Monday, April 25, 2016

Earthquakes At Ecuador Currently Seem Like They Might Have Stopped!!! Movement of Pacific Tectonic Plate Probably Has NOT Stopped!!! Keep Watching!!!

Right at the moment there doesn't seem to be any shaking at Ecuador!!! Now looking at the dates, here, it also doesn't actually look like they've had any earthquakes there all weekend!!! Here's the VERY LAST two that showed up on the list there:

4.8 40km W of Muisne, Ecuador 2016-04-22 23:06:33
5.8 26km W of Muisne, Ecuador 2016-04-22 20:24:34

Of course a concise list of all the tiniest of earthquakes for that region might show some that could have came in under say maybe 4 over the weekend, but all in all they could be overdue for their shaking to end! Am hearing lots of humanitarian assistance is now heading to Ecuador, too, so let's hope the best for them!

HERE'S a Great Earthquake Pic from Ecuador that doesn't really need any explanation:

This Weeks 7.8 Richters Ecuador "Earthquake Minute" has been fairly popular, too!!! CLICK Arrow:
OR You Can Always WATCH at YouTube@ AND Transcript is @

Keep in mind the movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate could continue and that we must continue to watch now the other side of the plate namely Indonesia, PNG, Vanuatu, and New Zealand, Etc. for the fact that it just might push back after Ecuador! Alert runs well into month of May and experience has taught us earthquakes the result of all this do seem to continue albeit hopefully getting smaller, smaller ones can still produce a tsunami. EQ Guy

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