Friday, July 8, 2016

Landfall of Super Typhoon Nepartak At Taiwan!!! Start Watching For Major Earthquakes!!! Newest Prediction Coming!!! Now Listen To This Weeks "Earthquake Minute"!!!!!

Update: Super Typhoon Nepartak-Kathmandu "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: AND You Can Watch Super Typhoon Nepartak-Kathmandu "Earthquake Minute" at You-Tube@ AND View The Transcript From The Show@ Now Fridays EQ Blog:

Up to this point in time, I know it's been rather quiet and I've even been trying to keep busy here by covering several much, much smaller wind storms and that. As of today nothing is small anymore as far as my EQ Blog is concerned! Sure, there probably still remains an alert out there somewhere for something in the area of did I say 5.8 Richters? Because that's tiny, tiny, tiny compared to the MAGNITUDE of Brand-New Major Earthquakes we are now looking at! Even as I started to write todays EQ Blog I just happened to check the windspeed of another entity that's been seen in the farther East Pacific and found "Hurricane Blas" now currently looks like it might be headed to Hawaii, although not sure if it can reach the 150 Longitude from the 130 where it's currently at so that's to be continued. Just that much more brand-new Earthquake Energy if something along those lines does happen, anyways. UPDATE: Hurricane Blas windspeeds have lowered as of Saturday and might not become a threat after all.

Pictures of everything that's currently going on with all the big windstorms are kind of difficult to come by and be able to post here right this moment, but in a few hours Super Typhoon Nepartak will have crossed Taiwan and there will surely be some pics of damage and all that! Right at the moment looks like we'll just be going with the descriptions of all that is happening and look forward if that's the correct words, to much more where all that's coming from today! Find out if Hurricane Blas WILL reach Hawaii, and if Super Typhoon Nepartak will hit China next and where it will make it's second landfall there!

AGAIN, The "Earthquake Minute" Radio Show went Great!!! Thank-You, Everybody For Listening and Good-Weekend!!! And be watching for Major Shakers over this weekend especially in those regions where all the big windstorms are!!! EQ Guy

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