Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Major Alert: Washington, DC, New York, Boston Regions!!!

The landfalls that I have just observed to be taking place at Jamaica, and Cuba of Hurricane Sandy, appear to probably be a fairly large amount of new earthquake energy that will be crossing just past Charleston, NC, and then crossing North America straight through Chesapeake Bay on a route just a degree or two East of Due North. This line will cross just west of New York and continue on North on a line that crosses West of Boston and on North.

I will update this information in the coming days, but as of tonight Hurricane Sandy had just been upgraded to a Category 2 Hurricane and had a huge well defined eye as it made landfall at far east Cuba just east of Guantanamo Bay. Those islands are already under an alert and Official Prediction and will ALSO be affected by this new one!!! Could go as high as 7 Richters, although the other one may not have been as high. . . this one not only increases the Magnitude, but also increases the chances of something major shaking as well. There will be a certain amount of trouble with the energy traveling this route past Charleston. A few of the places that this new earthquake energy will be crossing are what I might consider "Shaky Places" and I don't think that needs any additional explanation.

I have mostly studied books about earthquakes and started out working at a junk-yard, advancing to an Apprenticeship, but that is the sum total of my education along this lines. I also hold a certificate from acting school in Chicago from 1989-1990. I am by no means a Degreed Seismologist, rather a very good Amature Seismologist.

This Major Earthquake could shake that region, but should NOT be a lot larger than the biggest ones that region occasionally gets. Then again, they HAVE been getting shakers and should start learning to be prepared and especially due to the recent L'Aquila Verdict also now be keeping aware of all signs that there could be an earthquake heading for them!!!!! Start Watching Now!!! This could shake in hours, or days, or a week, but the region including Caribbean. . . is probably going to be shaking!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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