Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here Are Some Recent EQ Twitter Messages (Tweets)

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LiveScience ‏@LiveScience: Sandy’s Punishing Waves Detected by Earthquake Monitor . . .Retweeted by The EQ Alert Guy

Hurricane Sandy produced a lot of High Winds, this is ALSO how i track "New" EQ Energy and this is now headed for Los Angeles @ 6.5 Richters

@Twisty58 Yes, there is much written about the subject and tracking those Microseisms is just ONE of the ways to track earthquakes! EQ Guy

@Twisty58 Tammy, Good to hear from you! YES, guys have tracked "Microseisms" from Hurricanes in past! I added L.A.!!! Thank-You! EQ Guy

At first Glance, looked like landfall of Hurricane Sandy would mean Lompoc, California will be Epicenter of Shaker as big as 7.3 Richters!!! The EQ Alert Guy The EQ Alert Guy ‏@EQAlert

Small Windstorm=Small Earthquake, Big Windstorm=Big Earthquake, HUGE Windstorm=HUGE Earthquake, and BIGGEST Windstorms=BIGGEST Earthquakes!

Hurricane Sandy will be enough New Earthquake Energy to almost guarantee a Major Earthquake around Southern California in the coming days!!!

Hurricane Sandy will probably now mean it is time for EQ Guy to write up new "Official Prediction" for Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles!!! The EQ Alert Guy The EQ Alert Guy ‏@EQAlert

Landfall of Hurricane Sandy at New Jersey MIGHT also produce some kind of Earthquake, yet, or already should have? Be watching NJ/NY for EQ! The EQ Alert Guy The EQ Alert Guy ‏@EQAlert

After landfall of Hurricane Sandy at New Jersey, I now expect this "New" Earthquake Energy to cross U.S. for about 6.5 Richters Los Angeles!

Hurricane Hugo made landfall at Charleston Sept. 21, 1989 the World Series Quake followed Oct. 17. almost a STRAIGHT LINE across the U.S.!!!

Hello Folks that have followed me for many years!!! Looks like this will "Go Straight" to Los Angeles!!! Lompoc/S.B. to be exact!!! EQ Guy

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