Friday, October 31, 2014

S.F. Giants WON 2014 World Series Podcast: CLICK Arrow:

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2.2 Richters Centerville, South Carolina! With Felt Report From Charleston, S.C.!!! Watch East Coast!!!

Here's This Weeks EQ Podcast: S.F. Giants WON World Series!!! CLICK Arrow: NOW Todays EQ Blog:

This reminds me that while all of this other earthquake stuff is going on, there is still one good sized earthquake alert going for East Coast as a result of that landfall of actually 2 big hurricanes at Bermuda on October 12, and Octoer 17, 2014, Fay and Gonzalo. There was also a landfall at Antigua of Gonzalo that could play a factor in some East Coast shakers, too.

Well, it will be Halloween and let's see if any of my local folks are reading this by showing you all in advance what Imma look like on Halloween!!! Who's gonna be reading my EQ Blog and also be going to either my local gas station where I just might be seen, or say a certain store I might have occasion to visit!!!
So, we will now keep watching for more earth-quakes to be striking around San Francisco, Napa, along with all those other places that are situated along the line between Ft. Bragg and Twenty-Nine Palms, California.

There is also some earthquake energy heading for the Shanghai, China Region and my notes say November 2, 2014 will be Day 21 after the landfall at Okinawa of Typhoon Vongfong. This will mean we should continue to watch because if this one strikes at one of those large population areas of China it will mean a lot of trouble for our friends in China!

Our main concern here in The U.S. is that landfall of Super Typhoon Phanphone at Japan on October 5, 2014 and those 150 Mph winds that were at one time associated with that huge windstorm. November 5, 2014 will be Day 31 after that huge landfall and it looks like that will ALSO be the November 2014 Full Moon at 4:23pm Central Standard Time and so it is probable there will be a lot of shaking going on!!! All of the earthquakes currently shaking at that shaky North Of Reno location tells me this Major 7.3 Richters Earthquake IS COMING!!!!! Here is a link to see the entire list of earthquakes currently shaking North of Reno!!!!! @

Lots of earthquakes to be watching for including East Coast, San Francisco-Napa, and Shanghai, China!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

San Francisco Giants WON The 2014 World Series!!!!! Congratulations San Francisco!!! UPDATE: LOTS Of Earthquakes Striking Hawaii, Napa, And North Of Reno!!!!!

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and you all might just want another chance to see this weeks EQ Video Log where I have already gone ahead and congratulated them!!! You can see it at this link to YouTube and then we can move on to some real earthquake stuff!!! @ AND This Just In: The S.F. Giants Parade will start at Noon Friday at 2nd and Market and head up Market to City Hall, courtesy of one of my EQ Twitter friends and followers!!! Again Congrats!!! Now let us move on.

UPDATE: And I know this update is probably more important than the parade, but here it is!!! First, I notice Hawaii getting a SWARM! Mostly due to all the talk about the Lava attacking that neighborhood we've been hearing about and now a swarm there is showing up, so check it out at Earthquake Central: , NEXT there is now a lot of earthquakes striking Lakeview, Oregon or that same hotspot North of Reno that PRECEDED the last big Napa, California Earthquake having even begun at 8:16am Pacific Time with a 4.1 that has felt reports from American Canyon, California telling me it is SHAKING THERE!!! Here's That List that will need updating later today: Finally at 7:07am Pacific there was a 2.5 at American Canyon-Napa with so far 25 felt reports from American Canyon and several from Vallejo! So, let us please watch San Francisco-Napa because this could be the Aftershock!!! We're watching for 7.3 Richters, but 5 or 6 Richters could shake, too!!! There have also now been 2 earthquakes near Charleston at 2.2 and 1.8 so something more could shake our East Coast, too!!! Now Todays EQ Blog:

Well, along with everything else going on this JUST IN!!! 2.6 Richters Kansas!!! This one shook at exactly 9 Minutes after 10pm Central Time and must have been in the middle of that big celebration in Kansas City for your San Francisco Giants!!! That's the only explanation I can give you! Have been watching Kansas closely and am even a little bit surprised myself to just now see that on the list of latest earthquakes!!!

While all the other stuff going on, there were a few earthquakes around the Yellowstone area, too! Here is the list as of this writing.
2.7 28km SSE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2014-10-29 16:55:06
2.4 26km SSE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2014-10-29 15:36:59
1.5 24km SSE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2014-10-29 10:50:57
0.9 13km NE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2014-10-29 04:12:05
0.8 14km NNE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2014-10-28 20:54:36

And these usually shake along in sympathy with the California Earthquakes, so keep watching California, and now Yellowstone for these two epicenters to correlate!!!

Also, there was a 2.6 Napa Earthquake again! This one with 65 Felt Reports from Napa, and a 2.3 San Simeon with one felt report coming from San Francisco which we now know means all this earthquake energy is connected! You might as well be connecting all of the above Yellowstone Earthquakes, too, and start understanding that all of our West Coast is pretty much shaking!!! At what point all of this shaking will eventually become this upcoming 7.3 or BIGGER Earthquake only time will tell!!! So, keep watching San Francisco, Napa, and California and can't forget China and Indonesia, too, because there are still some major shakers out there!!! One more time Congratulations San Francisco Giants on Winning The 2014 World Series!!!!! Yours Truly, The EQ Alert Guy

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3.6 Richters Strikes At Geysers, California!!! Private Rocket Explodes On Lift-Off From Virginia Launch Pad!!!!!

Hard to say what story here is really the most important, but let's go with the earthquake story and stay on subject for a moment! In the moments before writing this EQ Blog, my phone rang at just the last moment before writing and there was this 3.6 Richters Earthquake with the following Felt Report and it will probably grow much larger as the day goes by and so I will update it later if nothing additional and too major interrupts, for now here are the felt reports as of very early Wednesday:

Berkeley (94702) CA United States of America........1....112 km
Calistoga (94515) CA United States of America.......4.....26 km
Cloverdale (95425) CA United States of America.....1.....23 km
Geyserville (95441) CA United States of America.....1.....10 km
Healdsburg (95448) CA United States of America....25.....20 km
Kelseyville (95451) CA United States of America.....3.....13 km
Middletown (95461) CA United States of America....4.....14 km
Petaluma (94952) CA United States of America.......1.....64 km
Rio Dell (95562) CA United States of America.........1....220 km
San Francisco (94111) CA United States of America..1....115 km
San Francisco (94114) CA United States of America..3....119 km
San Francisco (94123) CA United States of America..1....114 km
San Francisco (94158) CA United States of America..1....119 km
Santa Rosa (95404) CA United States of America.....1.....47 km
Sebastopol (95472) CA United States of America.....1.....45 km
Sonoma (95476) CA United States of America..........1.....67 km

At work tonight I just happened to catch the end of this story and so when I got home I noticed it on the front page of MSN and got caught up on what was going on with the "Private Rocket Biz" and here is a link to a Great Story all about what happened there in Virginia today! Needless to say stocks immediately went down in "After Hours Trading" but can almost also be expected to continue going down in the morning in about the same manner as their private rocket went down in a ball of flames 11 seconds after take-off on Wednesday @ . . and as for their next launch scheduled for December 9? As of this writing it is still planned to go off on schedule, but I suppose that will now be subject to change, too, one can only guess? Personally, I miss NASA and am sorry for all my friends living out there in that Virginia neighborhood like the lady who reported here restaurant shook!!!

Finally, we are watching Very Severe Tropical Cyclone Nilofar close to see exactly when and where it makes landfall around Myanmar and Bangladesh due to it being about the next Major Earthquake and this one has the potential to generate enough Major Earthquake energy to become the next big Earthquake/Tsunami over in that region!!!

Keep watching all of these California Earthquakes because they are most likely all leading to this upcoming 7.3 Richters Earthquake as we get closer to the next Full Moon on November 6, 2014 and with today being Day 24, that should put us in the Day 30 or Day 33 Range!!! Be Watching for Major California Earthquake!!! And Go Giants!!! EQ Guy

WATCH This Weeks EQ V-Log on YouTube:

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

4.5 Richters San Francisco Del Mar, Mexico!!! PLUS: World Series Game 6 Tonight, Go Giants!!! Watch For Earthquakes!!! UPDATE: Cyclone Nilofar Now Upgraded to VERY SEVERE!!! Landfall End Of This Week!!!

UPDATE: This just in, the Pakistan Meteorological Department has now UPGRADED Cyclone Nilofar from Severe to VERY SEVERE now with top windspeeds of 127 Miles Per Hour. Looks like Very Severe Tropical Cyclone Nilofar will be making landfall somewhere around Myanmar and Bangladesh around the end of this week and WILL MEAN More Major Earthquakes!!! This time possibly China, Indonesia, or Japan Again!!! Stay tuned as that landfall approaches!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

I want to start out todays EQ Blog with this weeks Video Log that I decided I must Congratulate the San Francisco Giants now, due to the fact that the Next V-Log is next Monday, so Let's Congratulate Giants TODAY!!!!! CLICK Arrow:
You can also WATCH on YouTube:

As I discussed in yesterdays EQ Blog about the following two earthquakes that struck near San Francisco and Los Angeles within about a half-hour of each other, I believe I stated that if a lot of felt reports came in on those I would print the felt reports and a fair amount did come in during the day for both of those so here are both felt reports:

Felt Report for 2.3 Napa, California Earthquake at 8:21am Pacific Time on Monday:
American Canyon CA, United States of America.......1.....13 km
Napa (94558) CA, United States of America............3.....30 km
Napa (94559) CA, United States of America............2......8 km
Oakland (94607) CA, United States of America........1.....48 km
San Ramon (94583) CA, United States of America...1.....61 km

AND The felt report for the 2.5 Brea/La Habra, California Earthquake of 8:59am Pacific Time also on Monday:
Anaheim (92805) CA, United States of America........1.....11 km
Brea (92821) CA, United States of America............32......1 km
Carson (90745) CA, United States of America..........1.....36 km
Diamond Bar (91765) CA, United States of America.1......9 km
Fullerton (92831) CA, United States of America.......1......6 km
Fullerton (92832) CA, United States of America.......1......7 km
Fullerton (92835) CA, United States of America......26......4 km
La Habra (90631) CA, United States of America.......7......5 km
Los Angeles (90058) CA, United States of America...1.....31 km
Monterey Park(91754) CA, United States of America.1.....26 km
Placentia (92870) CA, United States of America.........7......7 km
RowlandHeights(91748) CA, United States of America.5......4 km
Yorba Linda (92886) CA, United States of America.....2.....10 km

This was a lot of shaking at both of these major cities and this much shaking is sure to be ushering in still more earthquakes including possibly the Major Earthquake that we are watching for at 7.3 Richters! These could be foreshocks and both directly along the line that we are watching, too! And didn't I say enough times Napa Aftershock!!! Continue Watching California for Major Earthquake and Go Giants in Game 6, tonight!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Congratulations San Francisco Giants WON 2014 World Series!!!!! CLICK Arrow:

Next V-Log is next Monday, so Let's Congratulate Giants TODAY!!!!! CLICK Arrow:
Thank-You For Watching and Congratulations S.F. Giants!!!!! EQ Guy

WATCH on YouTube:

Giants WIN Game 5 of 2014 World Series!!! Score=5 To 0, Now LEAD 3 to 2!!! ALSO: UPDATE!!! 2.4 Napa, and 2.6 Brea/La Habra, California!!! WATCH L.A. And San Francisco!!!

UPDATING The EQ Blog that is going to go on into smaller earthquakes that struck last night around Game 5 follows. There have just now as of 9am Pacific Time been TWO Medium Sized Earthquakes at Napa, and Brea/La Habra, California at 2.4 and 2.6 with many felt reports coming in at present including from Oakland-Napa, and Carson, Monterey-Brea/La Habra, so far!!! WATCH For a Huge Shaker L.A. and San Francisco!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

I know a 1.3 and 2.8 aren't too much in the way of earthquakes, but that 2.8 is actually as close as this World Series came to having any earthquakes at all and the 2.8 struck at 15 minutes before midnight Central Time and almost the exact moment that game ended in San Francisco! The time would have been 9:15 Pacific Time on that earthquake and felt reports will not all be in for a while yet, Update! They are coming in and Mariposa is now up to 27 Felt Reports from that town situated 7 miles north of the epicenter and 1 Report came in from Apple Valley near Barstow and 415 Kilometers South of that Epicenter that is much more near Frisco and I might need to update this again later today! As far as the 1.3 is concerned, it is about the only earthquake that I can recall coming across the wire DURING one of the three games just finished Sunday Night in San Francisco that shook near that city! Although I was trying to sort of watch the latest earthquakes coming in right along with watching the game Sunday Night and a lot of the other games too, that was the first time I turned and seen a RED Spot on the screen in the area of San Francisco, albeit only a 1.3 and one smaller one.

So ends that particular portion of this alert or the part where the San Francisco Giants have been playing at A.T.& T. Park in Beautiful Downtown San Francisco!!! Now, for the Giants it is onto Kansas where the remaining two games of the 2014 World Series will be played. . . but for those of us that are not just here for baseball, but rather to watch to see what happens with all the California Earthquake Energy currently going on the action will continue in California and possibly still around San Francisco!!!

Now the San Francisco Giants have a "Travel Day" and then Game 6 will be on Tuesday and I only have to get out of work as the game is starting and get home to watch at what ever point it will be at half-hour after the start! San Francisco COULD WIN the 2014 World Series as early as Tuesday Night, too!!! Go Giants!!!

And keep watching along the line Ft. Bragg, Napa, Sacramento, Fresno, Barstow, Twenty-Nine Palms for a whole lot of Major Earthquake Energy that could come in the form of ONE Big Giant single Earthquake of 7.3 Richters, or probably even more likely about a 5.9 and a lot of 4 and 5 Richters Earthquakes scattered all along this line (FBNSFBTNP) and still watch around Shanghai, China for some shaking, too! EQ Guy

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Giants WIN Game 4 of 2014 World Series!!! Now Tied At 2 and 2!!! ALSO: 3.9 Lone Pine, 3.1 Running Springs; UPDATE: Now 2 More California Shakers Early Sunday!!!

San Francisco Giants WIN Game 4!!! Score=11 to 4, Series Now Tied at 2 Games!!! Enough about the World Series for now, Game 5 Tonight, Go Giants!!! Let us discuss all the earthquakes they are currently getting in California at the same time!

UPDATE: A 3.0 at Hidden Valley north of Santa Rosa with one felt report from Belvedere Tiburon (94920) near San Francisco Bay, and a 2.3 Redlands felt in Riverside, Fontana, and El Segundo!!! WATCH L.A. and San Francisco, there's more where all that came from!!! NOW Back To: Todays EQ Blog:

LOTS of earthquakes now shaking California with the biggest so far as of this writing being up in Running Springs and Big Bear City, California and Lone Pine at 3.9 and 3.1 with both of these being felt in a lot of East Los Angeles Neighborhoods. I will run felt reports if nothing else comes up that is much larger and more important to write about here. Also: 2.9 Barstow, and 2.7 Near San Francisco since I started writing this blog entry, too, all told looks like that earthquake energy is coming!!!

Here is one of those newspaper stories about yours truly!!! @ SPEAKING of Newspaper Stories, here are the two that made me famous at one time in the 1990's and right around the time of the Northridge Earthquake although neither of these seem to mention that!!! First the local newspaper story about my acting @ ACTUALLY From August 28, 1995 and more than a year after that earthquake and this here story came first and when a reporter seen it he demanded an interview for the local paper! @

Just seen one of those Beverly Hills Earthquakes just came in as I was writing and noticed it is another one from that Sepulveda Pass series that was very busy earlier this year! Now it could possibly be one place we might have to keep watching because that would be an awful place for the epicenter of a 7.3 Richters Earthquake. . . would it not. Beverly Hills 7.3 Richters? Sepulveda Pass 7.3 Richters? Encino? Or maybe nearby Northridge, again!

So, we will be watching Game 5 of the 2014 World Series and hoping for yet another WIN at A.T.&T. Park in San Francisco and also at the same time watching knowing there is at least one Major Shaker coming. . . even bigger that the Hunter Pence hit in the seventh inning last night you know!!! Be watching for Major Earthquake, Go Giants. . . and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

EQ Alert: San Francisco Continues On Saturday And Sunday!!! 7.3 Richters Still Out There!!! UPDATE: 3.1 Running Springs And 3.6 Lone Pine, California!!!

UPDATE: The 3.1 Running Springs, California Earthquake at 4am Pacific was also felt in San Bernardino, and the 3.6 Lone Pine, California Earthquake at 7:30am Pacific rang my phone and was also felt in San Dimas. . . . . and Big Bear City!!! Looks like we might have to start watching Los Angeles CLOSELY for some of this 7.3 Richters that is still upcoming!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

For people who might just now be joining us in the middle of this HUGE Alert for a Major Earthquake to strike San Francisco or a Napa Aftershock, here is the link to that already existing Official Prediction with all of the info we are talking about here these days including for San Francisco this weekend:

I will of course go into more details on all that after this weeks EQ Podcast: CLICK Arrow:

So, here is what this alert consists of, a 7.3 Richters Earthquake is due to probably strike California in the coming days with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday being days 19, 20, and 21, with Day 31 casually strolling along following all the present hubub on November 5, 2014 just for folks who have been really wanting this earthquake to strike during the 2014 World Series. Truth is the alert will have to be continued on for quite some time beyond the final game of the series, which after Friday Night is looking ever so much more like it will probably go to Game 7!!!

This is a big alert and my experience with these ones involving the Pacific Tectonic Plate tells me it will most likely strike on time in the coming days, but while we are watching for a total 7.3, these also commonly strike at 5.8 or 5.9 and are then followed by a very generous number of continued movements of the tectonic plate boundaries along the line they strike for several days, too!

Watch that line of Major Earthquake Energy that intersects Napa, California and goes on to intersect Fresno, Barstow, and 29 Palms, for a couple more days, yet, and keep watching around A.T.&T. Park in San Francisco because there is a Major Earthquake out there and it WILL Strike in some form in the coming days!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, October 24, 2014

EQ Podcast: 2014 World Series Game 3, A.T. & T. Park in Beautiful Downtown San Francisco And 7.3 Richters Headed There With October New Moon, Too!!! CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

WHEN Will San Francisco-Napa Earthquake Strike? Aftershock Due!!! Today? Tomorrow? 7.3 Richters??? THIS IS A BIG EQ ALERT!!!

Already a 5.1 Richters Earthquake at Fairbanks and several hours left of the October 2014 New Moon Window including the start of that Game 3 of the 2014 World Series to begin at A.T. & T. Park in Beautiful Downtown San Francisco!!!

This is a Big EQ Alert!!! This is an alert for a Major Earthquake that WILL BE Striking at or very near San Francisco and could possibly strike yet in this New Moon Window. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be Day 19, Day 20, and Day 21 of this alert and usually Day 18 through Day 23 are very busy when we are talking about such an alert making it very likely something will shake in just the coming moments and hours there!!!

The line of possible Major Earthquake Energy on this alert begins at Fort Bragg and runs through Santa Rosa, Napa, Sacramento, Fresno, Barstow, and Twenty-Nine Palms and probably continues on past San Diego and into Mexico there, too. Due to this being a "Straight-Line Alert" and following my now famous "Go Straight Theory" that list of towns include possibly several places that could become epicenters of earthquakes in just the coming hours. On at least one occasion all the earthquake energy we are watching for has been known to strike at several points along this line in the ranges of 4.5 to 5.9 Richters and seem to have the same total force as the one single big 7.3 we are watching for but all that is still too much math to learn to calculate, so for now just be watching and this could go as big as 7.3 Richters, but we will see!!!

Soooooo, Go Giants, because there probably WILL be a Game 3 there at A.T. & T. Park in San Francisco on Friday Night. . . or will there be? This earthquake could strike at any moment before the game, during the game, or on Saturday or Sunday there. Will it strike right in the middle of one of these games such as that 5.7 that struck in the middle of the San Diego Padres game in 2010? @ . . . Watch China and Indonesia, too, Thank-You Again For Reading and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Here's This Weeks EQ Podcast: Game 3!!! CLICK Arrow:

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

October New Moon Window!!! 3.3 Kansas!!! Watch For More Shakers!!! UPDATE: 5.1 Fairbanks

Update: As of 11:30am Central, there was a 5.1 Richters Earthquake 43 Miles Northwest of Fairbanks with so far 75 felt reports from Fairbanks and many others! Update in tomorrows EQ Blog. Keep Watching October New Moon Window and especially San Francisco where Game 3 is on Friday because they WILL be Shaking There!!!!! Exact Moment of New Moon 5pm Central, 3pm Pacific Today and window runs through Friday! Now Todays EQ Blog:

You probably won't want to hear any more about that World Series Game 2 at Kansas City. . . other than the fact that the series now heads to San Francisco on Friday!!! I'm saying that mostly because our very own San Francisco Giants lost to the Kansas City Royals something like 7 to 2. Just prior to that game there was a 3.3 Richters Earthquake at 5:48pm Central Time or just minutes before that game and actually just minutes after the October New Moon Window started, too!!! That exact moment was at 4:56pm Central or the window actually started 52 Minutes before that earthquake. Here is the felt report so far as of the deadline for this blog:

Anthony (67003) KS, United States of America.........1....16 km
Bluff City (67018) KS, United States of America........3.....6 km

There were also a total so far of 10 earthquakes in that Oklahoma series as of this writing for the past 24 hours, but will probably be more due to them almost always responding in that manner to the full and new moons.

There will be an eclipse later on Wednesday at about the same exact time as the exact moment as the New Moon or 5pm Central Time and 3pm Pacific. I will try to get some pictures of that and post them in tomorrows EQ Blog depending on my local weather and whether or not I can actually see the sun and sky if the sky is clear. .. or not. What if any effect this could have on all the earthquake energy going on I do not know right off hand, but new moon alone is most likely the primary trigger we will be the most concerned with. China, and Indonesia could be affected by this October New Moon Window as well and they could get bigger earthquakes.

Finally, I discovered on Tuesday morning I have a new EQ Twitter follower "Ariana Grande"!!! So, I have to confess to having to look Ariana up on Wikipedia to discover she is one of the newer stars of Nickelodeon TV Series "Victorious"!!! I've heard a lot about this series since it was at one time a lead in to another show that a good friend of mine was on. . . but haven't actually watched it enough to be familiar with Victorious, sorry! And Ariana Grande also has a new album due out very soon and I'm sure looking forward to that and wish Ariana the best of luck with her recording career and Thank-You For Following The EQ Alert Guy, too!!!!!

Watch California and especially San Francisco-Napa, California for a Major Aftershock of 7.3 Richters at any moment and Game 3 at San Francisco on Friday will be well within the October 2014 New Moon Window, too, so be prepared!!! Thank-You Again for following me, Ariana Grande!!!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2.4 Richters Kansas!!! San Francisco Giants WIN Game 1 of 2014 World Series!!!!! October New Moon Window Starts Today!!! GAME TIME UPDATE: 3.3 Richters Kansas!!!

As of Game Time of Game 2, there was a 3.3 Kansas Earthquake at 5:48pm Central Time and no felt reports in as of yet. New Moon Window has started Keep Watching Kansas!!! Now Todays EQ Blog:

Lots of stuff going on if you don't mind reading about the San Francisco Giants!!! Great Game insofar as leading the whole game by the likes of 7 Runs!!! And the Royals were hardly a match with that single homer there in the 7th Inning, too! Glad they won on Tuesday Night 7 to 1 with that 2.4 Richters Earthquake following at 11:09pm 200 miles from Kansas City! Now looking forward to Wednesday Nights Game 2!!!

Time to start thinking along the lines of the upcoming October 2014 NEW MOON!!! That exact moment will be Thursday at 5pm Central, but the window will begin on Wednesday at 4:56pm or you might wish to say right away on Wednesday due to adding a couple hours just for extra measure. Doesn't help that there is yet another World Series Game at Kansas City which I just realized is not actually IN the state of Kansas, no, it is in Missouri. Not saying Missouri can not get earthquakes either, obviously.

Heard there will be an eclipse, too, and so I'll be watching for that on Thursday around that same time, 5pm. They said you will need to have a fairly clear view of the horizon to view it because it will be close to local sunset. I suppose we already know that due to the fact that they are talking about that exact moment we know as the New Moon and on this particular occasion we are talking about 5pm Central Time and as most of you know it is very often the late night hours when the exact moment seems to strike. So, it will also be a fairly important New Moon Window because there are many earthquakes heading for different places such as China, Indonesia, and mainly California!!! San Francisco??? AND, at the very final hours of this New Moon Window that Game 3 at A.T. & T. Park in San Francisco!!!!! And about due for a Major Aftershock at Napa, California, too!!!!!

Didn't get as many views on this weeks Video Log for whatever reason so here is a chance to see it at YouTube if you missed it! Also check it out if you are not in an area that has had those Autumn Colors change, yet! Because we certainly have here in Wisconsin!!! LINK To This Weeks EQ V-Log at YouTube:

So, be watching all those places mentioned for major earthqukes and the October New Moon Window starts later today and actually that World Series Game 2 at Kansas City will now fall in this window, too! And that Oklahoma/Kansas Region is now already famous for shaking, shaking, shaking during those full and new moons, too!!! Let's see if the place shakes from either the New Moon, or those San Francisco Giants shaking the place up, too!!!!! Go Giants!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

6.0 Richters Columbia Downgraded To 5.6!!! World Series Game 1 At Kansas Tonight!!!

If nothing big comes in, I will talk about 2014 World Series Game 1. UPDATE: A 5.0 Struck 43 Miles From Fairbanks as I was writing this with 110 Felt Reports From Fairbanks, and 1 so far from Anchorage, now Todays EQ Blog: First here is this weeks EQ Video Log with lots more fall colors, too!!! CLICK Arrow:

LINK To YouTube: Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

Here is the latest 6.0 downgraded to a 5.6 at press time felt in all these Central America places:
Atuntaqui, Imbabura, Ecuador..........1.....51 km
Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador..........4.....58 km
Ibarra, Imbabura, Ecuador...............1.....41 km
Ipiales, Nariño, Colombia...............2.....35 km
Otavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador............1.....61 km
Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia............1....525 km
Potosí, Nariño, Colombia.............1.....39 km
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador...............1....113 km
Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia.1...1247 km
Ventanas, Los Ríos, Ecuador..........1....289 km

There was an earthquake similar to the Big California one that we are currently tracking and this one was at the same time a Los Angeles Lakers Play-Off was going on with them playing against Boston. Well, this particular earthquake was so close to striking while they were still playing in Los Angles that I remember discussing this as the series traveled back to Boston and saying this one could even hit in Boston, or otherwise it would surely continue to be a threat when they returned to Los Angeles in a couple days. Thinking I had all the bases covered and all I would have to do is wait for it to strike and see what city it would strike, I was satisfied with that description. How this story ended was when a 5.9 Richters struck the San Diego Padres game in San Diego! Although I was not able to find this series of blogs in time to show all of the links, here.

Something like that one is now facing us beginning right this moment as you are reading this due to the 2014 World Series Game 1 being in Kansas tonight and that region already getting A LOT of Earthquakes!!! Here are now 5 of those 12 total with the rest being located in Oklahoma:

3.0 17km SE of Anthony, Kansas 2014-10-21 06:55:44
2.1 15km SE of Anthony, Kansas 2014-10-20 22:46:29
2.6 15km SE of Anthony, Kansas 2014-10-20 18:30:47
2.6 16km SE of Anthony, Kansas 2014-10-20 16:33:16
3.1 15km SE of Anthony, Kansas 2014-10-20 09:25:02

Exact moment of the October 2014 New Moon will be this coming Thursday Evening at 5:00pm Central Time and it will run through Friday at 5, with World Series Game 3 starting at A.T. & T. Park at 7pm Central Time and that window probably running at least one more hour past the start of the game in San Francisco. So we will now need to watch around Kansas for something the next couple days and then extremely close at San Francisco on Friday!!! There are also big alerts for China and Sumatra so be watching there, too! Also East Coast and Cuba had a 4.1 so there could still be more of that 4.1 to 6.3 Richters East Coast, yet! Be Prepared and Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Napa Earthquakes, Aftershock? World Series And New Moon Both Coming!!! This Weeks Video Log!!! CLICK Arrow:

LINK To YouTube: Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

3 Napa, California Earthquakes! Landfall of Hurricane Ana At Far West Hawaiian Islands!!!

There was also a 1.9 Just South of Malibu and as far as I can see three earthquakes listing 5 miles Southwest of Napa, California as the location. Here is the felt report from one of the twin 2.3's that struck there in recent hours:

Napa (94558) CA, United States of America.....1.....30 km
Napa (94559) CA, United States of America.....4......7 km''

And the entire list of all three from USGS:
1.8 8km SW of Napa, California 2014-10-20 05:24:42
2.3 8km SW of Napa, California 2014-10-20 05:17:40
2.3 8km SW of Napa, California 2014-10-19 13:58:37

This is some earthquake energy now showing up at our West Coast exactly along the line where we are watching and right there although World Series Game #1 on Tuesday is being played in Kansas City. Be watching for that series to return to San Francisco later in the week because this earthquake alert is rated at a 7.3 and there is also a New Moon coming at the end of the week, but also during a World Series Game in San Francisco.

There was also a change in the direction of Hurricane Ana at Hawaii and it looks like it now struck the more far distant islands of Hawaii and damage reports will be coming in on that, too and I will report them as soon as I have them! Very sorry for folks out in those far west Hawaii Islands it looks like they are getting hit now.

So, there was also a 4.1 reported at Cuba and right along the line of landfall of Hurricane Gonzalo at Cuba and now be watching for more East Coast Shakers!!! 4.1 to 6.3 as well as China and Indonesia for a huge shaker!!! And be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo Makes Landfall At Bermuda! WATCH Our East Coast For Earthquakes!!! Now 4.1 to 6.3 Richters!!!

So, I waited around for more earthquake type stories and since no earthquakes came in as of this writing, I want to open with that huge Hurricane Gonzalo making landfall at Bermuda with winds at 110 mph! First, here is todays EQ Podcast followed by that story! CLICK Arrow to listen:
Combined with another previous landfall Gonzalo made at Antigua earlier in the week, we now have TWO Major sources of Major Earthquake Energy heading for our East Coast and now with the addition of all of whats going on right now at Bermuda as I am writing this, it could be that much more major, too!!! Maybe we should bump UP the range from 4.1 to 5.8, but let me just mostly say it is now looking a lot more like we will expect more than that lower number of 4.1 and instead now can expect possibly a minimum of a 5 Richters Earthquake somewhere along our East Coast! Thinking about it garden variety in that region would still be less than that, so perhaps we should leave it at 4.1 to 5.8 or 5.9 maybe. I don't know why, perhaps as usual out of precaution, I want to still raise the top number to 6.3 for our East Coast! Big is the word here and there is always just that chance that the earthquakes could get bigger around Richmond, Virginia, WDC, NJ, NY, and Etc. So, watch East Coast!!!

I figured my Grandma will only turn 100 once, so I went through a lot of pictures and today I want to include one of the best that I found of her in 1955, actually 5 years before I was born:
AND this other one is just a Great Picture of Grandma and Grandpa also from the 1950's:
Both Grandma and Grandpa are long gone, now, but I decided not to let Grandma's 100th Birthday just pass and be forgotten!!! Hope you all don't mind me including those Great Pics in todays EQ Blog where they may be viewed for eternity!!! Or for as long as all of these posts are maintained by the wonderful folks at Blogger!!! Thank-You Blogger for hosting my pics of Grandma and Grandpa!!!

There are still present alerts for China, Indonesia, and of course California, so be watching this weekend for Major Earthquakes and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, October 17, 2014

EQ Podcast: 25th Anniversary of World Series Earthquake!!! And San Francisco Giants Are Going To 2014 World Series!!! CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

San Francisco Giants Win Pennant!!!!! Going To World Series!!!!! On The 25th Anniversary Of World Series Earthquake!!!

Of course there is a lot of earthquake news today and otherwise the biggest news might have been that HUGE 25th Anniversary!!! Instead we are talking about that WIN over the Cardinals to send San Francisco Giants to the 2014 World Series!!!!! Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants!!! For Just having won the National League Championship at A.T.& T. Park in Beautiful Downtown San Francisco!!! In other news yet another HUGE Hurricane Gonzalo is about to strike Bermuda!!! MORE Huge Earthquake Energy is a given!!1 Also, October 17, 2014 my late Grandma would have turned 100!!! Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!!

Now the first game of the 2014 World Series will be Tuesday, October 21 at Kansas City so we won't worry so much about earthquakes there. . . although Kansas just so happens to be one of the places that they ARE getting earthquakes so I suppose some of you might already be thinking ahead and calling the next World Series Earthquake a BIG ONE that could very well strike in KANSAS!!! Anyways, that said Game 2 is the next day or Wednesday, October 22 after which they travel to San Francisco for Game 3 at A.T.& T Park on Friday followed by Game 4 Saturday, and Game 5 Sunday, October 26 with the final two games if needed back in Kansas on Tuesday October 28, and Wednesday October 29. Lots of time between now and then for earthquakes and I want everybody to remember there is a considerable amount of earthquake energy headed along the line with Fort Bragg and San Francisco directly along it! Or Napa, California anyways! Fresno, Barstow, and 29 Palms are also prominently situated along the line.

So far there have been 2 fair sized earthquakes, a 5.0 and a 5.1 Richters near Sumatra, Indonesia, and a 4.3 China along the Tectonic Plate boundary with the Indian Ocean!!! Something could be ready to shake around that Banda Aceh Region!!! At best there are some now significant earthquakes in that region with more to come in the up to 8 Magnitude Range.

Continue to watch around our East Coast for 4.1 to 5.8 Richters, and with today being the 25th Anniversary of Loma Prieta, I have to add that earthquake struck like day now Day 25 plus 18:05 if the exact number matters, after landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston, and today is basically only Day 12 after the landfall of Typhoon Phanphone at Japan, therefore while it IS the anniversary. . . the actual number of days will not coincide until two weeks from today or so. Since landfall of Hurricane Hugo was September 22, 1989 at 4:00 UTC at Isle of Palms, SC as a CAT-4, or 11pm on Sept. 21 CDT, not sure if Daylight or Standard Time in 1989, though. The Loma Priets earthquake was on October 17, 1989 at 5:04pm, while landfall of Typhoon Phanfone was on October 5 at 7pm CDT, which all told equals October 31, 2014 at 1:05pm CDT for the exact moment of that correlation I was talking about. It WILL however be Day 19, 20, and 21 that there will be games in San Francisco and barring any chance the final San Francisco Game will be around day 21, give or take a number of hours, but Day 19 through 21 are still good day number correlations if you know what I mean.

So watch East Coast for 4.1 to 5.9, as well as China and Indonesia and California will be under Earthquake Alert through October! Once Again Congratulations San Francisco Giants and Best of Luck in 2014 World Series!!! EQ Guy

This Weeks EQ Podcast: 25th Anniversary of World Series Earthquake!!! CLICK Arrow: Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma!!! And Thenk-You Everybody For Listening!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Giants WIN!!! One More Game For The 2014 WORLD SERIES!!!!! Also: 5.8 Richters Strikes Near Japan!!!

Well, spent most of my Wednesday Night watching me some San Francisco Giants baseball at beautiful downtown San Francisco's A.T.& T. Park!!! Of course most of my regular readers remember me Rollerblading that Embarcadero there back in August during Quake Chase 2014 Oakland and that great pic of the park from the other days EQ Blog! So, anywayz GIANTS WON!!! And with a win tonight they will go to the 2014 WORLD SERIES!!!!! I'll be watching that game!!! And with all due respect for the St. Louis team, may I hope the best for San Francisco!!!
Ok, so I went and looked and it looks like that other pic was of AT&T Park with no lights in the shot and I sort of think those lights high above the stadium are sort of a part of the shot, so today before I go into the next story about that earthquake offshore from Japan, I thought you might like to see my other Great Pic of A.T.& T. Park in San Francisco!!!

So, the other story today if nobody minds me changing the subject in the middle of all the excitement with World Series Play-Off's. . . is that 5.8 Richters Earthquake that struck 275 Miles South of Tokyo, Japan and as of this writing so far there does not seem to be any felt reports at all whatsoever. Although one story that I had already saw did say this one was felt in Tokyo, so the difference between a story reporting it was felt there and the USGS actually having any felt reports there on their DYFI=two different things. Was felt there just the same. Presently watching that region due to the fact that there could be a lot more shaking, but don't forget China is the big place in that region where I'm expecting all the action! Possibly over in Sumatra, Indonesia, too! THAT one could go as big as 8 Richters, too!

Can't forget California and San Francisco are expecting 7.3 Richters and getting a lot of foreshocks, too! Yesterday I received this story via Twitter from a follower in Frisco: Story about fault creep on Hayward fault that MIGHT lead to an Earthquake in California: If I got the story right, because it was interrupted in yesterdays EQ Blog by the 7.3 Nicaragua Earthquake and postponed until today, sorry!

Keep watching around the East Coast including Richmond, Virginia, Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York and Boston for that 4.1 to 5.8 Richters East Coast Shaker at any moment!!!

A couple more big windstorms, yet, before the hurricane season will let up! We will be watching Hawaii for the landfall of Hurricane Ana in the coming days and already know there is plenty of Major Earthquake Energy coming. . . and still more now coming after all that!!! Be Watching California and San Francisco for Major Shakers, Be Prepared, and GO GIANTS!!!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo Strikes At Anguilla And Antigua!!! Looks Like This Could Be East Coast Earthquake!!! Another 5.9!!!?

There are a lot of other big windstorms going on around the world right this moment as the deadline for the EQ Blog approached, but as I was going through all of the paperwork in front of me Tropical Storm Gonzalo stood out due to the fact that I had not quite yet gathered all of the latest information that I knew was out there. Well, it's in now and I'm sorry to say they have had substantial wind damage at Antiqua and Anguilla. Not sure which one had all the damage, but those are the two place names that I have and the sum total of damage consists mainly of a lot of uprooted trees and roofs off houses.

A quick glance at the drawing which features a line of the direction now Hurricane Gonzalo was headed across those islands and it just looks like the line is pointing directly to our East Coast!!! We will now be forced to interrupt a lot of other pretty good alerts to add Richmond, Virginia, and Washington, DC to the list and we should watch for about another exactly 5.9 Richmond in the coming days, but in the wake of the landfall of Hurricane Irene at Puerto Rico it was hardly a number of hours before that last big Virginia Earthquake of August 23, 2011. Be Watching!!! 5.9 Again, although this one should not be too much bigger than that and is likely going to be smaller such as between 4.1 and 5.8 Richters. Could happen, though, just can't be sure until all the damage reports come in from those places.

As promised, I have now posted that complete list of all the felt reports from yesterdays 7.3 Richters Earthquake at Nicaragua and there have also now been a few aftershocks. Here is the Felt Report from Yesterdays 7.3 at Nicaragua:

Now for the top story that I set out to write, and that is to watch Shanghai, China and that general region for about a 7 or 8 Magnitude Earthquake and possibly around Banda Aceh, Sumatra, and Indonesia, too. San Francisco will continue to be on that straight line heading across California and that could be 7.3 Richters and there is yet another World Series Play-Off Game Wednesday Night!!! Go Giants!!! And Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

7.3 Richters Strikes Offshore Nicaragua!!! WATCH For More Earthquakes, Too!!! World Series Play-Off Game Tonight At San Francisco!!!

This 7.3 Richters Earthquake just so happens to be the Magnitude we are watching California for. This Nicaragua earthquake was felt in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Belize, and Mexico and I will try to get the felt report later today as it keeps growing. UPDATE, the talk about a tsunami had now ended and is edited out of this blog. Here is the MSN Story: . . . Looks like that story keeps updating so I will leave the link there.

There was also a 6.1 near New Zealand at the Kermadec Islands, and an otherwise very noticeable 4.0 Richters Earthquake at Hawaii, both of which will not get any more discussion due to having a lot to write about 7.3 Richters at Nicaragua!

Our main concern will have to be focused on California and especially California because with all that going on along the Pacific Tectonic Plate, we should now be very concerned that something major COULD SHAKE at any moment, and we will especially want to watch and be aware of those 3 big World Series Play-Off Games that will be taking place at San Francisco beginning tonight!!! Here is the link to the latest list of earthquakes that might just be considered foreshocks at California, followed by all the ones at Hawaii, ALSO a lot of them, too!!! @ . . . AND THE HAWAII SHAKERS UPDATED AT:

Friday will be the 25th Anniversary of the Loma Prieta-World Series Earthquake so be watching AT & T Park this week since there will be 3 consecutive play-off games there!
AND so I don't know if you all will re-member this pic or not, but it is from my "Quake Chase 2014 Oakland" and the A.T.&T. Park is situated right in downtown San Francisco at the East End of The Embarcadero and we are definitely watching that whole entire region for this major 7.3 Richters possibly the one that just struck Monday Night at Nicaragua, but for sure there is plenty more where that came from and we must watch Frisco for quite some time, yet!!! Starting right now with the first pitch of that first game today, Tuesday, around 3 Central Time!!!

Might be something in this weeks EQ V-Log, but for sure still some nice fall colors if you don't mind some leaf peeping while major earthquakes are coming:

Note that there was also the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hudhud at India, as well as several new Hurricanes including one near Puerto Rico which could be earthquakes on our East Coast that I'll discuss tomorrow, for now we know there is no question Major Earthquakes are coming so right now could be a good time to start talking earthquake preparation!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Landfalls Of Super Typhoon Vongfong And Cyclone Hudhud Means HUGE Earthquakes Coming!!! Also: San Francisco Could Shake SOON!!!

The landfall of Tropical Cyclone Hudhud at India looks very bad on the satellite view and such landfalls have a history of preceding Great Earthquakes in that region! On this occasion that also means Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia and China, but China is also in line with the landfall of Super Typhoon Vongfong at Okinawa and is certain to get some of the earthquakes that are now coming. Some heavily populated parts of China will be involved, too!

Here's this weeks new EQ Video Log with all the information about those two landfalls of a Super Typhoon and a Tropical Cyclone on Sunday: CLICK Arrow:
LINK Directly To YouTube:

4.0 and 3.9 at Mammoth Lakes caused me to feel the need to start a new page for that list at Earthquake Central due to the ongoing list growing to be too long. See that list now with a link to the old one if you don't believe it @ Felt Report for those will follow the V-Log.

The big part of this felt report from 4.0 Mammoth Lakes is that it was felt in Hayward, and there are two World Series Playoff Games, ALCS, at San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 14 and October 15 if anybody was wondering about the 25th Anniversary of the Great World Series Earthquake coming up on October 17, 2014. Here is that felt report:

Bishop (93514) CA...............5 Felt Reports, Distance=34 Km
Hayward (94544) CA............1 Felt Reports, Distance=289 km
Mammoth Lakes (93546) CA.3 Felt Reports, Distance=23 km

This had been prepared to go into this blog before the Mammoth Lakes Earthquakes so here is the felt report from 3.3 Richters at Joshua Tree, California earlier on Sunday, October 12, 2014 with the big thing about this one being all the places it was felt also having been mentioned in the recent Official Prediction!!!

Cathedral City (92234) CA United States of America........1...29 km
Desert Hot Springs (92240) CA United States of America.5...22 km
Indio (92201) CA United States of America...................1...37 km
Indio (92203) CA United States of America...................2...33 km
Joshua Tree (92252) CA United States of America........8...15 km
Palm Springs (92262) CA United States of America.......4...31 km
Palm Springs (92264) CA United States of America.......6...39 km
Sunland (91040) CA United States of America............1..185 km
Twentynine Palms (92277) CA United States of America...1...54 km
Yucca Valley (92284) CA United States of America......15...22 km

So, I suppose you could say that Los Angeles region might also get some of the earthquake energy heading across California and line J-SF actually intersects at least one of the towns on the above felt report, too!!! So be watching for earthquakes San Francisco, L.A., China, Philippines, Pakistan, and Indonesia because there are many major shakers heading in different directions now!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

This Weeks EQ Video Log!!! 2 Typhoons Making Landfall And LOTS Of Earthquakes Coming!!!

Be Watching For Earthquakes At Sumatra, Indonesia, and China!!! BIG Earthquakes, Too!!!!! CLICK Arrow:
Thank-You For Watching!!! EQ Guy

LINK Directly To YouTube:

ALL The New Major Earthquake Energy Heading For CHINA? Could Be About 7.9 Richters If So!!!

As of press time it does not look like former Super Typhoon Vongfong is going to be rebuilding out there in the South China Sea and therefore there is a chance no more major earthquake energy will be forming and threatening California and San Francisco.

Also starting to look like another landfall of yet another huge windstorm or Tropical Cyclone Hudhud in the Bay of Bengals about to make landfall at India! There have already been some foreshocks around Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. . . and I know this is short notice, but there could be something in the area of 7 or 8 Richters right there in that Sumatra, Banda Aceh, Phuket Region in the coming hours. And of course this earthquake energy will also lead up into India and Pakistan, too. Coincidentally the same region where an earlier Tropical Cyclone preceded the formation of a NEW ISLAND, this one could easily have the energy to do something like that, too!

Felt Report From 5.3 at Jalapa, Mexico 319 Miles Southeast of Mexico City on Saturday:
Atzacán, Veracruz, Mexico........................1.....333 km
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico...........1.....515 km
Niltepec, Oaxaca, Mexico...........................1.....113 km
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico..............3.....169 km
Rafael Delgado, Veracruz, Mexico...............1.....323 km
San Agustín de las Juntas, Oaxaca, Mexico.1.....149 km
Santa Lucía del Camino, Oaxaca, Mexico....1.....153 km
Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico.............1.....270 km

Although Super Typhoon Vongfong is not going to be too much of a threat now to Mainland Japan, we are going to now have to get used to the fact that it was its landfall at Okinawa that might be the source of all the earthquake energy we have been so worried about. While it looks like it won't add too much to the alerts for our West Coast, it looks like it could now be a huge concern for China such as Shanghai, and Beijing!

It looks like there are going to be some Major League Baseball games played in the coming days out there in the San Francisco Region, albeit NOT actually in San Francisco, but new stadium just the same. New stadium is a rule of earthquake energy that is what I like to call "Weight On The Tectonic Plate" and works well with brand new reservoirs where you can almost count on an earthquake, and some other areas where you nicely build something brand new and wouldn't you know it a Major Earthquake strikes! One of the more famous ones was a giant 800 bed hospital found later to have been built on a fault line and in retrospect today we now know the actual DAY they moved into that brand new hospital is today the day of the February 9, 1971 San Fernando Earthquake of 6.6 Richters. Its thought that a lot of traffic on the Mississippi River prior to those major earthquakes at New Madrid are also related to "Weight On The Plate" and San Francisco Earthquakes of 1868 and 1906 were both a lot of "Weight On The Plate" from all the brand new railroad traffic and unloading a lot of iron and railroad equipment as well as new construction from the millions of new people. Well, does new construction at Santa Clara Stadium and a lot of new San Francisco Giants fans filling that stadium also equal a lot of brand new "Weight On The Tectonic Plate"??? We will find out, because the series will return to San Francisco on Tuesday, October 14!!! And the Major Alert will continue in full force for that exact spot where this World Series Playoff Game will be played!!! Games there will follow on Wednesday, October 15, and Thursday, October 16th, too! So keep watching San Francisco for a Major Earthquake and for the S.F. Giants to go to the World Series!!!

Now possible BRAND NEW Major Earthquake Energy heading in the general direction of Shanghi, China and that region and if Okinawa turns out to have been ALL of the Earthquake Energy from Super Typhoon Vongfong, then it WILL be headed for CHINA!!! We will also need to start watching Banda Aceh, Sumatra, and Indonesia because of Hudhud!!! Stay Tuned!!! Thank-You Again For Reading! EQ Guy

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

6.3 Richters Strikes At Japan!!! DURING Landfall of Super Typhoon Vongfong At Okinawa!!! WE KNOW There's Earthquakes Coming!!!!! Be Prepared!!!

Most notably it was the final paragraph of yesterdays EQ Blog where I felt it very necessary to write a warning for JAPAN!!! It happens sometimes and I thought possibly due to happen again, that earthquakes WILL STRIKE at the exact moment as the huge windstorm is there also doing its business. The line I used yesterday was, "I should note that Japan might be about due for a Major Earthquake that strikes at the same moment as this typhoon. . . or in the moments and hours after!!! Be Prepared Japan, California, etc." You can see that entire paragraph at yesterdays EQ Blog if you missed that urgent warning, it's at: And here's those felt reports that have come in so far, although they are presently in the middle of that Super Typhoon, so not as many folks are reporting the shaking to USGS right at the moment:
Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan.....1 Felt Report, 243 km From Epicenter
Misawa, Aomori, Japan........1 Felt Report, 162 km From Epicenter
TagajÅ, Miyagi, Japan..........1 Felt Report, 357 km From Epicenter

Here's This Weeks Now Fabulous EQ Podcast that most certainly warns the same warning about Japan!!!
CLICK Arrow To Listen:
So, Super Typhoon Vongfong will continue its process of making landfall and crossing the islands out there to the immediate south of Japan such as Okinawa, then onto mainland Japan!!! Earthquakes will continue on, and especially that WARNING for Japan!!! Wouldn't surprise me if one of those major ones with a tsunami strikes especially Japan, but Alaska, Russia, Cascadia, and California are all on the list for Major Earthquakes and it is VERY POSSIBLE there will be MAJOR EARTHQUAKES in the coming moments and hours so now is the time to be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Looks like they LOVE this weeks V-Log-Autumn Colors!!! This link goes directly to YouTube where you can see that vid if you missed it, OR wish to see all the Great Fall Colors once again! @ THANK-YOU For Watching!!! EQ Guy

Friday, October 10, 2014

New EQ Podcast: Official Prediction San Francisco 7.3, CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

Mammoth Lakes SHAKES With That HUGE October Full Moon!!! AND Easter Island Region Earthquakes Continue, Too!!! BIG Earthquakes Coming!!!!!

UPDATE: Mammoth Lakes Continued Shaking all night!!! I updated the first paragraph here with all that:

The Mammoth Lakes Swarm magically started up again in full force the moment of the October Full Moon in fact it was even while folks were outside checking out the Great Eclipse that Mammoth Lakes began shaking once again!!! You can view that continuing and ever growing list over at Earthquake Central. UPDATE: Here's the link to that list at Earthquake Central: . . Meanwhile we are looking down the proverbial barrel at this now enormous Super Typhoon threatening Japan with the fact that there is no doubt it is going to become a major disaster. . . and even MORE Major Earthquake Energy and by the looks of it California and our West Coast, AGAIN!!!

Friday will be Day 26 after the landfall of Hurricane Odile at Mexico and those are some numbers enough that I thought it time to go over the towns along the two lines of earthquake energy created by that landfall. Of course line T-M-E & A, could still do something running through October 23-November 1, 2014. Just now discovered that 6.8 Near Easter Island in yesterdays EQ Blog is right now a 7.1 and so checked the globe to match it with earthquake energies around the world and found the other line I'm talking about here, or line T-LV-S and now want to suggest the 7.1 might have been a foreshock to a Major Earthquake that could strike between now and coincidentally the day of the Great World Series Earthquake. . . or October 17!!! This one is heading on a straight line for Snohomish, Washington but could affect Seattle and also crosses all across Nevada starting around Las Vegas and heading north between Reno and Winnemucca and onto Yakima, Washington. I suppose if the foreshock of this one was now 7.1 we should watch for this earthquake to be at least 7.1 but that probably depends on how much energy is released and we don't know that until it shakes!

Getting to be a lot of earthquakes out there in the Pacific around Easter Island and that Super Typhoon is getting closer and closer to landfall which should be in the next day or so, while something is going on around Mammoth Lakes and all of this will certainly mean more Major Earthquakes and very sorry to say California is right there in the middle of it all, too!!! I should note that Japan might be about due for a Major Earthquake that strikes at the same moment as this typhoon. . . or in the moments and hours after!!! Be Prepared Japan, California, etc.!!! EQ Guy

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Looks like they LOVE this weeks V-Log-Autumn Colors!!! This link goes directly to YouTube where you can see that vid if you missed it, OR wish to see all the Great Fall Colors once again! @ THANK-YOU For Watching!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 9, 2014

NEW Official Prediction San Francisco 7.3 Just Filed!!! ALSO: 6.8 Richters Near Easter Island!!! AND: Super Typhoon Vongfong 200 Mph Winds!!!

NEW Official Prediction just filed!!! @ You will want to make a note of the fact that the line described in this O.P. was found to go beyond Fort Bragg, Santa Rosa, Napa, and Sacramento to also intersect Fresno, Modesto, Barstow, Twenty-Nine Palms, and Nogales.

This one just came in at the last moments before I wrote this blog! A 6.8 so far followed immediately by a 6.0, 5.2, and 4.8, struck near Easter Island in the Pacific and very nearly along those lines we are watching for, BUT probably most importantly as a lot of my regular readers know, Easter Island Earthquakes are generally foreshocks of Major Earthquakes at Peru, and Chile. Although neither of those places currently have big alerts, it is still possible the movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate could result in a major earthquake in that region! You will also want to check out the now updated Hawaii Swarm @

Finally here is a Great Pic showing the projected path of Super Typhoon Vongfong that was recently reported with 200 Mph Gusts of wind approaching Japan!!!
You can see on this drawing where the line shows where it is expected to cross Japan and I want to go on to tell you right now that if it crosses as near where it shows, then it COULD mean even MORE Major Earthquake troubles for California!!! You could almost say it is time to keep your fingers crossed. . . that it doesn't get any closer to San Francisco or Los Angeles!!! Because that line there on the drawing DOES!!!

Thank-You For checking out this weeks EQ Video Log! Got a lot of views there and so thought I will run the direct link to it at Youtube! This link goes directly to YouTube where you can see that vid if you missed it, OR wish to see all the Great Fall Colors once again! @

LOTS of Now Major Earthquakes circling the Pacific Tectonic Plate and plenty more where that 6.8 Near Easter Island came from!!! WATCH For Major Earthquakes, California and Be Prepared!!!!! The EQ Alert Guy

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Now A 6.2 At Gulf of California Mexico!!! WATCH San Francisco And Napa Valley!!! October Full Moon!!! Update: 6.8 Easter Island!!!

Big Earthquake has just struck Mexico at 6.2 and felt reports are coming in as I'm writing right now! I will update later, for now check out the latest Video Log on BIG San Francisco Earthquake!!! CLICK Arrow:
OR This link directly to YouTube@ AND. . .

Here is the current felt report from Mexico as of 9:45pm Pacific:

Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.................................1.....151 km
Phoenix (85041) AZ, United States of America....1....1119 km
San Diego (92114) CA, United States of America.1....1299 km
Sun City (92587) CA, United States of America...1....1393 km

That Earthquake Swarm at Hawaii is continuing and probably means trouble eventually for somebody somewhere since I'm quite sure all this earthquake energy out in Hawaii will lead to a Major Movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate!!! See That Swarm @

So, we now have Typhoon Phanphone and Super Typhoon Vongfong and I'm sorry I'm getting all those pronunciations very boggled, too!!! LOTS of earthquakes from both of these already happening and plenty more to come!!! NOW The October Full Moon will be adding to all of this for the next couple days and through Wednesday into Thursday! With the latest being now Super Typhoon Vongfong with wind gusts of 185 mph and already earthquakes along that route!!! Sorry to say San Francisco and Napa Valley, California are very much directly ON one of those straight lines and certainly will be getting some of this upcoming brand new earthquake energy that is presently churning around out there in the Pacific!!! They are looking at a NEW 7.3 to go along with the present 7.6 Alert so be watching and Be Prepared San Francisco and Napa Valley!!! EQ Guy

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Video Log BIG San Francisco Earthquake Coming!!! ALSO: Super Typhoon Vongfong V-Log!!! CLICK Arrow:

OR This link directly to YouTube@ THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING!!! EQ Guy

5.8 Chile, And 5.9 Marrianna Islands!!! BIG Earthquake Coming San Francisco!!! 5.9? Bigger??? Update: 6.0 China Earthquake

UPDATE: Full Moon Window Started at 3:51am Pacific on Tuesday Morning and at 6:49am Pacific Time there was a 6.0 Richters Earthquake At China with no injuries or damage reported at this time. Now Todays EQ Blog:2014 Oct 8 10:51

This is the latest info on all the earthquake stuff currently going on and there is starting to be a lot of it! Now with the windspeeds of Typhoon Vongfong predicted to go as high as 185mph Gusts there will be even more earthquakes in the coming days besides the one 5.9 that struck Marianna Islands at almost the exact same time as Vongfong had just passed over that region! In fact I had to look extra close to see if it wasn't even on that same exact straight line with the path of Vongfong and it looks like it WAS!!! Trouble for anyone else situated along that path and possibly related to the 5.8 Iquique, Chile Earthquake of just moments ago or around Midnight Central Time. These are all of this new earthquake energy and San Francisco is very much one of the targets as well as Napa Valley and probably Northern California, too. Of course the line will eventually travel into Nevada and these commonly strike around a town called Curran, Nevada, but also watch Reno and this particular earthquake is currently rated at a theoretical 7.3 Richters.

Swarm is still going on at Hawaii with lots of earthquakes and here's The Latest Hawaii Swarm Info at Earthquake Central: Probably a sign that something major is going on since these swarms like this at Hawaii are kind of rare, although they do happen, it is possible that they are consistent with preceding the type of Major Earthquake that is now coming!

Finally the same way Marianna Islands just got that 5.8 in the wake of the landfall there, keep watching Japan to get a similar Major Earthquake in the wake of the landfall yesterday of Typhoon Phanphone! Full Moon Window has begun!!! Keep Watching San Francisco-Napa Valley because there are now two separate Major Earthquakes out there both headed in that general direction!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, October 6, 2014

BIG Earthquake Now Heading For San Francisco And Napa Valley!!! Super Typhoon Phanphone Makes Landfall At Japan!!!!!

Some Very BAD News To Start off your week, especially if you are one of my Good Friends and regular readers located in the San Francisco Area!!!!! Landfall of Super Typhoon Phanphone at Japan looks to be sending all of its potential (Theoretical) Earthquake Energy DIRECTLY in a line towards San Francisco and the Napa Valley Region of California!!!
Several readings of the straight line associated with this landfall just hours ago ALL head for the California Region beginning at San Francisco up to Northern California like Eureka with the majority of these crossing Napa Valley without question!!! Haven't given any thought to possible Magnitudes just yet as of this writing, but I will have more about that in coming EQ Blogs. Going to be big enough that we will definitely be talking about it here, though, and you know that for sure!

Probably connected to all the high winds striking at Japan is this here swarm that is also currently taking place at the Big Island of Hawaii. See that NEW Hawaii Swarm @

We will also want to watch Japan in the immediate hours and next couple days for the fact that there SHOULD also be a fairly big movement of those "Micro-Plates" in that immediate region along the lines of where all this earthquake energy has just been generated by that landfall. . . as a general rule some of the earthquake energy being generated will shake right there at the location where the landfall took place. Also usually a chance for places in the wake of this landfall such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Phuket Region to shake in the coming days, too.

All of this NEW Earthquake stuff that is now currently happening does not have anything at all to do with this other Official Prediction that will still very much be valid through November 1, 2014, but I will be filing a new O.P. on this new "Straight Line" Earthquake Energy in the coming hours and days!!! SEE The present Official Prediction @

I will now finish todays "Bad News Blog" with a rough estimate of the magnitude we could be looking at. Let's say something like a 7.3 for now with the option to change that when we get more time to calculate all those wind speeds! That number is thinking along the lines that Phanphone was downgraded from a Super Typhoon in the hours before it turned and approached Japan. At least a 7.3 Richters Earthquake coming San Francisco and Napa Valley!!! Start thinking about Earthquake Preparation Now!!! EQ Guy

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seismology Bulletin CONNECTS Fracking With Big Earthquakes In New Mexico!!!

Headline Story Today in this EQ Blog comes from Seismology Bulletin: Fracking (Or Wastewater Injection Disposal) Responsible For Majority of Seismicity!!! I removed the quotation marks because the story uses the term "Very High Volume injection wells" and you have to read Fracking into the final few sentences. But it does go into length describing all of the recent earthquakes around New Mexico especially while being very blunt about how it all works!!! Check Out the brief version of the article we are talking about @ To view the entire version you will need to connect with real Seismology folks like a Seismology Library or something!

Here is this weeks Oklahoma Earthquakes EQ Podcast: CLICK Arrow:

And finally there were two shakers at Columbia near border with Panama, 4.5 and 4.7 and especially appears Mammoth Lakes is either continuing or shaking again!

I also went and checked that Oklahoma series to find out if there was any correlation with the phases of the moon and came up with a given date of either Day 7 after the September New Moon. . . OR Day 8 Before the October Full Moon! There is one particular date situated directly amidst the Full and New Moons and that just so happened to be September 30, or the date we had 16 earthquakes at Oklahoma. Not sure if it will become a key date in the future, because it could. I have done complete investigations of each date before and after both full and new moons and came up with the numbers 7 and 8 before. My thought is there could be some kind of a arc or a sharp mathematical increase in earthquake activity on that date with a noticeable "Bump" in occurrences.

For now continue to watch because we know there are earthquakes still coming! There's still that earthquake energy out there along line T-LV-S and it will probably still strike in the coming days, so keep watching and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Friday, October 3, 2014

This Weeks Podcast Oklahoma Earthquakes: CLICK Arrow:

Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

4.3 Richters Kansas, And 3.1 Richters Texas!!! Watch For More Earthquakes Because Probably More Coming!!!

Probably the biggest news from Thursday was the 4.3 Richters Earthquake at Harpers, Kansas 124 Miles North of Oklahoma City, Here's the felt report:

Here is this weeks Oklahoma Earthquakes EQ Podcast: CLICK Arrow:
NOW Todays EQ Blog:

There was also just a 3.1 Richters Earthquake at the far eastern border of Texas and Louisiana that just so happened to strike at the exact moment a big storm looks to have crossed the epicenter on radar. That's a first for correlation with basic weather!!! Also one single felt report from Shreveport. Here is what the entire list of those earthquakes from Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma looks like as of early Friday Morning, and they might expect more to come:

3.1 16km ESE of Center, Texas 2014-10-02 23:52:33
3.1 8km SE of Harper, Kansas 2014-10-02 17:50:49
3.4 7km SE of Harper, Kansas 2014-10-02 13:35:43
4.3 8km SE of Harper, Kansas 2014-10-02 13:01:24
2.8 6km S of Guthrie, Oklahoma 2014-10-02 05:46:55

Those were the Oklahoma earthquakes that we have been talking about so if you are a person interested in the earthquakes in that region, you might be interested to know that they have just moved further north. . . and further south! No telling what they might do next and that 4.3 sort of put them on the map, too, by the looks of all the felt reports there!

Looks like the X-Prize people are adding up the VOTES for the different causes and EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION might just need to get enough votes to survive at some point! Not sure if there is any harm in asking all my readers to go there and vote for "Earthquake Prediction" which currently had 26 votes and still could use a few to pull ahead of Ocean Mapping, Road Electrification, and Wireless Power Transmission!!! Of course we are already and want to keep ahead of such causes as Invisibility, Museum Digitization, and Asteroid Deflection, so please VOTE!!! Link to X-Prize one more time, Please VOTE for Earthquake Prediction!!! @

Friday will be Day 19 after landfall of Hurricane Odile at Mexico, and Saturday will be Day 20 so we will need to watch closely for earthquakes around California because there is probably still another one along line T-LV-S which also includes Las Vegas, and Snohomish, Washington, too!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

LOTS Of Earthquakes North Of Reno, Nevada!!! And Vote For Earthquake Prediction X-Prize!!! UPDATE: 3.2 Just South of Catalina Island!!!

UPDATE: This 3.2 a few miles South of Avalon on Catalina Island, California struck at 11pm Pacific and was felt Fullerton, L.A., Laguna Beach, and Covina! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Earthquakes started up North Of Reno, Again!!! See the entire list from recent hours at Earthquake Central @

So, we can at least for today say that we know something is going on there in that very shaky Cal-Nev Region!!! Here is the now updated and continuing Mammoth Lakes Swarm:

Of course, Oklahoma continues to shake, too!!! Here is a link provided by some Twitter friends that goes directly to Oklahoma Geophysics with exclusively ALL the Oklahoma Earthquakes @

Further inquiry revealed the fact that X-Prize may not have set out to begin that whole "Earthquake Prediction Process" after all, no, rather it is looking like the page with all the info I refereed to yesterday was probably a page requesting our interest in the subject and ASKING for us to vote respectively!!! So, today I want to ask all my EQ Friends to go to this website and vote for Earthquake Prediction!!! Vote for the "Earthquake Prediction X-Prize" @ . . . NOW don't get me wrong, you may wish to vote for some other great projects there, too, and there are many other worthwhile projects that you might also wish to vote for and that can also benefit from X-Prize competition. The general page to check out all the great ideas is at:

For now let us watch for that 7.6 Richters Earthquake around California or possibly still Alaska and even likely Japan or elsewhere and certainly no match for the boundaries set out by X-Prize in the story I discussed yesterday. . . so first we will vote and go from there! And watch for earthquakes, too!!! EQ Guy

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is Something Going On In Oklahoma? Because 13 MORE Earthquakes In 24 More Hours!? UPDATE: 3.9 Strikes North of Reno!!!

UPDATE: Phone rang early today with a 3.9 at Lakeview Just North of Reno, Nevada and has had like 8 big aftershocks since the 3.9 at 5:46am Pacific Time! WATCH For More, There!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

In the process of gathering all the usual information for todays EQ Blog, I just happened to notice a lot of dots on the map around Oklahoma. Not all that unusual due to naturally there probably being one or two in that region except when I closed in on it with the zoom, it continued to be a huge list! Still thinking it probably was just slow catching up and so I waited a moment and glanced at the list while I waited the few seconds it might take to update the list as I zoomed-in. Well, that was when I began to get the feeling that this WAS the list. . . and here is what I saw:

2.5 12km WNW of Medford, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 22:49:10
2.8 14km WNW of Medford, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 20:30:50
3.0 11km WNW of Parsons, Kansas 2014-09-30 19:33:28
3.0 7km NNW of Spencer, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 17:12:10
2.6 12km SSE of Perry, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 14:34:22
2.9 7km SE of Harper, Kansas 2014-09-30 13:49:52
2.6 11km N of Yale, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 11:29:02
3.1 8km ESE of Harper, Kansas 2014-09-30 10:24:31
3.8 8km SE of Harper, Kansas 2014-09-30 09:55:04
2.6 9km NNE of Perry, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 09:43:16
3.3 10km ESE of Harper, Kansas 2014-09-30 07:30:26
3.5 24km WSW of Perry, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 01:06:01
3.3 25km WSW of Perry, Oklahoma 2014-09-30 00:58:46

Absent the two big 4 Magnitude earthquakes of yesterday, I started to wonder what is the reason this was also a story yesterday? Simply put, why is Oklahoma getting so many earthquakes in the last 24 hours that was 13!!! The 24 hours before that was a lot, too, but included two in the 4 Range! These must be shaking that state very dramatically and I can only guess it to mean a huge earthquake is imminent, but how soon and how big is big in Oklahoma? Felt reports from the various earthquakes have come in yesterday from Joplin, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and many from Kansas! Reviewing yesterdays 4.1 and I find Kansas City, Missouri and Wichita to add to the list of places where they are feeling these earthquakes.

Meanwhile there continue to also be a lot of earthquakes involved in the Mammoth Lakes Swarm at Northern California and I was going to write that 20 seemed like a lot of earthquakes for California, but after seeing Oklahoma. . . nevermind! So, here's the updated Mammoth Lakes Swarm anyways: At Earthquake Central: @

Seem to be doing fairly good on my Video Logs and so here's a link to view this weeks V-Log on YouTube:

Not sure if anybody else was interested in this, but it looks like the X-Prize for Earthquake Prediction has hit the streets! Yes, the criteria was posted to their website recently and they have now stated that they will need a prediction within 200 Kilometers (120 Miles?), plus or minus 14 days (False positive rates, within a +/- 14-day window of the predicted earthquake, shall not exceed 50 percent)(???), any magnitude over 6, and appears you don't have to guess the magnitude (Ha-Ha), and 3 of these are needed to WIN!!! I just so happen to know a few people who will probably be interested in this "Competition" and am not sure who these "Teams" will turn out to be or how they should go about entering a team into the competition such as other X-Prize teams have in the past. Good-Luck To All Who Enter!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy

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