Wednesday, August 10, 2016

5.1 Richters Earthquake Just Struck Northern California About 75 Miles North of San Francisco/Oakland Right At Press Time!!! Felt Report Includes Frisco/Oakland, Too!!!

Must have struck at around 8pm Pacific Time at the epicenter of this fairly good sized earthquake felt all across the Northern California Region! Here's the complete felt report, although it will surely be added to before early morning and I'll update it at that point:

I wanted to run the USGS Report on this one but I honestly couldn't relate to any of the town names either for the epicenter or any of the other towns that it gives the distances from and with the exception of Ukiah at 24.9 Miles there's only the nearby town of which this earthquake is named or "Upper Lakes" and pretty sure reletively nobody has heard of any of these towns with no San Francisco or Oakland or Napa distances. . . I went ahead and measured those distances using the map shown so that my readers would have a reference point they might be familiar with.

This is where we get a look at this weeks Opening Ceremonies "Earthquake Minute"!!! CLICK Arrow: SEE That Video At YouTube@ And The Transcript is @

If you were counting on that report that I had mentioned posting in todays EQ Blog. . . not going to be getting to it as we watch and wait to see what will SHAKE next!!! Of course this could become a very serious matter before all the shaking is complete and the olympics in South America is more than qualified to be an epicenter given the drawing I ran yesteday showing what looked to be fault lines all around Rio!!! Keep Watching and I'll have more about that to come! EQ Guy

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