Thursday, March 2, 2017

3.6 Salton City, California, AND. . . 4.1 Lima, Peru!!! Keep Watching California, But Maybe Peru, Too!!!

Before I just now spotted the Lima, Peru Earthquake, I was all set to start off todays EQ Blog with just the fact that my phone rang today with this here shaker at Salton Sea and the felt report that follows pretty much explains where abouts the shaking was felt at:

3.6 - 20km SSE of Salton City, CA
2017-03-01 20:18:39 UTC

Nearby Places:
12.4 Miles SSE of Salton City, CA
15.5 Miles East of Ocotillo Wells, CA
29.8 Miles NW of El Centro, CA
40.4 Miles NW of Mexicali, B.C., MX
61.5 Miles Southeast of Palm Springs, CA

Felt Report From that earthquake:

3.6 - 20km SSE of Salton City, CA
2017-03-01 20:18:39 UTC 33.134°N 115.862°W 11.5 km depth

Thermal, CA 92274 United States of America.....1.....15 km
Vista, CA 92084 United States of America.......1....126 km
San Diego, CA 92103 United States of America...1....129 km
Carpinteria, CA 93013 United States of America.2....367 km

While there was not a felt report on this one at press time, AND it was also preceded by another one that follows EQ Minute, still getting EXTREMELY close to Lima, Peru and there could still be some mystery days left in that alert which originally started at the landfall of Typhoon Nock-Ten on Christmas Day! You might even do the math yourself if you're really interested in calculating how long it will then be before the end of the alert for Lima around 60 to 76 days after that landfall. Here's the report on Wednesdays 4.1 there:

4.1 - 27km WSW of Callao, Peru
2017-03-01 09:10:47 UTC
Nearby Places:
19.5 Miles WSW of Callao, Peru, Pop. 813,264
22.6 Miles W of San Isidro, Peru, Pop. 68,309
25.4 Miles WSW of Lima, Peru, Pop. 7,737,002

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And here's a look at the report from the 4.7 although Lima does not seem to be on the list of nearby places, I'll go check it and have an update so we can see how close this one was there:

4.7 - 48km NNE of Palpa, Peru
2017-02-28 08:09:30 UTC

Nearby Places:
Ocoyo, Peru 12.9 km (8.0 mi) S
Santiago, Peru 75.5 km (46.9 mi) E
Ica, Peru 77.1 km (47.9 mi) E
Nazca, Peru 78.6 km (48.8 mi) N
Puquio, Peru 114.6 km (71.2 mi) NW
(Update: 175 Miles Southwest of Lima, and 200 West of Agua Caliente)

Instead of the usual one in the 4 or 5 Range, here's two up around Eureka, California:

2.6 62km WSW of Ferndale, California 2017-02-28 03:04
3.1 44km SW of Ferndale, California 2017-02-28 01:31

This next list might have been just any other list of small earthquakes, that is until I noticed they seem to be DIRECTLY ON the San Andreas Fault!!! Hope that doesn't end up being serious there:

1.7 21km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-28 20:40
1.8 22km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-28 20:40
2.3 21km NE of Soledad, California 2017-02-28 20:36

With those new alerts, I'm watching Japan rather closely right at the moment otherwise I might have missed this one near Fukushima! We'll need to keep watching around Japan now for a somewhat bigger shaker with that new alert! I'll have a complete update on that very soon, too!!!

5.7 - 28km ENE of Namie, Japan
2017-02-28 07:49:01 UTC
Nearby Places:
Namie, Japan 28.1 km (17.5 mi) ENE Pop 21,866
Fukushima, Japan 47.4 Miles ESE Pop 294,237

SO WE ARE vigilantly watching California and continuing to think it could be a big one coming!!! You'll notice some interest in the San Andreas Fault and I want to end todays edition by saying there IS that one segment around San Bernarding that everybody's watching!!! Watch around there for up to 9 Richters!!! EQ Guy

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