Friday, December 26, 2008

EQ Alert: December 26, 2008

I have to note that regarding the recent swarm of medium sized shakers up around Susanville, California that there will now be a chance of a major earthquake out along our San Andreas Fault due to what I call “Weight on the Tectonic Plate.”
It just occurred to me that we just broke the record for amount of snowfall in December at like around thirty-six inches. This is a lot of snow.
Originally when I began my research for what preceded major earthquakes it was on the day of the Great Northridge Earthquake. At that time I found SEVERE WINTER CONDITIONS, four feet of snow in the Sierras, two feet of snow everywhere else across the country, sub-zero temperatures, and wind speeds around 55mph. I went on to issue alerts which came to precede what is today the Kobe Quake, and one of my best ones preceded the Paso Robles earthquake, infact it was practically the same winter conditions we are experiencing today, as well as five years ago this week!!!!!
California folks might want to now think about this and try to have some idea about what types of precautions and preparations you will take in the future when this type of information becomes accepted science!!! Until then, everybody along our West Coast might be watching for this major earthquake which could be as big as about 7.0 Richters but let’s put the exact magnitude at 6.4 because a lot of our snow is fluffy.
Thank-You, again for reading!!!

The EQ Alert Guy

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