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On the day of the Northridge Earthquake of January 17, 1994, I immediately began to research all of the things that might have had something to do with that major earthquake. The first thing that I discovered was that in the days prior to the Northridge Earthquake the entire country had been experiencing severe winter conditions. These consisted of sub-zero temperatures, two feet of snow all across the country, and fifty-five mile per hour winds as well as four feet of snow in the Sierra Mountains. I thought it believable that the combination of all these things could possibly have affected the North American Tectonic Plate in such a manner so as to cause some sort of breakage or shaking out at the tectonic plate boundary on our West Coast and so I continued on in my research.

I next headed to my local library with the names of a few different historical earthquakes to see what all preceded them and discovered something completely different all together. I discovered that the vast majority of major earthquakes were actually not preceded by severe winter conditions, which I deemed could affect the movement of the tectonic plates, rather most of the remaining earthquakes that I researched on that day had been preceded by the landfall of a major hurricane or typhoon. I didn’t have to think about it a real long time to be convinced that the tectonic plates were being moved by all of these different things with the result of that movement being major earthquakes.

I continued on in my research, everyday adding a few different major earthquakes and sometimes even researching a major hurricane from throughout history just to see if it would actually be followed by a major earthquake at some point. It wasn’t too far along in this research that this process quickly became streamlined into just a few moments on a microfilm machine and my research for the day was quickly all completed. Sometimes as fast as about five minutes is all it would take me to pull out a roll of microfilm when I knew the date of a major earthquake or hurricane from looking it up in a brick and mortar encyclopedia. . . until I would find either a hurricane followed by an earthquake, or a major earthquake that had been preceded by a hurricane or typhoon making landfall. Of course a few still came up as “January Earthquakes” and had been preceded by severe winter conditions, exactly as the Northridge Earthquake where all this started.

Later in 1994 a major hurricane named Hurricane John actually made landfall, or passed within 16 miles rather, of Johnston Atoll on August 25, 1994 and I began to write out my “EQ Alerts” and send them by U.S. Mail to my friends that I had worked with in the Motion Picture Business that had addresses in California and the Los Angeles area. Just 7 days later on September 1, 1994 there was around a 7.1 Richters earthquake that struck up around Northern California at Cape Mendocino. That was the year 1994 and I have been employing this system that I today like to call my “Precision Plate Tectonics Theory” ever since, frequently being as correct and accurate as I was in those days immediately following the Northridge Earthquake of January 17, 1994.

Today I am writing to discuss the landfall of yet another major hurricane. This one is Hurricane Sandy that made landfall at the East Coast of the United States around New Jersey, and New York on October 29, 2012 with winds that had been reported as high as 120 mph while bearing just North of due West. Additionally there were just two earthquakes that have struck that immediate region of Hurricane Sandys landfall, those being a 2.0 Richters Earthquake in New Jersey, and a 2.0 Richters Earthquake in Connecticut on November 4, 2012 and November 5, 2012 respectively. While the usual use of the Richter Scale is as a nominal numbering system more commonly referred to as “2.0 on the Richter Scale,” I have modified my use of the Richter Scale to name the individual increments after the founder of the scale or “Richters.” This is a sort of naming method similar to such other scales named after Volt, Watt, Amp, Henry, and Etc. Hereinafter I may refer to the individual steps in the widely recognized Richter Scale. . . as 1 Richter, 2 Richters, 3 Richters or 4, etc. I think the naming of those steps in this manner is yet another advance that goes well with all these other great advances going on these days.


In the now many years since I have employed my theories and wrote out my “EQ Alerts” I have had many good and great ones that have been very accurate. The landfall of Hurricane Hugo was on September 21, 1989 and the World Series/Loma Prieta Earthquake then struck on October 17, 1989 on Day 26 after that landfall. Day 26 after the landfall of Hurricane Sandy at New Jersey will fall on November 24, 2012 and I might expect this Brand New Upcoming Major Earthquake, which could well be the next big California Earthquake, to strike at between 7 and 7.9 Richters before that day, or by the end of November 2012. Thereby saying it should take about the same amount of time for the energy from Hurricane Sandy to cross North America as it took for similar earthquake energy to cross North America in the days following the landfall of Hurricane Hugo.

Other such huge windstorms that I have also tracked that became huge major earthquakes are Cyclone Nargis at Myanmar/Great Sichuan China Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina/Great Islamabad Earthquake, and Super Typhoon Nanmadol/Great Sumatra Earthquake of 2004. Each of those were big windstorms that had major landfalls where the resultant earthquake energy lead directly to the epicenter of a major earthquake just a few days later. Similarly the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Yasi at Queensland, Australia on February 3, 2011 preceded both the Great Christchurch Earthquake of February 22, 2011 and Great Honshu Japan Earthquakes of March 11, 2011 although in the case of the Japan earthquake it appears to have dealt more with basic tectonic plate movement than my usual straight line theory. Christchurch is situated directly in the wake of the line of energy that would have been created by Tropical Cyclone Yasi. Ironically I have a great Twitter message or “Tweet” as well as an EQ Blog entry that you can still view containing the name of the town Christchurch in the headline. Those are at and where you can scroll back to them dates and view those entries.

In addition to the name of the town of Lompoc, California which has had at least one major historical earthquake in 1927, and could be in for another, I want to give a few other town names that might also become the epicenter of this Next Big California Earthquake! Those town names are as follows: Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Orcutt, Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, Goleta, Santa Barbara Channel, Ojai, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, Lake Isabella, Arvin, Mettler, Coalinga, King City, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Hollister, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Hayward, Daly City, San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Mountain, Bishop, Owens Lake, Ridgecrest, Lone Pine, Shafter, Wasco, Avenal, Lake Nacimiento, Mono City, Big Pine, Independence, Olancha, Coso Junction, Indian Wells, Boron, Trona, Argus, Panamint Valley, Panamint Springs, Dolomite, Stove Pipe Wells, Death Valley Junction, Los Angeles, Landers, Hector Mines, Acton, Littlerock, Pearblossom, Wrightwood, High Desert, and Ludlow, California. Also Goldfield, Bonnie Claire, Las Vegas, and Incline Village in Nevada. This list of towns is meant to illustrate the general region where this earthquake will most likely strike and while you will surely say that it is all inclusive, it merely only gives the names of towns that are WITHIN the exact line of earthquake energy that is traveling across the United States from New Jersey in accordance with my “Go Straight Theory,” where I track such energy by following a straight line normally with the use of a globe since maps do not inherently have the same spherical abilities.

Finally I think I will try to avoid attaching my “Curriculum Vitae” today by adding that I do not have a degree in Seismology, but rather consider myself a very good Amateur Seismologist with a basic degree from an Apprenticeship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. I went on to work in acting and recently obtained my Screen Actors Guild card and am presently very busy with a lot of Film Production and Television Production work in the Chicago area. Due to the fact that Major Earthquakes such as this upcoming one could always have an effect on my friends in Hollywood, I began this work on when the next major earthquake might strike and where in order to attempt to provide some advance notice to all my West Coast Friends. I have been very successful at this, too, and now routinely enjoy filing copies of these writings with the National and California Earthquake Prediction Councils to make them “Official.”

Thank-You for accepting all of my earthquake writings and be watching for this major earthquake which probably WILL NOT miss the California Region discussed herein.

Respectfully Submitted,

Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

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So the wind and water from Sandy that piled up on the plates caused the plates to slip. Kentucky had an earthquake on November 7 and then November 11 there were 3 quakes in California. You could be on to something.