Thursday, October 27, 2011

Major Alerts For A Few Days, Yet!!! West Coast, Central and South America!!!

I have in front of me several pages of brand new calculations mostly concerning the two major typhoons that struck Manila, Philippines earlier in October 2011. They are Nesat and Nalgae with wind speeds of 121 and 87 mph, both heading westerly. According to Wikipedia, Typhoon Nesat had waves as tall as Palm Trees and 4 people were killed when a wall collapsed. Nesat struck on a Tuesday and was followed by Nalgae making landfall on Saturday and I recall pictures of people still being trapped on roofs following Nesat, when Nalgae struck! On October 13, 2011 there was a sort of unusual shaker at the corner of the Indio/Aust. Tectonic Plate near Bali and just south of Jakarta, Indonesia. This looks to me like the tectonic plate might be moving towards the Pacific and North, Central, and South Americas! Infact there have been one or two significant shakers out there in the Pacific Islands in recent days, so we should watch for earthquake energy in the range of 7.5 to 7.9 Richters along our West Coast through November 10, or 20, 2011. Note that in addition to all the other earthquake stuff currently happening in Turkey, and San Francisco, these two earthquake energies have YET TO STRIKE!!! Be prepared and well aware that this could be one Major Earthquake coming!!! Thank-You for reading! EQ Alert Guy

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Extend EQ Alert: Northern California!!! Lot of Activity!!!

I spent some time pondering this today and came up with the fact that due to a lot of earthquake energy striking late this week around San Francisco, we should probably extend the recent EQ Alert / Official Prediction for a few additional days. Therefore I am extending it until about Wednesday, October 26, 2011 and we should continue to watch for a Major Earthquake as large as 7.6 but keep in mind that until the sum total of all of this earthquake energy strikes somewhere such as Caracus, Venezuala or somewhere along that line such as Texas or Oklahoma, until then let's continue to be watching Northern California for a few more days yet. While there are one or two other alerts for other parts of the world, they will not be connected to this straight line of earthquake energy that is presently striking places such as Sante Fe, New Mexico, and San Antonio, Texas. . . just waiting to strike Central or South America, but still very likely to strike California with it's full force yet. Thank-You for reading and always be prepared! EQ Guy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 Hours Before The Full Moon!!!!! Coos Bay, Oregon 5.9 Richters!!!

Wasn't too bad of a Quake Chase!!!!! Just happened to be inside of a store when my phone rang telling me Coos Bay, Oregon just got struck with a 5.9 Richters Shaker at about the same moment that the building started to move from side to side practically throwing me against the wall and into the display there in the aisle where I was standing right at that moment, or trying to stand-up anyways! That earthquake has since been downgraded numericaly, but still easily ranks as by far the biggest earthquake that I've ever been in! This earthquake easily swayed us back and forth for several seconds as much as like close to 10 or 20 feet it seemed like as well as it seemed like some up and down change in elevation movement as well, and reminded me of what I often hear said when people describe earthquakes. . . that it felt very much like rocking in a boat!

Note that this probably marks the end of the alert for California, but there are three other major alerts floating around yet, including Krgystan and possibly Nepal just added this morning for like another 7 Richters. While some of the energy from those two typhoons at Manila could still find their way to our West Coast, it seems more likely they will affect China, Japan, Indonesia, etc. Just Sayin'! Thank-You, again for reading!!!!! EQ Guy / Quake Chaser

Monday, October 10, 2011

Quake Chaser / EQ Guy Leaving For San Francisco!!!!!

October 10, 2011

To: My EQ Alert Friends
From: Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

I will be flying out in the morning for San Francisco!!! Leaving Chicago at 7:30am, and arriving at 9:55am Tuesday Morning and notice they have been getting a few notable shakers in the recent couple days and hours including Vallejo, San Jose, and Lompoc. Of Course the purpose for my visit is because there is Major Earthquake Energy heading towards the Triple Plate Junction further north near Eureka, but one of my good friends in the EQ Biz mentioned that Earthquake Prediction, being what it is today, "Les, do not drive up to where that epicenter is supposed to be because a 7.6 Richters Earthquake is VERY BIG and thousands of people could die in it." As a result of that info I decided I will be staying in Colma and riding B.A.R.T. and CalTrain around the city during my several days stay. There is also a Major Hurricane that I just heard will be making landfall near Mazatlan, Mexico in the coming hours at around 125mph!!! I will expect this will increase the total amount of earthquake energy currently in the picture, with two other major earthquakes pending over near the Himalayan Arc also possibly becoming associated with this weeks full moon. Keep in mind that in addition to Chile having been one hour before the syzgy of the full moon, Christchurch was two days after, as well as that major aftershock at Christchurch also being two days after the full moon. I will still be in Frisco two days after or Friday Night, leaving Saturday Oct. 15 at 2pm.

So, I want everybody to be well aware that there WILL BE a Major Earthquake on about the exact day of this months Full Moon, October 12, 2011 or one of the days immediately before or after. . . . . I hope San Francisco does not receive the full brunt of it!!!!! (Because I will be there!!!) You may want to note that I intend to visit the San Francisco Zoo on that day to look for any unusual animal behavior!

Thank-You and please text or call my cell phone anytime at 608-346-0405. I got "Max" batteries for my good camcorder so the cam (s) will be running 24 hours around the clock out there too, incase the thing really does happen, I will have the camera rolling!!!!! Wish Me Luck!!!

Les Brown
Quake Chaser

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

EG Guy Will Be in San Francisco From October 11, until October 15th!!!!! READ ON!!!!!

I will be arriving at San Francisco Airport (SFO) at 9:55am on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 and I want everybody out California way to know that I will be in the S.F. area through that Saturday, October 15, 2011, flying out at 2:00pm. So if any of you reading this are interested in meeting with me in person you may call my cell phone directly, or text me immediately at 608-EDITED-OUT, or E-Mail me at . I will be driving up to Eureka, California at some point during this visit if anybody is further north there. I have planned a few of the nights on this trip at a motel in Oakland for folks right in the Frisco area to know, and this could be the next big California Earthquake, with the full moon happening on my second night there or Wednesday Night, so it could turn out to be a pretty exciting week!!! Thank-You All, again, for reading me all these years and being my GREAT Friends!!! Always, Les Brown / The EQ Alert Guy

Edited March 28, 2012: Edited Out my Cell Phone #