Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Full Moon August 1 or 2!!!!! Major Earthquake!? Watch Los Angeles/China!!!

Just saw todays newspaper said the full moon is August 1, tomorrow, but the calender looks like it says August 2 so I thought it time to write! There is quite a lot of major earthquake energy out there including a huge shaker as big as 7 or 8 Richters up in the China region and Novosibirsk just had another 5 Richters shaker that could be a foreshock. In any event I was watching Novosibirsk and they have now had 2 shakers within a couple hundred miles in the last two days. Don't forget Los Angeles has been getting a lot of what could be foreshocks and the full moon has been the night that has been getting a lot of shakers, too! One of my earthquake buddies just got a call from tv news and they are doing stories about just that subject so stay tuned for more full moon earthquake info!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watch Los Angeles Area CLOSE!!!!! Also China Could Shake Soon, Too!!!

I just now happened to check out the most recent earthquakes around Southern California and found a whole mess of them!!!!! Lots and lots of shaking has been going on right in the couple mile radius of Downtown L.A.!!! Here is a link to that map:

They include several around Palos Verdes, Torrance, Culver City, El Segundo, Northridge, Ventura, Ojai, and Glendale just to name the immediate area ones. I'm saying this because some professional geology folks might suggest that all of these could mean a larger one is coming. I am not a geologist so I do not want to be the one who suggested it. So continue to be watching around Los Angeles and Santa Barbara through August or maybe any moment now for something to shake. And there is also that new one up around China where a day or so ago Novosibirsk actually GOT a 4.7 Richters shaker!!! I checked my globe/straight line and found that line of potential earthquake energy continues on to between Lima and Santiago so keep an eye on those people also. Thank-You for reading and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Watch China!!! Major Earthquake heading up that way!!! 8 Richters???

Typhoon Vicente quickly became a Major Cat 4 Typhoon just hours before making landfall just south of Hong Kong and had winds reported between 115 and 130 Miles Per Hour!!!!! Although I want to note that we should continue to watch California closely, this new earthquake energy is headed up into Northern China and possibly near the Himalayas. The list of cities that I found with a quick check of the atlas are Kashi, Chongqing, and Lanzhou in China, also Kashmir is very nearby, and Novosibirsk, too. This could also end up ultimately applying some additional earthquake energy onto the Pacific Tectonic Plate, that should not affect our West Coast until August and I will have updates well before then including full moon on August 2. Big China Earthquake coming!!! Be Watching!!! And Be Prepared! EQ Guy

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Offshore California/Oregon Shakers!!! Big Alert Still Active!!!!!

I had to go back over my most recent Official Prediction and some of my other recent writings to figure out what to make of all the fairly large shakers they are right now getting at Northern California and Offshore Oregon and came up with it just being in the range of Day 30 after the landfall at Japan of Typhoon Guchol. Sunday will actually be close to like Day 33 plus or minus the dateline and all those details.

We have just got a 5.2 Richters and 5.1 Richters just off of Eureka, California as well as a 5.9 Vanuatu, and 5.8 New Zealand in the last few hours. There was also a 4.0 Richters off the coast of Oregon at 3:34pm local time up there.

There are still at least two sources of major earthquake energy out there somewhere that could be unaccounted for and one of them I seem to recall having just recently extended through August 2012 for Los Angeles. . . but this energy could very easily include Frisco and without a doubt Northern California and Oregon as well. That alert is still for around 7.1 Richters so keep watching for a major earthquake and be prepared because there is still earthquake energy out there!!! EQ Guy

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watch For Shakers This Weekend!!! L.A., S.F., Seattle

The Official Prediction that i submitted on June 19, 2012 states in the first line that the EQ Alert for Los Angeles and Santa Barbara should run until July 15. That will be Sunday although Day 30 is just a good number of days after the landfall of Hurricane Carlotta at Southern Mexico. . . i will still want to continue to watch, but I will also have an update as to where next on that one. At the very end of that O.P. Typhoon Guchol made landfall at Japan on June 18, 2012 and that will be coming up on like Day 23 as of Sunday as well. I've also been watching the foreshocks around California very closely and a few around Vancouver and so keep watching Los Angeles, Frisco, Seattle, Vancouver and I suppose like Boise, and the Nevada regions or Oklahoma/Illinois this weekend. These are not that large of earthquakes, but folks still kind of like to know when a 7 Magnitude shaker is still out there so be prepared California, and etc.!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, July 8, 2012

California Seems To Be Shaking!!!?

There seem to have been several medium sized earthquakes shaking California in the past couple days and I have to write right now to continue watching California for something major to shake there. While there have been several EQ Alerts criss-crossing the state at least one has July 15 as the end date and I know from personally having been in the Great Hector Mines earthquake while living in Hollywood that we must continue to watch several days yet to be extra certain of where all this earthquake energy is at. I compare the "Unexploded Dynamite" Theory of where you must just continue to watch dynamite that did not explode. . . like basically indefinately. We will be doing this for Los Angeles, now! Ask Lori Wexler if you are out in L.A. and she will tell you!!!

We should also watch Frisco, not because they had any earthquake energy heading directly for them, but rather because they are very near the areas that have been getting all the medium sized shakers and actually got a number of small ones last week like around the full moon. Be Prepared California!!! A couple of major shakers are still out there!!!!! EQ Guy

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Moon Night: Epicenter of 1906 Frisco??? 1971 San Fernando???

The Full Moon has made its first appearance on the other side of the world and there was already a 6.2 Richter Shaker at New Zealand early this morning around 6 CDT:

As of yesterday there had also been a lot of what could be foreshocks around the Downtown San Fernando region of Los Angeles and like very near where the epicenter of the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake struck. I noticed last night there are starting to be a few around where the epicenter of the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake was, too!!!

So, the Full Moon is very much already underway and you all should begin watching very closely for the ground to shake and BE PREPARED!!! This could be a major earthquake for California and the recent Great Chile Quake actually struck at around 10 O'Clock the night of the Full Moon. . . so there might be more than a basic correlation here! Again, Be Prepared!!!!! EQ Guy

Sunday, July 1, 2012

LOTS of Shakers Near Southern California at Calexico/Mexicali

There were around 27 earthquakes as part of a Major Swarm of shakers that began last night around sunset around Baja California in the Calexico/Mexicali region just southeast of San Diego and Tijuana. All totaled equal 80 Richters. As of this writing it has only been about an hour since the most recent one of about a 2.5 Richters and they will most likely be continuing, possibly until a big one strikes.

I want to note that I am not a professional seismologist, just a guy who started out working at a junkyard on cars and went on to learn power plants and worked in the Los Angeles area for a few years including at least one P.G. & E. job, and I also learned a lot about earthquakes out in SoCal, too. This one could shake Los Angeles at any moment!!! We should probably now add San Francisco to this now Major EQ Alert since there has been quite a lot of movement along the San Andreas Fault and that fault runs practically right straight through Frisco!!!

Full Moon will be Tuesday Night, July 3, 2012 and with so much possible earthquake energy heading for Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. . . and now Frisco, everybody be watching and be prepared for a major earthquake between 6.5 and 7.9 Richters Magnitude. Note that I bumped the high end up just mostly to be sure we don't have one strike that was bigger than the highest number that I gave, you know. BE PREPARED!!! EQ Alert Guy