Friday, July 11, 2014

LOOKS Like Something Might Be Shaking Southern California! Be Watching That July Full Moon!!! And Be Prepared!!!

Got a chance to get out late on Thursday and get some great shots of the moonrise around 6:46pm local time and am writing today to tell everybody that the July Full Moon Window will begin early on Friday Morning or might have already started as you are reading this right now! Exact time 6:27am Central/4:27am Pacific Time and will run through Sunday. I am mostly going to be watching and wondering what all exactly will happen with all of our swarms, swarms, swarms that we have been getting everywhere from Redlands up to Mammoth Lakes and there have also been recent swarms up around Mt. Hood and other places! Something will most likely shake from the moment the July Full Moon Window begins early Friday Morning so be watching for sure!!!

There was a noticable bump in the swarm at Redlands on Thursday afternoon, enough that I thought I should update it. When I did cut the information to paste it to the list I already had going I was surprised to notice I had not updated Redlands due to that swarm having virtually stopped when the Big Bear Lake Earthquake shook and so there had been no need! Well, starting again on Thursday there is now a need again and that list has now been updated @

One final note besides the fact that we will really be watching for earthquakes the next few days, and that note says Super Typhoon Neoguri took a path that almost matches identically to the path of Hurricane Arthur just days earlier! In fact the two paths are so similar the note says I should run the pic that I had saved from Hurricane Arthur just to show how both of them raked across Japan and St. Johns Island, Canada!!! So, here is that Great Pic!
That pic seems to show all of those winds push, and push, and push that island up and off into the Atlantic (And Greenland, too for that matter) much the same way as Typhoon Neoguri pushed Japan off into the Pacific and away from Asia, but what a great pic, there! Just sayin'

So be watching the next few days due to the fact that there has been so much going on in California and the July Full Moon is HERE!!! And there does seem to be a notable correlation with the full moon and earthquakes. . . so there will probably be earthquakes in the next few days!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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