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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Urgent EQ Alert: Western U.S.!!!!!

November 29, 2007

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

Please, if you are in one of the areas where this upcoming major earthquake could be striking, I urge you to check out your local USGS website or wherever you go to check for all the latest earthquakes! There’s a lot going on seismically right here, even in my area, where Indiana just got a good sized earthquake. Barbados got a 7.4 Richters Magnitude shaker like this afternoon, and the map of Nevada is practically covered in earthquakes happening, many right now as I am writing. A rather big swarm struck outside of San Jose early today, and several down around the Sultan Sea, too!
Also today, while going over this exact straight line of potential seismic activity I realized that the energy from Tropical Cyclone Sidr, although it makes landfall on the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate, when this potential seismic activity does contact the Asian plate, it might not travel in a straight line from that point, as I think I discuss in my book “How To Predict Earthquakes” that you can read at and I will tell you here that commonly when this happens we generally don’t track the seismic energy in a straight line once it involves the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate, therefore we go to sort of following the basic TECTONIC PLATE MOVEMENTS. In this case we do what I have been doing tonight and carefully watch where all of the foreshocks are and from that try to figure out like which direction it’s mostly moving and then guess exactly who might get the brunt of the seismic activity as these big plates bang around, you know. We might be down to only a number of hours, now before this monster strikes somewhere, and it sure looks like it will be us in the U.S. that gets this one!
All of those swarms out around San Francisco automatically always seem to tell me that Frisco or Los Angeles could be in real trouble, except this time I want to be sure and also say all of those North Western states are kind of over due for a big earthquake, too, and you could say Illinois and Missouri sort of are, too! Keep remembering that this one should be up around 8 Richters Magnitude, but today, now having seen that major swarm around Frisco, I want to caution that we just might be talking about an earthquake as big as 9 Richters Magnitude, I’ll say it should not be bigger than about 9.3 Richters.
Thank-You, again for reading and please feel free to help me alert the people of The Western United States, etc., that THERE IS A MAJOR, MAJOR EARTHQUAKE HEADING FOR THEM!!!!! God Bless!

Les Brown,
The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Latest Official Earthquake Prediction

The California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council
Mr. Richard Eisner
1300 Clay Street, Suite 400
Oakland, California 94612

Les Brown
*** Xxxxx Street
Xxxxxxxx, Wisconsin 53534




Yesterday, Tropical Cyclone Sidr made landfall at Bangladesh after traveling the Bay of Bengal for several days. The wind speeds of this huge windstorm were reported as high as 155 mph at the time of landfall and there are currently 1100 people being reported as dead from the landfall of this cyclone, which someone noted would be considered a big Category 4 windstorm.I have been routinely tracking the potential seismic energy that seems to be created by big windstorms such as Tropical Cyclone Sidr when they make landfall. Originally I discovered this connection between earthquakes and the hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones that precede them by checking on what all different things happened BEFORE the biggest earthquakes of history. Although it looks like severe winter conditions preceded the Northridge quake, I did go on to have accurate alerts before both the Kobe, Japan shaker, and the Paso Robles earthquake based on that information, but more importantly I continued to explore the history of all major earthquakes and discovered that hurricanes and typhoons seem to always precede them. It would seem that this correlation was most probably overlooked throughout history because of the fact that very often these hurricanes and typhoons occur at other, often remote, parts of the world and generally weeks before the earthquake will happen. Also, when a major earthquake does strike, we hardly expect that to be anything to do with a huge windstorm that just struck, say, Bangladesh like a couple weeks ago? I am presently posting at least the text of my entire book about earthquake prediction, so that you can read the whole book I wrote about it if you wish for more reading on this subject. It’s username “eqbook” at in the journal section.The areas that will be immediately affected by this Official Prediction will be the ones around the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate, such as Indonesia, New Guinea, and New Zealand. Since the exact spot where Cyclone Sidr made landfall is actually a portion of land that is still the Indian Ocean/Australian tectonic plate, then conversely I might expect that tectonic plate to be the very first one to do a lot of the moving due to this enormous windstorm having just got a good piece of that tectonic plate up there at Bangladesh. The initial report that I just read says that 60 to 80 % of the trees were uprooted and thousands of straw and mud huts were destroyed. I consider such physical damage as an indication that the windstorm literally moved the Indian Ocean/Australian tectonic plate in such a way that those places that are on the boundaries of this tectonic plate might be the very first to start shaking from the landfall of Cyclone Sidr. This could be a fairly large amount of seismic activity, too, and moreso an indication of just how big of a major earthquake we could be in for in California. We might consider any of these potentially major earthquakes that strike any of those regions in the coming days to be foreshocks of the major earthquake which will be striking North or Central America in the very near future.Out in front of where Tropical Cyclone Sidr made landfall, and along a straight line that begins where that landfall struck, we will have the regions that might immediately also be getting some foreshocks. There is a region up north of there where the Indian Ocean/Australian tectonic plate connects with the Euro/Asian tectonic plate and I expect a fair amount of seismic energy to be recorded right at that point as this large amount of potential seismic energy crosses over from one tectonic plate to another. I believe we are talking about a place called Xaingxing, China and the Hindu Kush region up there. And although I don’t expect this spot to be the major release, it could turn out to be a fairly large earthquake. More probably it will just be the point where all of this potential seismic activity crosses to the next tectonic plate, and at best might be an indication of about how much potential seismic energy we might be looking at here in the United States. I noticed that there is also one fairly big island up there north of Japan that one of my lines went directly through, whether this is Russia, or not I’m not sure, but it could possibly also be getting some foreshocks, and even potentially some fairly big ones, too.


I just decided to start using subheadings because there were some points within my writings that were kind of difficult for me to find myself, let alone expecting others to find them, and today I figured you might want to skip right ahead and read about how this Official Prediction might affect California. So, under my new subheading, let’s find out!With the use of a globe to track this line of potential seismic energy far beyond the point where you could use maps to track this, I found that the first line I used travels onto the North American tectonic plate up at the Yukon and this line continues on and crosses around Yellowstone intersecting both Montana, and Wyoming and then onto Guatemala and Central America.This big windstorm turned quite a bit during and immediately after it made landfall and so I have to say that in addition to Yukon and Yellowstone being along the very first lines, as Cyclone Sidr made its big turn to the east, that changed this line of potential seismic energy so that it fans out toward Washington, and California. I think the widest of the lines, which would be the result of about the furthest turn to the east, you can just about imagine heads right out to the Pacific Ocean and misses North America all together. That brings us to the reason I am writing today. If you follow the first line that is created after Cyclone Sidr makes about its first turn after landfall, and while it still looks like a very big Tropical Cyclone, I believe that line of potential seismic energy heads right up across Alaska, like maybe Anchorage, and crosses California, coming on shore right about San Francisco and just about exactly intersecting Los Angeles, before again going out to sea and continuing on offshore along the Pacific Coast possibly to offshore Mexico and Central America. Where it strikes California, though, looks kind of critical to me insofar as it goes inland to like Coalinga, Parkfield, and Tejon, before reaching the Los Angeles region. Although I would admit there is some concern for Yukon, Alaska, and Yellowstone, I will most likely stay focused on the danger this will now bring to California especially since any movement at all at any of those regions dictates a danger in and of itself to California by way of creating a movement between the North American tectonic plate, and the Pacific tectonic plate. Recently, I noticed that there was a notice issued from the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council as a result of the 5.6 Richters San Jose shaker. While this was just a notice alerting people of a continued chance of earthquake along the affected fault lines, I commend the people at CEPEC for making a start at alerting the people of the day to day potential for an earthquake to strike them. I want to encourage CEPEC to do more things like that in the future, I have hopes that CEPEC will continue to focus on correlations such at that one, and want to Thank everyone at CEPEC for whatever you can do to help The People of California!!!My friend Jim Berkland, of full moon/EQ Prediction fame, has recently been mentioning a bigger than usual tidal window for November and December and he has had some success with his own correlation, there, as well, so I will mention that the Full Moon will be November 24. I suppose while that might affect Xaingxing, and New Guinea, it might be earlier along this alert to affect the United States, however his correlation does go on to include at least a few of the days that follow the full moon. You might want to note that after I heard about his November, December window I said in my following and most recent alerts that we should then expect a major Tropical Cyclone to strike very soon!Thinking about it we might be expecting something to strike up around Alaska on the day of the Full Moon or immediately thereafter, and I want to point out that the primary reason that me and Jim Berkland are saying this is due to the higher tides that come with that full moon as well as the fact that the higher tides mean greater additional weight on the tectonic plate and further I am wondering if there isn’t at the same time like a variation in the basic gravitational pull that travels with the full moon or at least exists in some form during the time of the full moon and the couple of days before and after, although they have all been days after in the 6 months I have been watching actual examples myself, including a swarm of over 500 Richters magnitude just recently on the actual night of the full moon!So, I will state here, now, that the magnitude of this upcoming major earthquake should be 7.7 or 7.8 Richters Magnitude and could come to affect us as early as like this Thursday or a couple days before the full moon like up around Alaska. Then, thereafter for San Francisco, Los Angeles, and all of California for the next few weeks. Please remember that this major earthquake WILL STRIKE, so everybody should be prepared and take whatever steps you might take now and in the future whenever you know there is potential seismic activity heading for you.Where this Official Prediction is being prepared exclusively for submission to the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, it might also become available to some of my friends via E-Mail, so I wish to add that I do not represent anybody but my own opinions based on reading books about seismology from my local Geology Library and etc. I am a construction worker who worked out in Los Angeles and was in a lot of earthquakes during that time. . . and then began to study them to eventually come up with the theories that today are my EQ Alert Theory.Finally, I recently noticed that the once defunct National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council was recently reformed and now consists of a number of noted experts from all around the country. Although I did not see it anywhere in their new charter that they were at all interested in knowing when the next major earthquakes would be, I will be watching for them to make such an announcement, and please if any of you hear that they want such advanced info as I routinely give out, please let me know! Since many of the potentially affected areas in this alert are like not just California, you know. Also, in addition to CEPEC, and now NEPEC, it occurred to me that we could also have some use for GEPEC, or the Global Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, not so much for this Official Prediction which will primarily affect just the United States, but for ones that do happen to come along that are for various places all around the globe. Global Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council could be made up of even more experts who could well come from all corners of the globe, since I long ago realized that there are Seismologists and Geology people from practically every place in the world. GEPEC could be the start to alerting people everywhere in the world whenever there is potential seismic activity heading for them! Thank-You, again for accepting my Official Predictions and for anything that CEPEC can do to let The People of California know about the potential for seismic activity!

Respectfully Submitted,
Les Brown

Herein submitted this 17th day of November in the year 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big EQ Alert Still Active for Japan, China, Indonesia. Possible 8.0 Richters Shaker Coming

There were several fairly good shakers last night and today and if you look at all of them in the order that they are situated all around the Pacific, you might agree with me that this looks like the Pacific Tectonic Plate is moving. I have been following the potential seismic activity from Typhoon Krosa which made landfall at Taipei on about October 4, 2007 and today is Day 27 after that landfall.
I had been expecting this potential seismic energy to be striking over around Jakarta, Indonesia very soon, and although I generally send out an alert that will notify my friends on the West Coast, it looks like I didn’t do that prior to the one that struck near San Jose last night. If you are reading my new blog on blogspot, you might have noticed that it does mention my friends in California, so I sort of remembered.
Now, I am mostly just writing tonight to tell everybody that there is still that one big source of potential seismic energy heading for somebody, somewhere, but this really shouldn’t be the big one for like San Francisco, or Los Angeles. That’s not to say that it won’t happen. . . rather that it probably won’t. Looking at it from the point of view of Alaska getting a small swarm immediately following last nights Frisco shaker, I might have to say that Seattle and Anchorage might still have a chance at getting something from this yet, but again I don’t expect it to be the brunt of the potential seismic energy, rather just some foreshocks leading up to like Japan or China getting a major earthquake in a few more days, around 8.0 Richters Magnitude. November 4 will be about Day 30, and so this one should almost certainly strike on or before that day or like before Day 33 or November 7, 2007.
Finally, don’t forget about my friend The Full Moon Guy who wrote me in a recent E-Mail that there was an “Excellent seismic window from October 24, to October 31.” and in my opinion got the one last night almost exact. Then you will want to know that he goes on to say that there is an even bigger one, “November and December windows with mounting tidal forces are even more earthquake prone.” So, if I combine what he says with what I believe I know about that upcoming window, then methinks we should also be watching for some huge Super Cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere. . . or very, very severe winter weather with a lot of snow and blizzard conditions, in December.
Remember we are still watching for a major earthquake of about 8 Richters Magnitude and please feel free to help me alert the people that there might be seismic activity heading for them!
Thank-You, for reading!

The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EQ Alert: October 24, 2007 Full Moon-Jakarta and Indonesia

October 24, 2007

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

I just noticed that the full moon will be like on Thursday this week and so I thought I should send this alert out to remind everybody that the last big swarm of major earthquakes took place during the last full moon and almost exactly as the full moon guy says they happen! Now, with one major one still being due, it is looking more and more like the full moon just could play a major roll in this next upcoming one as well.
This one should strike around Jakarta and Indonesia at around 8.1 Richters Magnitude and could be maybe 8.1 Richters. (I suppose it could still strike around Valparaiso, Chile) Today was about Day 19 after the landfall of Typhoon Krosa on about October 4, so although I would expect the date of this upcoming major earthquake to be more like a day or two after the full moon or more, we should just the same begin watching for this one immediately. I would also expect a smallish tsunami to go along with this one, too.
Finally, I am trying to start a new blog on Blogspot so you might want to take a look at what I got so far at “earthquakealert” all one word or something like and Thank-You, again, everybody for reading!

The EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

There IS Presently One EQ Alert that is Active. It is mostly for Jakarta and Indonesia

There IS CURRENTLY at least one major earthquake that we have been waiting for to strike out around Indonesia which could still strike like this week at around 8.1 Richters Magnitude with potentially a smallish tsunami. This would be the potential seismic energy following Typhoon Krosa's landfall at Taiwan around October 4, 2007. Today being about Day 19, there will still be at least a few days before that Major Earthquake strikes, although it will most certianly be around Jakarta, I always like to let my California friends know the Pacific Tectonic Plate WILL be moving, and it could affect our own West Coast, however i don't think we will get the actual earthquake which will result from the landfall of this huge typhoon and all of the damage it did north of Taipai earlier. There are a number of entries concerning this alert at my MySpace under my blog at username "earthquakealert" all one word.
Thank-You, again for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Just About Have This Figured Out, Now!!!

You might have noticed this blog is starting to look like something, and i want to take this time to Thank-You, everybody for reading.
Also, i want to explain that i mostly track potential seismic energy which is the result of really big hurricanes and typhoons making landfall, such as Katrina/Islamabad, and Hurricane Hugo/World Series Quake, however there will be a few more causes for potential seismic activity that i will explain more as we go along. Until then you can visit my greatest journal as i explain here somewhere.
Since right now as i am writing is a rather quiet period, i will be filling in many entries with things like my cure for hangover, colds, and etc. Hope you will enjoy!

The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome to My EQ Alert Page on Blogspot!!!!!

October 19, 2007

I've been on Greatest Journal for many years now, and just decided this week to begin using Blogger!!! As soon as I can I will post ways that you can view all of my best material from like the years past or whatever. Until then you might find some of my writings as well as some digital stuff under the same name I'm using here, "earthquakealert" all one word, at any of You Tube, Greatest Journal, or Myspace, and probably some other places, as well!!!
Thank-You, again, everybody for reading all of my writings!!!

The EQ Alert Guy