Monday, December 27, 2010

Here Comes a Lot More Earthquake Energy!!!!!

If you didn't know, the East Coast of the USA just got a lot of new snow with total amounts now in at over two feet in a lot of areas!!! Winds had been reported as high as 65 mph gusts as well. There was also a Tropical Cyclone Tasha that made landfall at Northern Australia with winds reported at 105 kmh and upwards of 100 cm of rain. (More cold temps coming, too) This sort of additional severe winter weather in addition to Tropical Cyclone Tasha will now equal even more earthquake energy than we are currently having!!! As if we wern't already getting enough earthquakes! Christchurch New Zealand got a good little shaker this weekend, Reno just had a small shaker, and now more coming! Be especially watching the San Andreas Fault, L.A., S.F., and the Western US/Alaska and be prepared! The final two weeks of that recent Official Prediction could get very busy with major earthquakes! EQ Guy

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!!

There are still some earthquakes out there, but let's hope none strike tonight or early tomorrow and here's wishing everybody a Very Merry Christmas!!!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010


December 12, 2010

The California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council
The National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council

The EQ Alert Guy




Based mostly on the fact that it seems like it’s been a very, very long time since San Francisco was hit by a major earthquake, I decided to name this new Official Prediction after Frisco. This Official Prediction is basically being filed with CEPEC, and NEPEC because of the extreme winter conditions that we are today experiencing over practically our whole country. Reports have placed the conditions of December 2010 as being among the worst December conditions in history. I noticed the year 2003 on this list of bad December conditions and 2003 was also the year I issued my own first ever EQ Alert based on those severe winter conditions and the Paso Robles earthquake struck California on December 23, 2003 after that alert that I had sent out dated December 11, 2003.

On the day of the Northridge Earthquake I researched what all things preceded the movement of the tectonic plates there and found severe winter conditions to be the likely culprit. Next, I resolved that if that was indeed so, then wouldn’t I in fact have to send out some sort of a message/alert to my friends on the West Coast the next time such severe conditions took place? Now, I had also found in the course of my research that the most severe hurricanes making landfall had preceded earthquakes also, but while windstorms also make up a lot of my EQ Alerts, severe winter cannot be ignored and occasionally lead to writings such as this one today. Further, when tracking the earthquake energy from a hurricane or typhoon making landfall, I can quite commonly come up with much more exact tracking due to extremely high winds sending earthquake energy more in a straight line in accordance with Newtons Third Law. At the same time a lot of heavy snow will mostly just push the North American Tectonic Plate down with the amount of weight it produces when it hits the ground and equally pressing against the adjacent tectonic plate when this earthquake type energy reaches a tectonic plate boundary.

This would be exactly what happened at about this same time last year when I was then forced to submit, as you should probably remember, my Official Prediction for California dated December 22, 2009. That Official Prediction, as you should probably start remembering, stated that California would get a major earthquake BEFORE January 12, 2010. Finally you probably remember the Eureka Earthquake striking on January 9, 2010 and the Haiti earthquake striking at 4 in the afternoon on the final day of that Official Prediction, or January 12, 2010. The Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of 1964 was also preceded by a lot of real bad winter conditions, and I would have had a Major EQ Alert out prior to that one as well as an Official Prediction filed with CEPEC and NEPEC, too. Please do not ignore this Official Prediction like you did that December 22, 2009 one. Please DO note that the movement of the North American Tectonic Plate was the cause of the Eureka 2010 Earthquake at the Triple Plate Junction there, and the fact that after that tectonic plate moved up there at Eureka, it continued to move south and caused the Haiti Earthquake killing over 200,000 people.

Insofar as I put San Francisco in the headline of this Official Prediction, I must say that was because the idea just came to me during the writing process that Frisco might be due for this huge new earthquake energy to strike. The Hayward Fault is also said to be due, and so is a section of the San Andreas Fault south of San Bernardino, California. I have to submit to the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council because of the fact that the alert deals only with the North American Plate being heavily weighted down by a lot of new snow that is still presently falling with as much as 21 inches in a number of towns, and 3 or 4 feet in one or two places. This “Weight On The Tectonic Plate” may also cause earthquake energy to strike up in Seattle, Washington, Oregon, Mt. St. Helens, Nevada, or the Idaho/Montana area. Thinking about it there is the possibility that Alaska could get this major earthquake however understand that such earthquake energy commonly takes more time than the twenty days given in this Official Prediction which deals more or less only with the Continental United States.

Not knowing if I covered the sub-zero temperatures that also preceded the Northridge earthquake, I will now state that there is sufficient extreme cold temperatures all around our country at this writing as well. Further, I seem to recall records being broken right in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida on the night before the Haiti earthquake. My newest theory that might help effectively explain how this further affects the movement of the tectonic plate is that extreme cold while contracting metal, stone, and pretty much all other materials, the one that is possibly the most affected by the cold is the male testicles. They tend to react dramatically to the cold, or more-so to extreme cold in a reaction that no metal or material known to man can exceed. This amount of shrinkage could EASILY cause two tectonic plates at a boundary to slide against each other and give ample room for plates to move at will causing a major earthquake event. Yes, extreme cold shrinks the tectonic plates by a measurable distance, while a lot of snow when combined with gravity will push down on the tectonic plate actually pushing the plates together at the plate boundaries, and finally high winds are also helping to push the tectonic plate around with gusts in Iowa up to 65 mph. Alone, the winds, or the snow, or the cold may not have as much of an affect. . . but when all three combine I hope you will all agree that a major earthquake could well be heading for San Francisco right this minute.

I want to close this Official Prediction with a message to be watching first, because I have found that we usually receive a medium sized earthquake in the middle of the area out east where the get the most of the snow or in that general area. This usually turns out to be around Richmond, Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, or Pennsylvania and I expect this foreshock to be around 5.3 Richters and should probably strike at any minute now or by sometime this week.

Thank-You, again for accepting my Official Predictions, and please tell the people to always be prepared!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

EQ Alert Getting More Serious!!! 7.1 to 7.5 Richters!!!

December 9, 2010

All EQ Alert People

The EQ Alert Guy

We’re getting unusual amounts of snow being reported out East and unusual cold with records being reported broken down south. I’m very sorry to now have to say there WILL BE a lot of new earthquake energy headed directly towards the San Andreas Fault, although movement of the North American Tectonic Plate will also be south towards Central America and the Caribbean, etc. In 2003 we had a similar occurrence of big amounts of snow early in the season like this and that became my very first accurate snowfall EQ Alert with the major shaker at Paso Robles, California striking on December 23, 2003. Be very aware of that in the coming days, because that Santa Barbara, Lompoc, San Simeon area could well be where this one strikes as well, albeit just a guess. If you are with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council or the National Council, (CEPEC or NEPEC) I will submit a more lengthy writing as the seriousness warrants, possibly even raising the magnitude, however today I thought I’d let the Sirs know there IS a major earthquake heading for California, Oregon, Mt. St. Helens, Washington, Seattle, and possibly Alaska. This new major earthquake should at present rate about a 7.1 to 7.5 Richters, although I’m bumping those numbers up today as I watch the forecast and thinking like after this weekend as the snow and extreme cold continues we should expect about that magnitude. Just 6 Magnitude for the next few days. This earthquake WILL STRIKE, but it may also move the North American Tectonic Plate to the south or like Haiti, Central America, or Mexico. Thank-You, again for reading and always be prepared for earthquakes anyways. The EQ Alert Guy

(I must add that the ground under all the snow tends to settle and cause a 5 or so Richters earthquake around Richmond, WDC, and Maryland in the coming hours and couple of days.) ADDED ON DECEMBER 9, 2010 AT 1:47PM

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Earthquake Situation Gets More Serious!!! 6 Richters Coming!!!

Eq Guy--The earthquake situation looks like it's getting more serious! I'm going to raise my alert to 6 Richters very soon, stay tuned!!! And start watching immediately!!! EQ Guy

(Read Latest Alert Below)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter is getting More Serious!!! Watch for a 5 Richters Shaker!!!

On the weather today I seen where practically everywhere east of the Great Lakes looks to be getting a lot of snow. At present I am also noticing that it is getting rather cold outside. Absent high winds, these are very close to the exact winter conditions that preceeded the Northridge earthquake, and I can't say if high winds were a part of the weather that preceeded the great Alaska earthquake of the early 1960's, although I don't believe we are getting the amount of snow received in either of those situations. So I want to today say to keep a watchful eye for an earthquake of possibly around 5 Richters Magnitude for the West Coast of the United States and Baja California in the coming days and I suppose a larger one if the snowfall amounts get up too much over a foot, or the temperatures start to reach and stay at ZERO for upwards of 48 Hours. Those extreme cold temperatures were also present right there IN Florida in the hours before the Haiti earthquake earlier this year!!! While not every one of these strikes the continental U.S., we should be aware of this just the same. I will update if something really cold, or extremely heavy snow occurs. Thank-You again for reading! The EQ Alert Guy

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Watch for "Winter Earthquakes"!!!

With winter coming, i want to mention that the most severe winter conditions tend to preceed major earthquakes!!! Occasionally we could get those most severe conditions without time for me to issue an alert and you may have to keep track of all that just incase of severe conditions! Paso Robles was December 23, Northridge was January 17, etc. EQ Guy

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon. . . Small Alert, Yet!!!

Reviewing the stuff i have written lately i found several alerts dated back in October 2010 that are tonight in the 20 to 30 day range. So, tonight i want to just mostly add that the full moon will increase the chance that is already out there for China and points north from there including the Western United states, although that is way north and all the way on the other side of the earth from China, but still in line with this earthquake energy courtesy of plate tectonics you know. If i totally write off the biggest of the major earthquake energy from back then which was followed by a fairly big Indonesia earthquake, tsunami, and volcano, then that leaves the Chi-Clone, and a Tropical Cyclone that made landfall at Myanmar but wasn't that big as far as miles across wise go and the wind speed was given in Knots and I never translated like 135 Knots to mph, just guessing less wind: result if correct being less shaking, and this would be about all we are now waiting for to strike in the coming hours with the added pull of the full moon and the few nights afterwards. Also, went out to get the mail (USPS Snail Mail) this week and received the Official Copyright for my latest EQ Book titled "My Earthquake Memoirs" so if anyone has any interest in publishing My EQ Memoirs please let me know!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Exact Day and Time for China Shaker! See New Official Prediction at EQ Blog-2!!!

Since the time is about 12 Hours different from the U.S. in China, I want to put my guess for the exact time of upcoming China 6.5 Magnitude earthquake at Monday Night, but since that would be Monday Night our time. . . I will place the exact moment at 6:45 pm our time on Monday night, or 6:45 am Tuesday China time. That is also give or take the couple hours off from 12 hours difference so I'll take 6:45 pm Central Daylight Time and whatever that ends up being in China as the exact time. I picked this time from the amount of days after the landfall of a recent Tropical Cyclone at Myanmar and extended that time about the exact amount of time it took after a similar major cyclone for the Great Sichuan China earthquake.

I recently posted a New OFFICIAL PREDICTION at my other EQ Blog-2, you can CLICK HERE: and read that! That O.P. also contains some information about the upcoming China Earthquake.

Monday, October 18, 2010

NEW MAJOR EARTHQUAKE ALERT!!!!! Lima, Peru/Hawaii/Sumatra!!! 8 Richters!!!

There is now a Major Alert for Hawaii, Sumatra, Bankok, and Lima/Quito in Peru and Ecuador. The spots that fall on this immediate line will most likely be one of the exact locations where the next major earthquake of around 8 Richters Magnitude will strike. Other areas that are nearby include Bolivia, Arica, Cambodia, Singapore, Andaman Island, Nicobar Island, Jakarta, West Coast of the USA, Central America and Mexico although most of these regions are a little bit out of the way of the major earthquake energy from the landfall of Super Typhoon Megi at Luzon late last night and early today with winds that had been reported as high as 180 Mph. I suppose it is possible I just might need to file an "Official Prediction" with the California Earthquake Prediction folks and the National Earthquake Prediction folks in the near future but know that this time those are only for a slight chance of earthquake energy striking California or the United States; there is no earthquake energy heading directly for either via a straight line as IS the case with Lima, Peru and the Andaman, and Nicobar Islands, Sumatra. This New EQ Alert is for a Major Earthquake that WILL STRIKE, and so it is time the world start to be aware of my alerts and be prepared for a major earthquake, and possibly tsunami, to strike. The Great Sumatra Earthquake of 2004 was preceded by a similar Super Typhoon striking the same region, Super Typhoon Nanmadol. Thank-You for reading! The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Typhoon Megi Making Landfall with 190 Knot Gusts!!!!!

As of Sunday Night this is what Super Typhoon Megi looks like making landfall at the Philippines!!! Latest report = Winds 155, Gusts 190 Knots!!!!! Be aware that this will now be tremendous EARTHQUAKE ENERGY!!!!! 8+ Richters Magnitude is possible immediately and I will update with the names of some exact places as soon as the landfall of Megi is underway, this typhoon will also most likely go on to make a major landfall at Hong Kong or whatever region of the mainland it strikes at and could now possibly mean a major shaker on our West Coast!!! Start watching immediately, and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Huge SuperTyphoon in the Pacific!!!!!

if you've been waiting for earthquake energy it looks like it is here!!! Super Typhoon Megi is like 450 Miles Northeast of Manila and looks like it will make landfall somewhere as a major windstorm in the coming hours! Here is a link to the satellite clip of it, but I won't have time to hyperlink it tonight:

Be aware that a storm this big will shake the Philippines as it is crossing and will probably start to shake all those areas over there immediately as well!!! I'm thinking 8 Richters Magnitude right at the moment!!! Updates to come!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Made A New Movie About Strip Mining!!!!!



Monday, October 4, 2010

May Still Be Some Random Earthquake Energy! And I'm in the Preview for that movie!!!!!

I'm writing today to say that over the past several weeks there have been several tiny windstorms that have done a real minimum amount of damage while producing a lot of rain!!! As a general rule I do not routinely track this sort of earthquake energy especially since they produce small earthquakes that only do a minimal amount of damage and rarely any injuries, i excel at much, much larger earthquakes where there is real danger in peoples futures!!! In the meantime I went to the new movie this weekend "Social Network" and saw MYSELF in the Previews!!!!! Yes, the preview for the new Ron Howard movie that you may be aware I worked on this summer showed in the theatre prior to "Social Network" and it is now titled "The Dilemma."

In the part that shows in the Preview Kevin James (From Mall Cop) is on the Jumbotron and I'm seated behind him to the right in my Chicago Blackhawks shirt!!! And the movie "Social Network" is a pretty good movie, too!!! EQ Guy

Friday, September 17, 2010

Major EQ Alert: Manzanillo, Mexico City, Guatemala, San Salvador, Nicaragua!!! Major Earthquake as big as 7.9 Richters!!!!

Hurricane Karl has been dramatically upgraded to a Category 3 Hurricane with winds of 120 mph and gusts probably around 135. As of this hour it has changed direction and is currently headed near Southwest, and is making landfall at Veracruz, Mexico. Immediate EQ Alerts for a Major Earthquake at Manzanillo, Tecoman, Mexico City, Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas, Guatemala, San Salvador, Managua and Nicaragua, and it will only be a matter of hours before a Major Earthquake as large as 7.9 Richters Magnitude will strike. This kind of earthquake energy might also include major landslides, tsunamis where offshore shakers occur, and perhaps a volcano eruption. This hurricane intensified very quickly just in recent hours and this is a very short notice especially for folks in the path of this very destructive hurricane that will do major damage and generate major earthquake energies. We should begin watching and preparing immediately.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newest EQ Twitter=Hurricane Karl Makes Landfall. . . Start Watching for 6 Richters!!!!!

EQAlert--Hurricane Karl hit 100 mph!!! Making landfall Friday @ Mex., be watching immediately for 6 Mag EQ!!! Update in coming days! EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Major EQ Alert!!!!! East Coast, Illinois, Baja California, etc.!!!

To rush this alert I need to note that I am literally skipping a few smaller earthquake alerts that apply to other areas because the major earthquake energy to come will probably be extremely critical!!!!! My experience with Major Hurricanes out along the East Coast is that shaking will begin at any moment and I want to state that some of the major areas out east may want to be aware that along with Hurricane Earl there could also be some shaking. Depending on what direction Earl is headed when it hits shallow water or makes landfall altogether an earthquake could strike anywhere from Richmond, Virginia up through Pittsburgh to Ottawa, Canada. While we probably aren’t talking about anything bigger than 6 Richters be aware that one of these could still hit 5 Richters, or maybe even 5.3 Richters Magnitude with Cities like Boston and NYC pretty much already aware that they get earthquakes. Everybody be watching just incase Hurricane Earl decides to make a major landfall somewhere along its path like Hurricane Isabel did on September 18, 2003 at 105 mph followed a few days by a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE of 8.3 Richters at Hokkaido, Japan on September 25. I will update as soon as I have more information. The EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Earthquakes!!!!! Hurricane Earl Strikes Puerto Rico!!! 135mph winds!!! Earthquake Strikes Chicago!!!

Yes, while Hurricane Earl is striking the Carribean Islands and hit Puerto Rico with 135 mph winds, there is a major volcano now going off in Indonesia and they had a 2.7 Richters Earthquake practically right in Downtown Chicago at 1pm this afternoon, actually nearer Downtown LaGrange!!! As of this writing we might want to just basically watch everywhere, like I would have said Illinois anyways, and wait to see what Hurricane Earl is going to do out along our East Coast! But remember, we are now talking about a huge Category 4 Hurricane and I am hearing that it is very possible that it WILL make landfall somewhere along the East Coast of the United States!!!!! Watch Hurricane Earl closely and be aware that there are plenty more earthquakes where todays Chicago shaker and the Indonesia Volcano came from!!! There is now a lot of new earthquake energy out there, so watch out California, West Coast, and etc.!!!!! EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Alert Coming!!!!! Start Watching for Major Earthquakes Right Now!

There is a Hurricane about to strike the islands off the coast of Florida such as Puerto Rico, etc. The winds are quite high enough that earthquake energy will be generated out there and will immediately begin to push against the North American Tectonic Plate!!! This might also be the first time a huge storm has threatened to rattle Haiti and storms seem to have earthquakes shaking underneath of them somewhat commonly, especially California. For now everyone be aware that this huge windstorm WILL produce earthquake energy and I will update with more exact information as soon as these enormous winds contact land somewhere. Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Earthquake Biz Should Be Slowing Down for now!!!

I know many of you have been following me a long time, but for those who have just started more recently like this year, there are times when only minor earthquake energy is present and I am writing now to say that. Tomorrow will be 51 days since Hurricane Alex made landfall at Mexico and since then I only have one small tropical storm making landfall at South Korea with only minor wind speeds. Of course higher wind speeds and it would have been a typhoon anyways. Plus one tornado that struck a farmstead but in all events neither of those is likely to create a major earthquake in California!!!!! At one time I would announce an "All Clear" but since there is always the chance of something just shaking out of the blue, I will not issue an All Clear per se. Moreover, I am just telling anyone who reads my EQ Blog regularly that right at the moment I will not be expecting any Major Earthquakes to strike. Pessimists may wish to note that there still remain about another 10 days to reach the maximum number of days that quakes have a history of following hurricanes. Finally, also always be aware that even the smallest of earthquakes such as those that follow Santa Ana winds of California, could possibly shake loose a serious earthquake event, but it's very rare!

Until then, mostly keep watching for the next hurricane or typhoon which could happen at any moment and be very quickly followed by a major earthquake. But there's really nothing like that even happening anyways so the term I use is, "Like calm water on a pond in the middle of the summer, no waves at all. . . nothing." Thank-You all, again for reading!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Days Are Counting!!! We're Due For A Major Shaker!!!

According to my calculations today is Day 37 after the landfall of Hurricane Alex!!! I can't get it out of my head that Day 43 after Hurricane Katrina is the date of the great Islamabad earthquake where 90,000 people died. So i thought no problem posting on a Friday since that day is very near and there is a good chance California could be the epicenter of this shaker that may still be out there! I added Laughlin and Searchlight, Nevada since they had a small shaker and new construction has been a precursor in the past, also Old Faithful in Yellowstone just had a close one yesterday! That and several major shakers around Alaska might equal the Pacific Tectonic Plate moving our direction!!! We should keep watching like up to Day 50 or August 19 and note that the Official Prediction covering this event gives the final day as August 12, 2010. We will always have to keep watching these in the future and we even watch at times when a big one HAS STRUCK somewhere as a safety precaution!!! Not much else happening right at the moment!!! Thank-You for reading!!! The EQ Guy

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New EQ Twitter!!! Update Coming at some point

EQAlert--might watch Laughlin-Searchlight, Nevada! Also Old Faithful in Yellowstone??? Last Week or so of Big Cali. Update due/very busy! EQ Guy

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Worked all week in Chicago Film Production!!! New Ron Howard Movie is shooting there!!!!!

Of course you've all read my book so you already know I work in Film Production! Let me tell you what I did this week! Worked at United Center in Chicago, home of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Bulls as a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks in the new upcoming Ron Howard movie that is shooting down there. "What You Don't Know" is the title. We shot a lot of scenes with stuff going on out on the ice and a lot of interactions between Vince Vaughn and Kevin James the two stars of this comedy set in Chicago.

They were calling Kevin the "King of Queens" and it wasn't till I got home to Wisconsin last night that I looked him up on Internet Movie Database and found out he was also "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" a GREAT MOVIE!!! Wished I would have known that all week while working with him!!! Infact yesterday I was sitting in the stands only a couple rows behind him and we were all on the Jumbotron screen and they got up and danced, etc. Fun!!!

Came back to my seat at one point and the guy in front of me in the portal turned around in front of me and it was Ron Howard and I said "Excuse Me, Dude" and whisked past him and up to my seat. . . but I suppose "Excuse Me, Ron" would have been much more polite than Dude??? On Day 2, Thursday this week I was changed over to a "Guest Services" person standing in the portal and checking your tickets, etc. an excellent job for me since that is basically what I do for a living at the Kohl Center for Wisconsin Badgers games!!! Here is a great pic of me in my "New" uniform!!!
That is the United Center behind me, but I took this at my lunch break and hardly had the time to get both me and the United Center in this pic!!!

The rest of the three days spent in Chicago at United Center I was in the audience playing a Chicago Blackhawks Fan and waving around one of those red towels and cheering and hollaring and at one point dancing to their theme song, Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis, or Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum, de-de, deee-de, de-de, etc. I have to go right now there is another pic shooting starting Monday in Detroit, "Reel Steel" I could be heading over there to work a few more days yet. . . in the movies!!!!! (Which is why I track earthquake energy, because my friends out in Hollywood really NEED to know this information, you know!!!!!) Thank-You for reading! EQ Guy

Monday, July 19, 2010

First, a link to my new Official Prediction filed recently!!! Then, the current EQ Alert!!!


Now the EQ Alert Previously Posted here:

There is currently a now huge swarm of earthquake energy happening up in the Alaska Islands region and this is happening during the time while we are watching the earthquake energy from Hurricane Alex cross over like supposedly the Arctic but apparently by way of Alaska maybe. So, as I stated in recent writings this alert covers all of California, Seattle, Idaho, Yellowstone, Minnesota, Illinois and I know I said Maryland before, but. . . . we are talking about one big 7 Magnitude Earthquake that I could guess might go as high at 7.6 Richters Magnitude. This is not a drill, there will almost definitely be a major earthquake that follows the landfall of Hurricane Alex at Los Americanos, Mexico. And today as of this writing it looks like it's heading for North America. EQ Guy

EDITED SATURDAY NIGHT, JULY 24, 2010, New Headline and link to other blog. Moved previous headline, now in all caps above second paragraph.
And there is still that much smaller one heading for Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc., but 5 Magnitude earthquakes can still do damage over that way! EQ Guy

Friday, July 16, 2010

Earthquake Shakes Washington, D.C.!!! Alert Continues for California, S.F., and L.A.!!!

There was an earthquake in Washington D.C. early today that struck within 20 miles of that city. At 3.6 Richters they are billing it as the largest that has ever shook that city. Note that there is a lot of earthquake energy still out there and I had listed Maryland for an earthquake based on similar storms to Hurricane Alex in the past. The very first Official Prediction which had July 15 in the headline should go to like July 18 anyways and at the very most July 25 since only about one went that many days, but do note that they got three medium sized earthquakes at Santa Rosa about 70 miles north of San Francisco yesterday and so let us watch a few more days on that and it was only 6.1 for that specific S.F. alert. In any event the other major alert for all of California at 7.6 Richters will continue with July 21 being 21 days after that landfall and July 31 being 31 days after the landfall of Hurricane Alex at Los Americanos. Those are key amounts of time in the earthquake energy reaching like Northern California, Seattle, Idaho, Washington D.C., Minnesota, etc. Finally the landfall of Typhoon Conson made landfall at Manilla on July 12 with 85 Knot Gusts and earthquake energy heading for Saigon, Myanmar, Bangladesh!!! Thank-You, again for reading!!! EQ Guy

Monday, July 12, 2010

NEW BLOG ENTRY--At my other EQ Blog!!!

THERE IS A NEW EQ BLOG ENTRY AT MY OTHER EQ BLOG PAGE. It is basically just those Official Predictions I have been talking about recently which apply to the upcoming Major San Francisco/California earthquake. Here is a link to them. . . lots of reading!!!!!

Thank-You!!! EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still an Alert for Frisco! Another one for L.A.!!! Minnesota? Idaho?

The EQ Alert for San Francisco Bay area goes to around July 18, with 33 days after the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Phet on July 7 and 43 days after on July 17, note that the Islamabad earthquake was 43 days after Hurricane Katrina so we should keep watching Frisco Bay for a few days, yet. That one is listed here as 5.5 to 6.3 Richters. There is also a smaller one for Los Angeles, Whittier, and La Puenta which had a foreshock at Ottawa, Canada. This smaller alert of not much bigger than 6 Richters could be past since July 5 is day 14 and tornadoes in the midwest should not take much longer than two weeks to strike the West Coast. . . thinking about it maybe Hawaii 5.5 or 5.9 this week on that note, but I haven't put much thought into that so still watch the L.A. neighborhood a few days at least. Finally I did have Guadalajara and Mexico City for potential earthquakes following Hurricane Alex/Los Americanos Mexico and I double-checked all the hurricanes from the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and 2000-2010 that followed the exact path of Alex/Mexico and found NO real major Mexico shakers, however of course a lot of earthquakes in the United States including California, Minnesota, Maryland, and Idaho. . . and of course at the top of the Indian Ocean/Australian tectonic plate, so keep watching the U.S. and I will keep researching this and report as soon as possible. This last one will be larger and I recall saying 7.6 Richters, so it could easily hit 7 Magnitude!!! Thank-You, again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July, Everybody!!!!!

I will have an update for this EQ Blog like 2morrow!!! Happy 4th!!!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New EQ Alert: Mexico City!!! Again!!! Also Mexicali/Calexico!!!

EQ Alert, July 1, 2010

With the last alert for Mexico City followed by the Mexico City earthquake of yesterday at 6.3 Richters, I now have to write that there is now a brand new alert for Mexico City!!! Note that this is not the alert that went out last week because I keep very close track of earthquake energy and that one basically happened, you know. This will be for a much larger earthquake and is effective immediately for Victoria de Durango, Mazatlan, Guadalajara, San Vicente, Mexicali, Tijuana, and Southern California as well. I will put the Magnitude of this new Major Earthquake at 7.6 Richters Magnitude, probably no larger than that, and as far as those areas are concerned we may begin watching and preparing at once. EQ Guy

Monday, June 28, 2010


There is now starting to be a lot of earthquake energy out there so today I want to run through all of it. As of this weekend there is now an earthquake for Guadalajara, Mexico, as well as Mexico City, Jalisco and that basic region, around 6 Richters Magnitude this week or so, and this could also apply energy to either of these next two. Due any moment now is a big San Francisco Bay Area earthquake also around 6 Richters and also for this week with a lot of major foreshocks previously moving the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate. I believe I had stated previously San Jose, Milpitas, and Fremont for my guess on the exact epicenter there. Finally I had to add Los Angeles this weekend after a major foreshock struck at Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday of 5.5 Richters, and so I am putting this new upcoming next Southern California shaker at about 5.7 Richters and have named Whittier, La Puente as my guess for the epicenter. The final days of the Full Moons effect on these alerts will be like today and tonight, but note that the full moon only increases the odds of the actual day an earthquake could strike just slightly and that these are all upcoming major earthquakes just the same and will continue as such! There are earthquakes heading for these areas!!! And it looks like Tropical Storm Alex might undergo major development in the Gulf of Mexico in the coming hours besides!!! Thank-You for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FULL MOON!!! L.A./Frisco!!! Hey, New EQ Blog-2!!!

As i write it is the night of the full moon so be watching especially tonight, but the next couple nights if nothing happens! Whittier-La Puente 9:33pm PDT 5.7 Richters and watch out Frisco, too!

I started a new EQ Blog for additional material it is or you can click my profile and there are now two blogs and EQ Blog-2 is the other one, check it out! There you will find the conclusion to my outline for my new book "My Earthquake Memoirs" Thank-You for reading!!! Here is a direct link to the conclusion of my book outline, here:

Edited on April 7, 2011 to repair above link.

Monday, June 21, 2010

EQ Alert: San Francisco Update!!!

I have July 5 listed as the date that this upcoming San Francisco Bay area shaker should strike by. Today I must note that the Spring/Summer Equinox on June 21 will have some affect on this earthquake energy as well as that upcoming Full Moon on June 26 and the few days before as well. For the exact epicenter I gave San Jose, Milpitas, and Fremont, California. There have been a few major foreshocks of this upcoming San Francisco earthquake over at the Nicobar Island in the 6 and 7 Magnitude range and so be aware that the biggest this major shaker could be now might be fairly big!!!

EDITED JUNE 22, 2010 at 7:33 P.M., Removed Paragraph 2.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5.7 Delayed San Diego Padres Game!!! Felt in Los Angeles!!! S.F. Alert Continues!!!

The epicenter of last nights earthquake at Southern California was just east of San Diego and near Ocotillo, California at 9:26 p.m. and 5.7 Richters Magnitude. This is 90 miles south, 41 hours later, and 3 tenths Richter under the parameters listed here in my below entry as well as stated on an Official Prediction filed with CEPEC, and NEPEC on June 8, 2010. I listed tonights Los Angeles Lakers game at The Staples Center in Los Angeles as being in the path of this earthquake energy, it actually delayed a Major League Baseball game at the San Diego Padres, but I want to now emphasize that Los Angeles could still be inline for a major earthquake and all of this activity could possibly shake L.A. loose for even more in the coming hours and days! This could be a HUGE earthquake coming with all of the current activity going on including a 7.5 at Nicobar and 6.1 at Honshu yesterday! That old Pacific Tectonic Plate is on the move!!! Note that the San Francisco Alert/Official Prediction is totally separate from the Los Angeles activity and will continue on, possibly also striking very near how and when I stated in this blog!!! Thank-You, again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Alert: Utah, L.V./Nevada, Socal/Los Angeles!!!!! Also, They May Charge the L'Aquilla Italy Geniuses!!!

This new alert will also have a chance of affecting the Iceland Volcano, or the Hawaii region. It is the result of a tornado that struck Illinois and did a lot of damage, while Ohio and Pennsylvania also had a lot of tornado damage. The Ohio tornado was reported as an EF-4 with winds between 170 and 175 mph. Note that I have also filed an Official Prediction on this alert in addition to the Official Prediction for the S.F. Bay Area, Cupertino, and San Jose filed Monday. The huge number of aftershocks of the recent 7 Magnitude earthquake at Baja California is going on 10,000 Richters and could well mean yet another big, or bigger shaker out there. 5.5 to 6.6 Richters before July 18, but I guessed the exact date as June 13, 2010 at 4:21am.

They might charge the science guys who said there was nothing to worry about prior to the L'Aquilla Italy earthquake and sent the people back into the buildings!!! Hundreds died as a result of that "Scientific Decision" and I agree with the people of Italy that the time has come for putting earthquake prediction on trial in the courts!!! I know there was at least SOME chance that something was going to happen over there and know it was very wrong of those big, bad "Scientists" to denounce Mr. Giampaolo Giuliani, and direct Italy not to take ANY action!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010



Friday, June 4, 2010

NEW EQ ALERT: SAN FRANCISCO!!!!! 5.5 to 6.3 Richters Magnitude, Next 30 Days

June 4, 2010
To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

Tropical Cyclone Phen wasn't all that big of a windstorm, gusts 110 Knots, so I won't expect this new upcoming major earthquake to be too big!!! I'll guess 5.5 to 6.3 Richters Magnitude and while possibly striking the Seattle region or Mt. St. Helens, I'm mostly saying San Francisco, Oakland, Eureka/TPJ, and San Jose in the next week or so. First this earthquake will have to pass Tehran, and Eastern Iran.

Note that an Official Prediction will follow by Monday, with that window running through about July 5, 2010. The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, May 30, 2010

SECOND INSTALLMENT OF MY NEW BOOK!!! New EQ Alert: Grozney, Tehran, Pakistan!

Tropical Storm Agatha struck Guatamala with 40 mph winds and a lot of rain on May 29. We should now watch Grozny, Tehran and Iran, Pakistan for about a 5.5 to 6 Richters shaker through July. Not much else happening folks! So here's the SECOND INSTALLMENT of the outline from my book "My Earthquake Memoirs":

CHAPTER FIVE--Start of The New Era in Earthquakes--I tracked the earthquake energy from a storm in the Gulf of Baja California to North Dakota (around early 2003 or so) and they had a rare earthquake there. Then, I tracked the energy from Hurricane Lili and they had an earthquake in Italy at which time I discovered this earthquake energy travels under the ocean.
This was when I began using a globe to track this energy all around the world, something I wasn’t able to do with maps. This lead to my tracking the energy of Hurricane Claudette to Fukushima, Japan and I was within 5 miles of the epicenter and had about my very first copy for myself of one of my EQ Alerts that I had been sending out, after learning how to save an E-Mail.
Next, while I was now writing my first book about earthquakes we had a severe winter that was similar to the one that preceded the Northridge earthquake and so on December 11, 2003, I sent out an alert for California and on December 22, 2003 they had the Paso Robles earthquake which they call the San Simeon earthquake, a 6.5 Richters Magnitude earthquake.
Super Cyclone Debbie made landfall at Australia during that same time, with 200 mph winds and I watched for a major earthquake. On December 26, 2003 Bam, Iran was hit by a 6.7 Richters Magnitude earthquake killing 40,000 people. It was on that note that I went on after weeks of studying to discover just exactly how the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate moves. This discovery became very valuable in the future and is a key to tracking earthquakes all around the world today. When Hurricane Ivan struck Florida in 2004 I put that knowledge to use in my “EQ Alert California” sent out on the Sunday night before the Parkfield, California earthquake struck on that Tuesday. I end this Chapter by saying in the future they’ll probably prefer my way since Parkfield was long a center for old style predictions itself.

CHAPTER SIX--Blogging and The Sumatra Earthquake--Super Typhoon Nanmadol made landfall at Taiwan December 4, 2004 and I immediately began tracking this next potential earthquake. At the same time I was now Blogging about this stuff on my new journal on the internet, as it was happening. This Chapter explains how I was now entering the internet age and also sent out E-Mails titled “Big EQ Alert” in the final days before the major earthquake we today know as Sumatra 2004. That alert explained Japan, China, Indonesia, Philippines and as big as 9 or 10 Richters and that great earthquake and tsunami event occurred just two days later. While there was never much mention of my new blog also being right, that went on to also be my first big blog entry, too. Although that specific social network has long since became defunct and that old online journal no longer exists.
This chapter, Chapter 5, concludes by explaining some of the other internet services and social networks I’ve gotten involved in to make this the new era in earthquakes or maybe of earthquake prediction.

CHAPTER SEVEN--All Clears, And Official Predictions--I had to write out my alerts in a new format in order to file an Official Prediction with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council. Up to that time I had simply been writing out an alert for an earthquake, but an Official Prediction would in essence mean, “Predicting,” an earthquake which I was never actually meaning to be doing.
Beginning in about 2005, I have been filing an occasional Official Prediction with CEPEC and one or two of those had to also be filed with the National Council or NEPEC as well, since they dealt with wider areas, or commonly Seattle and Mt. St. Helens.
This chapter concludes with a discussion of how I had also occasionally issued an “All Clear” at times when there was NO earthquake coming or potential for earthquakes. It explains that I felt I should quit that practice because there is still always at least a small chance of an earthquake striking.
This chapter closes by explaining how I really needed a storm with a big name that is followed by an earthquake with an equally big name and discusses a few that I’ve had right so far, and that none of them have had too big of names. Then, it introduces the next chapter: Hurricane Katrina/Islamabad Earthquake.

CHAPTER 8--Hurricane Katrina/Islamabad Earthquake--Hurricane Katrina had all the ingredients of a major storm that was sure to cause a major earthquake somewhere. This chapter tells how I tracked this earthquake up and over the Arctic and at the same time a Super Typhoon also made landfall at China.
These two big storms both sent a line of earthquake energy to one same spot on the map where they more or less just crossed. That place was Islamabad, Pakistan where in the coming days they had a 7.6 Richters Magnitude shaker that killed 90,000 people.
I explain that I never actually sent out an “EQ Alert: Islamabad” because I don’t know anybody over there, and that Pakistan has no Earthquake Evaluation Council to send an Official Prediction to. Also that Musharaff was president at the time and that country was run by their military.

(Providing no Major Hurricanes, etc!!!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010




CHAPTER ONE--It All Started The Day of The Northridge Earthquake--I was writing scripts for movies and had done quite a bit of work as a background actor in Chicago on the day of the Northridge Earthquake. In an effort to do something to help all my California friends, I began to research what caused earthquakes and came up with some interesting discoveries. Severe Winter conditions preceded Northridge, but a lot of the other major earthquakes throughout history had been preceded by the landfall of hurricanes and typhoons.
In this chapter I also discuss the fact that the World Series Quake of 1989 was preceded 18 days by the landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston and that the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens was preceded by a tornado that leveled half of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Throughout this new volume I give that type of information out in the form of a story rather than in my previous earthquake book titled, “How To Predict Earthquakes,” where I gave all the details out in “How To” format.

CHAPTER TWO--Starting To Know My Earthquakes--Covers my first real written out and sent to somebody EQ Alerts that immediately followed the Northridge earthquake. These were Hurricane Alberto/Algiers Earthquake and Hurricane John at Johnston Atoll/Northern California shaker of September 1, 1994. I had been writing to people prior to that and I tell about knowing then that somebody somewhere received my alert in the days prior to that 7.1 Richters Magnitude earthquake and I discuss whether they would post that to their bulletin board.
I end this chapter with the story about a prediction I made at a class I was taking in Milwaukee. Told the other guys in this class there would be a major earthquake in Central America that weekend and there was. 20,000 were killed in that earthquake making this the first very public prediction that hit.

CHAPTER THREE--Earthquake Stories From Hollywood--While I was working in Hollywood I was actually IN the Hector Mines Earthquake. A 7.1 Richters shaker that shook at the desert outside of Barstow. I had been telling my neighbors in my apartment just off Hollywood Boulevard to be expecting a major earthquake in the coming days.
This was the first major earthquake I had ever been in. That was October 16, 1999 and I drove up there and took a lot pictures that day, too.
There wasn’t too much more said about that prediction that I like to call my Hollywood Apartment Prediction, even though I basically told and wrote to just about everybody prior to that one. This was also where I came up with the name Earthquake Alert, or EQ Alert, and named myself The EQ Alert Guy.

CHAPTER FOUR--My Los Angeles Bottling Plant Prediction--My greatest prediction of all time came one day in Los Angeles while I was on a job at a bottling plant. We were taking our break out at our picnic table in the shadow of Mt. Baldy when I told the guys to expect a 5 Magnitude earthquake that weekend for that immediate area. To make it formal I said late Sunday night or early Monday morning. When I woke up on Monday morning, the weatherman was saying there had been a 5.3 Richters earthquake near San Bernardino and of course we discussed all that at first break on Monday morning.
I was five miles off from the exact epicenter, the time was like 20 minutes off, and the magnitude was within one or two tenths of a Richter and as I explain in the story I might have said 5.3 Richters, too. One of the guys at the picnic table had his house almost at the exact epicenter.
This chapter goes on to next tell about one of the guys from that job, who was at that picnic table, next showing up at one of my L.A. classes and introducing me as the guy who knows when the next earthquake is going to be. Then, he asked when the next one would be. Well, it just happened so I was watching for one to strike Central America that day and so I announced it. When these guys returned to that class on Monday there had been a major earthquake that 20,000 people died in. This chapter gives all the details of how that turned out.

(Providing no Hurricanes, etc!!!)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More New Earthquakes!!! More Iceland Volcano!!! Update Coming Soon!!!

I just spotted an earthquake in South Carolina and want to say that there have been more tornadoes in the last 48 hours and there will be more new earthquakes now in the near future. I don't expect these to add major earthquakes to the already waiting major Casablanca/New Zealand alert, but it will certainly keep the Iceland Volcano shaking for quite some additional time, like maybe a couple more weeks, yet. Update coming, but keep watching those areas previously mentioned.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Activity @ Iceland Volcano! Alert Casablanca, Marrakech, New Zealand!!!

Looks like they've had a little activity at the Iceland Volcano. So this new earthquake will soon be arriving at the Canary Islands, and the Morrocco towns of Agadir, Marrakech, and Casablanca which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1755. The Azores and Lisbon Spain are sort of in between but probably won't get the big one. I also noticed just now that New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands are in line for this earthquake, too, that could be 7.9 Richters out in the Oceania Islands region, 7.6 rest of towns.

New book, "My Earthquake Memoirs" now finished!!! I will post text copies of it in PDF very soon!!! Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NEW ALERT!!! W.D.C., Baja California, Iceland, Algiers, Morocco, Mazatlan!!!

I suppose it would be possible for a major earthquake to strike Washington, D.C., but the reason I want to mention it today is because the straight line left by the Mississippi Tornado goes directly through there! Roanoke, W.D.C., Iceland Volcano, Azores, Lisbon Spain, Algiers, and Morocco. South of there we have the recent Baja California, Mexico epicenter which will more than likely shake again, now, possibly with a major aftershock, then Mazatlan, Guatalajara, and Mexico City! Wind speeds were as high as 170 mph, and Tornado was on the ground 140 miles with 800 homes damaged or destroyed! Watch for a 7.6 Richters Magnitude Major Earthquake!!! Full Moon is Wednesday Night, April 28, 2010, but this new alert for all these cities should run as far as June 6, 2010. EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, April 25, 2010

80 Tornado's!!! New Earthquake Energy!!!!! Iceland Volcano???

I heard that wind speeds in the recent Tornado outbreak were like 150 mph, also that there were 80 tornadoes. This is all the information that I have tonight, note that what we actually need is the direction of the path on the ground on a tornado. Until I get more information I want everybody to know that there will be an immediate chance of earthquakes!!! Forget everything I have been saying before tonight, New Deal!!!!! I will try to have a nice written out explanation early this week, but until then everybody be aware that I expect a major earthquake to follow tornado damage, and that 24 to 48 hours is not an unreal timeline for an 8 Richter earthquake in China, or Central America. I suppose California, Mount St. Helens, possibly, or Seattle maybe, but for now I can't really say no more. Probably watch that Iceland Volcano since there is now brand new earthquake energy. I will update early this week!!! Thank-You for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earthquake Alert Update, Things Could Be Slowing Down!!!!!

Ok, let's say the Tropical Cyclone season in the Southern Hemisphere is for the most part past us now! The volcano in iceland doesn't even have any more earthquake energy heading for it so that is pretty much past as well. And, the swarm following the major Baja California, Mexico earthquake is now becoming intermitent with shakers in Alaska, Puerto Rico, and like Tonga so it looks like California could get a break, but let's watch a few more days on that last one!!!!! Otherwise know the earthquakes are and will be slowing down, finally! They just have to stop before we can let down our guard. I'm guessing the San Andreas Fault is safely moving along with this swarm/energy but let's still watch about another week, yet to be safe!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alert for Labrador, Northern Canada=Volcano in Iceland???

Someone would have pointed it out anyways, but while we were watching Northern Canada, Newfoundland, and Labrador for a major earthquake, there has apparently been a VOLCANO that erupted in ICELAND!!!!! For folks who just read my writings and don't know this stuff, a volcano is in general what I consider seismic energy being released, and the energy that has been headed up in that general direction, might have happened, it's just rare to get a volcano in place of an earthquake, but Mt. St. Helens was one in 1980. My new book "My Earthquake Memoirs" is now complete and I'll copyright it and post it for all to see very soon! Possibly this week! Thank-You for reading! The EQ Guy

Friday, April 16, 2010

Parts of GIANT METEOR land in Southern Illinois, and Missouri!!!

One of my friends from work last night said that fragments of that GIANT METEOR landed as far south as Southern Illinois, and Missouri. Now this was the University of Wisconsin Band Concert and this group are generally those educated types so I just assume this to be good valid info. Downside of this news is that it bolsters my opinion that the New Madrid Region WILL GET a major earthquake in the very near future, like hours, days or this coming week! I'll put the magnitude at 5 or 6 Richters which is somewhat out there if you think about a 6 Richters earthquake shaking my friends at Annheuser-Busch down there????? Not really serious enough to submit to National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation people, though. Or is it???

On a lighter note, this Major Shaker could go as high as 7, 8, or 9 Richters judging from how big my friend said the meteor was!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


it is quite common when i am tracking a potential earthquake that somebody reports seeing lights cross the sky almost exactly along the line that I am watching for an earthquake, while this particular one that we are watching for right this moment is in Northern Canada, or supposed to be anyways, we just had a huge meteor in Eastern Iowa!!!!! I have to now add that it is today my own personal opinion, i also worked at the junk yard over that way too, it is my opinion that Illinois or Chicago, or St. Louis might be getting some big seismic activity in the coming hours and days! Maybe the Down East States! The thing seemed to be pointing in that direction, could this mean California? Texas? Oklahoma?
I haven't seen no where near enough of these to know exactly what will happen, but I do know there may still be a major earthquake coming!!! And still want to watch Northern Canada, but. . . . .

Continued Alert/O.P.--Good Valid Pre-China Stuff!!!

The swarm at Baja California has picked up! L.A./S.F., and Norcal should still watch for about a 7.1 Richters shaker coming. I came up with this numbering system long ago, since it is based on the actual earthquake that struck Baja California originally, minus a tenth of a Richter for that slight adjustment.

Here is a link to the one everybody is asking about. . . China! It is my own personal opinion that Tropical Cyclone Ului landfall at Australia was connected to this tectonic plate movement, but there's more @. . . .
Or you can just scroll down a ways to about my last Full Moon alert, since that's all my "Tinyurl" link does, anywayz! Thank-You! EQ Guy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Midnight GMT=6.9 China. . . Baja California Swarm Stopped!?

Big 6.9 Richters Shaker at China, 5 PDT, Now has the Baja California swarm stopped??? Check it out @ Has the Pacific Tectonic Plate finally moved, now?

Also, in any event if the aftershocks have stopped at Baja California, then there might still be more movement at California USA! Please be aware of this fact and continue watching for a major earthquake especially Los Angeles/Frisco/Eureka!!! I suppose Washington, Oregon, and Alaska as well since we obviously now have the entire Pacific Tectonic Plate moving if you can believe it!

Thank-You, again for reading!
EQ Guy

Edited at 12:02am April 14, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010



California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council
National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council

Dear Sirs,
I just viewed the extensive list of earthquakes following yesterdays major earthquake at Baja California and now must write to CEPEC, and NEPEC with this new, "Official Prediction," by letter. I want CEPEC, and NEPEC to now be well aware that on the occasion of my last accurate tracking of the seismic energy from a huge swarm also at Baja California on December 30, and 31 2009 to January 1, 2010 there was a major movement of tectonic plates at the California Triple Plate Junction near Eureka, California on January 9, 2010. This movement of the North American Tectonic Plate also preceded the major earthquake at Haiti on January 12, 2010. Today we are watching as countless earthquakes could also be causing the North American Tectonic Plate to move, possibly in a similar way.

I want it to be made clear that it now seems possible Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Eureka, Mt. St. Helens, Seattle, and Juneau are facing an impending major earthquake! All of these earthquakes/aftershocks obviously do mean movement between the Pacific and North American Plates and this movement virtually guarantees that the movement will continue to the north into heavily populated areas of California, Oregon, and Washington. This movement could end up doing something at or very near one of those major cities or regions! Note that I still also have an alert for our Northern East Coast and Northern Canada.

The last sequence all happened inside of about a 2 week window, so this Official Prediction/Alert should be considered very active through at least about the same 2 week period or till about April 18, 2010. Give me an additional week beyond that if nothing has happened by then just to be safe! That will be all I ask today, Sirs. Note that I am very, very concerned that this earthquake could happen!

Thank-You for accepting my opinion about earthquakes!

The EQ Alert Guy

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Full Moon--Again!!! Alert Now, Full Moon Tuesday!!!

I want everybody to be aware that the last full moon alert was a great one insofar as effective alerts are concerned. Without going into any details about how the seismic energy rises in the few days before a full moon and you might say peaks the night of the full moon, the Chile earthquake struck on one of those days! Checking back at my alert and Twitter that night, I had a spectacular, “Tweet” just 3 hours before the Chile earthquake struck!!!

Now, it is again time to announce that the next full moon will be Tuesday Night, and beginning tonight, Sunday Night, there will be increased potential for earthquakes! While this doesn’t always necessarily mean anything like every time a full moon occurs, this one is worth noting. Presently, though, all of my current alerts are for places that are situated directly in line with the potential earthquake energy. From Juneau, Alaska, to Yukon, Northern Canada, Labrador, St. Johns and Newfoundland, as well as the far northern coast of the U.S. and Montreal. It will also be Day 30 after Cyclone Xynthia at France and Germany and so Xinxiang, China and Taiwan could get a medium sized shaker with the help of the added seismic potential of the Full Moon!

Finally I have to note that when Tropical Cyclone Ului made landfall at Eastern Australia on March 20, 2010 the winds at landfall were reported as high as 120 mph, which up till that time I wasn’t concerned about this one, but with 120 mph winds, now Bam, Iran area as well as the regions of China where the tectonic plate boundaries are, and that Islamabad region also. Infact that region has seismic energy crossing, see Xynthia above, and so something could very well happen there in the next two or three days!

Thank-You, again for reading!



Sunday, March 21, 2010

EQ Alert: Yukon, Juneau, Hudson Bay, St. Johns Newfoundland!!! And Being Prepared in the Azores!!!!!

I just double checked and came up with that island that looks like the name is NewFoundland with St. Johns out there at the tip. The potential earthquake will travel almost directly through there, up past Hudson Bay and Great Slave Lake, and out past Yukon and Juneau and most likely shake somewhere along that line however I did also find a fault line sort of thing just offshore from St. Johns where there was once a tsunami, but this upcoming shaker should not even be close to enough energy for much of a tsunami. I also noticed the Azores out there along the tectonic plate boundary and it is possible that they might get some of this seismic energy as well!!! Someone messaged me that there is a major earthquake due out in the Azores so this alert is now mostly because they will probably be getting one someday soon, and knowing when there is potential seismic energy heading for you is very important to folks who basically already know one is coming someday like my friends in the Azores. This straight line of energy will pass within about 500 miles of the Azores so it’s unlikely to be a direct hit there if it would shake, but my message to you folks is that if you KNOW there is an earthquake coming like every ten years, then start building earthquake proof homes, and schools, etc., and now is the time to have chain saws and other essential tools handy for the day when that earthquake you know is coming, actually DOES strike!!! Earthquake Proofing, Retrofitting, and Preparedness are very important things for everybody near fault lines!!!

A minor Tropical Cyclone made landfall at Eastern Australia yesterday and will send a smallish amount of potential earthquake up towards Bam, Iran and Italy, like that town where the guy already knew the last one was coming, but the Mayor hated him and all the scientists said he was dumb or whatever and didn’t let the people sleep out in tents and a number of them wound up injured as a result. That place. In the future please alert the people whenever there are any potential earthquakes out there around you at all!!! And Thank-You for reading!!!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4.4 Richters Shaker Strikes East Los Angeles--Tropical Cyclone Tomas makes landfall at Fiji

In the last 48 hours or so Tropical Cyclone Tomas made landfall around Fiji and a few hours later there was a 4.4 Richters earthquake at Pico Rivera, California, just one or two miles from downtown East Los Angeles with the epicenter recorded at just over 1000 feet south of the Shakeys Pizza and In-And-Out Burger on the corner of Whitter and Rosemead Boulavards! As fast as I could check this out with my patented "Globe/Wrap-Around Tool" I found that if this new potential seismic energy travels in a straight line it would strike at around Northern British Columbia, Yukon, and Juneau, Alaska. Actually the imaginary straight line travels the other direction and comes out up around Greenland, Labrador, and New Foundland, and our Northern East Coast, which probably would then come back out over around the Yukon. This alert will now basically run through the month of April, but probably only affect the above regions.

Tropical Cyclone Tomas may not be finished yet, and there is still another Tropical Cyclone named Ului that is heading directly for Australia with 100 Knot winds and 125 Knot gusts! If Ului makes landfall in that condition it could mean another big earthquake not quite as big as Bam, Iran 2003, since that is the general direction Ului is heading similar to Tropical Cyclone Debbie that made landfall near there in the days before Bam, Iran 2003, a major earthquake where like 40,000 people were killed.

There is now presently a fair amount of potential seismic activity out there and possibly more to come, however note that these may not be major alerts and these amounts so far are not real big major earthquakes we are now talking about, maybe 6 or 6.1 Richters up near Greenland, Yukon, or our Northern East Coast, or something like that!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mid Indio/Australian Plate Earthquake and Two Tropical Cyclones!!!!!

There was a mysterious earthquake in the middle of the Indian Ocean/Australian tectonic plate within the last 24 hours, it registered like 6+ Richters and was out in the middle of that tectonic plate, not at a plate boundary, which would appear to be more southwest towards McDonald and Heard Islands. This could possibly mean something but right now I'm basically just thinking to watch the Mid-African Rift.

There is also currently a major tropical cyclone out somewhere between Australia and the islands like Fiji. While this could have something to do with the seismic activity out in the middle of that tectonic plate, there is not really enough contact with actual land out there for the cyclone to generate much seismic energy, but as Ramirez noted it is still generating some because he invented using that amount to track the position of a hurricane long ago!

Otherwise time is running out on all the other alerts and Official Predictions, so as a precaution let us still give those until approximately March 27 and remember that the two new tropical cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere will be generating some seismic activity for folks near boundaries but a great deal more if one of them makes landfall!!!!! I will try to have that info as soon as I can get it!!!!! Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, March 7, 2010

THANK-YOU FOR READING MY EQ BLOG!!!!! Also Here’s The Cure For Cancer!!!!!

I have been tracking potential seismic activity now for going on 20 years and have noticed the number of views is going way up at this blog over about the last six months or so. Please scroll down to view some of my best blog entries of all time, including a complete copy of my “Official Prediction” from December 22, 2009 which was effective through January 12, 2010 today the day of the Great Haiti earthquake!!! The 2010 Eureka earthquake also struck on January 9. And Thank-You, everybody for reading!!!

There are any number of websites that discuss the dangers of using microwave ovens and I have narrowed down those dangers mostly to heating just plain old water since they say all the most dangerous molecules absorb directly into the water and I believe they then absorb directly into your blood, where heated lasagna won’t immediately absorb, rather it will sit in your stomach a lot longer. The hot water quickly runs through your system and heats your body, and cruising through the smallest capillaries is where it might have that effect. (I’m thinking radioactive molecules park there???) The smallest “Blood Veins” are found in some of the organs such as the lungs, breast, organs, etc. A cancer doctor actually told me once that my own acne was also caused be these smallest veins clogging at that point, AND that if these “cysts” had been found ANYWHERE else they would be cancer!!! (possible that smoking further damages these small blood vessels and they’ll clog even easier, while tar enters the stomach and then the blood, traveling back to the lungs via that route?) Today, I routinely drink a lot of black tea to keep my bowels moving since during the late eighties I discovered jobs without easy access to a bathroom caused my acne to flare up dramatically. . . And other jobs where I would be working just feet from a bathroom my acne virtually didn’t exist!!! Since those days drinking lots of tea on my off time and keeping my bowels moving efficiently has kept my skin FREE of any cysts at all. It is my belief that these two procedures will virtually end most of the cystic connection to cancer. There is also a skin test that doctors did where they take different basic things that might be a concern of making you “Break Out” such as coffee, milk, eggs, alcohol, fish, etc., (I have to edit in at this point, those things DO CAUSE red bumps, but check your life for additional things YOU might be sensative to. One way is issolate each thing you suspect and quit the use of, such as Ketchup, or Molassas or whatever you really love; but know you might break out from) and they prepare such a mixture into a “Skin Test” and inject each into a location on your arm and circle it and number it with a pen. (a test that they admit is dangerous and that they might need to excise a red spot immediately so keep a watch on these) A person can probably ask any doctor about this test if you think it might be helpful. Next, watch for a few days and I actually had at least two of them cause red bumps!!! Yes, you could be “Allergic” to something and it can also be causing those “Red Bumps.” (Your own specific things that cause it, may vary but doctors should ask you to review what things you intake or come in contact with and go from there) All of this is simply just my own opinion as a person with no medical training, it is just the type of information that one patient might tell another person about in such a way as to describe his own medical history to any other person. There is NOT necessarily any basis for any of this information, so do not necessarily drink tea!!!!! (or take Ex-Lax!!!) (I have to edit in right here that bowels and proper digestion are probably the cause, subsequently things will enter your blood stream when working so much farther from a bathroom) Personally I do not even like to be near a microwave oven and after mom had some of her parts removed due to precancerous tumors we have taken our microwave oven completely OUT, and my sister now has it. Moms doctor actually complimented her in the years since that surgery since she has never had a problem again!!!

Thank-You, again, everybody for reading my Earthquake Blog, and please keep in touch with it on like a weekly basis in order to help me alert the people next time there is potential seismic activity heading for them!!!!! Always, The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

EQ Alert: Belarus, Moscow, Poland, Kazakhstan, Xinjiang!!!

Cyclone Xynthia struck the coast of France with 100 mph winds as of February 28 and there was reportedly a windspeed of 130 mph at a summit named Pyrenees. I routinely track the potential seismic energy of such high speed winds as these and watch in a straight line from about the point where they strike the coastline. This storm went on to affect France and Germany and has done fairly great damage there. The straight line should now track a fair amount of seismic energy, but not a real major amount, to Belarus, Moscow, Poland, Kazakhstan, and Xinjiang, China. I'll say to watch for a smallish shaker in the range of 5 or 6 Richters Magnitude. This size of earthquake can still be damaging to places such as those, where buildings have very little ability to withstand much shaking. One way to prevent death and injuries in our future is to construct all buildings so that they are much safer up to the range of at least 7 Magnitude, and I also like to stress that all buildings be inspected and carry a rating for exactly what magnitude a building is safe up to. . . then in almost any alert the buildings that carry the lowest ratings will be watched.

Snowfall alerts and Official Predictions should be extended now until March 27 which coincidentally is the exact date that the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 struck, and my regular readers know I always say an alert basically runs until the major earthquake strikes, so that one may be officially over, but we just let the days run out for safety sake. And then the full moon stuff runs a few more days, yet, too, but unless we apply it to Poland/Moscow/Belarus we just basically keep a watch for that, too.

Thank-You everybody for reading and I want you all to know that it is my hope that in the very near future we can come up with a way to get the message to the people whenever there is POTENTIAL SEISMIC ACTIVITY HEADING FOR THEM!!!

Respectfully, The EQ Alert Guy

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keep Watching for MORE SEISMIC ACTIVITY!!! Los Angeles, Tijuana, S.B., S.F., Seattle, Vancouver Island, and Alaska!

February 27, 2010 1:25pm CST (Lead Paragraph updated at 9:19pm)

South America received a Magnitude 8.8 Richters earthquake early today at about 1:30AM my time. As I now edit this entry at 9:17pm the chances of much tsunami damage is now passing. . . At least it is to Japan right this moment. So, at this time I just want to update what I was talking about several hours ago when I originally wrote this paragraph and that is that in addition to all the present concerns about tsunami dangers, my regular readers should know that there might also be the chance of yet another major earthquake striking Los Angeles, Tijuana, Santa Barbara, Frisco, Oakland, Eureka, Seattle, Vancouver Island, or Alaska. Not to mention any number of other places such as Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis, Charleston, or possibly even a more unusual city?

The Grand Total for earthquakes following the Chile earthquake is at 425 Richters (Number updated also) and according to the "Gutenburg-Richter Law" all of the aftershocks will continue to get smaller and smaller until all of this seismic energy is released.

I originally started researching what causes earthquakes on the day of the Northridge, California earthquake of January 17, 1993 and amazingly found SEVERE WINTER CONDITIONS preceded that major earthquake!!! Thereafter everytime similar severe winter conditions occur, such as the 2 feet of snow all across the country, and 55mph winds prior to Northridge, I have issued my own personal "EQ Alerts" and more recently filed Official Predictions when they apply as needed to the National and California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Councils or CEPEC and NEPEC. Please now feel free to see what my most recent writings have been including the one from last night, and get to know how the Full Moon might be connected as well. Generally when I find that I have come very close on one of these I like to just ask that you continue to follow my writings well into the future and if you especially like or were otherwise affected by one of my alerts, I would like you to follow my work into infinity or whatever. I actually expect modern science to adapt a lot of my "EQ Alert Theories" in the not too distant future, but I will continue to write at least with just my own opinion for as long as I feel like it: even if that winds up being far beyond the point where "Snowfall Resultants" become modern science. Note that if you are just joining my here in like the last six months, there is still my other type of Straight Line predictions I also routinely make or my "Go Straight Theory" anytime a major hurricane or typhoon makes landfall and does a lot of damage, I will then follow THIS TYPE of potential seismic energy in a straight line and commonly give the names of the EXACT CITY where a major earthquake might strike and have actually got now many of these exactly right and can usually get them within about 5 miles and within sometimes an hour or so!!! Ask me about the "Arrowhead Water Prediction" of the year 2000, or Fukushima/Haramachi 2003, even Katrina/Islamabad was actually within about 90 miles and the size and amount and size of aftershocks was very, very close as well. One particular one in San Francisco a couple of summers ago was almost a direct hit at like 4.1 which actually doesn't even happen that much in Frisco much yet just a day or so after my alert went out following the landfall of a big typhoon at South Japan.

I did have my entire theory posted but the site where it all was, as well as my oldest alerts is now a no longer existing social network place. I have two versions of my book "How To Predict Earthquakes" a complete and a compact edition. The Complete Edition has a Literary Agent in San Diego, and I sent some copies of the Compact Edition out to several publishers myself in the last year or so. I am presently thinking about updating the Complete Edition and editing it down to a Complete Edition 2010 or something like that, but still mostly just want all the information to be made available to the public. . . not to sell a book you understand!!! Thank-You again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's Expect a Big Earthquake!!! Big Swarm also likely!!! Tonight, Saturday, and Sunday Nights

Counting down the hours till that Full Moon reaches the USA, I have to add that there have now been a couple of serious "Swarms" that have occured in the realm of the Full Moon. While some of you may find out what a swarm is in your immediate future since there very well could be one. . . I will tell the rest of you what a "Swarm" is right now: it is when we get a page or more of earthquakes (a lot of earthquakes) or as many as several pages of earthquakes in a period usually of a day or a couple days. I routinely add up the total amount of the Richters of all those earthquakes and give the grand total as what I consider to be the size of the swarm. Those totals can range from around 75 Richters for the recent February 2010 Los Angeles/Loma Linda swarm, up to 500 Richters for some major ones like we should start expecting in the coming hours!!! Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Full Moon Sunday!!! Another Foot, Foot and a Half of snow--East Coast!!!

If you have been following my earthquake writings on a regular basis, then you already know that a Full Moon will increase the liklihood of this new upcoming major earthquake occuring on that night, which will now be Sunday night, February 28, 2010. In the hours and few days before that night, the liklihood also increases which will basically begin about tonight. Moons are not one of my original things that I have routinely used, and so I don't have the exact number of days and hours, but can say that we have narrowed down this correlation to the fact that Full Moons bring higher tides and that much more "Weight on the Tectonic Plate" usually near a tectonic plate boundary, some of these which are already on alert and subject to my most recent Official Prediction. So, there is still one major alert yet and it looks like they are getting about another foot, foot-and-a-half of snow on our East Coast so if you are in one of the shaky areas covered by that Official Prediction. . . you should continue to watch more towards the end of March, now, and remember the Great Alaska Earthquake was March 27, 1964, so we might start using March 27 for the all clear date or whatever you would like to call it!!! And Thank-You, again, for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



On December 20, 2009, I submitted my first Official Prediction to The California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council since back in the year 2008. In this Official Prediction I stated that a major earthquake would be like a hundred percent sure thing for the State of California before January 12, 2010. Eureka, California got hit by such a major earthquake on January 9, 2010 and at 4:00pm on the last day of that Official Prediction, the country of Haiti was struck by a major earthquake that has killed as many as 200,000 or more people. By my submitting to this California organization I am not always saying necessarily per se, that all of this potential for a major earthquake is heading only for California; or likewise from submitting to the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, I am not trying to always limit the scope of an Official Prediction to the U.S., especially in this case where we are talking about movement of the North American Tectonic Plate where some of the boundaries contact other countries all together. Therefore, I want both CEPEC and NEPEC to understand that Haiti was at or very near the Southeast corner of this tectonic plate and I believe the major earthquake they received at Haiti on January 12, 2010 was due to the movement I discussed in my Official Prediction of December 20,. 2009 and should be considered to have been well within the parameters set fourth by that Official Prediction. Additionally I now want to slingshot the forward momentum created by that incredible accuracy into a certain amount of new respect for this Brand New Official Prediction for a new major earthquake to strike California. This brand new Official Prediction will be in effect through March 4, 2010. A date that is simply placed a nominal amount of days, or exactly 21 days, beyond the onset of those most severe of winter conditions received on the East Coast of the United States last week.

The conditions that existed in the days before my now great Official Prediction of December 20, 2009 were so severe that they probably initially served as a reminder to me of the same extreme winter conditions that I found to have preceded the great Northridge, California earthquake of the year 1993. It was for that reason that at my earliest convenience I submitted that now great Official Prediction to both the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council or CEPEC, as well as the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, or NEPEC in my attempt to cover mostly California and like the West Coast of the United States. . . Obviously knowing parts of the North American Tectonic Plate also reach areas such as the Caribbean and like Mexico, and etc.

It was originally on the day of the great Northridge, California earthquake that I wanted to help out the people of Southern California somehow and decided that looking into the things that preceded that earthquake would be a realistic task that I could fairly easily accomplish up here in Wisconsin. Today, I feel it is fairly widely known that I found severe winter conditions to have been what preceded that earthquake and so as a result I have now routinely sent out alerts whenever such extreme conditions as great amounts of snow, high winds, and extreme cold temperatures ever again happen. Note that the rest of the year hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes produce severe conditions that generate potential seismic activity, but in order to truncate this paper, I want to focus on winter, and skip the conditions that do not presently exist as a part of this Official Prediction.


In addition to my discovery of the Northridge, California earthquake of 1993 being preceded by those severe winter conditions, I want to point out several other of the biggest earthquakes of all time that have also been caused by, or at best preceded by severe winter conditions of different degrees. The great New Madrid earthquake of the years 1811 and 1812 was actually a series of like about three major earthquakes that all struck in December, January, and February. The great Alaska earthquake of 1964 occurred on March 27 and was preceded by the most severe winter conditions ever to strike the Mississippi Valley, and Great Lakes region. This great blizzard of March 4, and 5, 1964 started in the Southwest and spread across the Great Plains leaving more than a foot of snow in some areas and mountainous drifts. 8 inches of snow fell in four hours at Quincy, Illinois with 65 mph winds recorded in Buffalo, New York. On March 6, 1964 there was a couple found dead in a car buried under snow by a plow somewhere. A cold wave followed all of the snow with temperatures as low as 5 degrees. This cold weather went on through the first day of spring with temperatures far below normal. I should mention that there was also a series of tornadoes that struck in 6 Southern states, killing 11 and injuring 40. Those states were Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky; this event would have also wrecked havoc with the movement of the North American Tectonic Plate in those days preceding the great Alaska earthquake of March 27, 1964

Come December of the year 2003, I had already begun sending my “EQ Alert” out to different people via E-Mail. This is one of the more recent examples of the severe winter conditions that I have been discussing and it became one of my most well documented, having been mentioned in a number of now famous E-Mails. Then, on December 23, 2003 there was a major earthquake at Paso Robles, California. One of my saved E-Mails from that episode is an actual “EQ Alert” discussing the events that were eventually to come. Coincidentally, at the same time in the year 2003 there had just been a landfall of Super Cyclone Debbie at Australia and so I had a very early experience of actually tracking two different and separate sources of potential seismic energy at the SAME TIME!!! The result of the landfall of Super Cyclone Debbie with the 200 mph winds was a massive earthquake that struck Bam, Iran on like December 24 or 26, 2003 and killing around 40,000 people. This was the movement of the Indian Ocean/Australian Tectonic Plate which I will not delve into here, but also played a part in my tracking of the Tropical Cyclone Myanmar/Great China Earthquake as well as the Hurricane Katrina/Islamabad thing that I also wrote about in the days before 90,000 people died there. Sumatra 2004 was also that tectonic plate moving and I had sent out a “Big EQ Alert” dated just a couple days before that one struck, too.

Finally, there were the severe winter conditions of December 2009 that were evidently severe enough for me to write and submit my very first Official Prediction to CEPEC since August 2008. With, of course, the major earthquake at the California Triple Tectonic Plate Junction shaking Eureka, California on January 9, 2010. I want to note here that my own personal memory of the series of events is that Tampa, Florida had just broken their all time record for the longest series of cold days about 24 hours before the earthquake in Haiti struck on January 12, 2010 the final day of my most recent and greatest Official Prediction so far, of December 20, 2009.


In conclusion it is my belief that with this Brand New Official Prediction it is time for CEPEC, and NEPEC to take some kind of action towards letting the people of The Great State of California, as well as like Oregon, and Seattle, etc., know that we now have at best a little bit of a hunch that there might be a major earthquake heading for them!!! I personally see no reason why this matter should not be discussed with Henry Renteria or whomever is currently the Chair at CEPEC and some kind of action be taken whether it involves stepping up routine preparedness reminders on radio, TV, and in newspapers, or organizing teams around the state and simply asking them to be prepared to move at a moments notice and have batteries in their flashlights, etc. One thing I always think of is to start having tools kept handy so they don’t have to be dug out of the garage where they are buried beneath coolers and chicken wire and that. Tell this to the people, already!!! Have the chain saws and crow bars out where they can just grab them!!! I have been tracking this sort of potential seismic energy for far too long to just sit back and watch the hands on the clock turn, waiting for a major disaster such as we just stood back and watched hundreds of thousands die at Haiti. None of us wants to wake up to find that we failed to alert the people of Los Angeles, or San Francisco that we KNEW there was potential seismic energy heading for that tectonic plate boundary such as we know right now!!! It is my job mostly to notify CEPEC, and NEPEC; it is the job of THOSE ORGANIZATIONS to come up with a plan!!!


Both of the places hit by major earthquakes within my last Official Prediction could very well be struck by MAJOR AFTERSHOCKS in the timeframe of this Brand New Official Prediction. Other areas that should we should be concerned about are Paso Robles, Seattle, Oregon, Nevada, and Alaska.

Central America, Mexico, and the Northern areas of South America will be in some immediate danger of the North American Tectonic Plate moving in those directions as well since the very bottom of the North American tectonic plate extends to about those regions. And while Vancouver, British Columbia up in Canada also falls under this alert for major seismic activity, it probably has less of a chance of being the epicenter due to a lot of major earthquakes striking areas offshore there and not that city directly. Although weight on the tectonic plate can cause the earth to move such as the World Series earthquake and the routine filling of reservoirs like the Three Gorges in China.

This Major Earthquake could be as large now as 8.3 Richters and could very well strike at any of those locations before March 4, 2010. Beyond that date, March 4th, 2010, this alert will extend to regions more miles from the areas heaviest impacted by great amounts of snowfall, such as Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan. Down the road, if none of these immediate areas have moved in the manner described it will next, then increase the chances of something such as a great earthquake/tsunami occurring out in the Indonesia Region further into the month of March.

Please alert the people that we know there is potential seismic energy out there heading for somebody, somewhere!!!!! It is difficult to hear of such a great tragedy striking when we know that the movement of these tectonic plates is potentially SO DANGEROUS!!! We need to be doing something right now, people!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Les Brown,
Carpenter, Actor, Writer, Event Security, EQ Alert Guy

Herein submitted on this 16th day of February 2010.


Last edited on February 16, 2010 at 1:08am

Friday, February 12, 2010


February 12, 2010

Les Brown

I am writing today to let you know that there is now presently a very good chance that we will now be getting a Brand New Major Earthquake!!! This notice is being filed with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council and the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, but as was the case with the recent Haiti Earthquake that also happened inside the window of my last O.P., this one will also apply to a number of regions that lay outside of the jurisdictions of both of the above named Prediction Councils. Again, as I say in my writings, other places also are in need of such Prediction Councils in order to be served by folks like myself, who routinely track all of the potential seismic activity all around the world. Prediction Councils; such as a “Caribbean Nations Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council,” or “Central America Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council” could then receive writings such as my major writing of December 20, 2009.

Today, I will only have time to notify the CEPEC, and NEPEC that I am now expecting all of the newest severe winter conditions on the East Coast of the United States to cause a great deal more movement of the North American Tectonic Plate and that this could easily lead to MAJOR AFTERSHOCKS at Eureka, California, as well as the area around Haiti. Other areas that should probably be concerned, primarily due to this writing being submitted to them, are SAN FRANCISCO, Los Angeles, Paso Robles, Seattle, Oregon, and Las Vegas, Reno, Nevada, Alaska. Central America, Mexico, and the Northern areas of South America will be in some immediate danger of the North American Tectonic Plate moving in those directions as well since the very bottom of the North American tectonic plate extends to about those regions. Vancouver, Canada also falls under this alert for major seismic activity.

This letter should probably be considered another Official Prediction due to the fact that while it is an alert for a new upcoming MAJOR EARTHQUAKE, you may also consider it an “Official Prediction” just the same, because while alerting the people that there probably is now an upcoming major earthquake. . . I am also in essence “Predicting” this.

This Major Earthquake could be as large now as 8.3 Richters and will strike at one of the above named locations in the next 20 days or so, or by approximately March 4, 2010. Beyond that date this alert will extend to regions more miles from the areas heaviest impacted by great amounts of snowfall, such as Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan, as well as great earthquake/tsunami dangers out in the Indonesia Region into the month of March.

Thank-You for accepting this submission!!!

Les Brown
The EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Foreshock!!! Chicago Area!!!! The Big One is Coming!!!!!

Yes, if you are just starting out following The EQ Alert Guy, then this new upcoming GREAT EARTHQUAKE, can now be your very first look at how my "EQ Alert Theory" works!!!!! It starts with some most severe weather leading up to it and as a person on my EQ Facebook said recently, all the new severe weather on our East Coast should mean another big shaker!!!

I will update this in the coming hours and days with more info, but for now, the ground shaking near Chicago tells me that the North American Tectonic Plate is again moving, so watch out all areas out along the Tectonic Plate Boundaries, including California!!! I might expect this earthquake to reach 8 Richters Magnitude!!! I always say the number a little higher to keep above what it will probably be. And there is still those two Tropical Cyclones out there so watch out at the top of the Indian Ocean Tectonic Plate, too!!! Kathmandu, Kashmir, and Nepal.

EQ Guy

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Probably a Major Earthquake Coming, Now!!!

The latest info on the new East Coast Snowstorm is that there were a number of areas where 3 feet of snow was recorded. I also heard it reported that there have been some fairly cold temperatures and combined these conditions could easily reproduce the same type and amount of seismic activity recently released in the Eureka and Haiti earthquakes. This time I am not really expecting repeats in either of those locations, although I suppose it might be possible that there could now be major aftershocks at those locations.

I am really rather thinking the Northern portion of South America as well as like Panama and Costa Rica for this new upcoming Major Earthquake of as high as about 7.9 Richters Magnitude. I will write more about this in the coming days and this new potential seismic activity should strike before like the end of February, or as a rule about the next three weeks or so for South and Central America.

Thank-You, again for reading!!! The EQ Alert Guy

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Seismic Energy Coming!!!!!!! Alaska?????

Here is the latest image of Tropical Cyclone Oli in the Pacific:

It was heading almost due south in this shot as of noon central time today and so it occured to me to let everybody know that there will NOW probably be even more medium to major earthquakes coming in the coming hours since this shot is of Oli making landfall at a series of small islands a couple hundred miles from Tahiti, which i am still rather unfamiliar with right at this moment. But i can tell you that this huge storm striking the plate at that location will cause the Pacific Tectonic Plate to MOVE. . . and who knows what is going to happen! What I do know is this will basically move the entire Pacific Plate south and that Alaska is far to the NORTH, possibly causing the same sort of movement that just occured at Haiti, except with the plates moving in the other direction if that is possible! This will also increase the chances for other fault lines along the edge of the Pacific to be moving in the very near future as well as whomever is directly out in front of this straight line created by this now major wind storm!!! I will try to update this alert as soon as i know more, Thank-You!!! EQ Guy