Sunday, March 28, 2010

Full Moon--Again!!! Alert Now, Full Moon Tuesday!!!

I want everybody to be aware that the last full moon alert was a great one insofar as effective alerts are concerned. Without going into any details about how the seismic energy rises in the few days before a full moon and you might say peaks the night of the full moon, the Chile earthquake struck on one of those days! Checking back at my alert and Twitter that night, I had a spectacular, “Tweet” just 3 hours before the Chile earthquake struck!!!

Now, it is again time to announce that the next full moon will be Tuesday Night, and beginning tonight, Sunday Night, there will be increased potential for earthquakes! While this doesn’t always necessarily mean anything like every time a full moon occurs, this one is worth noting. Presently, though, all of my current alerts are for places that are situated directly in line with the potential earthquake energy. From Juneau, Alaska, to Yukon, Northern Canada, Labrador, St. Johns and Newfoundland, as well as the far northern coast of the U.S. and Montreal. It will also be Day 30 after Cyclone Xynthia at France and Germany and so Xinxiang, China and Taiwan could get a medium sized shaker with the help of the added seismic potential of the Full Moon!

Finally I have to note that when Tropical Cyclone Ului made landfall at Eastern Australia on March 20, 2010 the winds at landfall were reported as high as 120 mph, which up till that time I wasn’t concerned about this one, but with 120 mph winds, now Bam, Iran area as well as the regions of China where the tectonic plate boundaries are, and that Islamabad region also. Infact that region has seismic energy crossing, see Xynthia above, and so something could very well happen there in the next two or three days!

Thank-You, again for reading!



Sunday, March 21, 2010

EQ Alert: Yukon, Juneau, Hudson Bay, St. Johns Newfoundland!!! And Being Prepared in the Azores!!!!!

I just double checked and came up with that island that looks like the name is NewFoundland with St. Johns out there at the tip. The potential earthquake will travel almost directly through there, up past Hudson Bay and Great Slave Lake, and out past Yukon and Juneau and most likely shake somewhere along that line however I did also find a fault line sort of thing just offshore from St. Johns where there was once a tsunami, but this upcoming shaker should not even be close to enough energy for much of a tsunami. I also noticed the Azores out there along the tectonic plate boundary and it is possible that they might get some of this seismic energy as well!!! Someone messaged me that there is a major earthquake due out in the Azores so this alert is now mostly because they will probably be getting one someday soon, and knowing when there is potential seismic energy heading for you is very important to folks who basically already know one is coming someday like my friends in the Azores. This straight line of energy will pass within about 500 miles of the Azores so it’s unlikely to be a direct hit there if it would shake, but my message to you folks is that if you KNOW there is an earthquake coming like every ten years, then start building earthquake proof homes, and schools, etc., and now is the time to have chain saws and other essential tools handy for the day when that earthquake you know is coming, actually DOES strike!!! Earthquake Proofing, Retrofitting, and Preparedness are very important things for everybody near fault lines!!!

A minor Tropical Cyclone made landfall at Eastern Australia yesterday and will send a smallish amount of potential earthquake up towards Bam, Iran and Italy, like that town where the guy already knew the last one was coming, but the Mayor hated him and all the scientists said he was dumb or whatever and didn’t let the people sleep out in tents and a number of them wound up injured as a result. That place. In the future please alert the people whenever there are any potential earthquakes out there around you at all!!! And Thank-You for reading!!!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4.4 Richters Shaker Strikes East Los Angeles--Tropical Cyclone Tomas makes landfall at Fiji

In the last 48 hours or so Tropical Cyclone Tomas made landfall around Fiji and a few hours later there was a 4.4 Richters earthquake at Pico Rivera, California, just one or two miles from downtown East Los Angeles with the epicenter recorded at just over 1000 feet south of the Shakeys Pizza and In-And-Out Burger on the corner of Whitter and Rosemead Boulavards! As fast as I could check this out with my patented "Globe/Wrap-Around Tool" I found that if this new potential seismic energy travels in a straight line it would strike at around Northern British Columbia, Yukon, and Juneau, Alaska. Actually the imaginary straight line travels the other direction and comes out up around Greenland, Labrador, and New Foundland, and our Northern East Coast, which probably would then come back out over around the Yukon. This alert will now basically run through the month of April, but probably only affect the above regions.

Tropical Cyclone Tomas may not be finished yet, and there is still another Tropical Cyclone named Ului that is heading directly for Australia with 100 Knot winds and 125 Knot gusts! If Ului makes landfall in that condition it could mean another big earthquake not quite as big as Bam, Iran 2003, since that is the general direction Ului is heading similar to Tropical Cyclone Debbie that made landfall near there in the days before Bam, Iran 2003, a major earthquake where like 40,000 people were killed.

There is now presently a fair amount of potential seismic activity out there and possibly more to come, however note that these may not be major alerts and these amounts so far are not real big major earthquakes we are now talking about, maybe 6 or 6.1 Richters up near Greenland, Yukon, or our Northern East Coast, or something like that!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mid Indio/Australian Plate Earthquake and Two Tropical Cyclones!!!!!

There was a mysterious earthquake in the middle of the Indian Ocean/Australian tectonic plate within the last 24 hours, it registered like 6+ Richters and was out in the middle of that tectonic plate, not at a plate boundary, which would appear to be more southwest towards McDonald and Heard Islands. This could possibly mean something but right now I'm basically just thinking to watch the Mid-African Rift.

There is also currently a major tropical cyclone out somewhere between Australia and the islands like Fiji. While this could have something to do with the seismic activity out in the middle of that tectonic plate, there is not really enough contact with actual land out there for the cyclone to generate much seismic energy, but as Ramirez noted it is still generating some because he invented using that amount to track the position of a hurricane long ago!

Otherwise time is running out on all the other alerts and Official Predictions, so as a precaution let us still give those until approximately March 27 and remember that the two new tropical cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere will be generating some seismic activity for folks near boundaries but a great deal more if one of them makes landfall!!!!! I will try to have that info as soon as I can get it!!!!! Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, March 7, 2010

THANK-YOU FOR READING MY EQ BLOG!!!!! Also Here’s The Cure For Cancer!!!!!

I have been tracking potential seismic activity now for going on 20 years and have noticed the number of views is going way up at this blog over about the last six months or so. Please scroll down to view some of my best blog entries of all time, including a complete copy of my “Official Prediction” from December 22, 2009 which was effective through January 12, 2010 today the day of the Great Haiti earthquake!!! The 2010 Eureka earthquake also struck on January 9. And Thank-You, everybody for reading!!!

There are any number of websites that discuss the dangers of using microwave ovens and I have narrowed down those dangers mostly to heating just plain old water since they say all the most dangerous molecules absorb directly into the water and I believe they then absorb directly into your blood, where heated lasagna won’t immediately absorb, rather it will sit in your stomach a lot longer. The hot water quickly runs through your system and heats your body, and cruising through the smallest capillaries is where it might have that effect. (I’m thinking radioactive molecules park there???) The smallest “Blood Veins” are found in some of the organs such as the lungs, breast, organs, etc. A cancer doctor actually told me once that my own acne was also caused be these smallest veins clogging at that point, AND that if these “cysts” had been found ANYWHERE else they would be cancer!!! (possible that smoking further damages these small blood vessels and they’ll clog even easier, while tar enters the stomach and then the blood, traveling back to the lungs via that route?) Today, I routinely drink a lot of black tea to keep my bowels moving since during the late eighties I discovered jobs without easy access to a bathroom caused my acne to flare up dramatically. . . And other jobs where I would be working just feet from a bathroom my acne virtually didn’t exist!!! Since those days drinking lots of tea on my off time and keeping my bowels moving efficiently has kept my skin FREE of any cysts at all. It is my belief that these two procedures will virtually end most of the cystic connection to cancer. There is also a skin test that doctors did where they take different basic things that might be a concern of making you “Break Out” such as coffee, milk, eggs, alcohol, fish, etc., (I have to edit in at this point, those things DO CAUSE red bumps, but check your life for additional things YOU might be sensative to. One way is issolate each thing you suspect and quit the use of, such as Ketchup, or Molassas or whatever you really love; but know you might break out from) and they prepare such a mixture into a “Skin Test” and inject each into a location on your arm and circle it and number it with a pen. (a test that they admit is dangerous and that they might need to excise a red spot immediately so keep a watch on these) A person can probably ask any doctor about this test if you think it might be helpful. Next, watch for a few days and I actually had at least two of them cause red bumps!!! Yes, you could be “Allergic” to something and it can also be causing those “Red Bumps.” (Your own specific things that cause it, may vary but doctors should ask you to review what things you intake or come in contact with and go from there) All of this is simply just my own opinion as a person with no medical training, it is just the type of information that one patient might tell another person about in such a way as to describe his own medical history to any other person. There is NOT necessarily any basis for any of this information, so do not necessarily drink tea!!!!! (or take Ex-Lax!!!) (I have to edit in right here that bowels and proper digestion are probably the cause, subsequently things will enter your blood stream when working so much farther from a bathroom) Personally I do not even like to be near a microwave oven and after mom had some of her parts removed due to precancerous tumors we have taken our microwave oven completely OUT, and my sister now has it. Moms doctor actually complimented her in the years since that surgery since she has never had a problem again!!!

Thank-You, again, everybody for reading my Earthquake Blog, and please keep in touch with it on like a weekly basis in order to help me alert the people next time there is potential seismic activity heading for them!!!!! Always, The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

EQ Alert: Belarus, Moscow, Poland, Kazakhstan, Xinjiang!!!

Cyclone Xynthia struck the coast of France with 100 mph winds as of February 28 and there was reportedly a windspeed of 130 mph at a summit named Pyrenees. I routinely track the potential seismic energy of such high speed winds as these and watch in a straight line from about the point where they strike the coastline. This storm went on to affect France and Germany and has done fairly great damage there. The straight line should now track a fair amount of seismic energy, but not a real major amount, to Belarus, Moscow, Poland, Kazakhstan, and Xinjiang, China. I'll say to watch for a smallish shaker in the range of 5 or 6 Richters Magnitude. This size of earthquake can still be damaging to places such as those, where buildings have very little ability to withstand much shaking. One way to prevent death and injuries in our future is to construct all buildings so that they are much safer up to the range of at least 7 Magnitude, and I also like to stress that all buildings be inspected and carry a rating for exactly what magnitude a building is safe up to. . . then in almost any alert the buildings that carry the lowest ratings will be watched.

Snowfall alerts and Official Predictions should be extended now until March 27 which coincidentally is the exact date that the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 struck, and my regular readers know I always say an alert basically runs until the major earthquake strikes, so that one may be officially over, but we just let the days run out for safety sake. And then the full moon stuff runs a few more days, yet, too, but unless we apply it to Poland/Moscow/Belarus we just basically keep a watch for that, too.

Thank-You everybody for reading and I want you all to know that it is my hope that in the very near future we can come up with a way to get the message to the people whenever there is POTENTIAL SEISMIC ACTIVITY HEADING FOR THEM!!!

Respectfully, The EQ Alert Guy