Thursday, October 11, 2018

7.3 Richters Earthquake at Papua New Guinea Although Now Downgraded To a 7.0, And Another at 6.5 North of Japan at Far East Russian Islands Region!!! Major Earthquakes WILL Follow Landfall Now of Hurricane Michael at Florida!!!!!

This wonderful collection of shaking came in at about the same time as I was watching Hurricane Michael making landfall at the Florida Panhandle!!! Just curious as to if all of this more than coincided with that big landfall due to the biggest one, the 6.0 happening at about the same time as landfall, the few before it reading up, as it was headed for landfall and all the rest AFTER that landfall and that remains an active Hurricane right now at press time as I'm writing this (Downgraded to Tropical Storm early Thursday). . . and could still be to blame for some shaking, but PNG?

5.6 139km S of Leksula, Indonesia 2018-10-10 21:55
6.2 94km SW of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea 2018-10-10 17:00
5.9 117km ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 2018-10-10 16:13
5.9 113km ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 2018-10-10 15:59
7.0 117km E of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 2018-10-10 15:48
6.1 132km E of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 2018-10-10 15:45
4.3 129km S of Leksula, Indonesia 2018-10-10 15:26
6.0 39km NNE of Sumberanyar, Indonesia 2018-10-10 13:44
4.9 15km ENE of Kali, Indonesia 2018-10-10 12:34
5.1 72km SE of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 2018-10-10 11:18
5.3 65km NNW of Lae, Papua New Guinea 2018-10-10 00:53

And again all this shaking up around Japan albeit a couple hundred miles to the north among those islands, there, and where we continue to watch and this all started out with a 6.5 it looks like, reading up. . . but also appears this next list actually BEGINS where the above list ended especially if it continues to go on like that beyond the point where I am writing it here:

5.1 148km S of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 2018-10-10 21:16
4.9 136km S of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 2018-10-10 20:30
5.2 155km S of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 2018-10-10 19:14
4.7 141km S of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 2018-10-10 19:14
6.5 148km S of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 2018-10-10 18:16

Now Here's This Weeks: New Upcoming Seattle/Vancouver Major "Earthquake Minute" The VIDEO!!! CLICK Arrow To Watch: Watch New Seattle/Vancouver Alert EQ Min. at YouTube@ And The Transcript@

Here's a fairly good collection of shakers up around the San Francisco Bay Area!!! While you can actually tell that by the names of the towns on this list:

1.2 6km SW of Gilroy, CA 2018-10-10 20:25
1.4 17km ESE of Livermore, CA 2018-10-10 17:13
1.0 10km E of Alum Rock, CA 2018-10-10 16:39
1.9 10km ENE of Milpitas, CA 2018-10-10 11:08
1.2 20km SSE of Livermore, CA 2018-10-10 09:00
0.8 10km ENE of Milpitas, CA 2018-10-10 07:39
1.2 4km ESE of Oakland, CA 2018-10-10 05:02

Not much else shaking around Los Angeles, just these two, first the felt report from the Newport Beach shaker:

Huntington Beach CA 92646 United States............3....15 km
Huntington Beach CA 92648 United States............2....15 km
Costa Mesa CA 92627 United States of America....1....16 km
Costa Mesa CA 92626 United States of America....1....17 km
Huntington Beach CA 92649 United States............1....18 km
Newport Beach CA 92660 United States of America.1....18 km

And this one a few miles south of Tijuana, Mexico and list of nearby places all on the Mexico side of the border there and no felt reports so here's the abbreviated USGS Report:

2.1 - 34km ENE of Ensenada, B.C., MX
2018-10-10 14:19:09 31.989°N 116.289°W15.5 km depth

For today the final information I have in front of me on the landfall of Hurricane Michael at Panama City, Florida was winds of 155 and Gusts of 175, although the thing with the winds decides the Category, so they're also saying winds just one or two miles per hour below CAT-5 since they had to reach 157 to be a "CAT-5" and the speed of "Gusts" don't count towards "Wind Speed" you know! Some great news for my best regular readers, too, of course tons of damage at the Florida Panhandle, but that brought up the subject of the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane!!! Landfall at Miami September 18, 1926 and Wikipedia says if it was today it would be 196 Billion Dollars worth of damage!!! No Kidding, that info is@ So, I went out to the days following that big landfall and wouldn't you just know on October 22, 1926 found TWO earthquakes at Monterey, California!!!!! First a 6.1 and then followed one hour by a 6.3, there!!! WATCH For Earthquakes, now!!! Especially an immideate warning for East Coast, Guatemala, Ohio, and Quebec!!! Can't cover names of all the potentially shaky places right now!!! So be watching because Southern California already has a big alert and so does Seattle/Vancouver!!! I'll have more updates tomorrow!!! Be prepared for some Major Earthquakes like Monterey, California got following that huge 1926 Great Miami Hurricane!!!

EQ Guy

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