Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big EQ Alert Still Active for Japan, China, Indonesia. Possible 8.0 Richters Shaker Coming

There were several fairly good shakers last night and today and if you look at all of them in the order that they are situated all around the Pacific, you might agree with me that this looks like the Pacific Tectonic Plate is moving. I have been following the potential seismic activity from Typhoon Krosa which made landfall at Taipei on about October 4, 2007 and today is Day 27 after that landfall.
I had been expecting this potential seismic energy to be striking over around Jakarta, Indonesia very soon, and although I generally send out an alert that will notify my friends on the West Coast, it looks like I didn’t do that prior to the one that struck near San Jose last night. If you are reading my new blog on blogspot, you might have noticed that it does mention my friends in California, so I sort of remembered.
Now, I am mostly just writing tonight to tell everybody that there is still that one big source of potential seismic energy heading for somebody, somewhere, but this really shouldn’t be the big one for like San Francisco, or Los Angeles. That’s not to say that it won’t happen. . . rather that it probably won’t. Looking at it from the point of view of Alaska getting a small swarm immediately following last nights Frisco shaker, I might have to say that Seattle and Anchorage might still have a chance at getting something from this yet, but again I don’t expect it to be the brunt of the potential seismic energy, rather just some foreshocks leading up to like Japan or China getting a major earthquake in a few more days, around 8.0 Richters Magnitude. November 4 will be about Day 30, and so this one should almost certainly strike on or before that day or like before Day 33 or November 7, 2007.
Finally, don’t forget about my friend The Full Moon Guy who wrote me in a recent E-Mail that there was an “Excellent seismic window from October 24, to October 31.” and in my opinion got the one last night almost exact. Then you will want to know that he goes on to say that there is an even bigger one, “November and December windows with mounting tidal forces are even more earthquake prone.” So, if I combine what he says with what I believe I know about that upcoming window, then methinks we should also be watching for some huge Super Cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere. . . or very, very severe winter weather with a lot of snow and blizzard conditions, in December.
Remember we are still watching for a major earthquake of about 8 Richters Magnitude and please feel free to help me alert the people that there might be seismic activity heading for them!
Thank-You, for reading!

The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EQ Alert: October 24, 2007 Full Moon-Jakarta and Indonesia

October 24, 2007

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

I just noticed that the full moon will be like on Thursday this week and so I thought I should send this alert out to remind everybody that the last big swarm of major earthquakes took place during the last full moon and almost exactly as the full moon guy says they happen! Now, with one major one still being due, it is looking more and more like the full moon just could play a major roll in this next upcoming one as well.
This one should strike around Jakarta and Indonesia at around 8.1 Richters Magnitude and could be maybe 8.1 Richters. (I suppose it could still strike around Valparaiso, Chile) Today was about Day 19 after the landfall of Typhoon Krosa on about October 4, so although I would expect the date of this upcoming major earthquake to be more like a day or two after the full moon or more, we should just the same begin watching for this one immediately. I would also expect a smallish tsunami to go along with this one, too.
Finally, I am trying to start a new blog on Blogspot so you might want to take a look at what I got so far at “earthquakealert” all one word or something like and Thank-You, again, everybody for reading!

The EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

There IS Presently One EQ Alert that is Active. It is mostly for Jakarta and Indonesia

There IS CURRENTLY at least one major earthquake that we have been waiting for to strike out around Indonesia which could still strike like this week at around 8.1 Richters Magnitude with potentially a smallish tsunami. This would be the potential seismic energy following Typhoon Krosa's landfall at Taiwan around October 4, 2007. Today being about Day 19, there will still be at least a few days before that Major Earthquake strikes, although it will most certianly be around Jakarta, I always like to let my California friends know the Pacific Tectonic Plate WILL be moving, and it could affect our own West Coast, however i don't think we will get the actual earthquake which will result from the landfall of this huge typhoon and all of the damage it did north of Taipai earlier. There are a number of entries concerning this alert at my MySpace under my blog at username "earthquakealert" all one word.
Thank-You, again for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Just About Have This Figured Out, Now!!!

You might have noticed this blog is starting to look like something, and i want to take this time to Thank-You, everybody for reading.
Also, i want to explain that i mostly track potential seismic energy which is the result of really big hurricanes and typhoons making landfall, such as Katrina/Islamabad, and Hurricane Hugo/World Series Quake, however there will be a few more causes for potential seismic activity that i will explain more as we go along. Until then you can visit my greatest journal as i explain here somewhere.
Since right now as i am writing is a rather quiet period, i will be filling in many entries with things like my cure for hangover, colds, and etc. Hope you will enjoy!

The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome to My EQ Alert Page on Blogspot!!!!!

October 19, 2007

I've been on Greatest Journal for many years now, and just decided this week to begin using Blogger!!! As soon as I can I will post ways that you can view all of my best material from like the years past or whatever. Until then you might find some of my writings as well as some digital stuff under the same name I'm using here, "earthquakealert" all one word, at any of You Tube, Greatest Journal, or Myspace, and probably some other places, as well!!!
Thank-You, again, everybody for reading all of my writings!!!

The EQ Alert Guy