Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Moon EQ Alert!!!??? Denali Fault, Poplar Bluff, MO maybe 6 or 7?

I just looked at todays Sunday Paper and notice the NEW MOON will be tomorrow night and want to add here that I have just recently started following the New Moon and its effect on Major Earthquakes. It does seem that there is a bump in the correlation with just consistently higher numbers of major earthquakes the night of both full and new moon so we should watch beginning immediately for shakers with tomorrow, Monday, being the actual date of the New Moon on the North America side of the earth.

In my search up around Alaska I found the Denali Fault where it would be possible that there could be something except for the fact that the Denali Fault looks more like a Thrust Fault which receives all its earthquake energy from the South or like San Andreas, and this earthquake energy today is crossing up there from West to East and possibly up above the Denali. . . but let's suppose it could still slip there.

Next this earthquake energy in the area of 5 to 7 Richters Magnitude will pass through the Northern U.S. where it shouldn't shake Yellowstone or N.D. much and will hit the Missouri Region where it could shake!!! The exact straight line goes through that region very near Poplar Bluff, Missouri and should stay West of New Madrid but is quite a lot of earthquake energy just the same and I do not recall this much energy nor such a straight line crossing down that way lately. Checking I found the biggest shakers in the 5 Magnitude range and so this couldn't possibly cause much bigger of an earthquake than that. . . could it? Exactly the reason I will be heading down there for Quake Chase 2012 around the end of this week! There IS earthquake energy out there crossing the U.S. so be prepared!!! EQ Guy Edited: Changed Danali to Denali, removed !!?? 10-14-12 4:25pm


Anonymous said...

When referring to an earthquake in the Alaska (Denali fault) area, you seemed a little perplexed by the fact that the fault type of the Denali is a thrust fault but were anticipating an earthquake from a slip fault. Given that the Queen Charlotte fault which triggered last night's 7.7 earthquake is a transform fault, would that explain the seemingly contradictory information you were trying to relate? Also, was this Queen Charlotte Fault along the line that you were tracing?

The EQ Alert Guy said...

ANSWER: Thank-You for your question Sasha! Yes, Queen Charlotte was around 7 or 800 Miles from Edmonton, the name that appears in some of my writings. Frequently there are no towns with big enough names that I can use so I take the nearest big town and Edmonton was just there. I also said Yukon because that was familar, too! Nobody would know Queen Charlotte and think it was South America or somewhere if I said that. Earthquake energy simply pushes Tectonic Plates sometimes and shakers such as 7.7 Yesterday are often the result. That energy may still be pushing the North American Tectonic Plate, yet, so Keep Watching New Madrid and Caribbean Islands!!!!! EQ Guy