Tuesday, November 17, 2015

California And Nevada Both Shaking Back And Forth At The Same Time!!! UPDATE: 6.5 Greece!!! Big Earthquake There!!!

UPDATE: There has been a rather large earthquake at Islands of Greece although just offshore from Mainland, much damage and so far 2 deaths! NOW Todays previously written EQ Blog:

This first list is actually TWO individual lists combined into one by putting them in order chronologically and then I noticed that they were almost going together in an exact match! No other reason that I can think of that they shake Mammoth Lakes, then Johnson Lane, Nevada. . . then Mammoth Lakes again! Here's that list and you can check it out for yourself:

2.3 8km ENE of Johnson Lane, Nevada 2015-11-16 17:13:21
1.1 9km ESE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2015-11-16 16:08:08
1.2 10km E of Mammoth Lakes, California 2015-11-16 12:19:51
0.8 8km ENE of Johnson Lane, Nevada 2015-11-16 09:43:25
1.7 10km E of Mammoth Lakes, California 2015-11-16 09:20:55
0.8 8km ENE of Johnson Lane, Nevada 2015-11-16 06:38:06
1.0 10km E of Mammoth Lakes, California 2015-11-16 03:41:08
1.9 10km ESE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2015-11-16 03:33:46

There was like one additional small earthquake that shook at that epicenter where all the Japan activity was shaking over the weekend, and it's sort of surprising that it all ended so abruptly, too! One might expect that could mean there is about to be a big one shaking somewhere and I continue to wait with my phone set to ring as loud as it goes!!! Where will it strike and Japan is NOT one of those places where we're watching, either:

4.8 129km W of Makurazaki, Japan 2015-11-16 01:31:18

Well, this weeks new edition of "Earthquake Minute" and all the groovy stuff therein has been getting a tremendous number of views and soooo. . . . .Check-Out This Weeks GREAT Edition of "Earthquake Minute" and this week including the "Capsule" and Jenn Penn from the book signing at Mall of America! CLICK Arrow" ALSO: View at YouTube@ https://youtu.be/kRfYTfAnCH8 AND the transcript if you wish to view in text format@ http://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2015/11/earthquake-minute-transcript-for-friday.html Wasn't too much shaking right at the time of this blog going to press, so hope you all don't mind one more chance to check out that I suppose GREAT, if you don't mind me saying so myself, vid!!!

Finally the rest of the numbers are now all in! Unless something else comes along, which this close to the end of both the hurricane and typhoon seasons not much is expected, then here's what I have! New alerts coming for Costa Rica, Norfolk Island, Nicaragua, Sumatra, Fiji/Tonga, Africa, Lima Peru, and one I just located for Caribbean but they just had a 5.8 yesterday, so keep watching all of those places and I will have greater details tomorrow! EQ Guy

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