Thursday, July 12, 2018

Next "Volcanic Explosion" at Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii Getting Much Later, Now!!! WHEN Will The Next Big One Shake, There!!! Landfall of Super Typhoon Maria at China MEAN Biggest Major Earthquake In a LONGGGG Time To Strike, Now!!! As Big As 8 or 9? July New Moon, Now, Too!!!

AFTER Having waited, and waited, and waited far beyond the usual time Mt. Kilauea has been shaking quite regularly. . . this one came in very late and was going on 48 hours when my phone rang around noon on Wednesday!!! Had been expected for Tuesday Evening, and so it's possible, now the next one could hit on Thursday Morning by noon, too!!! THAT'S if it's now going to extend it's fairly usual 24 or so hours!!! 24 exactly would be Thursday Morning. . . but you can just about COUNT on that not happening!!! Here's Wednesdays:

5.3 Volcanic Eruption - 6km WSW of Volcano, Hawaii
2018-07-11 15:45-UTC, 10:46am Central Time, 0.1 km depth

Wednesdays Disclaimer: "This earthquake was associated with a minor explosion and rockfall that occurred around 5:46AM Wednesday, July 11, 2018 local time from Halema'uma'u crater. No emissions were observed above the crater."

Now Here's (Accurate Prediction For Japan) Guadalajara-Papiroon "Earthquake Minute" The Video!!! With that now great Japan Prediction!!! CLICK Arrow To Play: You can see Guadalajara-Prapiroon Earthquake Minute at YouTube@ AND The Transcript@

We're already looking at some shaking in this here region, and haven't even quite gotten to the alert, yet! Although I might have mentioned it in a "Twitter Message" earlier:

2.6 13km NNE of Tainan, Taiwan 2018-07-11 16:05
4.2 10km WNW of Yujing, Taiwan 2018-07-11 07:41

These two came in late on Wednesday Night and could well be more coming there, too:

5.0 287km ESE of Iwo Jima, Japan 2018-07-11 22:09
5.1 278km ESE of Iwo Jima, Japan 2018-07-11 19:38

Now, along with a new 2.1 New Madrid Earthquake, I understand there's also been a meteor seen also now headed in that general direction towards the Illinois Region!!! THAT could mean the Big One is coming, there. . . so we'll have to watch as the days tick on by with July 16, 17, and 18 being Day 52, 53, and 54 and possible days this could shake! (Very Close to days Kathmandu, and Ecuador shook, too) Also watch Canada and passing Michigan along the way, while also possible areas in that region such as St. Louis, Indiana, or Ohio might get some of this!!! Could still be out there even though Mexico did get the 6.0 late last week, let's keep watching a while, yet!!! Maybe still Mexico, too!

Here's a great pic of the landfall of Super Typhoon Maria at China early Wednesday USA time:
Not good news!!! Winds associated with Super Typhoon Maria have been reported as high as Gusts of 190 Miles Per Hour and easilly among the biggest windstorms of all time as the above pic I took out of a clip as a snapshot, shows. I'll have the predicted places either tomorrow, or on this weeks radio show Friday, but until then Taiwan, Philippines, and parts of China near that landfall location are all in the immediate vacinity of a possible Major Earthquake!!! Probably up around cave where rescue was successful, too, such as Myanmar, and Burma Regions!!! Upwards of an 8 on Richter Scale, too!!!

If those Mt. Kilauea "Volcanic Explosions" continue on in the manner they had been shaking, then we'll be looking for the next one around 3pm Central Time on Thursday! If the next one now immitates yesterdays and runs so close to 48 hours, then it WON'T SHAKE until early Friday!!! Say 10am Friday Central Time, but that's if it runs 48 hours, again, therefore let us watch and see if the NEXT Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii "Volcanic Explosion" will shake BETWEEN 3pm Thursday, and 10am Friday Central Time!!! Let's say 5.3 Richters, too. Beyond that I'll sure try to have a better idea where those are going as if to say we might actually be able to "Predict" one again someday, like we've now done at least once or twice!!! OR. . . will they start going LONGER, too!? Watch Chicago, Indiana, Illinois, and New Madrid, too!!! Some added pull from the July New Moon will now run through Friday with the exact moment coming Thursday Night 9:50pm Central Time, and 7:50pm Pacific Time.

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