Friday, November 13, 2015

5.0 And 4.5 Richters Earthquakes Strike Peru Already!!! Big Alert There Will Continue!!! ALSO Watch Chicago Region!!! Earthquake Minute Friday!!! UPDATE: 3.0 Fontana, California!!!

UPDATE: There were actually 2 earthquakes listed that struck Fontana, California in the early hours of Friday, with first that 3.0 at 3:32am Pacific Time, followed by a 2.1 at 4:04 am Pacific Time, and here's the felt report from the 3.0 Richters Shaker@ NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

Just got done watching some Buster Keaton and D.W. Griffith and when I clicked on the list of latest earthquakes I was very surprised at the size of the big red dot marking what looked to be far Northern Chile. . . but upon close examination I can now tell you that it was TWO Big Earthquakes both at Peru!!! 5 and 4.5 Richters with the closest to Lima being something like 225 miles with one far north and the other up in the mountains there. The alert for Lima, not sure if it's been published here, yet, runs quite long into December and possibly into January 2016 so a couple small ones such as that aren't going to make a lot of difference that big alert is surely going to continue as well as a big one for Arica, Chile that I was just about to go into, here, why don't I do that right now.

I want all of you who would normally just be gathering around the radio later on today for the show. . . to not pay much attention to this part here! Mostly I'm running it due to such things as those two big ones that just shook there and the chance something more serious like that could happen over the weekend like while I might be out back raking leaves or something. So, anyways my point is that on the show I will be going into the fact that Arica, Chile or VERY near there, has a 7.6 Richters Earthquake coming one of these days very soon and I am considering giving the date for that one as November 18th, 2015. Keeping in mind that the date I might give you is just a week or so BEFORE the next big full moon window, but I'm getting a really anxious feeling that this one could be very serious as well as the next one so I'm going with the Day 33 instead of waiting an extra week for Day 43. . . albeit a day that's been getting a LOT of action!!!

As of this writing, I will go ahead and tell you my regular readers that it's looking quite a lot like we should now be expecting something in the area of 5.2 Richters for Kokomo, Indiana on or about November 31. Additionally this alert will now be in affect for the Illinois and Indiana Region and into Missouri and Oklahoma. So continue to watch Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and ALL of the Chicago Region, Including Indiana!!! I want to repeat the fact that it is VERY RARE that a line goes DIRECTLY through those parts and all of those regions such as Chicago, Hammond, Elgin, and the southern portions of Illinois and Indiana get Earthquakes, too, so let us watch all those places very closely in the coming days because we more or less know there's an earthquake coming for them!

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