Friday, May 19, 2017

Exact Moments Of Two Major Earthquake Correlations Are BOTH Coming This Weekend!!! Something Major COULD Be Shaking Soon!!! Volcanoes Included!!! Now WATCH OUT California "Earthquake Minute"!!!

WATCH OUT California For A Major "Earthquake Minute"!!! From May 19, 2017, CLICK Arrow: View Watch California Earthquake Minute at YouTube@ And Transcript@ NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

UPDATE: Just happened to find this EQ Blog Entry from DAY BEFORE the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake and you'll notice towards the end I go into the details of it being "Day 55" and to CONTINUE WATCHING around Ecuador for a "Big One"!!!!! Check That Out@ And I'll probably go next and include it in todays "Earthquake Minute", too, now Fridays EQ Blog:

Just a quick mention that I have been informed there's been quite a lot of Volcano Activity in Alaska Islands Region and not as common when we're watching for the Grand Finale Major Earthquake. . . . .the Grand Finale COULD always be the eruption of a Major Volcano!!! HAS happened on my watch at least one or two times!!! So, here is a story or two about the fact that not one, but TWO Major Volcanoes have now been erupting and according to this following Twitter Message there's a lot going on with it including one reaching 34,000 Feet!!!

FROM TWITTER: Alaska AVO‏ @alaska_avo May 17, AVO Bogoslof RED/WARNING - Explosive eruption starting at 22:32 AKDT produced ash cloud as high as 34,000 Ft. AND THAT'S From "Alaska Volcano Observatory" or AVO as it says, and their own Twitter Page is at:
Here's the copy of that Alaska Volcanoes Story a reader sent to me@

Here's a link to this weeks Pacifica Radio Network Edition of "Earthquake Minute" Transcript@

So be watching as those magic moments get closer as this weekend rolls along, and remember the dates don't actually have all that much scientific value beyond the fact that there were those two other correlations where those BIG Major Earthquakes just so happened to have shook on those day numbers! Could the numbers then be magic numbers and another big Major Earthquake Event actually happen? And it occured to me that with the Hector Mines Earthquake date already in the books. . . did we then know to watch that day number for the Ecuador Earthquake to strike???

Be Watching for some Major Shaking This Weekend, and Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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