Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurricane Jamaica! Earthquake Jamaica!?

Hurricane Sandy is in the Caribbean heading directly for a landfall at Jamaica in the coming hours and I just want to also say I have mentioned Jamaica in a recent Official Prediction since it is my opinion there is some earthquake energy heading for Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Haiti as well. While there was a smallish earthquake up in the Yukon early today, and two very small shakers at New Madrid, these do not indicate too large of earthquake energy bearing down on those islands so unless the energy of Hurricane Sandy and the fact that I also heard the full moon is coming all add up to major earthquake energy, then it should probably be more towards the end of the window of that recent Official Prediction. However, I just thought with a now major hurricane right there at Jamaica it was time to write this EQ Blog! Recent Official Prediction is still active for New Madrid, and Poplar Bluff, Missouri although I am now looking more over towards Southern Illinois/Indiana in the 5 Magnitude Range. EQ Guy

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