Thursday, October 31, 2013

Now a 6.3 at Taiwan!!! Is California or our West Coast NEXT For 6+ Richters!!!???

I see yesterdays headline reads that there was a 6.2 Richters earthquake at Constitucion, Chile because I was thinking todays headline might be the 6.3 that just struck Taiwan early today, but now it appears when you take into consideration the 4.9 that also struck out at the Southwest edge of the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate near Reunion Island at around 4am my time. . . then it does rather look like we have over 6 Richters of Major Earthquake Energy that appears it might be circling the globe there and might be our 7.6 to 8.3 Richters total waiting to happen!

Also discovered in my search just now for an update on yesterdays Constitucion Earthquake that they were involved in the 2010 8.8 Chile Earthquake and had many dead in that Major Shaker! Here is a great newsclip concerning that: and it appears there were upwards of 300 dead there.

So the latest here is that there was now 6.2 Chile, and 6.3 Taiwan with reports yet to come in on that one, and that 4.9 out at the edge of the Indio/Aust., therefore I must assert that there is MORE than just your usual "Garden Variety" of Major Earthquake Energy out there and that we need to continue watching for something big to shake. After all the 6.2 Chile on the East of the Pacific Plate followed by the 6.3 Taiwan hours ago on the West side of the Pacific might all just equal the next 6+ Shaker back over here on the side of the Pacific, or California and our West Coast and we would sure like to know ahead of time if there is a 6+ Richters Major Earthquake heading for us! Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

6.2 Richters Strikes 5 Miles South of Constitucion, Chile!!! Also a 4.9 Felt in Fukushima!!! Will California be Affected?

As I promised in yesterdays EQ Blog, there have been quite a number of noteworthy earthquakes striking in recent hours including that big 6.2 that struck very near Constitucion, Chile and about 100 miles north of Valparaiso. CNN reported that it is an area where earthquakes do not normally hit and that some communications are out as a result. See that story @

There had also been at least one 5.0 at the Islands of Alaska and when it appeared there would be more headed for Japan there was a 4.9 that struck just offshore there and was felt in Fukushima 127 Km Southeast of that city. Although I am not sure of the exact timeline there and it seems like the Alaska shaker could have been more recent thereby indicating still more possibly bigger Japan Earthquake (s) to come!!!

Mammoth Lakes California had a 2.5 mixed in there with all the other earthquakes today and so be watching for more! I noticed early this morning the name Lompoc, California came up, too! Tells me all this earthquake energy that is clearly pushing the Pacific Tectonic Plate, MIGHT affect California more yet! Always the chance existing out there somewhere that they could get a generous portion of this still upcoming 7.6 to 8.3 Richters!!! Also watch France, Spain, Italy, etc. for some serious shaking!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

6.0 At Balleny Islands Probably Means LOTS of Earthquakes Still Out There!!!

Wasn't too sure what to write about today and you can still check out yesterdays EQ Blog for all the latest updates on everything that should be going on including that 6.0 South of Australia from early this morning of course won't be mentioned, but most certainly the result of all the earthquake stuff that's still happening: THAT posting has every single thing that is currently happening so that I won't go all through all of it again until like later this week unless something major shakes which very well could happen.

So you might also like a reminder that today is Day 40 after the landfall of Man-Yi and this line of potential earthquake energy might just about be crossing down in New Madrid or as far north as Montana and Wyoming, but could have some affect as far south as Oklahoma and Texas so watch the next couple days for something around that region. Again, do not know how big of an earthquake to watch for as the result of Hurricane Raymond being stationary at just Offshore Mexico. Lots of offshore flow. . . . . with some major winds mixed in there, but a matter of if offshore winds alone absent landfall will generate anything. That is what we will need to watch for and I want to guess mostly Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Madrid due to the direction of travel on those winds. That would normally be the direction the whole storm was moving at landfall but due to Raymond never having made landfall at Mexico, we will just monitor the general direction those high winds were "Off Flowing" in, or North Northeast.

One final guess of the direction the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate might be moving and that would be that the 6.0 movement south of Australia just could mean France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the Himilayan Arc being situated up around the top of that tectonic plate so we should watch up around there, too! Still a big 7.6 to 8.3 that might be out there and especially in that region!!! Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Monday, October 28, 2013

An EQ Alert Continues for Montana, Wyoming, and New Madrid, While We Add Texas, Oklahoma, and Illinois, too!!! Here's An Update!!!

Today will be sort of an update on all the stuff that has been or might still be going on in the world of earthquakes. Looking back through all my oldest of paperwork, I have found Super Typhoon Usagi made landfall near Hong Kong, China on September 22, 2013 and Day 43 is October 28, therefore there might be a small amount of reason to think somebody such as Islamabad might get some of this 201 mph earthquake energy, even though there has now been so much going on that it is almost difficult for me to say if there is anything left from all that wind this storm contained back in late September. But it will remain as one of the reasons I decided to re-cap all this tonight and Usagi could be considered what I like to call my "Unexploded Dynamite Theory" so we are like just waiting to make sure all the dynamite from Usagi is past.

Although Man-Yi would technically still have to run it's course, my notes say that I combined Man-Yi's landfall on September 15, with the landfall of Typhoon Wipha on October 15 and so just extended that alert that names Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, and New Madrid now through November, BUT just in case Typhoon Man-Yi does just so happen to come around on Day 40. . . that will be October 29! AND that will still be for those same places, or Montana, Wyoming, and New Madrid, so perhaps we should watch there but I want to say Man-Yi has top winds of 90 Knots, so if this one does do something in that region it shouldn't be too much more than some garden variety shaking.

Let us still worry about how much earthquake energy could strike as a result of the landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Phailin at the Bay of Bengals on October 12 because I could hardly beleive the date was October 12, 2013 when it made landfall at India. . . and that makes today just Day 16, with some of the biggest days yet to come such as Day 18 through about Day 23 or October 30 to November 4, 2013.

If all that "Stationary Energy" from Hurricane Raymond at Offshore Mexico never making landfall can do anything then we should still watch for something around Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and possibly like New Mexico or Southern Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio/Kentucky for just basically any signs at all of a Major Earthquake because I've never actually seen one of these and just heard tonight Hurricane Raymond is still churning out there in the Pacific!

Still some Earthquake Energy to Watch Out For!!! Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, October 26, 2013

7.5 Richters Offshore Japan!!! WITH Tsunami of 15 Inches!!! More Coming? Watch Calfornia, too!!!

Here's a Report from Tsukub -"First it started out as many of the smaller earthquakes we had the past month but then it became quite intense for a couple seconds and things were rattling and shifting. I could hear and see people waking up but none went out because it's heavily raining because of the typhoon." (via emsc) From:

Went back and double-checked the status of Typhoon Francisco and found that it was just now brushing Japan as the person says in the above witness statement. If todays 7.5 now downgraded to 7.3 or 7.1 was anything to do with Typhoon Francisco, then that HUGE possibly still upcoming 7.6 to 8.3 could be next, however I can not really say whether it would be that epicenter or an even bigger tsunami. . . although we WERE watching for a tsunami, weren't we?

Here is the Fukushima tsunami story:

So, the recent movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate did lead me to mention Japan in a recent EQ Blog due to Alaska having been the most recent in that line of movement. Check out the second from last paragraph in my Thursday EQ Blog:

I am leaning towards todays Major Japan Earthquake not being the final finale in the big earthquake event we are watching for and so we should probably continue to watch for more and possibly still a much larger one, yet! And it could still be for Japan, yet, sorry to say! Keep Watching! California, too, incase that "S" wave is following!!! EQ Guy

Friday, October 25, 2013

6.7 at South Sandwich Islands, 5.5 Bamboo Flatt, India, and 1.9 Tecate!!!

I know the 1.9 doesn't really belong in the headline, it's just the part about Tecate, Mexico getting a direct hit that struck me as worthwhile to include it there. Tiny town that I traveled to at one time just to check it out and found myself checking it out from the United States side of a chain link fence that cordones the town off from potential U.S. visitors. Methinks it was also once a brand of beer, maybe? 8 miles west of Tecate and before I read on I already had it figured out in my head that it must also have been. . . yes, 14 miles east of Tijuana! Just so happened to have actually worked on a water treatment plant there on the border actually about 75 feet from the fence on the San Diego side with the Mexican Border Patrol watching us all day long with machine guns! Fairly awesome experience though just the same and seeing the sunrise over the mountains to the east every morning also a great experience!

So, for tonight I mostly want to stress that the 6.7 at the South Sandwich Islands, and the 5.5 at Bamboo Flatt, India, tells me for a fact that there IS something major moving around those tectonic plates and to watch all the places we have been watching for a while longer yet! Landfall of Hurricane Francisco at Japan never happened and I just finished writing NA on that one on my sheet, so no direct strikes at our West Coast on the schedule! However there is still plenty of movement along that tectonic plate boundary albeit a somewhat different form of earthquake energy. . . it could still mean a Major Earthquake heading for our West Coast!!! Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oarfish Washing Up!!! HUGE Earthquake Is Coming!!! Coincidence: We're Watching for 7.6 to 8.3 Richters!!!!! California?

This just in, those huge deepwater "Oarfish" that were recently found on Catalina Island and at Oceanside, California are potential precursors to an upcoming Major Earthquake according to "Traditional Japanese Lore" or I suppose Japanese Theory and you can see that story at: IF anybody was waiting patiently for MY opinion on all of this. . . my first thought on the subject was that I would like to find out more about how "Ancient" this lore actually is and how many instances of this happening? It is possible that over a long enough period of time these folks have started to notice a common thread with big ugly Oarfish washing up! THEN, it would make it a great deal more likely that there IS a correlation. I can't figure out what part of impending earthquakes. . . would have killed them, though?

Montana had a "Great Shakeout" today!!! Statewide Earthquake Drill, check it out @

Earthquakes continued up around the Mammoth Lakes, California region today! Here's the very newest in the Mammoth Lakes Series:

0.8 16km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 23:11:40
1.2 26km WNW of West Bishop, California 2013-10-23 20:40:15
0.8 7km ESE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 17:20:33
2.5 23km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 13:38:30
2.2 8km E of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 13:15:14
1.8 8km E of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 13:14:54
0.9 24km WNW of West Bishop, California 2013-10-23 13:13:07
1.8 22km SSE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 13:08:18
1.6 9km E of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 13:01:40
3.2 22km SSE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 12:40:03
2.7 22km SSE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 12:24:41
3.2 22km SSE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 12:19:32
1.0 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 06:51:56
1.1 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-23 01:39:56

Interesting that they are now more separated than in the past. You can notice some 22km South Southeast, and others are 8km East, and a few 18 miles Southeast??? Also the fact that we continue to watch for something major to shake and watching for something with that Hurricane Raymond Offshore Mexico stationary incident and maybe these are all connected, but in all scenarios we best better watch Eureka, California and points north!

I hope everybody is also aware that regardless of the big Oarfish washing up, or the swarm in Mammoth Lakes, or Hurricane Raymond. . . . . we are ALSO watching for 7.6 to 8.3 Richters that might have nothing to do with any of that stuff, but IS still coming just the same! And California, Cascadia, Alaska, Japan, and etc. could all be among the places where it will strike!

Here is one more link on the Big Oarfish! This one is a video and took too long to load so only go there with a FAST Browser and High-Speed machine!!!!! @ Might also use it to test the speed of your computer. See if yours loads and plays it instantly:) Thank-You again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hurricane Raymond Churns Stationary for now 3 Days off Mexico!!! MORE California Earthquakes???

Just made a note and saw that Hurricane Raymond initially arrived at the South West Coast of Mexico on October 20, 2013 at 18:00 UTC and it is STILL Churning stationary in basically that same position it's been in for now like 3 plus days!!! Biggest reason that is todays headline is due to the huge amount of wind and outflow from this huge windstorm that was for much of the time a Hurricane although it has just recently been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, it still looks like it has some major winds left there where they were at one time reported as high as 125, 120 and 115mph!!!

With that much wind holding stationary offshore there, I continue to have to ask what affect this will have on Plate Tectonics in that region. . . or anywhere along the boundary between the Pacific and North American Tectonic Plates. Thinking about it and I came up with NO examples of such huge storms holding stationary for this long, but did notice that the windspeeds were falling and it would be my guess it is because of contact with the Terra Firma along the shore or the actual tectonic plate. Therefore we should immediately watch places like Acapulco, Mexico City, Guatemala, Enseneda, Mexicali, and San Diego for anything! I suppose up into Texas and Oklahoma, too, and this WATCH will run for a few more days and like through this weekend and I've never actually seen one of these so we do not really know what to watch for. Could be one big earthquake as big as 7.3 Richters. . . . . or three days worth of small ones coming to match the "Footprint" of Hurricane Raymond churning for now 3 days there.

And there is still that 7.6 to 8.3 up in France, Italy and possibly Northern California, Cascadia, and Alaska (Perhaps now heading towards Japan, too) so everybody knows we still have a Major Earthquake to keep watching for!!! Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3.8 at Mammoth Lakes, California!!! 7.6 to 8.3 Offshore Northern California NEXT???

I know we have been watching California especially for some sign of all that Major Earthquake Energy that is cruising around the Pacific Tectonic Plate right now. Then it occurred to me that I also mentioned the Triple Plate Junction and the Hayward Fault in yesterdays EQ Blog-Check it out in Paragraph 3 @ And I notice while I was very specific yesterday about watching along the San Andreas Fault along the shores of Frisco and the Hayward Fault, perhaps I should have mentioned Mammoth Lakes because look at all the earthquakes there today!!! Read-Up starting with that 3.8 around noon my time today:

1.7 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 18:35:32
1.7 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 15:39:54
1.2 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 15:39:17
1.2 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 15:11:56
1.0 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 13:42:23
1.7 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 12:07:49
3.1 19km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 12:05:11
3.8 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 12:04:10
1.2 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 12:03:58
1.1 18km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2013-10-21 05:57:15

I actually even removed several smaller ones to keep the list more concise!

I should have also mentioned that this movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate which started with Mexico this weekend and then Galapagos Island like Saturday, could be ALL of the Major Earthquake energy from Cyclone Phailin and California and our West Coast could be in line for some or possibly even ALL of that 7.6 to 8.3 Richters!!! And note that while Mammoth Lakes DID get all the above shaking today. . . Cascadia remains on that list as well at the Triple Plate Junction! That would mean Eureka, Coos Bay, Mt. St. Helens, Seattle, Vancouver, and Queen Charlotte Island could still get some of this Major Earthquake Energy YET! I suppose same as yesterday when I failed to list Mammoth Lakes. . . we might know we would also need to watch Reno, Nevada, Medford and Portland, Oregon, Snohomish/Nisqualie, and Alaska. We have not heard the last of all this Major Earthquake Energy! It might also be heading for France, Portugal, Italy, and that region.

Finally, Hurricane Francisco is hovering stationary just offshore from Mexico and could cause some shaking there, but I've actually never just watched as a Major Hurricane did this and so we will have to watch and see if Arizona, New Mexico and Texas or Mexico gets any earthquake energy from it and then we will have some idea in the future! EQ Guy

Monday, October 21, 2013

Shakers At Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Hurricane Raymond Threatening, Two 5's At India!!!!! Is California Next???

Huge windstorms are all over the globe right now, there have been several significant earthquakes that I want to write about, and there are still currently a number of active EQ Alerts virtually all around the world.

The biggest news although Hurricane Raymond is not supposed to actually make a landfall at Mexico, newly formed Giant Sized Hurricane Raymond just Offshore of Southern Mexico is a huge threat with winds now reported at 120mph. While the weather people are saying Hurricane Raymond will not make landfall there, they seem to be preparing in the event it DOES make landfall just the same. Huge enough windstorm that would make a huge difference with earthquake energy if Hurricane Raymond DID make landfall, we will have to wait and see, but the forecast is for it to turn and head out to sea.

In addition to the 6.8 Richters Earthquake at Mexico on Friday, I also noticed several Earthquakes at Galapagos Islands region just Offshore from Mexico of 4.4, 4.6, 5.0, and 4.4 Richters through yesterday. Now this is making me wonder if the combination of that 6.8 and then all the Galapagos Islands shakers is telling us that the tectonic plate boundary will now be moving up towards our own Triple Plate Junction OR the San Andreas Fault located at Offshore San Francisco and Hayward Fault Region? That could also include the Cascadia Fault and beyond there we are already watching for that straight line from Typhoon Wipha although I don't actually see these combining. Queen Charlotte Island IS up in that region.

Finally, there were a fairly large pair of 5.3 and 5.4 Richters Earthquakes located 286 miles East Northeast of Islamabad and almost exactly along this line we are watching for the biggest of all Major Earthquakes of all time to strike in the coming days. It's unlikely these two little 5's are going to be the sum total of all the earthquake energy left behind by the landfall of Severe Tropical Cyclone Phailin at Bay of Bengals on October 12, so please let us continue to watch up in that Nepal, India, Greece, Italy Region and possibly now very closely for this 7.6 to 8.3 Richters Major Earthquake that will eventually be headed for France, Portugal, Azores and California IF it doesn't shake over there very soon!!! Keep Watching!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, October 20, 2013

6.5 Mexico!!! Felt In Los Angeles!!! Will Typhoon Francisco Spell Major Earthquake For California???

I noticed this Major Mexico Earthquake while checking the time on my phone and saw I had received a text message and could hardly beleive it when I saw Mexico! But most unfortunately those text messages do not tell me where exactly in Mexico the earthquake struck and so I had to finish watching the Wikileaks Movie and wouldn't find out it was the Gulf of Baja California until I got all the way home and got on the computer around six or seven. Here are the felt reports from it, and notice there are actually MORE Felt Reports from USA. . . than Mexico!!!

Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes...............Mexico.........1
Ahome, Sinaloa...............................Mexico.............1
Apache Junction, AZ........United States of America.....1
Bixby (74008) OK...........United States of America.....1
Del Mar (92014) CA.........United States of America.....1
Guasave, Sinaloa.............................Mexico............1
Loreto, Baja California Sur..................Mexico............10
Los Angeles (90031)CA......United States of America.....1
Los Angeles (90035) CA.....United States of America.....1
Los Mochis, Sinaloa..........................Mexico.............4
Navajoa, Sonora..............................Mexico.............1
Obregón, Sonora..............................Mexico.............3
Oceanside (92057) CA.......United States of America.....1
Santa Ana (92707) CA.......United States of America.....1
Tucson (85719) AZ..........United States of America.....1

There was also a 4.6 that followed a few miles farther south towards La Paz, Mexico as well as a 4.9 that struck Offshore of Sendai, Japan and less than a hundred miles from Fukushima!

Note that there is yet another Major Typhoon currently bearing down on that country and the path of Typhoon Francisco has just been newly updated to make a sharp turn and head directly for Tokyo!!! So close to that critical angle where it could affect our West Coast that we need to stay tuned to what Francisco is doing from day to day until it makes landfall on what looks to be mid-week this week. COULD spell Major Earthquake for California!!! Stay Tuned!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Full Moon High Overhead. . . Still NO Major Earthquakes, YET!!! 7.6 to 8.3 Coming???

Although I do have to admit to being somewhat shocked at the sight of that 4.6 Richters Earthquake with the name Banda Aceh, Indonesia, I guess I was kind of relieved to find that it struck like 50 to 100 miles South of that city that's known for big earthquakes and tsunami's! Hope that will be all the tectonic plate movement that Banda Aceh gets out of all this and we won't have to hear the name of that town in the list of "Latest Earthquakes" again, here! And right in the middle of the October Full Moon, too! So, keep watching for a few hours yet at least through Saturday for a Major Earthquake that could strike inside the October Full Moon Window, yet! Window Officially runs through 5 in the afternoon on Saturday, but always be sure to give it an extra hour or two and the major alert for a Major Earthquake will continue on far past the end of the full moon window anyways.

There was also a 3.6 Near Jackson, Wyoming or I suppose Grand Teton. That general neighborhood, anyways. They should be watching for more, yet, during the full moon. . . and into November and that alert that covered Anchorage, Montana, Wyoming and New Madrid has been extended now through November so they also will continue watching beyond this months full moon, too! Just that with all that is going on seismically the full moon sure makes it at least slightly more likely something major will shake!!! Watch for that 7.6 to 8.3 Richters yet today!!! EQ Guy

Friday, October 18, 2013

October 2013 Full Moon Window is NOW!!!!! Started At 4:38pm Pacific!!!!! 7.6 to 8.3? Tsunami? California???

Oh, of course you could say I noticed on Thursday night that I was stopping to take pictures of the awesome Full Moon rising on the east. . . and then drove along just another mile or so and had to stop again to get some great pics of the awesome Sunset in the West!!!!! Then, it wasn't too long before it occurred to me that they both happened at almost the exact same moment and that indicated to me that the Full Moon must not be too far behind! So I checked as soon as i got home to find that on Thursday night they are still about just ten minutes apart, of course owing to the Full Moon already being off the horizon above the tree lines where I got some great shots of it, and the sun had not quite set, yet, with the actual time of sunset generally posted AFTER the sun has set, naturally. So we will see tomorrow if the two times are not very nearly exactly the same and it should turn out to be one of those rare occasions that I have recently just discovered due to my routine tracking of all these numbers, rare instances when the exact moment of the Full Moon should occur at about the time sunset and moonrise are both happening. This affords us the once in a lifetime, or every number of months anyways, chance to see them BOTH happen at very nearly the same instant! Of course you have to like situate yourself at the top of a hill where both horizons are very visible, but I've had close sitings once or twice on my watch and I would say maybe tomorrow will be one of the closest albeit on my way to work tomorrow evening.

WATCH OUT!!!!! Because my phone HAS NOT rang or chimed the whole entire day with any earthquakes at all, none!!! As of this writing it has been going on 24 Hours since a 5.4 struck Solomon Islands and other than a 4.8 Near New Zealand, a 4.6 at Ecuador, and a 4.9 at the Mid-Atlantic there has basically been nothing! Although I just noticed a 4.4 at Guadaloupe in there, I am trying to say it looks like something HUGE might be striking at any moment during this months Full Moon which right this moment is directly over the ceiling skylight thing in the kitchen upstairs and shining down on the kitchen floor, too! I also noticed the Full Moon seems exceptionally high in the sky and almost directly above us if that has any effect on all this!

So watch all the places I've been naming in recent blogs, like yesterdays here: OR Especially those countries up around the Himilayan Arc as well as over towards Italy and Greece and especially those Sumatra Regions of Banda Aceh, Phuket, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for a Major Earthquake and Tsunami of 7.6 to 8.3 Richters in about the next day and a half or so! And always remember I am not a seismologist and these are only my own opinions. Just good mechanical knowledge learned in a junkyard and from many years working as a Union Carpenter including in Los Angeles where I was in a lot of earthquakes myself and went on to study them!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 17, 2013

7.6 to 8.3 Richters Out There!!!!! Full Moon About To Be High Over Head!!! Nepal, Portugal, France, California!!!!!

Now two smallish earthquakes heading towards Anchorage, Montana, Wyoming and New Madrid due to the landfall now of Typhoon Wipha near Tokyo yesterday. Checking I found quite a similar path and might as well not even go through the names again except I suppose I should add Queen Charlotte Island since this line looks like it just could meander slightly south of the line from Typhoon Man-Yi which will hit Day 33 on October 19 and Day 43 on November 1. While something will most likely shake those regions in that window including this weeks Full Moon, thereafter just be aware that the timeline will be extended beyond there for good reason. . . landfall of Typhoon Wipha with 94 mph winds at Tokyo and deaths already reported. Details to come on that extension, let us first get through the October 2013 Full Moon which starts at around 5 this afternoon Pacific Time! The earthquakes can start at any moment before that hour, but especially watch thereafter.

Anniversary of World Series Earthquake of 1989 is here!!! Great Shake Out should be happening today in California, too! AND high overhead you should be able to clearly see the October Full Moon, too! The exact moment of the Full Moon will be on Friday at 23:38 UTC, or 18:38 CDT, 16:38 PDT. That's 6:38pm Central, 4:38 Pacific on Friday with the window starting at those exact times on Thursday or today!!! Be Watching because this will probably be one of the more exciting full moon windows as far as Major Earthquakes striking! Sorry in advance to all those who may become involved in actual earthquakes!!! God Bless You All!!!

Finally, now two major foreshocks of big one that is yet to come in Himalayas!!! Add Papua New Guinea 7.1 to list of huge foreshocks that probably mean Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate is moving WEST!!! And probably yet going to strike New Delhi or Nepal very soon!!! Or possibly one of those other countries on the list I've been giving! OR. . . far, far out in front of it even more: France, Spain, Portugal, Azores, or USA and California!!! Be Watching because there is a 7.6 to 8.3 Richters Shaker out there somewhere. . . and a FULL MOON about to be high over head!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Be Watching For GRAND FINALE!!! Yet To Come!!!!! Full Moon Starts Soon!!! Include California???

After writing out that headline it occurred to me that it sort of makes it sound like the full moon might be a player in the Grand Finale that is yet to come, but I must say that wasn't the intent of this blog. Rather, the full moon window starts tomorrow at 4:38pm Pacific and there will most likely be some major shaking somewhere along the line of major earthquake energy, it won't necessarilly be the Grand Finale per se.

However, the really big story here now is the fact that it occurred to me that Philippines are situated in the wake of all the earthquake energy. . . and that could be an indication that the Grand Finale will be out in front of the landfall of Cyclone Phailin at India! Yes, the cyclone was basically going the other way and causing the 7.2 Richters with all those Major Aftershocks at the Philippines to shake in the wake!!! A guess might be that the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate pushed WEST and took a piece of the Philippines with it causing Bohol Island to shake, but at the same time allowing the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate to now bust a move to the west!!! Could mean Sumatra and all those Indonesian Islands might be NEXT!!! And at 7.6 to 8.3 and I suppose making a tsunami possible? The Full Moon WILL BE a player over in Banda Aceh, Phuket, and Andaman/Nicobar Islands and I don't think anybody would deny that!

Note that I just seen The GREAT SHAKE OUT will be held in California on October 17, 2013 or Thursday also the Anniversary of the Great World Series Earthquake or Loma Prieta Earthquake that struck San Francisco on the night of the World Series at Candlestick Park on October 17, 1989!!! Link to Great Shake Out:

The aftershocks of Philippines 7.2 yesterday are now slowing with just 3 since I last wrote on Tuesday and a total of 26 1/2 Hours of shaking all totaled.

Looks like California might be now about due to expect some Major Shaking!!! If not from the fact that they are in the crosshairs of this 7.6 to 8.3 that's now crossing Eurasia, then additionally due to the landfall of Typhoon Wipha near Tokyo late on Tuesday Night our time! Winds of 78 and Gusts up to 112mph will generate more new earthquake energy and possibly even for right there in the Tokyo/Fukushima Area as well as our West Coast!!! Time to start watching California and be prepared! Shake Out on Thursday!!!

Pledge Drive Continues at WORT-FM where my 2013 EQ Radio Show aired recently!!! Check Out Link to Please Donate and perhaps get yourself a Great WORT-FM T-Shirt or Hoodie or something!!! @

Thank-You, Too!!! And Thank-You Again For Reading!!! The EQ Guy

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Now 93 Dead in Philippines 7.2 Major Earthquake!!! FULL MOON Window Starts Thursday!!!

The very latest reports from the 7.2 Major Earthquake at the Philippines are 93 now dead and a lot of damage to buildings including across the strait at heavily populated Cebu City where extensive damage has been reported. The epicenter of this huge earthquake that shook for 15 to 20 seconds was one mile from the town of Carmen on Bohol Island, Philippines and they are still getting a lot of aftershocks even right up to the moment of this blog. Here's the list of aftershocks that have struck since my EQ Blog from earlier today:

5.1 5km SSW of Calape, Philippines 2013-10-15 08:51:20
4.9 6km W of Danao, Philippines 2013-10-15 08:01:15
4.7 12km NNW of Loon, Philippines 2013-10-15 05:49:55
4.6 11km NNW of San Isidro, Philippines 2013-10-15 05:07:24
4.8 2km W of Valle Hermoso, Philippines 2013-10-15 04:47:14
4.7 7km W of Nueva Fuerza, Philippines 2013-10-15 04:18:20
5.4 1km NNW of Catigbian, Philippines 2013-10-15 03:52:19
5.9 9km WSW of Loon, Philippines 2013-10-15 03:42:51
5.5 1km NW of Valle Hermoso, Philippines 2013-10-15 03:36:22
5.0 2km NE of Buenavista, Philippines 2013-10-15 00:47:16
4.8 2km NNW of Maribojoc, Philippines 2013-10-15 00:12:16
5.2 2km W of Clarin, Philippines 2013-10-14 23:22:31
5.0 2km SSE of Clarin, Philippines 2013-10-14 21:42:02

There was also one 4.6 that struck at 21:36 my time just one mile from Cebu City that shows up second from the top of my early today EQ Blog @

FULL MOON WINDOW will begin at 4:38pm Pacific Time this Thursday and run through Saturday so be planning ahead and be prepared because with all the Major Earthquake stuff shaking and expected to be shaking in the coming days, the FULL MOON will probably become a major factor especially for folks like those situated out in all of those VERY SHAKY Islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans where ALL of this Earthquake Energy seems to be headed!!! EQ Guy

7.1 at Bohol Island, Philippines!!! MANY Aftershocks!!! WATCH For More!!!

This earthquake hit on land just a few miles from at least one major city and early reports have said there was at least one building collapse, possibly the cause of a number of deaths, too. 7.1 Richters is a fairly big earthquake and so far several aftershocks in the 5 Range, too! Here is the list including the original at just after 5pm today, 3 Pacific, Read-UP:

5.0 2km SSE of Clarin, Philippines 2013-10-14 21:42:02
4.6 1km WNW of Calero, Philippines 2013-10-14 21:36:52
4.9 2km E of Maribojoc, Philippines 2013-10-14 20:55:31
5.2 6km SSW of Loon, Philippines 2013-10-14 20:37:57
4.8 14km SE of Perrelos, Philippines 2013-10-14 20:25:00
5.0 3km E of Canmaya Diot, Philippines 2013-10-14 20:07:38
5.3 2km ESE of Nahawan, Philippines 2013-10-14 19:33:47
5.3 7km NW of Danao, Philippines 2013-10-14 19:29:01
7.1 2km NE of Catigbian, Philippines 2013-10-14 19:12:32

There was also a 3.4 Richters earthquake very near Green River, Wyoming and still some earthquake energy up that way, too!

The EQ Blog I wrote yesterday reminded me of a great story about how one of those volcanoes that I mentioned was actually the source of the Great Eruption that caused the "Year With NO Summer" due to enough volcanic ash coming up out of it to block out the sun for over a year! There is also a similar story that might go with that volcano, although I'm not exactly sure which one this story is attributed to, when all the dust and dirt in the air began to clear it left the first glimpse of sunlight a very dark blue color and it is said that the sky has thereafter always been now BLUE!!! Apparently the sky was NEVER Blue before a big giant volcano erupted one day!!! Yes, they have checked very old paintings like from before the 1800's and NONE of those Great Artists seem to have ever painted the sky as BLUE??? They had always painted the sky as yellow and the sunsets as green. One story also noted there was NO SHORTAGE of the color blue that was available to paint with, too! They call it azul and say it was actually quite plentiful if an artist needed to use it to paint the sky blue? My theory it the sky wasn't blue until a major eruption of a big giant volcano in the 1800's or early 1900's. It makes sense and I myself have not seen any art that proves that theory wrong!

So, 7.1 is not really enough big earthquake energy to let down our guard here, we should continue to watch for 7.6 to 8.3 Richters and this Philippines earthquake was not really along the straight line we are watching although plate tectonics might explain some of it. . . let us continue to watch just the same and see what shakes NEXT!!! EQ Guy

Monday, October 14, 2013

SWARM Striking California!!! LOTS of Major Earthquake Energy Out There!!!

Swarm currently striking at Southern California!!! There could be more shaking around Los Angeles but this swarm at Salton Sea will most certainly continue through today!!! SEE Entire Current list@

There has also been a 3.2 at Bishop, California with 32 Felt Reports coming from that city where this one practically struck right in the middle of their downtown up there in the Cal-Nev Region! I also just seen a 2.5 at Milpitas as of like 7:30am Central Time. The most recent in the above swarms are now as of about an hour ago or 9am.

Here is todays new straight-line reading from Saturdays landfall of Cyclone Phailin at India where a million people evacuating appears to have saved thousands of lives! I had to Zoom-In, but noticed the very southern point in the region noted as Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the line continues on the entire length of Sumatra and intersects very near locations of two BIG VOLCANOES that I just know from memory are situated along this line and while I had thought Mt. Krakatau and Mt. Tambora were two of the largest, a quick check revealed Indonesia has over a hundred volcanoes! Jakarta is also situated at the end of the line, there. Finally this line will immediately be crossing New Delhi, Punjab, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Kabul and very near Islamabad and Nepal.

Thank-You for viewing the transcript of my September 30 EQ Radio Show at my EQ Blog-3 and here is a link to the WORT-FM Pledge Drive that is currently happening!!! Please Feel Free To DONATE!!!!! @

CONTINUE To Watch California due to HUGE amounts of Major Earthquake Energy out there shaking the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate and it possibly having some affect on the boundary with the Pacific and North American Plates!!!!! All Totaled we're watching for 7.6 to 8.3 Richters!!!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, October 13, 2013

WATCH!!! Because New Upcoming Earthquake Probably WILL Be The Biggest!!!!! Tsunami???

After viewing the landfall of Very Severe Tropical Cyclone Phailin at India it now appears that we should consider this to be the largest of Major Earthquake Energies that we ever face. Right this moment I want to post here that it's possible the majority of this new earthquake energy traveled directly towards the tectonic plate boundary between the Indian and Eurasian Tectonic Plates, HOWEVER it is my experience that this sort of event might not always follow my "Go Straight Theory" exactly like many others do. Rather, all of this huge windstorm Phailin, pronounced PIE-Lean, might in this case push the entire Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate in that general direction. If that turns out to be the case this alert could also affect Sichuan, China and one or two other places that would not be affected if the energy takes a straight line up into the mountain region of the Himalayan Arc.

Now I want to make it clear that due to the enormous size of this huge Cyclone we might be looking at a similarly enormous EARTHQUAKE!!! And while the most likely location of the epicenter is somewhere between Pakistan and the Caspian Sea. . . it could still strike nearby places such as UAE, Turkey or Egypt with regards to the fact that these tectonic plates might just PUSH instead of being struck by a straight line of energy. Iran is just to the south of this line, too. On the other side of the Indian Ocean is Sumatra and Indonesia as well as Andaman and Nicobar Islands where they still have to worry about all the tectonic plate movement from the landfall of Super Typhoon Usagi and beleive me when I say these two can act independantly!!! That is Banda Aceh and Phuket now actually have TWO different sources of Major Earthquake energy out in their region and it now seems almost certain they should at least shake before both of these major alerts run their course. I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one tsunami about to happen somewhere in that Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Philippines, PNG Region before all of these alerts are over.

Magnitude might be 7.6 to 8.3 but if all of the energy of that big Cyclone actually did make contact with landfall, then it could actually go even higher, just that some of the storm disappeared before it made landfall and we won't know until the resultant earthquakes start to strike exactly how much of the energy is now earthquake energy. All of this could begin shaking immediately, but those countries that are physically further down the road will also be later in October and early November before the last of this one affects France and those regions.

Pronto Preparato! Pour Fonction Preparrar! Estar Preparado! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Very Severe Tropical Cyclone Phailin NOW Making Landfall Sustained Winds 160mph!!!

This huge windstorm is making its historic landfall right this moment as I write. While it was at one time a CAT-5 it has dropped somewhat in highest windspeeds due to the most outer bands not exactly making a full rotation and as a result not rebuilding as it circulates and heads onto land there at India.

Latest list of places that are along the line of all the new earthquake energy will now roughly match all the ones named two days ago in my original list. New Delhi, Pakistan, Islamabad, Kabul, Afghanastan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and I also now noticed Poland up that way and then the remaining places that might be further down the road such as Turkey, Germany, Italy, France and too many others to mention you know. I noticed Greece just had a 6.4 so there is no doubt we have earthquake energy already heading up that way! Watch Italy, too!

California could still get some earthquake energy not only due to already being involved in one or two other alerts. . . but now due to this new movement of the tectonic plates. Sumatra and Indonesia directly across the Bay of Bengals will most likely suffer at least one major shaker in the coming hours, too, let us hope not, though! Everybody should now be prepared for earthquakes! EQ Guy

HUGE Severe Tropical Cyclone Making Landfall at India!!!!! YES, Could Also Be Major Earthquake!!!!

Did some checking and found 1923 Japan at 11:58am JST there was a 7.9 to 8.3 Richters Earthquake that struck at the exact time as the winds from a big typhoon were also just brushing the island and due to it being lunch time and 1923 the people all had fires burning in kitchen stoves. Typhoon had huge winds but unfortunately did not rain much and caused fires. Therefore it must also be possible landfall of Super Typhoon Usagi did strike just one day before 7.7 struck Pakistan. Therefore I want to say again that landfall tonight and tomorrow of Cyclone Phailin could always mean a Major Earthquake striking immediately!!! I have heard the name of the storm pronounced PIE-Lean.

This storm has turned somewhat to the north and I will need to update the list of places that might be affected by earthquake energy, but I will not expect the Himilayan Arc to be affected before Saturday when I will run that update. For now check yesterdays list and add Kashmir, Kathmandu, and Nepal. Sorry but this one might be big, too! Here's Yesterdays EQ Blog to view that entire list:

California was hit by a 5.0 on Friday and it was downgraded to a 4.9 BUT continue to watch for more, yet. This one struck Offshore Eureka and so let us continue to watch for all of the 5.9 that I had been talking about!

LOTS of Major Earthquakes coming!!!

EQ Guy

Friday, October 11, 2013

201 Mph Winds of Cyclone Phailin Nears Landfall at Bay of Bengals!!!!! HUGE Earthquake Energy Will Follow!!!

The looks of this HUGE Cyclone in the Bay of Bengals is bigger than anything I've ever seen!!! Looks like it's about ten times the size of Hurricane Katrina and headed directly for a landfall with nothing over in that region that can stop it. I just converted the maximum wind gusts of 175 Knots and it comes out at 201 mph so this is going to be now one of the biggest windstorms of all time and the earthquake could inevitably compete with Honshu Japan! Heading due Northwest as of this writing that will mean approximately New Delhi will be first in line for huge earthquake energy, although not sure if the most active fault line region is situated near there, so Pakistan is next along this line where I expect all of the earthquakes to be taking place and Pakistan could be about due for maybe this time 8 Richters or at best another good shaking!

The line as forecast will continue on to Afghanistan, Islamabad and Kabul appear on my globe, here, and onto Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan and beyond there it crosses many smaller countries such as Turkey, Germany, Italy, France and too many other to mention but all shaky enough places that they could get some of what's about to shake!!! Also along the boundaries of this tectonic plate that is about to be shook upon the landfall of Cyclone Phailin will be Sumatra, Indonesia situated directly across from the landfall and they may already be aware that there is a Major Tropical Cyclone in their immediate area and should now be aware it will likely cause at least some additional earthquake energy to be released in their general neighborhood!

Along with a few other places where present alerts continue including California where smaller shakers continued today, but hopefully nothing coming bigger than a 5.9 and one other small alert that continues a few more days for Alaska, and Montana although Alaska might yet get involved in this new one when Phailin makes landfall, not sure yet. Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 10, 2013

3.5 Lake Isabella, California!!! Do Watch California For MORE!!!!!

The last in that major series of small earthquakes that was striking around Southern California all day today came late this afternoon and you can see the whole list at the link when I'm all done telling the story. They went on to shake at Berkeley and Alum Rock up in the San Francisco area with so far the biggest one striking at 8:34pm my time or 6:34pm Pacific near Lake Isabella, California or 36 miles North of Tehachapi and 37 ENE of Bakersfield. Here is the link, now updated:

Looking at the total of around 65 Richters all striking at the one specific location around the south corner of the Salton Sea, it looks like to me the Pacific Tectonic plate might either be moving from Northwest to Southeast. . . or the North American Tectonic Plate is moving from Northeast to Southwest actually a more reasonable possibility if I might say so myself, there. Guessing the recent severe winter conditions at Nebraska, Iowa, and Dakotas are up in that direction and it makes sense to me that is the direction this earthquake energy could be coming from. If that is the case it makes it just slightly more possible that the shaking will continue and the big 5.9 Richters grand finale might be out there!

Having given some additional thought to Pakistan striking like virtually the next day after the landfall of Super Typhoon Usagi. . . I have determined that YES, it is possible! Recalling the early days of my EQ Alerts when I routinely posted immediately that people in shaky areas should begin watching IMMEDIATELY whenever such a huge windstorm as in this case, Super Typhoon Usagi, makes landfall just in the event something might shake immediately and so it DID!!! Might now be more of a fact, might have been a little fact that I stumbled over in my very early research, and might be what happened back in the hours that followed that landfall of September 23 with the earthquake dated September 24. So, continue to watch and see what is happening with that shaky tectonic plate boundary between the Australian and Pacific Plates and possibly Chile and Peru and maybe Easter Island again and go from there. SHOULD still be out there but 7.7 and 6.8 was a lot of earthquake energy released. Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Updates on Indio/Aust, Anchorage/Montana, CALIFORNIA Shaking NOW!!! Revised EQ Blog!!!

California Just Started Shaking AFTER The following EQ Blog was posted!!! Here's Latest Sum Total: NOW Back to todays EQ Blog!!! Thank-You!!!

We should probably still continue watching for anything that might be going on around the Pacific Tectonic Plate with the two most recent being more Indonesia Shakers as well as one more yet around Macquarie Island that looks to be the Indio/Aust. Tectonic Plate pushing against the Pacific. Now in this scenario we would normally be watching for a huge resultant from that huge landfall of Super Typhoon Usagi at China on September 23. . . . . but I can't help knowing the next day there was that 7.7 at Pakistan exactly along the line this earthquake energy was traveling. As I always say that we should always watch immediately, I now must suppose it is possible that 7.7 followed by a 6.8 and a new island all totaled could have been the sum total of this earthquake series. Latest story here: with all the latest info about the island now found to be made of mud that traveled through cracks the result of the earthquake and expected to all wash away from the pounding of waves. I suppose someone could shore up the ocean facing side with the possibility of some development there if pounding waves were the only problem there, you know! Not sure how big of a tourist thing it would be over in that region, though.

Must continue to watch just the same, but know that there just might be that occasion where the bulk of earthquake energy gets released like in this case the next day and we have to continue to watch through in this case October 28 or Nov. 6. But then again let's see if we don't still run into that big one, here, yet!!! And with the Full Moon actually falling in between there on October 18, too!!!

Full Moon could also end up being a player in the other major earthquake we are watching for along the Anchorage, Montana, Wyoming, New Madrid line where the Official Prediction runs until October 22, 2013 where the October Full Moon will actually fall on Day 33 and a very bad day number statistically speaking. I also notice that if October 19 is Day 33. . . . . then this Official Prediction will actually be nowhere near the end on the date I gave in the banner headline? Just checked and the sheet for Man-Yi has November 11 as the final date, just sayin'

Let us also continue to now watch California and heard this morning more snow for Washington? Of course more snow will equal more potential for more of those smallish shakers such as the small one at Lake Nacimiento, California earlier and a 2.4 that just struck near Fresno as I am writing! Yes, watch California for more of that yet, but hopefully 6 is as big as we will have to worry about for the time being with the Full Moon next week also a potential player there!

Finally, looks like my next EQ Radio Show might be going on the schedule for July 7, 2014!!! So plan now on listening to "EQ Radio Show 2014"!!!!! Thank-You!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4.5 Shakes 350 Miles Offshore of North Carolina!!!!! What's Next??? And Where???

Just a little bit surprised to see a 4.5 that shook with the name East Coast of United States? Then of course I immediately clicked on it to see exactly where and found Jacksonville, Florida right there in the vicinity and then noticed North Carolina there, too. Notice also mentions the distance to Bahamas. SEE USGS at: Wasn't too surprised that as I was checking out the map, Weather Channel was showing current location of Tropical Storm Karen and would you know it is basically exactly about the same spot!!! Yes, I'm sure connected, but since I'm mostly operating on my own theories here it's fairly difficult to answer the question as to how they are related. One theory has the windstorm arcing across phases, but to my knowledge there is no phase to arc across at that point, although there is one east of there, so. . . . .

LOOKS like Typhoon Danas WILL NOT be turning sharp enough to generate any major earthquake energy, at least for California or our West Coast. Rather, Typhoon Danas is now nearly disapated at the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula and all but out of our concern with the exception of some earthqauke energy heading North Northeast somewhere. At least it will NOT be an Official Prediction and California and Frisco can relax. . . this HUGE Earthquake is not heading for them. Still one smaller one might be affecting them, but much smaller like 6.

Finally still at least one major one lingering out in the Pacific somewhere, possibly heading for Santiago/Valpariso, Chile. . . but maybe still ready to strike Sumatra, too! Don't forget that one runs into November and can still strike at any time. EQ Guy

Monday, October 7, 2013

Landfall of Typhoon Danas at Japan WILL Mean California EARTHQUAKE!!!!! 7 Magnitude?

Perhaps the word WILL is less than correct as of this writing since Typhoon Danas will need to complete that turn to the Northeast before making landfall which the current forecast already says it is going to do. So, according to the forecast for Typhoon Danas there will be an Upcoming Major Earthquake for probably Northern California later in October, but all the details will follow the landfall there. Be Watching and follow the line for yourself, but it is looking like it will probably be an upwards of 7 Magnitude Shaker!

Here's the final count of those felt reports from Sunday Night's Berkeley Earthquake (s) at:

There is still one Official Prediction for Anchorage, Montana, and New Madrid that will continue to run through October 22, although they have already had plenty of shaking!!! SEE @

While there should also probably be a Major Official Prediction for Banda Aceh, Phuket, and Sumatra Indonesia, I do not have anybody to submit paperwork directly to and so we will just continue to watch the movement of the tectonic plate (s) over in that region for one more major earthquake in the coming days and that could also be pushing the Pacific Plate against Chile, so the major shaker in that series could also strike Santiago or Valparaiso, yet.

Finally, due to the recent very bad weather including huge winds, tornadoes, and up to 4 feet of snow at our Northern States, we should continue to watch along our West Coast including all of California for the ground to settle as a result of all the snow and wind. . . sort of the conditions that preceded Northridge, Paso Robles, and Eureka 2010, so watch for another one like those in the coming days. Slight difference from occasions where I might otherwise write an Official Prediction for California but possibly still serious! Thank-You for Reading and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

3.1 Richters Berkeley with Lots of Felt Reports!!! More? Like Yesterdays Joshua Tree Swarm?????

So far just a couple at Berkeley, but am wondering if they will shake all through the night and look like this Joshua Tree Swarm from yesterday by Monday Morning? @

Until a lot of the snow melts up in the Dakotas, I am afraid we are truly looking at the potential for more major shaking along these lines and should continue to be prepared for lots of this type of earthquake energy and I will guess the biggest it all might go could be 6.3 Richters with several small tornadoes in there, too!

There is plenty more stuff going on and I will have a complete update on Monday. Here is all of the felt reports from Berkeley as of midnight, Thank-You for Reading!!! EQ Guy

M3.1 - 4km ENE of Berkeley, California 2013-10-07 04:26:08 UTC
Earthquake location 37.889°N, 122.225°W
Location and Magnitude contributed by: Northern California Seismic System, UC Berkeley and USGS Menlo Park

Did you feel this earthquake? Tell Us!
Albany California United States of America........3
Albany (94706) CA United States of America........9
Berkeley CA United States of America........40
Berkeley (94702)CA United States of America........12
Berkeley (94703)CA United States of America........5
Berkeley (94704)CA United States of America........10
Berkeley (94705)CA United States of America........9
Berkeley (94707)CA United States of America........6
Berkeley (94708)CA United States of America........3
Berkeley (94709)CA United States of America........9
Berkeley (94710)CA United States of America........4
Berkeley (94720)CA United States of America........4
Brisbane CA United States of America........1
Concord California United States of America........1
Concord (94520) CA United States of America........1
Danville (94526)CA United States of America........1
El Cerrito CA United States of America........5
El Cerrito (94530)CA United States of America........8
El Sobrante CA United States of America........1
El Sobrante (94803)CA United States of America........4
Emeryville CA United States of America........23
Emeryville (94608)CA United States of America........10
Hercules (94547)CA United States of America........1
Kensington, California United States of America........43
Lafayette, California United States of America........1
Lafayette (94549)CA United States of America........5
MartinezCalifornia United States of America........4
Martinez (94553)CA United States of America........1
Moraga California United States of America........3
Moraga (94556) CA United States of America........2
Oakland California United States of America........1
Oakland (94602) CA United States of America........2
Oakland (94606) CA United States of America........2
Oakland (94607) CA United States of America........2
Oakland (94609) CA United States of America........7
Oakland (94610) CA United States of America........8
Oakland (94611) CA United States of America........11
Oakland (94618) CA United States of America........5
Oakland (94619) CA United States of America........1
Orinda California United States of America........7
Orinda (94563) CA United States of America........10
Pacheco California United States of America........1
Piedmont, CA United States of America........21
Pinole California United States of America........5
Pinole (94564) CA United States of America........2
Pleasant Hill CA United States of America........1
Pleasant Hill CA United States of America........2
Point Reyes Station United States of America........1
Richmond CA United States of America........1
Richmond CA United States of America........3
Rollingwood CA United States of America........1
San Francisco CA United States of America........22
San Francisco (94103)CA,United States of America........1
San Francisco (94105)CA,United States of America........1
San Francisco (94107)CA,United States of America........2
San Francisco (94110)CA,United States of America........6
San Francisco (94114)CA,United States of America........3
San Francisco (94115)CA,United States of America........3
San Francisco (94121)CA,United States of America........2
San Francisco (94122)CA,United States of America........2
San Francisco (94131)CA,United States of America........1
San Ramon (94582)CA United States of America........1
Three Rivers CA United States of America........1
Walnut Creek CA United States of America........1
Walnut Creek (94597)CA United States of America........2

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Earthquakes at Indonesia and Joshua Tree, California!!! Huge Indonesian Volcano??? Watch Typhoon Danas!!!

The earthquakes are now striking all along the tectonic plate boundary that is outlined by most of the Indonesian Country there along the inside edge of that curved tectonic plate. Looks sort of like the whole thing might be moving to the east and that could mean some actual thrust faulting along the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Region, but then again that is only the guess work of an old self-proclaimed "Earth Mechanic," you know! This is a somewhat unusual movement that I haven't ever seen in just the small number of years I have been watching this plate for movement. Could mean one of those volcanoes along that ridge there could be the result of all this Major Earthquake Energy. So add watching for a Huge Indonesian Volcano to the list of all the other things that could be shaking in the coming days, now.

Today it was reported that they had up to 4 feet of snow up in the Dakotas, 70 mph winds, as well as 17 tornadoes. Right at the moment that would mean a new Official Prediction for California. . . but I want to wait and see if we hear the temperatures going back up in the Dakotas and if all that snow melts. While that could cause some flash flooding, it is also how we know it should be reducing all that new weight on the tectonic plate that might otherwise push down on the San Andreas Fault and possibly be the cause of todays shaking at Joshua Tree!!!

Couple more storms to watch for more incidental earthquake energy yet but it doesn't look right now like T.S. Karen in the Gulf of Mexico is going to become one. Still Fitow and Danas are both going to be threats. . . with Typhoon Danas potentially threatening California very soon!!! Looking BIG, too!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Moon Runs Through Saturday!!! What Will Happen? Major Shaker??? 9 Richters???

At some point today, 10-4, there was a giant 6.4 Richters Earthquake that struck out at the Indian Ocean Ridge at a place called Amsterdam Island. 71 miles southeast of there to be exact. This is one of the places that I routinely watch for an indication that there is major movement of the Indio/Aust. Tectonic Plate and this particular movement is about the BIGGEST I've ever seen aside from the movements recorded prior to the Islamabad Earthquake! This is probably going to lead to one MAJOR Earthquake, however I can't be certain the timetable on it will coincide with the October New Moon that we are currently watching. So let us watch through Saturday for whatever earthquake or earthquakes we might get along with this new moon and then plan on moving on with this current GIANT plate tectonics movement, here.

One more time I want to post the link to the transcript from this weeks EQ Radio Show @ FOR anybody who hasn't yet got a chance to check it out! Now you can read my show and links to both Radio Plays that were featured on that show, too!

This months New Moon exact moment was at 5:32pm Pacific Time on Friday and the window will run until exactly 5:32pm Pacific Time on Saturday, but I like to give it a couple extra hours thereafter so let us say into the night time hours of Saturday! Some of the places we might expect an earthquake are Anchorage, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Madrid, Illinois and there are still huge alerts for Banda Aceh, Phuket, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Region where they very well could get a whole lot of the shaking associated with todays movement at Amsterdam Island!!!

Expect more earthquake energy coming up the road with the landfall of Tropical Storm Karen, Typhoon Fitow, and Typhoon Danas coming very soon, now!!! T.S. Karen could mean Washington, DC, again!!! Thank-You For Reading!!! The EQ Guy

Friday, October 4, 2013

Transcript From My: The EQ Radio Show, Now Online!!!!!

Check It Out @

Thank-You For Reading!!!!! The EQ Alert Guy

2 Earthquakes At Indonesia, 1 Montana, 1 At Universal City!!!!! WATCH Through New Moon Window!!!

That was a 2.1 Richters earthquake that struck near Universal City, but it is not the first one, and it could just could mean more to come, or something major might strike that area someday. That was a 2.1 that struck up in Montana today, too. 177 Miles Northwest of Helena, but still very much up there along the line of the big one we are tracking up there across that region and you can still view that Official Prediction @ I should probably note that in spite of all of this going on, I did not make any mention of this or that on my recent Radio Show for a number of reasons. Mostly because I wouldn't want to worry folks who might hear wrongly that something was supposed to happen, and second due to not wanting a dated version of my show containing info that dealt with something that happened all the way back in the year 2013 in real time/distant/future if you know what i mean. So, now back to the business of tracking major earthquakes! The New Moon Window continues through Friday and into Saturday, so something major will probably be shaking!!!

Small Tropical Storm Karen circulating in the Gulf of Mexico and might develop into something in the coming hours and day or so and this will lead to the possibility if it forms big, to earthquake energy heading towards our East Coast. Has to develop first, and then make landfall bearing Northeasterly. Then, I will have more exact details of what the earthquake energy might do beyond there.

Getting tons of new readers and followers since The EQ Radio Show on Monday Night and want to say here that I had sort of hoped my next move might be someone asking me to make a speech somewhere, or do a talk show. If anybody reading has any ideas about what yours truly The EQ Guy might do next with his earthquake writing, then please add your ideas to the comments section of this EQ Blog Entry. I'll surely keep blogging far into the future, but if anybody would like me to do another EQ Radio Show anywhere else around the country please feel free to ask because I only have one more football game after tonights game and will be available for several weeks, then! Thank-You Again for Reading!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 3, 2013

4.5 Zambia!!! New Moon Starts Soon!!!!! Major Shaker!!!!!??? 8 or 9?

No more than said the name of the East Africa Ridge and Lake Tanganyika. . . then 150 miles south of that lake this 4.5 strikes at Zambia!!! Close call considering I just spotted that region out ahead of all this earthquake energy being caused by the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate moving as it is! Also difficult to guess exactly where it will strike due to the whole entire tectonic plate just simply pushing in that general direction, but that's how precision plate tectonics works when you get all the way over into this region like this sometimes! Do have to say that every so often we are over along this plate margin following a straight line of quite similar energy with the only difference there being that with a straight line we are able to very often guess the exact spot where the earthquake might be. On this occasion that ability is lost due to how close the landfall of this huge windstorm was to this plate. Sometimes it will cross, sometimes it will push the tectonic plate which is what it appears to be doing now.

In all events we will need to watch especially closely starting today for all of the additional earthquake activity that is to now be expected due to the supposed effect of the October 2013 New Moon!!! The exact moment of the New Moon will be at 5:32pm Pacific Time this afternoon and so we will need to be watching exceptionally close starting maybe an hour or two before that. . . but I'm almost certain this will be upwards of 8 Richters today so it will not be too hard to notice this one when it strikes!!! New Moon Window runs Thursday, Friday, and into Saturday with the exact moment at 5:32pm Pacific Time on Friday and we start watching at that time Thursday or exactly 24 Hours before.

I am mostly thinking Banda Aceh, Phuket, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands to be the most concern, although Indonesia has as of this writing been getting quite a lot of action at the other far end of that country of many islands and far to the east of Sumatra more over near PNG. Yes, there are many other places including the coast of South America where they will be suseptible to something major shaking in the next 48 hours and our own West Coast might also need to be made aware that something could be shaking, too, although besides Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and New Madrid, I do not have any direct alerts for California, Oregon, or Washington besides them just being shaky places where something could always shake just the same you know. Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

USGS Suspends Service!!!!! Let's Watch For Major Earthquakes To Strike, Anywayz!!!!!

THIS JUST IN!!!!! Courtesy of The USGS: "Due to a lapse in Federal funding, the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program has suspended most of its operations. While the USGS will continue to monitor and report on earthquake activity, the accuracy or timeliness of some earthquake information products, as well as the availability or functionality of some web pages, could be affected by our reduced level of operation."--USGS

80 Miles East of Helena, Montana near Harlowton! (@1.7) Keep Watching that Montana, Wyoming, New Madrid, Southern Illinois line of possible earthquake energy. Latest update in the days before my radio show was that it should not be too big and we should now be watching for I'll say 6 or 7 Richters in that region.

Just found a 4.7 that struck 431 Miles West Southwest of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia where we are watching very closely for the next Major Sumatran Earthquake to possibly strike!!! That 4.7 and also one additional 4.5 at New Zealand are probably signs that this tectonic plate is definitely moving and with the full amount that I expect it to move being rather HUGE. . . we must now continue to ESPECIALLY watch those two places due to so much activity taking place in Indonesia, and New Zealand.

NEW MOON Window will be starting in hours!!! Exact moment of the October 2013 New Moon will be October 4 at 7:32pm Central, 5:32 Pacific with the New Moon Window starting on October 3 or tomorrow Thursday at 5:32 pm Pacific! We have a lot to be watching for, too! I'm especially afraid for Banda Aceh, Phuket, and those Andaman and Nicobar Islands where they just got that 4.7 as of 8:30am this morning. Just found Owen Fracture Zone is directly across the Bay of Bengals from Sumatra and they also just got a 5.8 Richters Shaker as of October 2 at 1:06am UTC or about 8:06pm Central Time. MUCH More shaking could follow those two medium sized foreshocks that region is getting and the next big one could basically strike just about anywhere over around that tectonic plate I suppose even including Lake Tanganyika and that East African Rift!!! Possibly also Greece or Italy, too! Be Watching!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The EQ Radio Show = A Great Success!!!!! Back To Biz of Big Earthquakes, Now!!!!!

Last night was the night of my now famous "The EQ Radio Show" on my local Back Porch Radio Station! Had an Awesome time working with all the WORT-FM People and basically told the whole story about all the work I've done over the years at tracking major earthquakes, which my readers pretty much already know all about so I won't go into no more details about that story. You could say the show far exceeded my expectations and I honestly had the time of my life up there broadcasting out over the airwaves! The first time I'd done radio like that in a lot of years! Of course my days in radio preceded the movie business and ever since I have longed to go back into the studio like that in front of the microphone and spin records. . . which you might have noticed I actually even did a little bit of that there, too!!!

Here is a pic of me at the board with the mic there just behind me:

And here is Kenny right at the end of my show handing it over to Mr. Ryan Parks and his "Something Wonderful" Show!!!
Check Out The Clock!!! I didn't intend to take this pic apparently right at the exact moment it clicked 8:00:00!!! I ran about one minute behind my schedule most of the night, but must have got it right somewhere along the way. . . because I hit 8 O'Clock right on the DOT!!!!!

You can now hear my show in the archives at: Where it is "Access Hour" under September 30, 2013 with a PLAY or DOWNLOAD button. I have already got a couple great copies on CD's and uploaded it to my I-Pod. It loads in MP-3 Format. Sorry I do not know when I will be able to have an actual player here on my EQ Blog. I also intend to post a copy of script later, too!

There are still presently a number of EQ Alerts currently going on around the world. There is an update that I am sorry I was not able to type all up during the hours before my show but here it goes. After now two Pakistan Earthquakes as well as several at Carlsberg Ridge, there was at least one that I had been watching for around the Mid-Indian Ocean Ridge. THIS means the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate is moving in the exact direction that I thought it probably might. THEN there was a 6.5 at New Zealand near L'Esperance Rock. NOW it is likely this movement against the Pacific Tectonic Plate will lead to something major around South America, again, but possibly also more major shaking around those Pacific Islands and perhaps Easter Island, too. AND you will want to continue to watch Banda Aceh, Phuket, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well as around Jakarta for the big one!!!

Smaller alerts continue for Anchorage, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, New Madrid, and possibly Southern Illinois. Sorry I have been spending a lot of time covering EQ Radio Show and Thank-You for Listening to that now great Radio Show, too!!!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy