Thursday, September 22, 2011


The landfall of Typhoon Roke at Japan will send a lot of earthquake energy across the Pacific Tectonic Plate in a straight line that I follow with the use of a patented tool and have came up with the area between Coos Bay, Oregon and Eureka, California and while the actual line does not intersect either city, I simply chose Eureka because I have far more readers, followers, and friends in that area, and I suppose with the Triple Plate Junction being located right there off shore from Eureka, it might be slightly more probable that this new upcoming earthquake will affect the T.P.J., than Coos Bay and Goose Lake. Note that Curran, Nevada and Ely, Nevada is just down the road along that straight line just in case Nevada may be due for this major earthquake to strike there.

Typhoon Roke had been reported to have wind gusts of up to 155 mph in the hours before it finally made landfall at Japan where it continued on in sort of a North Easterly direction, although Japan itself is not positioned exactly north, south, east, or west, so you can just take my word for it that I lined up my straight line tool with the exact direction that I had observed on a weather satellite film clip at the time of the landfall last night.

I will now be expecting this new major earthquake to be as big as 7.6 Richters Magnitude and I suppose it could possibly strike at virtually any moment now, or as soon as this Sunday, September 25, 2011. This Official Prediction will run now through October 21, 2011 because that is about 30 Days after landfall and as a general rule seismic energy reaches North America from Japan in around 20 Days, so I just basically threw that additional ten days in there for good measure. This Official Prediction will be absent an exhibit which might explain the travel times for seismic energy and I assume that the travel times of “P” Waves, and “S” Waves are pretty much accepted science as of this writing, and need no further explanation.

This is an Official Prediction for a REAL EARTHQUAKE and I notice that while I am submitting it to earthquake people, there seems to be in general very little in the way of letting any of the affected people know there is a REAL EARTHQUAKE heading for them. It is my hope that this severe lack of information will not become a problem at the epicenter of this earthquake like it is today a problem with Japan and Christchurch. Those Official Predictions as well as my Official Prediction of December 22, 2009 for a major earthquake to strike California before January 12, 2010 do fortunately exist historically and will continue to exist in perpetuity. Now would be a great time to begin letting the People of California up that way that there may be a major earthquake in the coming days.

In the event that there is not an updated Curriculum Vitae attached to this new O.P., then I want to amend past versions now to reflect the fact that I was Event Security at the recent Kid Rock, Maroon 5, Lady Antebellum Concert at Lambeau Field in Green Bay prior to the first game of the NFL Season that was broadcast on NBC. For two hours alone I was security for Kid Rocks limo! Thereafter I was moved to an area between section one and section two and also got to enjoy the whole entire concert.

In closing I want every single person who reads this while it is active, to be really aware that this upcoming earthquake has the energy to be the NEXT BIG CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE!!! The epicenter would not be that many miles off if it were to strike San Francisco, Seattle, or Los Angeles, and there is a small chance we could dodge all of this energy and it could strike Central America or Venezuela, but I will post those specifics at a later date since they would probably strike on a much later schedule.
Thank-You again for accepting this Official Prediction!

Name Edited/EQ Alert Guy

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