Monday, November 16, 2015

6.7 Richters Strikes Offshore South of Japan!!! Now Many Aftershocks!!! ALSO: 4.5 Arica, Chile, 5.9 Grand Cayman Islands, AND Video Version of "Earthquake Minute"!!!

Too late for press time on Fridays EQ Blog, my phone rang, rang, rang with first a 7.0 Japan, and next it rang with the discussion about a possible tsunami although it ended up not being a "Pacific Wide" Tsunami in any event, but they have since said a one-footer was measured locally, and finally a couple more rings of my phone and it was downgraded, then upgraded and today it remains exactly at the latest updated number or 6.7 now at the top of the following list because I inverted them with the first one now at the top:

6.7 140km WSW of Makurazaki, Japan 2015-11-13 14:51:30
4.9 146km W of Makurazaki, Japan 2015-11-13 15:17:26
5.3 137km W of Makurazaki, Japan 2015-11-14 14:34:28
5.7 128km WSW of Kushikino, Japan 2015-11-14 13:20:21
4.7 125km W of Makurazaki, Japan 2015-11-14 02:40:56
4.5 142km WSW of Makurazaki, Japan 2015-11-14 19:12:23
4.5 144km W of Makurazaki, Japan 2015-11-14 15:41:51

Since there is actually nothing headed directly for Japan, I want to add that ALL of this here movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate COULD be what we are currently watching for to strike either at Arica, Chile, or that big Illinois/Indiana Earthquake that's coming and possibly for something major at Iceland, too! Yes, this was NOT even an alert for Japan so rest assurred it will later become a big foreshock or series of foreshocks. . . for the Grand Finale!!! Now one more chance to Check-Out This Weeks GREAT Edition of "Earthquake Minute" and this week including the "Capsule" and Jenn Penn from the book signing at Mall of America! CLICK Arrow" ALSO: View at YouTube@ AND the transcript if you wish to view in text format@

Some of these other earthquakes that came in just around Midnight on Sunday Night are also worth mentioning, but weren't right at the time worth re-writing any of the lead-paragraphs prior to my Monday Morning deadline and the biggest one as far as my own opinoin is concerned would be the 4.5 Richters earthquake that struck just a few miles east of Arica, Chile!!!
You can see the name of the town Arica all the way at the top of this pic just off to the left over there at the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. You can also see by the "Scale of Miles" that it's actually way closer to the epicenter than the USGS description seems to say for whatever reason? Possibly because the scale of miles is a general description or I suppose it's also possible that the USGS takes a much broader measurement based on more than just the city limits of that town, or maybe the star on the map isn't exactly accurate, too.

There was also a big 5.9 Richters Earthquake that struck near Grand Cayman Island and it sort of looks like it could be either the line that is running east from the landfall of Hurricane Pat at Mexico, or the line running east beyond Arica, Chile and since the Grand Cayman Island Earthquake struck BEFORE Arica, it tells me I might be right about that theory!!! So keep watching Arica, Chile for that 7.6 Richters Earthquake that I think I predicted for this week!!! EQ Guy

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