Friday, November 4, 2016

Big 5.0 New Zealand Where We're Watching For More Bigger!!! Tehachapi, California Keeps Shaking!!! And Now Earthquake Video Log, V-Log For This Week!!!!!

UPDATE: Here's Earthquake V-Log that I discuss in Fridays EQ Blog which will follow, CLICK Arrow to Watch: Here's Link To EQ V-Log at YouTube@ Script I used to make V-Log is@

Looks like I'm going to be doing a big "Earthquake Video Log" this week since my usual "Earthquake Minute" producer will still be out of town and this weeks replacement dude likes to run a real tight music show and only occasionally has time for Earthquake Minute. So thinking along that line I took some great pics of last nights Boy George/Culture Club show in a nearby Northern Illinois town and will have a clip or two with this weeks "Earthquake Video LOG"!!!
Very concerned that New Zealand still has a big shaker coming!!! Here's the latest there and while no felt reports posted at USGS, I checked New Zealand GeoNet and found a total of 43 with 10 from Wellington and a few from South Island, there, too!!! Here's that one:

5.0 - East of the North Island of New Zealand
2016-11-03 18:45:38 UTC 35.697°S 178.955°W
Nearby Places:

Opotiki, New Zealand
422.1 km (262.3 mi) NE
Population: 4,044
Gisborne, New Zealand
424.9 km (264.0 mi) NE
Population: 34,274
Whakatane, New Zealand
440.6 km (273.8 mi) NE
Population: 18,602
Tauranga, New Zealand
488.6 km (303.6 mi) ENE
Population: 110,338
Rotorua, New Zealand
506.2 km (314.6 mi) NE
Population: 65,901

All of the shaking at Tehachapi keeps on!!! Although I notice Lake Isabella is the name of that top one, there, still very near Tehachapi since it says 15 Kilometers East Southeast of Lake Isabella or down towards Highway 58 while the Tehachapi ones are North Northwest of Tehachapi. . . so these epicenters are pretty much all in between there somewhere you know:

1.0 15km ESE of Lake Isabella, CA 2016-11-03 22:06
1.4 23km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2016-11-03 19:24
1.1 25km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2016-11-03 18:20
1.1 24km E of Lake Isabella, CA 2016-11-03 13:38
1.6 25km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2016-11-03 11:33
1.5 25km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2016-11-03 11:21
1.8 25km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2016-11-03 09:27
2.5 25km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2016-11-03 09:04
2.0 25km NNW of Tehachapi, CA 2016-11-03 08:21

This could continue on shaking, but I gave it some thought as I was doing all the driving late Thursday to that big show. . . and came up with the fact that all of this shaking could be heading anywhere! Not even necessarilly California but let's be watching there just for the sake of all our friends there!!! EQ Guy

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