Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Condolences Going Out To Favorite "Storm Chasers" Today!!!!! Also: BIG Northern California/Oregon Earthquake Strikes Near Another Historic Alaska Earthquake Tsunami City!!!

Very Sorry to report to my regular readers who may not have seen or heard this story: We lost several "Storm Chasers" on Tuesday Night in a very unfortunate accident out there in the field where many of them work. Two from regular apperances on Weather Channel and the other was the unfortunate in the other vehical where this accident occurred without going into any of those details. Was only the night before I was glued to the tv watching "Kelly Williamson" do his usual LIVE reports from his vehicle traveling across Oklahoma!!! Now today having to report his death along with his storm chasing partner and one more guy storm chasing in that other vehicle. God Bless all of those involved and their families and am very sorry all of you!!!
Hope it's OK if I borrow the above illustration from "The Weather Channel" and condolences must go out to Alex Wilson, and Mike Seidel who himself has also been involved in a previous storm chasing tragedy!!! (From "WeatherUnderground" where I always seen Kelly's reports) Very Sorry to you all:(((

Must add one story overdue concerning that Anniversary of Great Alaska Earthquake Monday:

Yesterdays Edition of EQ Blog was a little bit busy with all the things shaking in Alaska, and this happened at some point in the day on Monday, too, but needed a lengthy explanation of it's own, so here goes!!! I notice one of the towns on the following list of nearby places is "Crescent City, California" and THAT is also the town where several of the deaths in that Great Alaska Earthquake happened when that big Alaska Tsunami reached that town and I believe I have heard that due to the shape of the bay or harbor there and maybe something to do with the depth of the water where the tsunami came in to the shore, there. Don't have the exact number of deaths there, but checking came up with 10 in Crescent City, and 12 in the Crescent City area and reason given as "bathymitry", (Methinks that was kind of what I was trying to explain). Here's the USGS Report on Mondays Earthquake near Crescent City:

4.4 - 215km WSW of Gold Beach, Oregon
2017-03-27 09:19:56 UTC

Nearby Places:
128.6 Miles WSW of Gold Beach, Oregon
130.5 Miles West of Brookings, Oregon
131.1 Miles West of Harbor, Oregon
134 Miles West of Crescent City, California
154.1 Miles WNW of Eureka, California

I'll have more updates on that landfall of Cyclone Debbie that's not looking real good right at the moment, in an effort to get this blog to press mid-day Wednesday!!! Here's a little additional info:

NEW Pacifica Cyclone Debbie "Earthquake Minute"!!! Here's the Transcript:

There was also just a 5.7 Earthquake in Mexico that I'll cover in a later blog. Again, very sorry for loss of our wonderful "Storm Chasers" there!!!!! God Bless!!! EQ Guy

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