in that area, too, such as possibly the Oakland area.

The timeframe for this upcoming new Great Sized Earthquake begins immediately and we should especially watch for these first 12 Days, since the last North Korean Nuclear Test shook Hawaii 12 days later, but additionally for about the next 30 days, although the actual amount of time needed to guarantee that this energy gets released is about exactly 43 Days after that big bomb blast took place over in Korea or by July 7, 2009. Of course as I always state let us begin watching out immediately!!! And let us especially be watching for a major earthquake of 7.6 Richters Magnitude to strike Los Angeles during the early morning hours of June 4, 2009, but it could actually strike at any moment or this upcoming release of major potential seismic energy could take just a little longer this time.

Thank-You for reading and please help me alert the people that there IS a great or major sized earthquake heading for our West Coast!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
The EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The recent nuclear test in Korea showed up on my list of major earthquakes and you can see that page by visiting the USGS site for recent earthquakes at NEIC or National Earthquake Information Center. I made a shortcut to view that at tinyurl under "northkoreashaker" or http://tinyurl.com/northkoreashaker This link won't work, sorry.

I want everybody to realize that as a general rule sources of potential seismic energy DO NOT themselves consist of major earthquakes at the center such as a landfall of a major hurricane or typhoon, and on the occasional chance that they do they are rather small readings. This potential source measured 4.7 on the Richter scale and was followed by a fair sized swarm at Yellowstone which is directly across the Pacific tectonic plate from them. After the last major nuke test Hawaii had a major earthquake and possibly a tsunami, too.

We should begin immediately watching for MAJOR TSUNAMI conditions as well as now this new source for potential seismic activity and possibly a GREAT EARTHQUAKE now of up to 10 Richters and possibly really big!!! This WILL affect all of California and the West Coast of the United States. Thank-You, again for reading!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Not much in the way of potential seismic activity to worry about any time soon, so have a Great Holiday weekend everybody!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New EQ Alert Twitters--Los Angeles Shaker Situation!!!

I just saw 50 to 60 mph winds in Arizona, unknown what GUSTS were. More small shakers probably coming!!! Otherwise that's about it. EQ Guy

The Los Angeles shakers are probably just some high winds hitting those mountains!!! EQ Guy

While there may be SHAKERS in Los Angeles, note that there is presently NO (or at least very little) potential seismic energy out there. The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Watch for shakers for a day or two after the Full Moon, there has been a lot of potential seismic energy all around the world!!! EQ Guy

Friday, May 8, 2009

Full Moon Alert-Watch Out this weekend!!! 7 Richters!!!

Full Moon like Friday or Saturday, plenty of potential seismic energy still out there=Big chance for a good sized shaker!!! The EQ Guy

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Potential Seismic Energy Today!!!

Yesterday a lot of damage from a series of high wind storms crossed the Southern U.S. and so we should right about now start expecting the ground to start shaking out along the West Coast of the North American Tectonic Plate. Preliminary reports were wind speeds of just over 50mph, but i suppose it is possible that there could have been higher gusts. The speed of the wind in general seems to equal the amount of shaking of the ground that is produced with or without damage amounts coming in; compare a high wind striking trees. . . and high wind knocking trees down, and you may notice potentially even more seismic activity when the trees are not broken off or knocked down, but basically the same amount of potential seismic energy generated.

Thank-You for reading!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New EQ Twitter, Malibu Earthquake in the last 24 Hours!!!

Note that a WIND ADVISORY for Southern California MEANS that shakers like Malibu last 24 hrs could be just from the wind, smallishyouknow!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's continue to be watching for one or two more smallish shakers especially our West Coast and California; 6 Richters. The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, April 26, 2009

There have been major tornados. We should immediately expect earthquakes to strike around U.S. West Coast, California. The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, April 23, 2009


EQ_Alert--I used to give the "All Clear" at times such as NOW, when there are NO really big shakers coming, I don't anymore for obviousreasons! EQ Guy

EQ_Alert--As a general rule there is NO potential major seismic energy anywhere in the world when there have been NO recent big windstorms, so. . .

EQ_Alert--Major Potential, that is! Always be aware just the same that stored energy CAN be released by even a slight amount of seismic energy, but?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I used to give "All Clear" when there was no or very little potential seismic activity, but stopped that.There was one small tornadoLastPM

Friday, April 17, 2009

Note seismic energy is now heading down past HinduKush region for our West Coast (See Globe) Smallish 5.8 or 5.9 shaker coming soon! EQ Guy

Thursday, April 9, 2009

EQ Alert; Full Moon!!!!!

Tonight is the night of the full moon and so I am writing today just to remind all my regular readers and bring some new folks up-to-date on the effect the full moon will now have on any potential seismic energy that might be circling the earth. Without going into a detailed explanation of the numbers; it does seem, and has halfway shown just on my watch, that we do seem to witness a larger amount of bigger earthquakes beginning about the three days before the full moon and especially it would seem on the night of it.

This particular full moon will tonight be more critical because there are people in all corners of the world watching for earthquakes and so I feel it is important for me to point out that some full moons can be responsible for higher tides and that the higher tides at the very least apply that much more pressure onto the tectonic plate boundaries and other points of the tectonic plates. This will virtually always increase the chance for seismic energy to be released during some point in the rising of the tide and it’s position at high tide. The added force of high tide can release existing seismic energy.

While keeping track of what I consider to be all the active sources of potential seismic energy, and up to this point today and tonight, I want to now add that there IS NOT a lot of potential seismic energy that remains since you have to admit there has been quite a large amount of seismic activity in the recent days and weeks and so I consider most of that to have been the shakers we were watching for if you read and follow my writing that close. Thusly, while tonight IS the full moon, and that has indicated just in recent months as much as 500 Richters of shakers, tonight there hopefully WILL NOT be anything shaking quite that much and let’s hope for nothing to happen at all!!!

Note that the recent Italy earthquake struck on Day 3 before this here full moon, and I also need to point out that measurements of radon gas such as the seismologist used to predict that earthquake, have been of some use and I actually take them into consideration when watching for major earthquakes to strike. It is also possible that they are directly related to “earthquake clouds” which commonly are being found to precede major earthquakes, there had been some very excellent ones photographed at China immediately preceding the Sichuan earthquake recently as well!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Downtown Los Angeles got a 2.5 Richters shaker last night!!! At the intersection of Harbor and Hollywood Freeways!!! Could be more@thatspot

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Attention: The full moon will be the night of Thursday April 9, 2009. The chances for more seismic activity will increase between nowandthen

Monday, April 6, 2009

Italy Earthquake Had Been Predicted!!! They Didn't Like The Scientist, though!!!!!

Here is a link to this story:



Italy muzzled scientist who foresaw quake

By Gavin Jones
April 6, 2009

An Italian scientist predicted a major earthquake around L’Aquila weeks before disaster struck the city on Monday, killing dozens of people, but was reported to authorities for spreading panic among the population.

The first tremors in the region were felt in mid-January and continued at regular intervals, creating mounting alarm in the medieval city, about 100 km (60 miles) east of Rome.

Vans with loudspeakers had driven around the town a month ago telling locals to evacuate their houses after seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani predicted a large quake was on the way, prompting the mayor’s anger.

Giuliani, who based his forecast on concentrations of radon gas around seismically active areas, was reported to police for “spreading alarm” and was forced to remove his findings from the Internet.

Italy’s Civil Protection agency held a meeting of the Major Risks Committee, grouping scientists charged with assessing such risks, in L’Aquila on March 31 to reassure the townspeople.

“The tremors being felt by the population are part of a typical sequence … (which is) absolutely normal in a seismic area like the one around L’Aquila,” the civil protection agency said in a statement on the eve of that meeting.

Read entire article

Monday, March 30, 2009

One Alert Ends/The Other Continues!!!!!

The tornado that struck Oklahoma on February 10 with wind speeds estimated at 170mph has as of today been about exactly 50 days ago, or the amount of time that I follow the potential seismic energy from these big storms. While there have been one or two much smaller tornadoes that have struck since then, they did not seem to be as large, with as much damage, and didn’t have the advertised wind speed Oklahoma February 10th had. Therefore, I generally do not spend quite as much time and energy tracking the potential seismic energy from these. Of course you may note that some tornadoes, including the one that struck late last week in my previous entry have still generated significant potential seismic activity, and that I did say 7 Richters. I will leave 7 as the size of one earthquake that we will still watch for through April and for the immediate days and hours we should still primarily watch California and our West Coast, as well as Mexico, Alaska, Central America, and South Carolina.
There are no other current alerts as far as I know. But take note that while the old alert officially ends today, that new one from last week will now continue until about May 10, 2009. It is further my opinion that the present state of shaking happening and concerning folks at different places is probably going to end up being a lot of foreshocks that indicate the ultimate movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate and that the resulting major earthquake will most likely be along the Indian Ocean/Australian tectonic plate or the Asian Plate after the movement pushes the Pacific plate into those other plates. We should always still be prepared for something just in case.
Thank-You again for reading.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New EQ Alert Blog Entry!!!!!

Hello, I am writing today to let everybody know that there was a fairly bad tornado strike last night in Mississippi and that major tornadoes are one of the things I routinely track that causes major earthquakes. If could get the path the tornado takes on the ground, we would also be able to use it to draw a straight line to almost exactly where this new upcoming earthquake will strike.
Preliminary stuff coming in looks like this should now be around a 7 Richters Magnitude and this one can strike at any time. There was one major tornado that struck Tuscaloosa a few years back and hardly a couple days before an 8.1 Richters earthquake struck China. So let us start watching for this one immediately. I am sorry to say that our West Coast is also about overdue for one of these earthquakes, but I have no other reason other than that they are about the first people in line for this earthquake. Central America, Alaska and Mexico are also first possible spots this new source of potential seismic energy could strike!
Sometimes these earthquakes actually DO strike in like the first several hours and days after a major landfall or tornado or whatever, so be aware that California and our West Coast will be under this unofficial alert for the coming days!!! And Thank-You for reading!!! The EQ Guy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

There Was A Major Earthquake Today near Tonga


There were numerous TSUNAMI WARNINGS issued (IncludngHawaii) after todays 7.9 Richters shaker at Tonga. NO tsunami resulted though. EQ Guy
2 minutes ago from web

There was a major earthquake that struck near Tonga, near Fiji out in the Pacific Islands region around noon today our time in the U.S.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Full Moon is Tuesday Night-Alert!!!

The night of the full moon will be March 10 or Tuesday night this week. There has just this morning been some additional damage from tornadoes it looks like in the Illinois area and while exact amounts of damage are not yet in right this minute, let us assume that the night of the full moon will most likely produce some significant amounts of earthquakes.
Up to this point all of these amounts of tornado damage that we have been dealing with have been rather small like I mean compared to the amount of damage from like a hurricane Katrina or a major typhoon or such, therefore I wish to keep the total amount of expected potential seismic energy low as well, say 6.4 Richters Magnitude. While this right now applies mostly to our West Coast and mostly the night before, during, and after the full moon, there will still be potential seismic energy thereafter as well especially if nothing gets released in these coming couple of days.
Thank-You again for reading.

EQ Guy

Sunday, March 1, 2009


March 1, 2009

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

The reports are in and it looks like there have been three tornadoes that touched down and did damage in Alabama. The details that I have right this moment are hundreds of trees were broken off or uprooted in addition to some serious damage to homes. This type of physical damage seems to correlate with upcoming earthquakes and so as of tonight I must issue my newest EQ Alert. The magnitude of this new shaker might be around 6.5 Richters although I do not believe that all of the damage amounts are in and that is subject to increase.
Starting immediately let us now watch our West Coast once more for some brand new potential seismic activity, especially when this new seismic energy reaches that tectonic plate boundary between the North American and Pacific Tectonic Plates. This will simply be the first location that could shake as a result of this new potential seismic energy.
This week for like San Francisco and Los Angeles and I will add new locations in the event that this week comes and goes with nothing happening, but until then everybody be aware that something could shake this week!!! And Thank-You, again for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy


New Potential Seismic Energy!!!

Full detailed alert here like Sunday Morning sometime. West Coast, etc.

Friday, February 27, 2009

New EQ Twitters from www.twitter.com/eqalert !!!

Nothing much going on currently as far as potential seismic activity in the U.S. Watch Japan and China for a 7 Richters shaker, yet. EQ Guy
half a minute ago from web

I tend to NOT hurry and write when we are not really expecting any shakers on our West Coast or nearby, so it might be kindof quietforawhile
2 minutes ago from web

I won't generally write too much when nothing is going on, there's still some potential seismic energy for Japan and China, 7R's, but. . .
3 minutes ago from web

Monday, February 23, 2009



EQAlert Will write out a complete update tomorrow, had Event Security duty today. Bucky hugged me!!! :) That's all for tonight!! EQ Alert Guy less than 5 seconds ago from web

EQAlert Upcoming shaker should still be 6.8 Richters, but as time passes watch areas further from the U.S., still Alaska and Redoubt Volcano. EQ Guy less than 5 seconds ago from web

EQAlert Start watching Japan and Central America for that major shaker, and less for our own West Coast this week. Update coming!!! EQ Alert Guy less than 5 seconds ago from web

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Continued EQ Alert: California!!!!!

This is my letter that I write and send to all my friends who are interested in my opinion about when the next major earthquake might be, and at present we should continue to watch California for this upcoming about 6.8 Richters Magnitude earthquake that I expect will shake somewhere very soon, because major earthquakes generally follow a major Tornado that does a lot of damage and the recent Oklahoma City tornado has now struck just one week ago. Friday night will be ten days and about next Tuesday will be Day 14, thereafter it will greatly diminish the chances that this upcoming resultant will strike our West Coast and increase the chances for it to strike Japan or Central America. There was a near direct hit on Mt. Saint Helens today at 2.5 Richters. FYI.
While I was test driving my car late last week to get a problem with the EGR valve dialed in, I blew a wheel bearing and so as a result have been stuck underneath my car all week tearing apart the brakes, tie-rods, strut, spindle, hub, and finally the bearing. Of course I busted the tie-rod end in the process, and today my moms car got a nail in the tire coming home from getting grease in the new tie-rod end, and returning the new Samuel L. Jackson DVD, so instead of working on my car from that point on I was running around fixing the tire on moms car after changing the tire in a blinding blizzard!!! Then got to my meeting tonight on time, but apparently a week late. Got the new bearing put in and the spindle unstuck from the strut and tomorrow hope to have my car back on the road so that I can get back to trying to figure out if the EGR valve is sticking open or whatever is causing it to just plain not start intermittently like especially when it hits 48 or 49 degrees.
Thank-You again for reading and I also want to especially thank everybody who is joining my alert by way of the Twitter service where I am currently up to almost a thousand followers!!! So, I hope the rest of you don’t mind the little ditty about my life in the middle of an otherwise very important alert, it is designed to give some of the new folks a chance to sort of get to know The EQ Alert Guy!!! In addition to my usual earthquake stuff, some of you might wish to check out my regular everyday You Tube stuff at www.youtube.com/johnfredrickkodiak and I’m sure by now you’ve seen all my earthquake alert sites, plenty more about them later. . . Right now there is one very major earthquake coming any moment or any day now, for the next few days!!!

EQ Guy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

EQ Alert: California!!!!!

February 15, 2009

There is presently an earthquake swarm happening at Puerto Rico that adds up to 250 Richters and when you combine that with the 300 plus Richters that struck out at Indonesia in the days following the recent full moon, it all now tells me that our West Coast just might be next!!! Wind speeds in the recent tornado that struck Oklahoma City were reported as high as 170 mph and there has been an enormous amount of damage reported from there.
There was just a 3.9 Richters earthquake that struck west of Bakersfield near the exact place where I worked at one of those new natural gas burning power plants. This small town is named Fellows, it is near another town called Taft, and the epicenter is just a few miles away. As a precaution let us consider this shaker a foreshock for a major earthquake that could strike California at any minute now. We should continue to watch around San Francisco and I suppose now Los Angeles for a major shaker around 6.8 Richters Magnitude for the next few days.
I will be working on an Abbreviated Official Prediction and file it with the California people early this week. I hope you understand that right at this minute I am rushing this alert out for my Sunday Night deadline!!!
So, watch out West Coast, and I suppose Alaska and Mexico for a major earthquake that could strike any moment now and Thank-You everybody for reading!
I also want to Thank all my new friends who have recently joined my EQ Alert Group on Twitter!!! Please pass the word on to everybody that this is the place to find out everything about earthquakes and potential seismic activity all around the world!!! And Thanks for the add!!! www.twitter.com/eqalert

The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, February 13, 2009

New EQ Alert: California, West Coast, Alaska!!!

February 13, 2009

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

The information that I have seen so far that is available indicates to me that this new upcoming earthquake will be a major shaker!!! I seen the preliminary numbers for amount of damage and they had quite a lot of houses damaged and destroyed in the recent tornado. There will now be an almost equal amount of damage from the earthquake that will follow.
As of tonight there has also been a large number of earthquakes shaking over around Indonesia all of which started on Wednesday afternoon. While I haven’t exactly added up the total number of Richters in that whole swarm, I can tell you that the Twitter notifications coming to my cell phone via text message have been enormous for the last day or so, every one of them that was 5 Richters or larger causes my phone to chime! I just checked and it was about 25 dollars worth of text messages, so it’s a lot of Richters!
Right at the moment I am thinking seriously about writing up an Official Prediction to file with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, but until then I want everybody to know that this new upcoming major earthquake could strike our West Coast at just about any moment now!!! The exact magnitude should be around 6.8 Richters and California does have just enough of a chance that I suppose I probably should write to them especially, for now this letter will have to do. The only reason that I am not submitting to CEPEC directly is because there is still a very good chance that it could strike North of California or as far north as Alaska and whether or not it will affect the Alaska Volcano Redoubt I will say that it IS likely to. Further, the possibility will now exist for a major eruption, of course I still do not believe that this potential seismic energy knows where that volcano is up there and that it seems far more likely to cruise past that region and just strike randomly some other spot on the globe! Of course there WILL be that chance that it will strike AT or very near Mt. Redoubt. In all scenarios if you are up around Mount Redoubt expect at least some minor activity in the coming days because the tectonic plates are bumping around slightly, however keep in mind that it is my opinion that a major earthquake has to strike the volcano directly to effect a major eruption and while one may even strike the Alaska region, it is doubtful it will strike right at Mt. Redoubt.
For the coming days and into next week let us keep our eyes on the San Andreas Fault and especially like around San Francisco for a major earthquake to strike. This will basically just be the North American tectonic plate being pushed against the Pacific Plate which likes to move north and south out at that shaky tectonic plate boundary you know.
Thank-You, again for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Seismic Energy--New EQ Alert Coming!!!!!

The news is just coming in about a tornado that has done damage around Oklahoma City. Judging by the amount of damage shown on TV and in the newspapers I have to now report that it looks like we will want to consider this a potential source of major seismic activity!!!

I will have a fully written out alert on this subject in the next day or two, but for now realize that the Mt. Saint Helens eruption of 1980 was preceded a few days by a tornado that destroyed half of Kalamazoo and there are a number of other very close correlations such as that.

This tornado was big enough to cause a significant earthquake especially for now let's watch out along the tectonic plate margins such as California, Oregon and Washington. This will also include a chance for major seismic activity in and around Alaska so begin watching Mt. Redoubt much closer immediately.

An update and a full alert will follow. This is my own personal unofficial letter that I send to my friends who enjoy my opinion of things seismic and I do not represent anybody when I give out my opinion. Thank-You for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Full Moon-Alaska Volcano Alert

I just checked the map of most recent earthquakes for Alaska and see the most recent one listed for the region around that volcano was early Wednesday morning, February 4. The nearest most recent one was today a 2.0 around a hundred miles from it. There have been several tiny ones in that region, but I think that is fairly usual.
Now, the full moon will be Monday Night and so I just thought I should write tonight to say that the full moon has been responsible for some additional seismic activity since I have incorporated it into my EQ Alert Theory last year and tonight and tomorrow night it will increase slightly the chances for a small earthquake in the region around that volcano, but I want to note that there is really nothing in the way of potential seismic energy right at the moment as far as I know from routinely tracking such energies. So, while the likelihood will increase slightly for the next few days. . . It will be increasing from zero to only very, very slight or from no chance at all of anything happening to practically no chance. I will let you all know as soon as there are any earthquakes at all heading for us!
Thank-You, again for reading!

EQ Guy

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alaska Volcano--Full Moon Coming Soon!!!!!

Yes, there will be a higher chance of alaska volcano the night of the full moon, Monday Night. Full alert letter coming soon!!!

EQ Guy

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Potential Seismic Activity-Energy and That Volcano in Alaska

I just seen where there was about a 5.9 Richters shaker over around Japan like yesterday. I checked on the Redoubt Volcano and saw a very nice picture of it from a webcam up there. Currently it is about forty degrees outside here in Wisconsin and so I thought I should just write today to say that at the present time there is no major sources of potential seismic energy pretty much anywhere in the world.

While a 5.9 Richters earthquake in Japan does indicate a very small amount of seismic energy, it is my own opinion that it is not enough to involve the Pacific Tectonic Plate in enough movement to cause a major volcano to erupt. As always, this seismic energy would need to directly strike at or very near the center of a volcano to cause much of an eruption, but like i always say with Mount St. Helens none of this potential seismic energy actually KNOWS where that volcano IS. Therefore, any potential seismic activity circling the earth or influencing the Pacific Tectonic Plate will be striking WHERE IT WILL, and any volcano active or not will be simply a target for a source of potential seismic energy that will still just hit wherever it will. Mathmatically speaking, this would be the reason that some of these huge volcanoes do erupt, and while it is ofter so many years before one like Redoubt will erupt. Methinks it has a lot to do with all of the present potential seismic energy being very likely to miss this volcano.

If you are in the area of Alaska, keep in mind that this situation will chance immediately as soon as there is a major Tropical Cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere, or as soon as the Hurricane and Typhoon season returns in the North. I will be sure to alert everybody at that time. Until then, this is NOT an official statement representing anybody but myself, but there is none, or very little in the way of potential seismic in the coming days and weeks. . . for now. And Thank-You, again for reading!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Severe COLD WEATHER!!!!!

Like the lyrics to the song go "It's Forty Below and I don't give a #*@%&, got a heater in my truck and I'm off to the Rodeo!!!" (It's an old David Allan Coe song) Well, it actually WAS about that cold around here for most of the last week or so, and so i just thought i would take a second to write.

While severe cold was originally a part of potential seismic activity, I want to point out that it was in association with four feet of snow in the Sierras, and wind speeds of up to 55 mph so today I just want to point out to those of you who were interested that the severe cold ALONE, might not be too much of a source for seismic energy.

Granted, I believe it to be hot and cold that makes the mercury in a thermometer work possibly through warm/expansion and cold/contracting and that if that is true, then it seems plausible to me that energy could also contribute to plate tectonics. . . but in and of itself possibly not to the extent that it could cause a major earthquake. All alone by itself anyways. THIS could explain a lot of the small shakers in the five Richters range i am receiving on my cell phone via the Twitter service with text notifications for "EQTW" or "EarthquakeNews" both great sources of such notifications!!!

So, that is really all that is happening right at the moment. And the weather has gotten warmer since last week, too, so hopefully there isn't really too much potential seismic energy anywhere in the world right at the moment. Obviously still NOT an all clear by no means, but I suppose there could well be one coming up if nothing else happens soon!!!

Thank-You, again for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, January 9, 2009

EQ Alert Update: Full Moon!!!

We just got about a whole nother foot of snow and I know that a lot of other places got a lot of additional snow as well. Also, they have had several earthquakes out at the West Coast and a couple more up around Yellowstone. So, as I said in my last update we should continue to be watching for earthquakes, although I do not have too much information as to what exactly might happen, if anything.
Am writing tonight mostly because the night of the full moon will be January 10, or I think like tomorrow and in the year or so that I have added in the full moon to my theory, I have actually had a certain amount of luck with potential seismic energy being released on that exact night!!! Due to that fifty percent chance of something major happening on the night of the full moon, and the fact that right this moment there may yet be some potential seismic activity out there, yet, watch tomorrow night for a small shaker.
That’s really all I have right now, just a full moon reminder. Thank-You, again for reading!

The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New EQ Bulletin: West Coast!!!

As of Sunday Morning there was a good sized shaker up around Wendover, Nevada in addition to that MAJOR SERIES of enormous earthquakes that shook yesterday, last night and today in the West Pacific.
You might expect that to be about the end of the Yellowstone Swarm, however let us be watching here for a few more days just in case something might happen along our West Coast. In the course of tracking potential seismic activity like i do, I always try to keep folks aware whenever something could still shake somewhere, and right this moment that somewhere is California, Oregon, Seattle, Alaska, and Japan.
While there has been a huge release of seismic energy out at PNG, there could still be pressure built up at other spots like along the San Andreas Fault that could do something. We should continue to be on the lookout for more earthquakes into this week and continue to be prepared!!! The release of all of that potential seismic energy will lead to a lessening of all of the big medium sized earthquakes we are seeing like TODAY, and in like a few more days methinks this event will be concluded for now!

The EQ Alert Guy