Monday, March 23, 2020

March Madness Should Begin Friday!!!!! Casino's In Las Vegas SHOULD Open, Friday!!! Let Florida, And California Open DISNEYLAND!!!!! Rescue Over. . . . Time For RECOVERY!!!!!

Just echoing what's been heard today on TV!! But at some point it seems probable we'll have to go back to a lot of the usual activities we've been putting off including DISNEY!!!

Every day now we're getting closer, and closer to the government giving the OK to re-open everything in Las Vegas, too!!! And a few other casino's located at various places here and there!!!

And I just picked FRIDAY randomly because it is this upcoming weekend, when the MARCH MADNESS could begin!!!!!

What we are talking about today is the fact that there is currently starting to be lot of talk about WHEN the time will be to stop worrying about the spread of Coronavirus, and START to worry about saving the economy!!! By that methinks they are trying to set a definite time in the very near future when we will be getting things going!!!

The latest info suggesting something is about to happen, is the fact that in the most recent C.T.F. announcement for Coronavirus Task Force, they're now saying it's pretty much all those with "Pre-Existing Conditions" that are the ones dying, and by that I'm going to assume they've located an "Algorithm" that may lead to the end of the time tunnel we're all stalled in the middle of right now as I'm writing this!!! Then there was this person whose story I want to share: A 69-year-old man with a history of diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, gastrointestinal bleeding and emphysema, had a heart attack a day before he died and was revived. Died after having a second heart attack and apparently is listed among those dead from Coronavirus!!! Along with many others along those lines such as: Woman in her 90s, man in his 90s, woman in her 90s, woman in her 90s, man in his 90s, woman in her 90s, woman in her 90s, and a woman in her 80s.

Probably after long enough in solitaire confinement folks start to get their hands on such numbers and even a crude mathematician can begin to crunch the numbers if you know what I mean, so it shouldn't be long now!!! WE should be watching March Madness once again on all of our TV's!!!!! And going to ones favorite Casino!!!!! Hopefully as we watch those Coronavirus numbers fall once and for all, you know!!!!!



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