Monday, June 19, 2017

3.5 Near Palm Springs Where We're Watching For a 5 Richters Earthquake And One That COULD Release Much More Major Shaking, Too!!! Near San Andreas Fault, Too!!!

This one rang my phone at some point during the day on Sunday and I gave it some thought during the day and came up with the fact that we are in fact sort of watching the California Region for 5 Richters as a result of Mora at Bangladesh and while not expected to be all that big and bad of an earthquake if and when it DOES strike. . . there is still ALWAYS the chance a 5 could help release MUCH MORE Major Earthquake Energy from somewhere!!! This just so happens to be one of those places!!! Not too far from San Bernardino and that segment of San Andreas Fault:

3.5 - 8km SSW of Idyllwild, CA
2017-06-18 15:14:12 UTC 33.678°N 116.758°W 15.5 km depth

Nearby Places:
5 Miles SSW of Idyllwild, CA
9.3 Miles ESE of Valle Vista, CA
9.9 Miles NNW of Anza, CA
16.8 Miles SW of Palm Springs, CA
43 Miles Southeast of San Bernardino, CA

Not sure if I'm posting these in the correct order since it is currently looking like the big Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm might be ending over the weekend, here's the very latest big ones and notice the times, all Central Time, are more hours apart as of Sunday:

2.7 17km NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 2017-06-18 02:21
2.7 14km NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 2017-06-17 20:28
2.5 15km NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 2017-06-16 19:40
2.2 13km NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 2017-06-16 17:48
3.0 14km NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 2017-06-16 17:48
2.5 14km NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 2017-06-16 17:38

Yellowstone National Park Earthquake Swarm now turning into rather Big News!!! Here's a link to a great story out of a town named something like Bozeman? In Montana? Check It Out@

When I saw the name of the town was Harrison. . . it occurred to me that it WASN'T Harrison, Arkansas but rather Harrison Tennessee that shook on Sunday!!! So I went back and double-checked to find that there HAD been two places shaking. . . BOTH named Harrison, just saying:

2.4 3km WNW of Harrison, Tennessee 2017-06-18 11:12
1.5 19km NNE of Harrison, Arkansas 2017-06-18 02:53
1.6 17km NE of Harrison, Arkansas 2017-06-17 21:35

They do get them around this part of Colorado, but since things are shaking all over this region I thought I'd run this one:

3.9 - 39km WSW of Trinidad, Colorado 2017-06-17 06:42 UTC

Nearby Places:
Pueblo, Colorado 137.9 km (85.7 mi) South of
Santa Fe, New Mexico 175.8 km (109.3 mi) NNE

There was also a 2.4 Richters South of Santa Barbara Island on Sunday and so lots of shaking going on around Southern California and the U.S.! Enough to say keep watching because some of those places are directly in line for some Major Shaking, too!!! EQ Guy

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