Sunday, July 27, 2008

Latest EQ Twitters

Latest EQ Twitters

This upcoming MAJOR EARTHQUAKE can strike probably in August and might be like the next real big disaster! 8 plus even.
EQ Guy (about 9 hours ago from txt)

North America could get this. . . but very unlikely.
Today i am Twittering you from THE BEACH!!! EQ Guy (about 10 hours ago from txt)

The indian ocean tectonic plate is New zealand, fiji, irq., afg., China etc. These type places will get all DOLLY'S seismic energy. 7.
9M (about 10 hours ago from txt)

Baja can get more shakers, Cali shouldn't,Indio-Aust.
WILL!!! The EQ Guy (10:58 PM July 25, 2008 from txt)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New EQ Bulletin: Seattle, Mt. St. Helens!!!


EQ Alert:
Watch for a major earthquake everywhere West Coast! SEATTLE and MT.ST.HELENS are in direct path. Updates Later. 7+ Richters. EQ Alert Guy

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

EQ "Twitter" Full Moon!!!!!


The night of the FULL MOON has been correlated with lots of the biggest EQs. So watch Friday night. Sichuan China aftrshock or Alaska 6.9M

(Note that “Twitter” or probably at www. twitter. com is a fairly new web thing where we have the usual friends or contacts and send notices or bulletins or whatever of NO MORE THAN 140 Characters, like text message. Some folks do send links to more info with the service, I will be trying out some earthquake stuff like this in the future. You may add me "eqalert" there if you go! Thank-You, again! EQ Guy)

Monday, July 14, 2008

EQ Alert: Honshu, Japan and Philippines

July 14, 2008

To: All EQ Alert People
From: The EQ Alert Guy

Hurricane Bertha just made landfall at Bermuda early today as a Tropical Storm with wind speeds at around 65 mph. While this is barely enough for me to issue an alert, I want to do so just the same, mostly due to the fact that this new line of potential seismic activity heads straight up and across Northern Alaska and is a direct hit at Honshu, Japan. This will more than likely mean about a 7.5 Richters Magnitude earthquake there, and the line continues on to the Philippines and a spot out there on the globe it says East Timor, so out there somewhere in the event that Honshu Japan doesn’t get this medium sized earthquake in the next couple weeks or so.
Other than that I have to say that there isn’t a heck of a lot else going on. I got my “Economic Stimulus” check today and thanks to the system having been discussed in full on the internet, I already knew almost exactly how much it was going to be!!! I will tell you here it is enough that I will actually get a vacation yet this summer!!!
And Thank-You, again for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

Thursday, July 10, 2008


There is Hurricane Bertha currently threatening off the Atlantic East Coast of the USA, but until something happens either with that or somewhere else in the world as far as Hurricanes and Typhoons are concerned, (or really big tornado events) there is very little potential seismic activity around and thus a low chance of a major earthquake happening for the near future.

EQ Guy