Friday, September 14, 2018

Big Landfall of Hurricane Florence at Wilmington, North Carolina Early Friday Now Mean Possible Major Earthquakes and For Some Places in The Southern and Southwestern USA!!! Taipei, Taiwan About To Get DIRECT HIT of 172 to 207 Miles Per Hour Winds of Super Typhoon Mangkhut!!!

Sorry to have to report this, but it looks like it's going to be time for some really bad earthquakes!!! Immediate alerts should go out (My own personal alerts, that it) for them areas around North and South Carolina where earthquakes TEND to occasionally hit, there, you know!!! And also right at the moment is where Hurricane Florence is making landfall or has made landfall and will be moving on, but moving on to even more places where they also get earthquakes!!! Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio also places where an earthquake can strike and as of this event happening right now those places could get them!!! If the landfall turns out like it was predicted, I have already run the straight-line on this and most unfortunately runs straight through Ft. Worth, Texas which means Oklahoma could become a factor in all this, and continues on to the Southern California Region!!!
Note that I scooted that straight-line up just a tiny bit to more clearly see those names, but full landfall hasn't exactly been determined at press time, too.

Also looking really bad for Taipei, Taiwan!!!!! With huge winds there around 170 mph and Gusts around 200!!! Not only will they be getting a lot of high winds possibly AT the city of Taipei, but they're also a very "Shaky" Place. . . and so we virtually KNOW they'll be getting earthquakes!!! Along with a future landfall at China and all combined equal still more earthquakes!!!

If I haven't given out all the earthquake information you can tune-in to the show on Friday and I'll be giving the biggest new predictions for the biggest earthquakes we've had in a long time!!! Stay-Tuned!!!

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