Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Still LOTS of Shaking at Japan, and Ecuador!!! Full Moon Window Coming Late Wednesday Night With Lots of Alerts Still Out There, Too!!! UPDATE: 6.1 Ecuador!!!

UPDATE: There was a 6.1 Richters Earthquake there at Ecuador early on Wednesday and all those details in tomorrows EQ Blog. . . here's Todays EQ Blog, now:

They're still getting some earthquakes at Japan in the area of that big 7.0 Friday Earthquake and so there is now the entire list at Earthquake Central if anyone wishes to view that, it's @

Now going on 700 views on This Weeks 7.0 Japan "Earthquake Minute" (Recorded before the Ecuador Earthquake) If you haven't seen it yet, CLICK Arrow: Watch 7.0 Japan "Earthquake Minute" Now at YouTube@ TRANSCRIPT @

I was actually even a little surprised at the most recent Ecuador Earthquake of 5.5 when I checked out the felt report on this one it remarkably covers nearly all the biggest major towns in the region telling me they're still feeling a LOT of shaking all around Ecuador!!! Here's that felt report from 5.5 near Muisne:

Muisne, Esmeraldas, Ecuador.......1......16 km
Esmeraldas, Esmeraldas, Ecuador...1......62 km
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador.........2.....192 km
Eloy Alfaro, Guayas, Ecuador......1.....303 km
Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador........1.....307 km

Was not able to determine if this small earthquake would be connected to anything particular, it nothing else it was just interesting enough to post here. At first I thought it was Ohio shaking once again, but as you may know they ceased hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) due to getting all those earthquakes and their earthquakes STOPPED! Although I couldn't guess if this one has any connection to Fracking or if they're doing any fracking in Pennsylvania:

2.2 - 12km ESE of Titusville, Pennsylvania

2016-04-18 05:34am Central Time

Nearby Places

12.0 km (7.5 mi) ESE of Titusville, Pennsylvania
23.0 km (14.3 mi) NE of Oil City, Pennsylvania
52.0 km (32.3 mi) E of Meadville, Pennsylvania
60.0 km (37.3 mi) SSW of Jamestown, New York
233.0 km (144.8 mi) S of Toronto, Canada

Don't forget there's still some Major Alerts out there especially for the continued movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate, you know! So watch Indonesia, Japan, Papua New Guinea, and etc. for big earthquakes but for the possibility that there's still a tsunami out there, too!!!

Exact Moment of the Full Moon will be on Thursday, April 21 at around 11:25pm or 9:25pm Pacific Time for the Full Moon Window to begin on Wednesday April 20 although rather late at night there around 9:25pm Pacific Time on Wednesday Night so we'll definately be watching now for a big possible Earthquake/Tsunami Event!!! EQ Guy

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