Friday, August 26, 2016

Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tropical Storms, LOTS Of Aftershocks, And Pacific Islands Are Now Shaking, Too!!! UPDATE: Italy-Myanmar "Earthquake Minute"!!!

HERE'S This Weeks Italy-Myanmar "Earthquake Minute" recorded LIVE In-Studio on Friday!!! CLICK Arrow: You can SEE Italy-Myanmar "Earthquake Minute" At YouTube@ The Transcript Is @ NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

Here's the latest goings on in Earthquakes! Looking like there is beginning to now be additional movements out along those next tectonic plate boundaries where we're watching! Maybe New Zealand should be added to the watch list along with the islands along the way between there and South America where something could also shake in the coming days! Here's the early Friday Morning Earthquakes in the Oceania Region:

14km NNW of Santa Monica, Philippines
2016-08-26 10:53:25 (UTC-05:00)
97.6 km
107km NW of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
2016-08-26 10:48:39 (UTC-05:00)
27.0 km
96km SE of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia
2016-08-26 01:07:29 (UTC-05:00)
10.0 km
Izu Islands, Japan region
2016-08-25 12:04:43 (UTC-05:00)

THESE had been the big news. . . that something was shaking, in this case South America, but now there appears to be more going on besides just the following, so be watching!!!

115km NE of Mazamari, Peru
2016-08-26 06:01:10 (UTC-05:00)
120.1 km
65km SSW of Ayacucho, Peru
2016-08-26 02:53:29 (UTC-05:00)
76.2 km
12km ESE of Rocafuerte, Ecuador
2016-08-25 23:25:29 (UTC-05:00)

There is also quite a lot of big windstorm action currently happening right this moment including one that will be making landfall almost on top of Tokyo, a windstorm approaching Florida, and that Typhoon Mindulle made landfall there earlier this week! All that means EARTHQUAKES Coming!!! Sooooo, Be Watching and Be Prepared For MORE Major Shaking!!! Thank-You For Reading! EQ Guy

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