Friday, March 31, 2017

Big Movie Job Coming This Week!! Watch For Earthquakes. . . While I Go Do My Acting in Chicago!!!!! 2.1 Rosarito, Mexico, Some More Shaking at Kamchatka, And Here's "BIG 7.9 Richters East Coast Earthquake Minute"!!!

NOW. . .BIG "Earthquake Minute" 7.9 Richters East Coast!!! Video From The Studio!!! CLICK Arrow: See BIG "Earthquake Minute" 7.9 East Coast Now at YouTube@ Transcript@ HERE'S Fridays EQ Blog:

Big Week Ahead For Your Friend "Moviestar/EQ Guy"!!!
My phone actually rang DURING a recent edition of my regular "Earthquake Minute" on my local Community Radio Station, and the day has now come, or days that it because I'm checking in on Monday Afternoon and work till Sunrise, then Tuesday Night, then Wednesday Night!!! Lots of filming, and so don't hang around too long hoping for an exciting EQ Blog. . . because I'll be very, very busy On-Set all this week in Chicago!!! As a coutesy to movie biz folks, I won't give out any names in my blog, twitter, facebook, or etc. as they like to say!!! Now onto the few things currently shaking:

UPDATE: Here is a link to the EQ Blog that I will be discussing on Fridays "Earthquake Minute" time permitting, it is the now famous one that discusses the Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake days before it struck there in 2011:

These two have just struck at the same epicenter as yesterdays 6.6 Richters Kamchatka, Russia Earthquake! In fact they even say Kamchatka. . . or I thought they did:

4.9 89km N of Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia 2017-03-30 17:03
5.1 60km NNE of Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia 2017-03-30 16:24

Here's one that shook just offshore exactly where we are now watching for the slightest chance a big 7.9 could hit very soon there! I see this one was 25 miles south of Tijuana:

2.1 - 22km SW of Rosarito, B.C., MX
2017-03-31 00:22:01 UTC

Nearby Places:
13.7 Miles SW of Rosarito, B.C., MX
14.9 Miles WSW of Primo Tapia, B.C., MX
26 Miles SSW of Tijuana, B.C., MX
26.7 Miles SSW of San Ysidro, CA
28 Miles South of Imperial Beach, CA

Several updates are included in the new "Earthquake Minute" if you tune in, or if it has been posted, then please CLICK on it above to listen!!! So, have a Good-Weekend, then, Everybody, or probably have a Good whole Week, rather, if I don't return from Chicago before like this coming Thursday or Friday!!! Sincerely, EQ Guy

Some of My Best Earthquake Stuff can be found in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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