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There is today a long list of Major Earthquakes that have immediately followed the most Severe Winter Conditions that strike the U.S.A. We are presently getting so much of the same Severe Winter Conditions that it is necessary for me to file this most recent Official Prediction due to the conditions getting even more severe across the Midwest as I am writing.

Allow me to give you the list of Major Earthquakes that seem to have followed this ice-cold recipe of Winter Conditions. Just the ones that I have came across in my work are Parkfield 1881, 1901, and 1922, New Madrid Earthquakes, Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964, and Northridge Earthquake. It is possible the January 26, 1700 Great Cascade Earthquake belongs on that list but it will take me some time into the future to verify severe winter conditions in 1700. Some of the Greatest ones of all time are not on that list due to being ones that I had issued accurate EQ Alerts for prior to them happening! These were not simply Major Earthquakes that were preceded by Severe Winter Conditions, rather they more represent Severe Winter Conditions that happened FIRST. . . my EQ Alert was issued second. . . and then, and only then these earthquakes struck. Those are Eureka 2010, 2003 San Simeon/Paso Robles Earthquake, 2013 Craig Alaska, and Haiti Earthquake. Combined the two above lists are almost all the proof one needs to virtually know for certain that a new name is about to be added to that list right here and now.

Monday, February 25, 2013 will also be the Full Moon and Day 16 after the bulk of the most Severe Winter Conditions including huge amounts of snow that struck our East Coast. The 2003 San Simeon/Paso Robles Earthquake, and 2013 Craig, Alaska Earthquake both also struck on Day 16 after severe winter conditions struck the East Coast with that most recent striking in the wake of the East Coast Blizzard that struck just prior to the first day of Winter 2012 and thereby coined “First Day of Winter.” You can read my references to that matter in full detail as a part of this letter to CEPEC/NEPEC: That was a quite extensive discussion that concludes in the third from final paragraph, “Possibly another Northridge, Paso Robles, or Parkfield Earthquake in the coming days, and weeks.” This EQ Blog entry from December 23, 2012 also discusses the fact that there is about to be a Severe Winter Conditions Earthquake prior to Craig, Alaska Jan. 5, 2013: See the link below for the weather related information concerning this event as well as the exact dates that correlate to my estimation of Day 16 being the number of days.

Now because of the fact that there are a few others that struck in the later days past Severe Winter Conditions, it is also possible that this Major Earthquake Energy will strike later in the week but all of these dictate that it will strike before Day 23 or the day the Haiti Earthquake struck after the most Severe Winter Conditions of December 18-19, 2009. That date will be the end date of this new Official Prediction or March 4, 2013 and include that entire date being fairly certain this Major Earthquake will have struck at California, West Coast, or Alaska before the end of that day or Day 23 upon which the Haiti Earthquake stuck at 4 pm that afternoon.

Finally it is looking more and more like this might be a Mega-Thrust Earthquake, or my way of saying it could now be on the Really Big side and I will boost the range of my guess now up to a 7.0 to 9.3 Richters due to the East Coast receiving a regular barrage of major snowfalls and the region around Kansas City now getting it’s second 3 foot snowfall in a row as of the onset of the unofficially named Severe Winter Storm “Rocky” presently striking the Midwest as of this writing of February 23, 2013. Down the road this might cause additional earthquake energy beyond the end date of this O.P., but not to, or beyond the extent herein being forecast and also potentially aftershocks of the above.

While the following links might not become active links in every single copy of this writing, I want to include a few links. Here is the Severe Winter Conditions that preceded the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake at Paso Robles: Here is the Severe Winter Conditions that preceded Eureka 2010, and Haiti Earthquakes:
Finally, here is the Severe Winter Conditions that preceded the Craig, Alaska Earthquake of Jan. 5, 2013:
There are many such examples, but this Official Prediction is all but a sure thing. This writing will also be read well into the future for how close it was written to read exactly how this still yet upcoming earthquake was to strike, and probably how large, too! Whether this one will be a San Francisco, Seattle/Cascade, or a Great Anchorage/Alaska Earthquake we should know in the span of this upcoming week of February 24 through March 4, 2013. I have many, many folks who have long followed my earthquake writings and have actually been involved in these earthquakes and read my earthquake writings knowing there quite commonly IS going to be an earthquake exactly as I have described herein. Others are even mechanically inclined enough to understand the Precision Plate Tectonics science itself and some even well enough to explain it to anybody reading this who is only here to be a naysayer and continually tell folks that they DO NOT have to be prepared for earthquakes. People in California SHOULD be prepared!!! Please watch out for naysayers. . . they DO NOT understand the every growing and progressing science of forecasting earthquakes by any means necessary and preparation for earthquakes should be an ongoing process that folks in earthquake prone areas are constantly aware of.
Thank-You for reading!!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Les Brown, The EQ Alert Guy

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It's not 'Cascade', it's the 'Cascadia' subduction zone. Thanks for your work in this field.