Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin Making Landfall at Big Bend Area of Florida!!! Winds 50 Miles Per Hour With Higher Gusts!!! 2.5 Richters Earthquake Strikes Near Atlanta Georgia!!! Watch For More Shaking!!! WATCH East Coast For 5 Richters!!!

UPDATE: MADE Landfall on Monday, now heading out to Atlantic PAST Carolinas and is about gone as of early Tuesday! Particularly check out lines in this drawing that veer farther south and miss that shoreline. . .because that's where Colin is right now as of noon Eastern Time:
I thought the "Spaghetti Track" drawing might explain it well enough for me to just run the pic at the top of todays EQ Blog page and then say it's also pretty much the direction the storm is traveling at least more or less certain in this case. So, already as all of this was going on a 2.5 Richters Earthquake seems to have struck Georgia NOT FAR to the north of that big windstorm making landfall and already producing some good photography for the Weather Channel if you know what I mean! Here's the report on that earthquake just a few miles north of Atlanta which is just a few miles north of that landfall:

2.5 - 13km WNW of Summerville, Georgia

2016-06-06 20:40pm Central Time

Nearby Places
8 Miles WNW of Summerville, Georgia
13.7 Miles ENE of Fort Payne, Alabama
25 Miles NW of Rome, Georgia
30 Miles W of Calhoun, Georgia
82 Miles NW of Atlanta, Georgia

Maybe more like a couple hundred miles north of the ACTUAL landfall although the outer bands are outward up to 230 miles so that's going to take up a lot of that distance as far as generating earthquake energy is concerned! Landfall was last reported to be around the Big Bend Region of Florida and moving north at 23mph and Tropical Storm Colin is expected to strengthen at some point between that landfall and the Atlantic like on Tuesday! Now shall we venture on. . . to "Earthquake Minute":

This weeks "Earthquake Minute" is doing very good, so you might want to watch, if you haven't!!! CLICK Arrow: Also see California Shaking EQ Minute at You-Tube@ https://youtu.be/HX1UCJ6Cpjk And The Transcript is @ http://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2016/06/california-shaking-earthquake-minute.html

This one was cut from Monday, but still has an interesting look, so let's take a look at what's shaking up around Pismo Beach!!!

2.1 - 11km NNE of Arroyo Grande, California

2016-06-02 14:06pm Central Time

Nearby Places
7.5 Miles NNE of Arroyo Grande, California
7.5 Miles NE of Pismo Beach, California
8.1 Miles NNE of Grover Beach, California
8.1 Miles SE of San Luis Obispo, California
8.7 Miles NNE of Oceano, California

That region is situated just to the north along the Pacific Coast Highway and just past Santa Barbara, Vandenburg Air Force Base, and Neverland Ranch like the next couple towns there before San Luis Obispo and somewhat near Paso Robles and the epicenter of the Paso Robles Earthquake, too! Can't forget California is still coming under that landfall of Tropical Storm Bonnie and a Tropical Cyclone at Bangladesh, too! Could still get something major there. . . plus don't forget Banda Aceh and Indonesia for up to a 7 because those are still very much active alerts!

So, as Tropical Storm Colin makes landfall and I'll have more on that in following blogs, it will now no doubt mean still more brand new earthquake energy especially for our East Coast and right this moment as I'm writing this I want to say big alert!!! Yes, for East Coast just if nothing else due to some past experience with earthquakes there, be watching!!! COULD go as high as 5 there!!! EQ Guy

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