Monday, January 31, 2011

New From my EQ Guy Facebook!!!

There is a lot of snow on the way for the Midwest/Chicago area, and a major Tropical Cyclone about to make landfall at Australia, so it will be time to start watching for earthquakes in the coming days!!! The Himilayan Arc should be first. EQ Guy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon Tonight. . . . .Not Much Else Happening

Yes, someone just happened to mention that the moon looked rather full tonight and so yours truely took a look at the calender to find that tonight is the full moon!!! (January 19, 2011) So I'm just taking a moment tonight to tell everybody that there isn't too much else going on as far as earthquakes are concerned and if there had been I surely would have mentioned it, and known that it was the night of the full moon, and posted an alert if there was one active. Note that there have been some little windstorms and a few inches of snow here and there, but I expect by now most folks that read my EQ Blog regularly by now fully understand the size of earthquake that I translate from little windstorms and a few inches of snow. Thank-You, again for reading and I will talk to you more when something major is coming!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

California Is Getting Some Earthquakes, 1-11-11!!!

They are getting some shakers in California right now, link coming. . . and predicting over a foot of new snow along the East Coast, but methinks the previous snow might have melted off, so wait and see how bad this one is! Here's that link:

I allowed the current Official Prediction to run out on January 3, 2011 due to a lot of the snow melting during a really warm spell in our area. That O.P. was dependent on A LOT of snow weighing down the North American Tectonic Plate, and while there was a series of tornadoes that struck around St. Louis recently as well, I thought that to be a whole new situation and decided NOT to just randomly add to that existing Official Prediction even though there still would remain a small chance for something to happen out California way, it would not be the huge shaker all the snow and extreme cold might have caused the West Coast. EQ Guy

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.8 Strikes Near Pasadena!!!!!

Small earthquake struck 11 miles north of Pasadena at 4am today local time!!!!! Could be more coming! Probably will be yet north of L.A., though like Santa Barbara or Paso Robles/San Simeon. . . Frisco??? READ@