Sunday, November 13, 2016

There Has Been a 7.8 Richters New Zealand Earthquake 40 Miles North of Christchurch and Tsunami's Up To like 6 Feet Early Sunday Our Time!!! They Continue To Shake!!!

I might have added to watch New Zealand for more Major Earthquakes, but lets first review all of what's been going on there beginning with the USGS Report, Abreviated Felt Report, and big list of all the shakers and aftershocks!!! USGS:

7.8 - 53km NNE of Amberley, New Zealand
2016-11-13 11:02:56 UTC 42.757°S 173.077°E 23.0 km depth

Nearby Places:
33 Miles NNE of Amberley, New Zealand Pop. 1,105
48.3 Miles NNE of Kaiapoi, New Zealand Pop. 10,200
58.1 Miles NNE of Christchurch, New Zealand Pop. 363,926
135 Miles West of Wellington, New Zealand Pop. 405,550
400 Miles SSW of Auckland, New Zealand, Pop. 1,495,000

Abreviated Felt Report for Sunday 7.8 New Zealand:

Amberley, Canterbury New Zealand..........4......57 km
Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand...68......95 km
Lyttelton, Canterbury New Zealand............7....100 km
Blenheim, Marlborough New Zealand.........1....156 km
Karamea, West Coast New Zealand...........1....186 km
Wellington, Wellington New Zealand.........69....217 km
Lower Hutt, Wellington New Zealand.......12....232 km
Upper Hutt, Wellington New Zealand.........6....242 km
Fox Glacier, West Coast New Zealand.......2....258 km
Hastings, Hawkeʿs Bay New Zealand.........9....469 km
Bluff, Southland New Zealand.....................1....569 km
Auckland, Auckland New Zealand............44....671 km
North Shore, Auckland New Zealand..........5....677 km

HERE'S The Updated List of All New Zealand Earthquakes although will need to be kept up-to-date beyond early Sunday Evening@ AND the biggest of those not knowing if either of these lists can or will be updated beyond Sunday Night, but I'll try:

6.2 12km N of Kaikoura, New Zealand 2016-11-13 13:31
6.1 23km NNW of Kaikoura, New Zealand 2016-11-13 11:52
5.7 32km SSE of Blenheim, New Zealand 2016-11-13 11:41
6.5 17km NNW of Kaikoura, New Zealand 2016-11-13 11:32
5.8 2km NW of Kaikoura, New Zealand 2016-11-13 11:12
7.8 53km NNE of Amberley, New Zealand 2016-11-13 11:02

Next, there was a 6.2 Japan Earthquake that struck just MOMENTS before this edition of "Earthquake Minute" went On-The-Air!!! AND Hear me say NEW ZEALAND, too!!!!! Here's This Weeks, November Full Moon-SuperMoon "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: Check Out This Weeks November Full Moon "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ Transcript is @

Double-Checked my old EQ Blogs and found this "Official Prediction" for a 7.8 Richters New Zealand Earthquake From Mid-October: Couldn't EVER just say 7.8 for New Zealand, either, because I spend a LOT of time working on that MAGNITUDE!!! And a 7.8 comes as a result of a BIG Super Typhoon at the top of that Pacific Tectonic Plate!!!

Because of the fact that reports have the, NASA has dubbed it Extra-Super Moon, closer to Earth than it has been since January 26, 1948, I did some quick research into that 1948 date especially looking for per-chance. . . a major earthquakes!!! FOUND something Amazing!!!!!
A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Panay, Philippines on January 24, 1948!!! Seventy-four people in all were killed including two by a tsunami. Without going into the details on exact moments of each, I want to say it's CLOSE ENOUGH to being in what could have easily been the "Full Moon Window" in 1948. However 7.8 Earthquake followed by a tsunami and connected to that "Extra-Super Moon"!? YES, that was exactly what happened just a few hours AFTER I cut and pasted that to my EQ Blog, but didn't post it until now!!! Two others: A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Fiji on January 27, and A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the Molucca Sea, Indonesia on January 28 and as far as I can see it looks like lots of shaking back in 1948, the last Big "Extra Super-Moon" and is looking like that quick research turned out RIGHT!!! Because 7.8 Richters/Tsunami has now struck just the same with the 2016 "Extra-Super Moon"!!! And the moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034 and probably long before then. . . we'll know what to expect!!! STORY:

THE FOLLOWING all deals with that previously big 6.2 Japan Earthquake from Friday:

Left over from Late on Friday, The following two earthquakes struck around Japan and made me suspicious and as you can see the date is 11-11 and the time on these particular two 4am and 12pm with that next shaking at 21 or Universal Time and proved my suspicions right!!! Here's the two followed by some other Japan Earthquake stuff and the USGS Report on the 6.2:

4.1 31km SSE of Toba, Japan 2016-11-11 12:17
4.7 4km S of Toba, Japan 2016-11-11 04:53

Here's a link to a great story about the big 6.2 Richters Japan Earthquake that struck moments before Fridays "Earthquake Minute" went On-The-Air!!! Story@

6.2 - 24km ENE of Ishinomaki, Japan
2016-11-11 21:42:59 UTC 38.499°N 141.561°E 44.8 km depth

Nearby Places:
7.9 Miles ENE of Onagawa Chō, Japan Pop.: 0
15 Miles ENE of Ishinomaki, Japan Pop.: 117,233
19.4 Miles ENE of Yamoto, Japan Pop.: 32,028
23 Miles E of Wakuya, Japan Pop.: 18,334
41 Miles ENE of Sendai, Japan Pop.: 1,063,103

Because of all the material already contained in this edition, I might wait until Monday to give those details about how there was MORE THAN ONE Big Alert for New Zealand!!! And how there could still be MORE shaking coming there into December and January!!! I'll also update with damage around New Zealand, update the list of aftershocks, and everything!!! God Bless our friends in N.Z.!!! EQ Guy

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