Monday, November 12, 2012


First I must go over the two existing major Earthquake Alerts and Official Predictions that we are presently watching. They are Richmond, New York, Ottawa, Canada and Indonesia, etc. noting that Myanmar has been getting a lot of shakers over in that region right this moment. The other major one is for Lompoc, California with that earthquake energy crossing Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri, etc. right this moment. There is just a slightly higher chance that something major could shake on November 13, 2012 since all of this stuff is happening right this moment and now the New Moon occurs right in the middle of it on Tuesday Night this week. Of course we will also have to watch those existing shakers and aftershocks going on at Queen Charlotte Island and Guatemala for yet some more major shaking perhaps added to by higher tides or whatever a New Moon might do there. All of these alerts will continue on past the New Moon in the event that Tuesday does not produce any higher amount of earthquakes. Lompoc, California and that very shaky region should continue on under intense major earthquake watch all the way up to the end of November of 2012 because the possibility they may be getting as big as 7.9 Richters earthquake will remain out there. The Richmond alert only runs a few more days like to November 16 and then moves on to points north and far beyond. California has a far greater chance of becoming a real major earthquake event and rather soon, too!!! Whether anything will occur with the New Moon is unknown. Be Prepared!!! Thank-You for reading!!! EQ Guy

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