Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hurricane Madeline Is Making Landfall at Hawaii With Hurricane Lester Right Behind As Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hermine Is Crossing The Gulf of Mexico and Nearing FLORIDA!!! Plenty of Brand New Big Earthquake Alerts Will Surely Follow, Too!!!

Just too many Big Windstorms that I might as well basically just dedicate todays Edition of my EQ Blog to all the big windstorms going on and so near landfall today!!! I also did happen to notice they've been talking about the New Moon because it also has an effect on all the storm surge as the result of all the storms currently happening. That list again now includes the landfall of Hurricane Madeline at Hawaii with Hurricane Lester right behind Madeline and threatening a landfall soon after Madeline, Tropical Storm Hermine that they're now busily preparing for all around Florida, and Storm #08 still out along our East Coast there but leaving soon. Hurricane Hermine might become a Hurricane and is aiming at the same sort of path as Hurricane Lili took in 2002 preceeding a VERY DANGEROUS Major Earthquake that I'll tell you more about later as it approaches landfall there. On the subject of Earthquakes, one of my very first good "Predictions" was following another similar landfall to the one Madeline is making right now at Hawaii. . . and wouldn't you just know it came to preceed a 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake at Northern California!!!
Here's a Great Illustration of what those two big hurricanes: Madeline and Lester look like approaching Hawaii!!!

This was a lot of earthquakes that showed up in Central America, although there is not exactly any alert for them, they can ALWAYS get earthquakes and we might just want to watch around there until this Big Alert runs its course:

4.4 35km WSW of Corinto, Nicaragua 2016-08-31 13:14
4.1 17km N of Barillas, Guatemala 2016-08-31 11:09
4.2 2km SW of Candelaria de La Frontera, El Salvador 2016-08-30 23:46

Now it's time for this weeks Italy-Myanmar "Earthquake Minute" Recorded LIVE In-Studio On August 26, 2016! CLICK Arrow: You can SEE Italy-Myanmar "Earthquake Minute" At YouTube@ The Transcript Is @

With regards to that big 6.9 Richters Earthquake that struck the Mid-Atlantic earlier this week and the fact that my EQ Blog for that day got lots of views, I want to now add that we still DO NOT appear to have any "Tsunami Warning System" for our East Coast out there along the Atlantic Ocean!!! Therefore even worst-case-scenario it looks like NOBODY would be getting too much warning at all if that HAD been a tsunami there!!! That's probably something we should be looking into and possibly have at some point in the not too distant future!

The Exact Moment of the New Moon will be early on Thursday at 4:05am Central Time, and there's been quite a lot going on so far with my phone now having rung once or twice on Wednesday, too!!! Along with that, let's also remember the New Moon Window will continue well into Friday so keep Watching for more shaking! Maybe Chile/Argentina could still happen!!! EQ Guy

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