Wednesday, January 18, 2017

3.9 Richters Just a Few Miles From Lima, Peru!!! Big Alert Continues For Peru, But Always A Chance Big One Could Strike At Any Time There!!!!!

Looking at my sheet with those dates there on and I see January 15 was Day 21 after landfall of Super Typhoon Nock-Ten at Philippines. So we are now looking at Day 31 coming up on January 25. . . but this Major Earthquake, that I'm now saying 7.6 to 8 Richters for, could strike there at ANYTIME!!! And take a look at the 3.9 very near there and I'll have to wait a day to run the felt report because this one shook late in the day on Tuesday and so I'll have all that tomorrow! For now the list of "Nearby Places" has Lima, Peru posted at 24 miles away:

3.9 - 26km SW of Callao, Peru
2017-01-17 23:44:20 UTC

Nearby Places:
18.5 Miles SW of Callao, Peru, Pop. 813,264
20.9 Miles WSW of San Isidro, Peru, Pop. 68,309
23 Miles WSW of Surco, Peru, Pop. 251,648
24.2 Miles WSW of Lima, Peru, Pop. 7,737,002

Prior to discovering that Lima, Peru Earthquake, here's one that shook up around Paso Robles also on January 17 and possibly the big story for the day before Lima:

3.1 - 13km NE of San Simeon, California
2017-01-17 14:55:29 UTC

Nearby Places:
San Simeon, California, 13.0 km (8.1 mi) NE
Cambria, California, 18.0 km (11.2 mi) N
Lake Nacimiento, California, 19.0 km (11.8 mi) W
Bradley, California, 30.0 km (18.6 mi) WSW
Paso Robles, California, 39.0 km (24.2 mi) WNW

Also, I dedicated a special page to Jim Berkland after writing yesterdays EQ Blog and so you might not have had a chance to see it, with some of the same eulogizing as yesterdays EQ Blog and Tuesdays Pacifica EQ Minute: See this on EQ Blog@

More about the upcoming Lima, Peru Earthquake in This Weeks "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: SEE The Bad News California Earthquake Minute at YouTube@ And The Transcript @

If I had a lot more time and space and there wasn't so much other stuff going on, I'd honestly go into more of the details on this one near Banda Aceh, Indonesia, however a lot going on so just mostly keep watching this region for a bigger earthquake:

5.1 - 85km W of Banda Aceh, Indonesia
2017-01-17 11:48:46 UTC

Nearby Places:
Lampuyang, Indonesia, 68.9 km (42.8 mi) WSW
Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 85.5 km (53.1 mi) W, Pop. 250,757
Sabang, Indonesia, 98.0 km (60.9 mi) WSW, Pop. 24,519

So, the Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake was on Tuesday!!! And I just Noticed it after I posted Tuesdays EQ Blog there!!! Thought I should include at least that one mention of it here for folks who might not have recalled January 17 1994 was the date of that big Southern California Earthquake!!! That was also the date when I had been doing a lot of acting in a lot of movies. . . and more or less decided right then and there to instead begin looking into the hows-abouts of earthquakes!!! It was the day I determined that I needed to begin at once to find out what caused earthquakes, because it could take quite a lot of time and there was no time to waste! I started on this big project immedietly that day!!!!! Today thinking I haven't done too bad because I am here today and starting to get pretty close to an accurate method for tracking them earthquakes!!! Thank-You for Reading! Couldn't have done it without my readers!!! Thank-You!!! EQ Guy

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