Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Big 6.5 Richters Earthquake Struck Sichuan, China Tuesday Morning!!! Another Big 6.3 Struck North of Sichuan Region Tuesday Night!!! Both Talking Central Time USA For Times. Several Dead, Lots of Damage There, Too!!!

5 Dead, 7, Dead, 9 Dead. . . at least 17 Dead!!! Those are some of the headlines from the big 6.5 China Earthquake of early Tuesday our time that struck not far from the region or maybe epicenter of the Sichuan, China Earthquake of 2008. So, let me start out with that drawing I ran immediately following the landfall of Typhoon Nesat at Taiwan:
You don't really have to be all that familiar with the region to notice that straight-line of "Potential Earthquake Energy" LOOKS like it runs right up into CHINA, there!!! Reason we're looking at this drawing right now is mostly due to the fact that they've as of this writing now had TWO Major Shakers up in that region!!! That 6.5 around 10am Central Time, and later on Tuesday Evening around 6:35pm Central Time another at 6.3 struck to the north of the first one. As you might be able to figure out by the drawing, the line more or less goes directly through that region, although when checked with the globe to be as exact as possible, you might know I put the emphasis on NEPAL because of that being just a little more likely to shake at this magnitude given the fact that they have been shaking! Again, I'm always very sorry when I do not write out an entire list of ALL the places such a line goes through. . . as you can now see by that above drawing. Also note the line travels in the reverse direction of that landfall and that's why I was leaning so heavily on GUAM, and the Wake Islands Region along with the fact that it's a lot of Americans in that region and that's most of my readership with all due respect to all the rest of you, I watch those regions of the USA just a little extra closely.

Here's the entire updated list of all the China Earthquakes we are talking about there:

4.8 43km W of Yongle, China 2017-08-08 21:17
4.5 109km SSE of Dostyq, Kazakhstan 2017-08-08 19:40
4.5 99km SSE of Dostyq, Kazakhstan 2017-08-08 19:22
5.3 105km SSE of Dostyq, Kazakhstan 2017-08-08 18:44
5.2 104km SSE of Dostyq, Kazakhstan 2017-08-08 18:39
6.3 107km SSE of Dostyq, Kazakhstan 2017-08-08 18:27***
4.2 37km NW of Yongle, China 2017-08-08 16:37
6.5 36km WSW of Yongle, China 2017-08-08 08:19*****

I suppose somebody might want to note that the Full Moon would have certainly been a factor probably in both of these two big China Earthquakes. With the first Earthquake Shaking at 13:19 UTC, and the Full Moon Window running until 18:13 UTC on Tuesday. . . you could say that 6.5 actually struck about 5 hours before the window ended or 19 hours after the Exact Moment!!! The later China Earthquake at 23:27 UTC or 5 hours, 14 minutes after the end of the Full Moon Window and technically even beyond my own personal 3 hours, 20 minutes that I like to add to these windows for good measure. . . but you have to admit it's close!!! (Actually just 1 hour, 54 minutes beyond my usual extra time that I give) And some other Full Moon/Earthquake folks might even call it a direct hit!!!

The felt reports from both of these consist entirely of places that are for the most part considered non-descript to English speaking folk! "Chengdu, Sichuan,"--"Peking, Beijing"--"Yining, Xinjiang"--"Hangzhou, Zhejiang" and "Chongqing, Chongqing" along with a few more like that and for that reason I decided not to run either of those lists with the 6.5 at 117 felt reports, and the 6.3 at 47 as of this writing. The epicenters were about 1000 miles apart with the 6.3 striking just west of Northwest of the 6.5, while the 6.3 was about 500 miles South of Novosibersk, and 1000 Miles West of Bejing and about 600 North of Nepal and not much further to Kathmandu there, too! The 6.5 was 800 Miles Northeast of Nepal, 300 Miles North of Burma, 800 Miles Northwest of Taiwan,and 700 Miles Northwest of Hong Kong.

I suppose there were some other things shaking, but I'm leaving all that for a later blog with all the shaking in China let's go to press so folks can get their updates I promised!!! EQ Guy

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