Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow And Rain Could Do Different Things With The Earthquake Situation There In California, Now!!!!! Now, Bad News California "Earthquake Minute" Video From Studio!!!

Here's Bad News California "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: SEE The Bad News California Earthquake Minute at YouTube@ And The Transcript @ NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

Have to mention this now because we're watching for the WORST to happen there in California!!! With big snows in the mountains and tons of rain across all of Northern California not to mention the fact that they've been taken off the drought list for the north, there. . . now it goes without saying that anything can happen there!!! These are not the normal conditions and all of my usual methods for watching earthquake energy travel goes WAY BEYOND all that right now!!! Therefore when I just now noticed a 2.8 at Monterrey, California it occurred to me there is a "California Mission" up there that at one time was heavilly damaged by an earthquake and earthquakes just do not strike up there around that region all too often! So that is just ONE of the many interesting things that could now happen with all this stuff going on there!!! Keep Watching Monterrey, and all of California!!!

2.8 - 4km NNW of Pacific Grove, California
2017-01-13 01:17:22 UTC

Nearby Places:
2.5 Miles NNW of Pacific Grove, California
4.3 Miles NNW of Monterey, California

Felt Report From The Monterey, California Earthquake:
Pacific Grove, CA 93950 United States of America.93.....7 km
Monterey, CA 93943 United States of America.......2....10 km
Pebble Beach, CA 93953 United States of America..10....10 km
Seaside, CA 93955 United States of America........5....12 km
Monterey, CA 93940 United States of America......61....13 km

This one is another one that just looked suspicious to me when I first seen it. Could just be the name wasn't familiar and as you can see it's another name for San Francisco Bay:

2.1 - 1km S of Hillsborough, California
2017-01-12 14:44:52 UTC

Nearby Places:
1.2 Miles South of Hillsborough, California
1.9 Miles SSW of Burlingame, California
2.5 Miles S of Millbrae, California
15.5 Miles South of Daly City, California
16.9 Miles South of San Francisco/Oakland

Now would you look at all the shaking going on at South America!!! Virtually all of this going on with that January Full Moon high overhead, too!!! Or at least shining in through one of the windows at the house, here, will be high enough over head before the night is over, though, I know that for sure!!! Here's all the shaking at Central and South America:

4.7 35km NW of Ovalle, Chile 2017-01-12 19:23
5.5 61km WSW of Mutis, Colombia 2017-01-12 16:06
4.4 26km SW of Orcopampa, Peru 2017-01-12 15:13
5.0 12km WNW of Xochistlahuaca, Mexico 2017-01-12 10:26
5.2 43km E of Putre, Chile 2017-01-12 09:00
5.3 20km SW of La Gomera, Guatemala 2017-01-12 03:22

And now a link to what I believe is proof that the following 1907 Kingston, Jamaica Earthquake WAS preceded by TONS of snow!!! Having discussed this one in yesterdays EQ Blog, first here's the link to the Wikipedia Page for the 1907 Jamaica Earthquake@ Here's The Proof December/January 1907 Did Have LOTS of Snow in Cal/Nev!!!!! You Won't Believe It!!!!! At EQ Blog@ GREAT STORY!!! Check That Out, There!!!

Of course with so much shaking there will probably be some updates over this weekend. . . but if not I'll see you all next week sometime or whenever something shakes!!! Thank-You For Reading, Have a Good Weekend!!! EQ Guy

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Astrosymm said...

There was 8" of snow on the ground in Victoria, TX -SW of Houston-when the Tsunami hit Indonesia Dec 26, 2004.
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