Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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LiveScience ‏@LiveScience: Sandy’s Punishing Waves Detected by Earthquake Monitor . . .Retweeted by The EQ Alert Guy

Hurricane Sandy produced a lot of High Winds, this is ALSO how i track "New" EQ Energy and this is now headed for Los Angeles @ 6.5 Richters

@Twisty58 Yes, there is much written about the subject and tracking those Microseisms is just ONE of the ways to track earthquakes! EQ Guy

@Twisty58 Tammy, Good to hear from you! YES, guys have tracked "Microseisms" from Hurricanes in past! I added L.A.!!! Thank-You! EQ Guy

At first Glance, looked like landfall of Hurricane Sandy would mean Lompoc, California will be Epicenter of Shaker as big as 7.3 Richters!!! The EQ Alert Guy The EQ Alert Guy ‏@EQAlert

Small Windstorm=Small Earthquake, Big Windstorm=Big Earthquake, HUGE Windstorm=HUGE Earthquake, and BIGGEST Windstorms=BIGGEST Earthquakes!

Hurricane Sandy will be enough New Earthquake Energy to almost guarantee a Major Earthquake around Southern California in the coming days!!!

Hurricane Sandy will probably now mean it is time for EQ Guy to write up new "Official Prediction" for Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles!!! The EQ Alert Guy The EQ Alert Guy ‏@EQAlert

Landfall of Hurricane Sandy at New Jersey MIGHT also produce some kind of Earthquake, yet, or already should have? Be watching NJ/NY for EQ! The EQ Alert Guy The EQ Alert Guy ‏@EQAlert

After landfall of Hurricane Sandy at New Jersey, I now expect this "New" Earthquake Energy to cross U.S. for about 6.5 Richters Los Angeles!

Hurricane Hugo made landfall at Charleston Sept. 21, 1989 the World Series Quake followed Oct. 17. almost a STRAIGHT LINE across the U.S.!!!

Hello Folks that have followed me for many years!!! Looks like this will "Go Straight" to Los Angeles!!! Lompoc/S.B. to be exact!!! EQ Guy

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Monday, October 29, 2012

NEW EQ Alert: Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles!!!

Just double and triple checked this one and it looks like the earthquake energy from the landfall of Hurricane Sandy at New Jersey, heads West or WNW and on a direct line for Lompoc, California but Santa Barbara and Los Angeles are just to the South. This will be a fairly big earthquake around 6.5 Richters and probably with a few good aftershocks. I will of course have more updates in the days to come, and the window on this earthquake is before next Wednesday, but the World Series Earthquake struck 18 days after the landfall of Hurricane Hugo and Day 18 here will be Nov. 16. Start being prepared for this one, California!!! This is "Straight-Line" Earthquake Energy! EQ Guy

7.7 Queen Charlotte!!! Hurricane Sandy Making Landfall!!! MORE Earthquake Energy Coming!!!

In January of 2010 there was a big shaker at Eureka, California and I had mentioned that it could be movement of the North American Tectonic Plate. . . then a couple days later the Haiti Earthquake struck! Today I want to say that last nights 7.7 Queen Charlotte Island Earthquake near Vancouver could ALSO be that type of movement of the North American Tectonic Plate and Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, or many Islands in the Caribbean could shake next!!!!! It had also occured to me that because I was watching Fairbanks, Edmonton, and New Madrid. . . that when the Queen Charlotte Earthquake struck, maybe we should move the line over to Oklahoma/Texas? That would be a fairly big earthquake for that region with a 7.7 as a foreshock you know! So everybody in those very, very shaky places should be prepared! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 25, 2012

NEW: Unofficial Opinion For Major Earthquake East Coast!!!

Posted at EQ Blog-2:

New Major Alert: Washington, DC, New York, Boston Regions!!!

The landfalls that I have just observed to be taking place at Jamaica, and Cuba of Hurricane Sandy, appear to probably be a fairly large amount of new earthquake energy that will be crossing just past Charleston, NC, and then crossing North America straight through Chesapeake Bay on a route just a degree or two East of Due North. This line will cross just west of New York and continue on North on a line that crosses West of Boston and on North.

I will update this information in the coming days, but as of tonight Hurricane Sandy had just been upgraded to a Category 2 Hurricane and had a huge well defined eye as it made landfall at far east Cuba just east of Guantanamo Bay. Those islands are already under an alert and Official Prediction and will ALSO be affected by this new one!!! Could go as high as 7 Richters, although the other one may not have been as high. . . this one not only increases the Magnitude, but also increases the chances of something major shaking as well. There will be a certain amount of trouble with the energy traveling this route past Charleston. A few of the places that this new earthquake energy will be crossing are what I might consider "Shaky Places" and I don't think that needs any additional explanation.

I have mostly studied books about earthquakes and started out working at a junk-yard, advancing to an Apprenticeship, but that is the sum total of my education along this lines. I also hold a certificate from acting school in Chicago from 1989-1990. I am by no means a Degreed Seismologist, rather a very good Amature Seismologist.

This Major Earthquake could shake that region, but should NOT be a lot larger than the biggest ones that region occasionally gets. Then again, they HAVE been getting shakers and should start learning to be prepared and especially due to the recent L'Aquila Verdict also now be keeping aware of all signs that there could be an earthquake heading for them!!!!! Start Watching Now!!! This could shake in hours, or days, or a week, but the region including Caribbean. . . is probably going to be shaking!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurricane Jamaica! Earthquake Jamaica!?

Hurricane Sandy is in the Caribbean heading directly for a landfall at Jamaica in the coming hours and I just want to also say I have mentioned Jamaica in a recent Official Prediction since it is my opinion there is some earthquake energy heading for Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Haiti as well. While there was a smallish earthquake up in the Yukon early today, and two very small shakers at New Madrid, these do not indicate too large of earthquake energy bearing down on those islands so unless the energy of Hurricane Sandy and the fact that I also heard the full moon is coming all add up to major earthquake energy, then it should probably be more towards the end of the window of that recent Official Prediction. However, I just thought with a now major hurricane right there at Jamaica it was time to write this EQ Blog! Recent Official Prediction is still active for New Madrid, and Poplar Bluff, Missouri although I am now looking more over towards Southern Illinois/Indiana in the 5 Magnitude Range. EQ Guy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

L'Aquila Seismologists Found GUILTY!!!!!

This Just In!!! Court held right in the City of L'Aquila inside temporary offices type building where Judge handed down GUILTY VERDICT of Six Years in prison, stripped all of their titles, and ordered to pay victims millions of dollars!!! While Italy gives them an appeal, guilty sends signal that in the future folks all around the world should be more aware of signs of Major Earthquake heading for them!!! Here is that story: Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Moon EQ Alert!!!??? Denali Fault, Poplar Bluff, MO maybe 6 or 7?

I just looked at todays Sunday Paper and notice the NEW MOON will be tomorrow night and want to add here that I have just recently started following the New Moon and its effect on Major Earthquakes. It does seem that there is a bump in the correlation with just consistently higher numbers of major earthquakes the night of both full and new moon so we should watch beginning immediately for shakers with tomorrow, Monday, being the actual date of the New Moon on the North America side of the earth.

In my search up around Alaska I found the Denali Fault where it would be possible that there could be something except for the fact that the Denali Fault looks more like a Thrust Fault which receives all its earthquake energy from the South or like San Andreas, and this earthquake energy today is crossing up there from West to East and possibly up above the Denali. . . but let's suppose it could still slip there.

Next this earthquake energy in the area of 5 to 7 Richters Magnitude will pass through the Northern U.S. where it shouldn't shake Yellowstone or N.D. much and will hit the Missouri Region where it could shake!!! The exact straight line goes through that region very near Poplar Bluff, Missouri and should stay West of New Madrid but is quite a lot of earthquake energy just the same and I do not recall this much energy nor such a straight line crossing down that way lately. Checking I found the biggest shakers in the 5 Magnitude range and so this couldn't possibly cause much bigger of an earthquake than that. . . could it? Exactly the reason I will be heading down there for Quake Chase 2012 around the end of this week! There IS earthquake energy out there crossing the U.S. so be prepared!!! EQ Guy Edited: Changed Danali to Denali, removed !!?? 10-14-12 4:25pm

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Could This Major Shaker strike Poplar Bluff???

It is looking more like we should watch the Yukon Region more so than Fairbanks where the line of earthquake energy will cross since Yukon seems to actually get earthquakes and while Fairbanks itself might be near a major earthquake, I will have to update later as to if they themselves are likely to get a shaker, while Yukon is for sure. Now it looks more like Poplar Bluff, Missouri could be more near the earthquake energy hopefully passing that region not striking there, but I'm heading there just the same. New Madrid a few miles to the east is just outside this line and Poplar Bluff has had some shakers themselves and so I want to list that region for the potential epicenter and possibly like 5 Richters, but someday another 7 might be in order around that region. I notice they get any number of 2.5's though so count on them to get something before all this is over you know! EQ Guy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Major Shaker near French Guiana!!! Watch New Madrid, too!!!

Just had a series of Major Shakers offshore from French Guiana!!!!! See Here: IF you've been following me closely then you know we've been watching French Guiana, and Surinam closely. There just could be something major that strikes those regions very soon! Additionally we have just added Fairbanks, Edmonton, New Madrid, and Jamaica at around 6.5 or 7 Richters. This has to be about the very first time that I have actually seen New Madrid on this list for the fact that earthquake energy is going directly through it!!!??? So, while it seems far out. . . my die hard followers already know that one of these guys will likely end up getting this earthquake and that sometime in the future we should alert the people whenever there is earthquake energy heading for them!!! Thank-You Again for reading!!! EQ Guy