Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 Small Earthquakes Strike Heart of Los Angeles!!!

I am concerned that there were two small earthquakes that just struck in a heavily populated area of downtown Los Angeles that might also be an area that is overdue to be the epicenter of a Major Earthquake. The first of these two was 1.7 Richters Near San Gabriel, California. San Gabriel is like the name or location of old downtown Los Angeles and still the location of the mission there. This epicenter is just 2 miles from Rosemead, 2 miles from Monterey Park, and another mile or so north of Montebello. The second of these two earthquakes struck 1 mile from Monterey Park, 2 miles from Rosemead, and 2 miles north of Montebello at 1.1 Richters. All of the years that I have watched the Los Angeles area there have not been any epicenters in this neighborhood where millions of folks call their home. These epicenters are right at the heart of an area of Los Angeles that might not have been touched by an earthquake in a very long time and I would not be going into these details if not for the fact that we are expecting a 7.9 Richters earthquake to strike that part of California before the end of November 2012. There have been at least two other notable similar EQ Alerts for this region that have been exact hits albeit smaller than the predicted magnitude. Those were a 4.2 that struck Oakland on July 20, 2007 very near the exact date I had discussed and almost at the exact spot, and 2011 when a major earthquake was headed for Northern California and Southern Oregon and I actually caught a flight to Frisco and was there the exact night it struck Coos Bay, Oregon on October 12, 2012. The question occurred to me as to what should be done with the fact that there probably will be at least somewhat of an earthquake, and it looks like we know this ahead of time so what do we do? When asked this I only am able to right off hand tell people to be prepared, but the map makes it look like there are thousands of homes right at the epicenters of those two earlier today small shakers. . . what if a big earthquake strikes those epicenters? Other than sending out my EQ Alerts and as needed my Official Predictions I do not know what else I should do. With that L’Aquila verdict now it seems even more serious as to what action anybody should take here. EQ Guy

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Paula McKinney said...

If the energy really is moving east from Sandy, and you mark Kentucky, then Mexico City today, the energy is halfway to the west coast. That would put the CA earthquake at the end of November. I think you are doing all you can do; if people are open to the information they will receive it. It is being reposted on blogs and facebook. If there's another quake in one week along the AZ CO ID corridor, then perhaps you can get some news media to take notice. A tsunami off the coast here due to a quake would also be bad, as there is no preparation or warning system in place, although locals know to run if the ocean pulls back.