Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Bad News!!! Landfall of Typhoon Soudelor Also At Taiwan Last Year Preceded Great Santiago, Chile Earthquake But Was ALSO Smaller Typhoon Than Nepartak Now!!!!!

From what I am able to locate in the moments before this edition going to press, the windspeeds of Typhoon Soudelor are again less than the one we're now watching for the resultant from! I want to also report that when Soudelor made landfall also at Taiwan around August last year, it was much higher up in the northern half of Taiwan and it looks like the northern most portion of that big windstorm might NOT have even hit any land there at all while reports also have the altitude of the mountains there at 13,000 feet!

Earthquake that we're watching for I'm now VERY SORRY to say. . . might be about the biggest one we've had to be watching for in a VERY LONG TIME!!! All signs are pointing to a bigger earthquake than last years Santiago Earthquake, as well as bigger than the Ecuador Earthquake from earlier this year! Both big earthquakes, I know, but looks like the one we're watching for will be even bigger! Still saying Iquique, although I'll re-check, and re-check that exact line and try to have a more certain location very soon while I'm thinking 7.9 for the magnitude.

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Of course I follow California particularly close and so I noticed this one right away and see it even has Tuesdays date on it so it must have shook there while I was at work on Tuesday Night although I just so happened to have also worked in this here town, Taft, California and stayed there too while working in the "Oil Fields" there! I'll never forget "Karaoke Night" there either!!!

3.0 - 11km ENE of Taft, CA

2016-07-12 17:32pm Central Time

Nearby Places
6.8 Miles ENE of Taft, CA
8.1 Miles NNE of Maricopa, CA
18 Miles SSE of Buttonwillow, CA
21.7 Miles SW of Bakersfield, CA

So, a note to keep watching California because there is now an unthinkable about of MAJOR Earthquake Energy out there and California is unfortunately a player in all that is to come!!!

This is a little bit unusual because we normally might see ONE in this vicinity. . .but here's now THREE!!! Could be the shape of things to come as far as getting multiple earthquakes instead of just one big one! Although rest assured there's a BIG one on it's way at some point, too:

4.8 Southwest Indian Ridge 2016-07-12 13:56
4.7 Southwest Indian Ridge 2016-07-12 13:41
5.5 Southwest Indian Ridge 2016-07-12 01:41

This just in!!! Must have happened just less than two hours before mid-night and one of the places where I wanted to warn like "Yemen" but too many such places! Here's a smaller one that just struck Tanzania and still more could shake there:

5.1 - 62km N of Msanga, Tanzania, Time: 2016-07-12 22:01, Nearby Places: List was all places in Tanzania, so I won't bother posting all that. HOWEVER: Would you check out the Felt Report and it might grow after press time, too, due to being late shaking:

Dodoma, Dodoma, Tanzania..1......79 km
Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania..3.....248 km
Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya...2.....474 km

So there are already shaking right along the line we're watching! Certain to keep shaking. . . and you may agree it's also certain there's a BIG ONE coming!!! EQ Guy

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