Friday, June 10, 2016

COULD a 3.7 Yellowstone Earthquake Mean LOTS More To Come There!? Big Yellowstone Volcano There??? Just In: 6.1 Nicaragua, 6.2 Indonesia . . . AND "Earthquake Minute" This Week???

Moments before this blog there was that 6.1 Nicaragua and as of this writing walls of a church were reported as collapsed. This epicenter was about 10 or 15 miles from Chinadanga, Nicaragua so there could be more damage to come as the day progresses on Friday. This latest Indonesia Earthquake was a 6.2 and so we probably should keep watching Banda Aceh, Sumatra, and also remember alert for Hokkaido/Sendi, Japan!!! Info on latest Indonesia Earthquake is. . . I'll just tell you instead, felt in Bali, although not sure where Bali is! To sum up all the rest of that so we can get on with Fridays EQ Blog, looks like epicenter of this recent 6.2 was about 300 Miles East of Jakarta, maybe East Southeast, but let's now get on with already written EQ Blog, shall we:

When I originally posted the brief info about this 3.7 Yellowstone Earthquake it was basically just another earthquake, but having now had a lot of time to review some additional material related to this event, I must now add to this discussion! Over the years it might have been considered a garden variety earthquake, but they are right now currently looking at a whole lot more to do with global warming and I want to add record high temperatures in that region to suggest something very serious could be shaking up that way if you know what I mean!!! Take a look now at that USGS Report:

3.7 - 52km W of West Yellowstone, Montana

2016-06-08 22:31pm Central Hours

Nearby Places
32 Miles W of West Yellowstone, Montana
62 Miles N of Rexburg, Idaho
73.9 Miles SSW of Bozeman, Montana
87 Miles N of Ammon, Idaho
128 Miles S of Helena, Montana

Cameron, MT 59720 United States of America...2.....32 km
Dillon, MT 59725 United States of America....1.....95 km

Now above there is the felt report, but surely it was felt all over that region and one more time I have to add that it was one of those where the ground did rumble under my feet in Wisconsin, and I did indeed look at the time, but unfortunately did not write it down so am sorry to say I do not have an official felt report of my own from Wisconsin! Always happens when it's a real earthquake, too!!! Although Wisconsin would look funny on that list, anywayz!

Couple of things we just do not know about right this minute and one is what that Yellowstone Volcano might be doing in the near future. . . . . the other is whether we'll have time for this weeks edition of "Earthquake Minute"!!! Pledge Drive is currently happening so please feel free to call in anytime or donate online at the same link where you are already clicking "Listen Live" @ AND Especially pledge during the time when "Earthquake Minute" usually airs between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time and please mention "Earthquake Minute" and Thank-You!!!!! EQ Guy

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Chris Seker said...

Hey EQ Guy, I just noticed something really strange today in S. Calif. There are a series of EQs over the last 24 hours that form two perfect squares. Please check it out.